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I'm making a big collection of Blockland Cinemantics, and I need builds to showcase. What's a Cinemantic? It's like this, but less rushed.

Would anyone be willing to give me some builds that I can film on? The more finished they are, the more footage they'll get.

List of builds I'm recording on: (Percentage means the amount done on what I want to record.)
Pass's Neighborhood TDM - 100%
Conan's Althur - 5%
End's Caverns - 0%
Monkeyboy's First Mediafire'd Build - 0%
Jirue's Demo Ruins - 0%

This is just a 'so far' list.

Off Topic / Mouse Scroll - Broken? (RESOLVED)
« on: September 30, 2012, 10:10:11 AM »
Last night, my mouse scroll was working just fine, but now, ever since I restarted my computer, something triggers it to scroll up when I have certain windows open. For example, if I'm making my audio go up with the button on the taskbar, it automatically scrolls up. Or if I'm rendering in Virtual Dub, the rendering quality scrolls up. I can scroll up and down in browsers just fine, but I also get this glitch when I open Devices and Printers. I'm not sure if there's something mechanically wrong with the mouse, or it's just my computer. I reinstalled the drivers, but the problem still persists.

It may not even be the mouse.  I have a Logitech LX3 Optical Mouse.
Any ideas on what I should do to fix this problem? I'd also like to mention that a similar problem occurred recently with a mouse I got in the past.

Modification Help / Adding a new var for VCE
« on: September 21, 2012, 06:14:30 PM »
I'd like to add a variable from an rpg to be compatible with VCE. The variable is %client.rpg.["gold"], and the general 'register special var' in VCE is
Code: [Select]
What would I do to add %client.rpg.["gold"] to VCE?

edit: The problem I'm having is with the " 's in the variable, as in VCE, I'd need to put quotations inside quotations, and still have it execute right. Changing the variable is more than just changing a few lines in the mod.

Games / Want to trade Just Cause 2 for CS:GO
« on: September 18, 2012, 10:28:30 PM »
I have Just Cause 2 ($15) as well as some TF2 hats for Counter Strike Global Offensive ($15)

You can see my inventory here.

Any recommended trading groups/sites that I should visit?

Creativity / a skybox I made
« on: September 07, 2012, 11:12:52 PM »
Was made in terragen 1, I messed around with stuff and got here:

woo for pagestretch
Click on the image to see the full size.

any suggestions?

NOTE: I do not want this to be released for the time being. If anyone releases this exact skybox, note that I did not give them permission to do it. When I want it to be released, I will release it.


Shadowjason is an admin at Vigilance's City RPG, he stated he's going to crash every server (Watch the video).
And now, the showcase:
The last few pics were taken by Griffen, as I was banned.

Mostly the video is the evidence that backs this up, but if you're still lost, here's what happened:

  Early in the morning Shadowjason griefed the server. (Admits it in the video) When I came on 4 hours later, he acted all innocent and blamed it on AdinX. (Couldn't take screenshot, crashed, no proof.) He also claimed he had short term memory loss. (No proof.) Anyway, I had saved the build prior to the griefing, just in case the server crashed at all etc. I gave him the save over mediafire, and he started loading all this other stuff claiming that save wouldn't work. I loaded it just fine on singleplayer.

  As I proceeded back into the server I found that he had reset everyone on the cityrpg, making the experience even worse. He kept loading stuff and griefing, all that good stuff. He changed the map many times, and I have yet to see the host fix everything.

Now a note: I am in the wrong here too, the sever rules are to respect the admins, which was obviously not done. If any of you have any proof of his actions, just post them here. Once again, the video is the primary source.

Games / LoZ: Skyward Sword or Ocarina of Time?
« on: June 19, 2012, 07:35:37 PM »

Suggestions & Requests / Non Colliding Players
« on: June 08, 2012, 02:46:55 PM »

Not sure if it's possible, but the default player without collision toward any other player, but can obviously still collide with bricks and other player armors.



What is "CineBlock Studios"?
CineBlock Studios is a clan that produces visual media, such as videos or imagery. We intend on helping many Blocklanders become great video makers, highlighting aspects such as story & FX. A movie or video cannot function well without a good storyline. (Unless you are RubberFruit.) Everything must make sense. Onto FX: Many videos can be successes without FX, however you do need a good amount of FPS and camera work to attract some viewers. CineBlock Studios was also created so that we can have fun in the creation of entertainment, as well as a good actor source. I'd rather hire trusted actors than just anybody. If you are a director and you need actors, consider this a source. And for anybody who wishes to act, this can also be your place.. if you are what directors consider good. However once you are in, then all you must do is find a director, and get to work. What are you looking for in a media clan?

6/24/12 - Video "Mr. Donthugme" added.

6/24/12 - Video "UGLY" added.

6/14/12 - New film, "The Lone Soldier" announced.

5/25/12 - New film, "The Black Sleep" announced.

4/17/12 - Video "Blockhead.mp4" added.

4/12/12 - Video "Somebody Continue This" added.

4/12/12 - Project "CineBlock Cinema" started.

4/12/12 - Clan initials changed to CS to avoid conflict with Comblock.

4/11/12 - Clan launched.

4/7/12 - Preparations for clan begin.

How can I join "CineBlock Studios"?
There are several factions you can apply for:

To be an actor, there are several things you can do. For one, you can meet one of our managers and show them your skill. By showing your skill, you will be tested on how well you follow instructions, how much enjoyment you put into acting, etc. An alternative way is to have someone in or out of the clan just film you acting skills. Once again, it will need to show how well you follow instructions, and how much heart you put into acting. If you wish to voice act, simply send a sound file consisting of the sound of your voice to one of our managers to listen to. Deep voice is recommended, and we'll ask you to recite the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog a number of times.

