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Add-Ons / [Weapon Pack] SMelee
« on: May 27, 2016, 04:32:13 PM »
Package SMelee
Version 1

A package of melee weapons I made to be super dramatic and cool

6 Melee items
The first 4 have health and will break after you hit them on things X amount of times shattering into a fantastic display of debris
Custom Icons (except for the fists I got lazy)
Custom CI
20 Models
26 Sounds
102 Datablocks

Ever want to smash a chair of someone's head?

Hitting people over the head will bash them away and decrease their movespeed by 30% for half a second
Takes 4 hits to destroy
First 3 hits do 50 damage last hit does 25 damage
Bar Stool
Reskin of chair for extra wood flavour
A bar fight essential

First 3 Hits do 25 damage
Breaking a bottle over someones head will fully stun them for 0.8 seconds
After 3 hits against players or solid objects the bottle will break and become a sharp deadly glass shank
The broken bottle breaks after 1 hit but does 100 damage
No knockback
The non-broken model was modelled by some random slut (Uxie) a while ago
Pool Cue
When you aren't good enough to win that game of pool

Has a longer melee range
Does 35 Damage per strike
Breaks after 6 hits
Has very slight knockback
Slower swing speed
Folding Chair
The fatherforgeter of all melee weapons

Starts out being held in the down position
Left clicking once brings the chair into upwards position which readies it to swing
While in upwards position move speed is decreased by 30% and third person is forced (because you are effectively blind in first person)
Slowest swing speed
Does not break
Insta kill
Maximum knockback
Not attacking for 2.5 seconds brings it back into downwards position
For those times you find yourself in a barfight with nothing to bash over someone's head

Hitting someone does 25 damage
Hitting people doubles recovery time in between punches
If you get 3 successive hits on players the third hit slams down on the player doing 50 damage
A little knockback

1.4 mb

Gallery / Cave Story Pixel Art
« on: May 20, 2016, 10:01:37 PM »

ended eating up like an hour of my time


Allows you to generate dynamic images of blockhead avatars

Web Version

Add-on Version
  Installation: put into your Add-on folder and type "genAvatarLink();" into your console

Post your avatars here!

Off Topic / what song is this
« on: May 03, 2016, 02:39:03 PM »
someone please help me from this eternal dome of suffering
someone please help

sorry for bad quality its the best clip I could get of it

Add-Ons / [Event] Player/Bot Vehicle Mounting
« on: May 01, 2016, 07:38:55 PM »
Player/Bot Vehicle Mounting
Version 1
Special thanks to port for being the second best cat

Player>mountToVehicle [Brick name(s)]
Player>mountToSeat [int]
Bot>mountToVehicle [Brick name(s)]
Bot>mountToSeat [int]

Mounts bots/players to vehicles using mountToVehicle
Once a bot/player is mounted to a vehicle you can use mountToSeat to put them in a specific seat

0.9 kb

Add-Ons / [Player/Event] noVehicleDismount v1.1
« on: May 01, 2016, 06:28:28 PM »
Version 1.1

Adds a playertype "Vehicle-Locked Player"
Adds two events
     Player>canDismountVehicles [bool]
     Bot>canDismountVehicles [bool]
Adds a pref $Pref::NoVehicleDismountAll

Players in a minigame that are the vehicle-locked playertype or have had the canDismountVehicles event applied to them will not be able to exit vehicles once they are inside them

0.6 kb

Add-Ons / [Brick] Slot Machine v1.1
« on: April 27, 2016, 10:38:39 PM »
Slot Machine
Version 1.1

doodooodooodooo DING DING DING DING

Lever is animated when you pull it
Slots are animated when they spin
Sounds for lever pulling, slot spinning, slot dings, slot bings, ding ding ding bing bing bing DING! DING!
the light on top flashes when you win a 3 combo
events to pull the lever
events to turn the machine on and off
extra faces are hidden when wheels aren't spinning to improve efficiency

Output event
Self>slotMachine>setPowered [enabled/disabled/toggled]

Variable Name                                                 Default           Description
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::PlayerVariable"score"the variable to decrement/increment from/to
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::PlayerVariableName"point"the name of the currency
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::PlayerVariablePlural"s"if the currency should have an s at the end of it set this to s, otherwise leave it blank
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::AdminLevel0The admin level required for placing slot machine bricks
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Max60The maximum amount of slot machine bricks on the server
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::MaxPerPlayer5The amount of slot machine bricks per player
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::RequireCurrency1Whether or not the slot machines require currency to play
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::CanPlayMultiple0Whether or not players can play multiple slot machines at once

How to set the scores for each combination, a string list of words for each symbol separated by a tab (\t) followed by the value
only works for combinations of all the same symbol

$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Blockhead" TAB 1;
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Blockhead Blockhead" TAB 5;
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Blockhead Blockhead Blockhead" TAB 500;
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Clover Clover Clover" TAB 250;
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Diamond Diamond Diamond" TAB 200;
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Seven Seven Seven" TAB 150;
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Heart Heart Heart" TAB 100;
$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::Combo[$Pref::Swol_SlotMachine::ComboCnt++] = "Grapes Grapes Grapes" TAB 50;


Request additions/changes to the way it functions might be filled but don't count on it
Happy addiction

Off Topic / Warmth
« on: April 26, 2016, 07:29:43 AM »
Black snow
The kind that rends the lungs and sears the eyes
Aching gasps are all that escape the lips

Gallery / Void Lounge (4/25/16)
« on: April 26, 2016, 02:03:39 AM »

some pictures of builds and the slot machines I made

old pictures:

Im staying at a relative's house for a week and I want to forward the ports so that I can host but I'm such an invalid and don't know what the forget is going on and I really would like some help please please

The router is a DLink DIR-655

here is the port forwarded page

I have a DHCP reservation under the IP for my laptops mac address
and I can confirm my laptop's local ip is set to
with ip config

and the router's LAN page

Here are all of the other router page settings, I have tried turning different ones on and off in permutations and tried to disable all restrictions to no avail, I have set them mostly all back to default because everything I did didn't fix anything (click the images for larger size)

I believe there is a computer higher up on this hierarchy and I turn off all the firewall settings and gave inbound port rules on TCP and UDP
I'm not sure what to do and need to be walked through fixing this

thank you in advance whoever helps me

Gallery / Swollow's Void Lounge 4/15/2016 (game night)
« on: April 16, 2016, 12:36:13 AM »
We played never have I ever with revolvers that had a single bullet in a random chamber

nick lost the most times
and tbp sat out like every time cause hes lame

Off Topic / does anyone actually wear this kind of night cap
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:04:18 PM »

Gallery / Swollow's Void Lounge 4/10/2016
« on: April 11, 2016, 12:54:15 AM »

Bar Area

Odyssey's nice mini bar stage

Nickpb's stuffty drumset

eh17's male strip cage

Xephifre's pleads for help

Off Topic / Swollow's Post Birthday
« on: April 03, 2016, 09:21:23 PM »
welcome to blogland
it was my birthday yesterday
I'm one day older than kickflow

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