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Clan Discussion / [BW] - Blockwards - Idiocy for None
« on: July 30, 2010, 01:48:39 PM »
Blockwards is a movie clan. There are many positions you can enter.
It was agreed on 7/29/10 this clan would be put into action.
LegoPepper is the creator and current leader of the clan.

7/31/10- Blockwards' Second movie created, seen here.
7/31/10- New Logo created.
7/31/10- New Cinema created.
7/30/10- The clan HQ (A Theater) was created by all the 1st Members.
7/29/10- Agreement that the clan would be created.
7/29/10- Blockwards' First movie created, seen here.

People with a  :panda: will be kicked for idiocy, and/or rudeness.
LegoPepper (ID 3763)

LegoPepper (ID 3763)
xXTimeParainvestigatex (ID 6095)
Garth (ID 6041)

LegoPepper (ID 3763)
Fatcorny (ID ?????)

Set Builders
Garth (ID 6041)
Matthew^^ (ID 8578)  
Jake White (ID 4064)
NO_OBS (ID 5483)
Chris Ridiculous (ID 18934)
Dark Fire (ID 22127)

Background Actors
Garth (ID 6041)
Razor (ID 7892)  
Clogg (ID 15980)
Darkfire (ID 19220)

Upfront Actors
SkullCandy (ID ????)
Garth (ID 6041)
canto xe (ID ????)
(T.D.)Coolguy300 (ID ????)
Chris Ridiculous (ID 18934)
Clogg (ID 15980)
Darkfire (ID 19220)
Razor (ID 7892)
Matthew^^ (ID 8578)  

LegoPepper (ID 3763)
Fatcorny (ID ?????)

No one yet =D

Direct a video.

Film a 30 second video with good perspective.

Set Builder
Build a build that could very well be used in a movie that looks nice.

Background Actor
Be filmed being a background character.

Upfront Actor
Be filmed being an upfront (Like a main character) character, or a spotlight character.

Edit any Blockland movie to make it look good.

You can app as a group if you wish.

Suggestions & Requests / Zero-Gravity Physical Playertype
« on: July 26, 2010, 09:39:22 PM »
No, not a "spider-man" player that can climb walls. Just a zero gravity player, like the physical zones you can put in maps, except always on the player. So if you jet too high too fast, your going high, etc. I'm pretty sure this is possible. It'd be like having the zero gravity physical zone on a player. This would be cool for space battles.

Off Topic / Best Scripting Language
« on: July 24, 2010, 08:59:17 AM »
I'd like to get into a scripting language, but I have no idea which one I should try. I can program in Lua a little bit, I can easily modify stuff in Torque script, Nothing in C, C++, or C#. Any reccomendations?

Help / C++ Runtime Error on own Server
« on: July 20, 2010, 11:55:53 AM »
I'm getting a C++ runtime error when I do certain things, like my trench dig. I switched to an older display driver for my graphics, and I don't get runtime error as quickly, but I get it. I deleted crap-ons, and I have barely any add-ons enabled when I do the trenchdig. Just the trenchdig gamemode, tdm, all default add-ons, all servermods, (Actually, there might be a problem right there. Any glitchy server mod I should delete?) all events, and bricks, shotgun, sniper rifle, + the default stuff. Any idea on how I can fix? It's really annoying me, and I only get it on my server.

Gallery / Custom Streets
« on: July 19, 2010, 09:45:46 AM »
I got bored and made a street pack. NEkram, as you can tell, it's the finished street pack that goes along with the street I built on your server. Here be some

Above, and you can see that there are two turns and forks. One has the crossing, the other doesn't.

And another picture.

Note that these are on 48x48 baseplates.

Also, since you people want the save, scroll down.

Off Topic / What font is used in the Blockland Logo?
« on: July 07, 2010, 07:18:34 PM »
What font is used in the Blockland Logo?

Add-Ons / bPod Nano Music Player
« on: July 07, 2010, 09:30:07 AM »
Some of you have seen my bPod model. Heh, well, it's not a prop any more. It's a music player! The bPod Add-on that includes music is the default Rock.ogg music. If you want to have a specific song on it, pm me and I'll make it for you. Note that it must be in your Add-Ons/Music folder. So get prepared to bust your ears (Actually speakers) out with this bPod!

bPod Model Pictures

The Download

Click here for the prop, non-music version.
Click here for the music version playing Rock.ogg

Please post any glitches you find.