Directing can be difficult to judge. One way to be a director is to direct a video, which you must link to one of our managers to look at. You could also write. Other than that, there's really not another alternative to telling if you are a good director or not.

To be an editor, all you must do is create a video that consists of special effects. You must link that video to one of our managers, and they will judge you from there. You could also make a 3D animation, make scripts, etc. Make stuff that could be a great addition to the film.

Filming must consist of a nice smooth framerate. You must be able to record at 1280x720 with a framerate of at least 30. To be a filmer, you must have a legit recording program such as Fraps ($36). If you are to be a filmer, you should also show some fancy camera work, good angles. To show that, simply take pictures in Blockland (DOF Reccomended) and show it to one of our managers.

Music Producer:
In order to qualify for this faction, you will need to basically just create a 100% original track, with a minimum length of 20 seconds. You should have a specific theme for it in mind. (Is it fast paced action etc.) Then PM one of the managers with the piece you have composed, and they'll decide if it is 'good' or not.

Set Builder:
To show that you would be a great set builder, simply build a nice looking movie set. Be clever with depth of field. Send an image (Or the BLS) to one of our managers, and they will judge you from there.

To be a manager, I would try to be friends with the other managers. Primarily manager will be given to only a few members.

= Manager = Set Builder   = Music Producer = Filmer = Editor = Director = Actor

| Allyorbase | ID 9037

| Alphadin | ID 7458

| Blooker | ID 17864 | YouTube

| Bravo | ID 5229

| Cucumber | ID 11575 | YouTube

| Filipe1020 | ID 21933 | YouTube

| Garth | ID 6041

| Jayce | ID 3684 | YouTube

| Lamebro1 | ID 27362

| LegoPepper | ID 3763 | YouTube

| Mysteroo | ID 18923 | YouTube  

| Nixton | ID 15735

| Pablo | ID 9858 | YouTube

| Phantom Knight | ID 16558

| SirLancelot | ID 3824

| WhiteStorm | ID 20297

| Uxie | ID 11050

If you want to though, they would just be CS.* as * would be your main role. (Director would be D, etc.)

Somebody Continue This:
A video contradicting the About section.
Filmer/Editor/Director: LegoPepper
Faster Blockhead: LegoPepper
Slower Blockhead: Pablo

Watch him dance!
Filmer/Editor/Director: Jayce
Blockhead: Jayce
Jayce: Jayce
Red Shirt Guy: Jayce
Blue Shirt Guy: Jayce

A true story.
Filmer/Editor/Director: Pablo
Pablo: Pablo
Phantom Knight: Phantom Knight
Set Builder: Phantom Knight

Mr. Donthugme:
Filmer/Editor/Director: Jayce
Everything: Jayce
Everything Else: Jayce

Forum Games / Sausage Story (The -> electric)
« on: January 04, 2012, 02:59:30 PM »
Very much like 'Continue the Words' but with a twist.

The last letter of the word must be the first letter in the next word. For example,

The electric
The electric

I will start:


Mapping Help / No 'MissionGroup' found in mission "".
« on: December 28, 2011, 07:12:20 PM »
Here's the error code from console.log, the download for the .mis itself is below.
Code: [Select]
*** LOADING MISSION: Add-Ons/Map_DivarkRPG/DivarkRPG.mis
*** Stage 1 load
Mission Name: DivarkRPG
Mission SaveName:
Mission Description:
   Welcome to the Ultimate RPG DM Map.
*** Stage 2 load
Executing Add-Ons/Map_DivarkRPG/DivarkRPG.mis.
Add-Ons/Map_DivarkRPG/DivarkRPG.mis Line: 1017 - Syntax error.
>>> Some error context, with ## on sides of error halt:
      shapeName = "Add-Ons/Map_DivarkRPG/barrel.dts";


   new TSStatic() {

      position = "-667.729 -500.068 36.3042";

      rotation = "0 0 1 90";

      scale = "1 1 1";

      shapeName = "Add-Ons/Map_DivarkRPG/campus3.dts";




>>> Error report complete.

No 'MissionGroup' found in mission "".
BackTrace: ->SM_StartMission->createServer->loadMission->loadMissionStage2

Off Topic / Flash Development - Blockland
« on: August 17, 2011, 12:54:02 PM »
So I bought adobe flash cs5.5 student with my birthday money, and I thought I would attempt to create some animations with Blockland characters. So far, this is what I've come up with.

I took a screenshot, and just drew on it, then boned it together, and created the thing above. Any changes I should make, or tips? If things go well, I may create a little miniseries.

Also, does anyone else use flash here?

Off Topic / Let's make this my 600th post
« on: August 15, 2011, 11:26:40 PM »
Well uh, 600th post. I don't post often. Joined forums dec 08. Just 66 more until I can show you a picture of hell. Anyway, did you ever make highlights about how many posts you've made? Links? Just finding a subject for the post. And whatever happened to the "Wish Granted, but.." game?

Off Topic / Forum Game; Why is the above user an idiot?
« on: August 14, 2011, 07:46:05 PM »
Why is the above user an idiot?
How to Play

State why above user is an idiot.

Ex. exampleguy1: He's an idiot for banning me!
      exampleguy2: He's an idiot for being banned!

Well, I can't really start...

The topic title's an idiot for not being human!

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