Modification Help / Music playing code for an Item
« on: July 06, 2010, 02:59:07 PM »
I made an iPod Nano, or how I call it, the bPod Nano. I want it to be able to play music (Of the player's choice) in the server when say... they press a key. And you could switch songs like using the arrow keys kind of thing. Or they press a button with variable true they are holding the item, and they choose a song to listen to that emits from the Nano. Uh, how can I do this?

Off Topic / Network Hijack
« on: July 05, 2010, 07:55:41 AM »
Lol, I got a network hijack just this morning. All I can say is thank god I have another computer. Well, not really a hijack, but a virus deleted my DNS. I have Microsoft Security Essentials doing a full scan right now. I think it may be the Win32/Alureon.H Virus. MSE keeps disinfecting it. Any ideas of security programs that I could use alongside MSE? (Not including expensive Norton and McAfee.)

Off Topic / Faces in Chat :3
« on: June 29, 2010, 12:56:40 PM »
What are some of your chat-faces that you've made up? I've made up this ugly bird: /'<>'\

And this evil genius: >xD

Drama / Redoctober2009- "Pity pity for me."
« on: June 29, 2010, 12:11:15 PM »
Okay, so I'm doing a ZAPT thing. Redoctober2009 acts up! --brief description. Heres what really happened:

*Note that Some chat has been cut since it wasn't a big deal. i. e. Bob has left the game.



Redoctober2009: MAKE LESS SOLDIERS
LegoPepper: NO

LegoPepper: You guys don't understand how this mod works.
<someone who I won't mention>: MAKE LESS DAMN CAPSLOCK...
Redoctober2009: I UNDERSTAND
LegoPepper: No, you dont.

<someone who I won't mention>: SHUT THE **** RED!

LegoPepper: The sad thing is You dont understand how the mod works.
Redoctober: The sad ything is your being a jackass

LegoPepper: If all you do is just tell people what to damn do, then you're just sad.
Redoctober2009: im not im making a suggestion and you're ignoring it. stop being a **** sucking jackass and go get a life

LegoPepper: So stop being a ****ing idiot and get a life.
LegoPepper: Really? It sounded more like a demand.

Redoctober2009: gay mother****er
LegoPepper: Why are you talking to yourself?w

Redoctober2009: congradulations. i have just stole oyur build. bye.

Redoctober2009 connected.
Redoctober2009: SUCKER
Redoctober2009 has left the game.

Redoctober2009 connected.

Redoctober2009: banning me wont help

Redoctober2009: i stole oyur build. thats right. spaz out on the floor in your anger
LegoPepper: Ok
Redoctober2009: hehehe

Redoctober2009: noob

LegoPepper: Be sure to delete all the marks that it was mine.

Redoctober2009: ill also make ones that say its mine
Redoctober2009 has left the game.

Man, it was fun messing with this noob. There are many things that give away the build is mine, Cookie Eater's, and Flashed's.

Maps / ~Campout Range~
« on: June 28, 2010, 10:21:59 AM »
Campout Range
By LegoPepper

       An area with a cliff to climb up, a lot of hills, and a small pond. There's an already started fire, along with some logs off to the side. Also a lot of rocks.
Note that there have been some texture changes.

The Cliff to climb up.

The pond.

Up close with the fire.

Thanks to;

E sc for main test.

Current Version

The Download

Note that if you downloaded it off my server, redownload. there have been some changes.
Also, please post any bugs you find.

Mapping Help / fxShapeReplicator & fxFoilageReplicator What-Is?
« on: June 27, 2010, 07:24:11 PM »
So I'm trying to nicely make a forest, and, how do you use fxShapeReplicator & fxFoilageReplicator?

Suggestions & Requests / Uncontrollable Boatcraft
« on: June 25, 2010, 04:59:23 PM »
I was thinking that we could have some boatcraft that we couldn't control. Like just a vehicle that floats on the water, that you can't control. Like Packer's barrel, except it floats, or Crysist's Raft, without the ability to control it. Then you could build rafting rivers. You could always manually say "No controlling the rowboat!" As a rule, but that would be kind of useless.

Gallery / Cartoon Blockland!
« on: April 25, 2010, 11:25:37 AM »
   Cartoon an image or something you did in Blockland, or just some Blockland picture in general! Heres a Blockhead picture I found and edited- I re-did the background:

Heres a picture i edited which is a space shuttle on my Mars Map:

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