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Right... everyone acts shocked when I say that the best way to protect children is to put child enthusiasts in institutions rather than prisons. But they can never really tell me why. Prisons release child enthusiasts once the sentence is up, which re-introduces them into society, but with nothing to lose and a vengeance that will motivate them to commit crimes against children. Institutions wont release someone who is a danger to society until they are determined to be 'cured' through therapy (or, in extreme cases, I'd support chemical sterilization). Once sterilized or medicated, they are no longer a danger to children, and thus can't be held responsible for actions committed while they were in an altered state of mind (due to their mental illness).

Also, I'm a very unusually strong vegan. I find it a little hard to be intimidated by a lanky internet troll.


... that quote isn't even a little bit unreasonable, lol. Are you in denial about something?

Your sources is the guy whos body is composed of 70% soy?
What? I quoted New York Times, Times, and Washington Post?


My dude--I was brief. He asked for my sources, so I provided several alongside specific excerpts that support said facts. The forget else do you want me to do?

If you want to scream like a caveman scared to change his beliefs, that's okay, but don't try to pretend there's an actual reasoning behind it. That's simply disingenuous.

yeah kiddo i'm gonna need some sources on this one :/
I get the feeling you don't really want to know the answer--more to catch me in a lie--but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and cite these commonly affected facts. I can't spend all day citing everything I know, but a quick way to absorb a lot of data on the issue might to check out John Oliver's Prison episode, although I don't find him very funny. I'm sure there are good documentaries on the subject--just search 'private prison' on /r/documentaries. I'll cite three different highly reputable newspapers.

It seems the three main facts you're questioning are:
1. Private Prisons negatively affect the court system through lobbying.

How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about
The two largest for-profit prison companies in the United States – GEO and Corrections Corporation of America – and their associates have funneled more than $10 million to candidates since 1989 and have spent nearly $25 million on lobbying efforts. Meanwhile, these private companies have seen their revenue and market share soar. They now rake in a combined $3.3 billion in annual revenue and the private federal prison population more than doubled between 2000 and 2010, according to a report by the Justice Policy Institute

2. Private Prisons prevent inmates from being released through parole

Privately-Run Prisons Hold Inmates Longer, Study Finds
A study by Wisconsin School of Business assistant professor Anita Mukherjee found that inmates held in private prisons in Mississippi from 1996 to 2004 served 4% to 7% longer than inmates serving similar sentences in public prisons. [...] Mukherjee found that inmates in private prisons were 15% more likely to get an infraction. And it’s those violations that a parole board looks at when deciding whether to release an inmate early based on good behavior.

3. Private Prisons do not save money, leeching off the taxpayer

Private Prisons Found to Offer Little in Savings
Despite a state law stipulating that private prisons must create “cost savings,” the state’s own data indicate that inmates in private prisons can cost as much as $1,600 more per year, while many cost about the same as they do in state-run prisons. The research, by the Arizona Department of Corrections, also reveals a murky aspect of private prisons that helps them appear less expensive: They often house only relatively healthy inmates.

Remember, these aren't my opinions. This is the generally accepted theory to explain a series of facts.

mczealot needs to learn brevity
Unfortunately, there's no way to explain these issues with brevity--especially when you find your claims contested. You can either read it or decide you aren't interested.

I get that you're trying to troll, but are you really not disturbed that the state of Oklahoma--and by proxy the United States, the second largest democracy in the world--is imprisoning people at a rate higher than any other place in the world? Be it the increasingly fascistic Russian state or the literal Communist oligarchy in China, our prisons put them to shame. You think we commit twice as many crimes as people in South Africa? Oklahoma isn't even close to the most crime-ridden state, and America isn't even close to the most crime-ridden country. So why do you think the United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world? Do you genuinely believe this wasteland is the most dangerous place on Earth? Or do you think there might be underlying problems in our political structure that create incentives to imprison those who struggle to 'contribute to society' due to their mental health or low income?

Like geeze, if you really don't know what to say about an issue you should probably just keep your mouth shut. Trying to weigh in with snide arrogance on something you don't understand rarely ends well.

It's actually because public policy is engineered to send as many poor people towards prisons as possible due to the private prison industry doing HEAVY political lobbying in the area.  Especially the precedent of sending mentally ill people to prisons rather than institutions as a cost-saving measure.

A high incarceration rate doesn't mean we have better police, it means the bar for an 'imprisonable offense' has lowered, likely in tandem with the rising profits of a privatized prison industry. It also means that non-violent offenders are being given increasingly length sentences (see: mandatory minimums) as a method of funneling new meat into the prison factory. Here's something interesting: when determining parole (supervised release from prison), courts use testimony from officers and administrators at the prison regarding the inmate's behavior. This makes sense, until you realize that the prisons themselves~~the officers, administrators, and sadly, lobbyists~~benefit directly from keeping that jail at MAX capacity. They are being asked to willingly give up a small source of income, and subconsciously or overtly, provide more critical testimony of the client to ensure they remain in prison. This is why statistics show a significantly lower chance of parole from a private prison than a state-run prison.

Remember that "private prisons" aren't saving money, they're saving time and effort. The government still pays the guards, cafeteria workers, and administrators through stipends provided on a per-inmate basis. This means the full cost of the prison--and more, like lobbying and research costs--are coming from the public dollar. You are literally paying to be kept as a slave.


We've also lead the nation in female incarceration for a long time.

Oklahoma has overtaken Louisiana as the state with the highest incarceration rate in the United States, according to a new study.

The state of Oklahoma's incarceration rate is 1,079 per 100,000 people, leading the nation after previously sitting at No. 2, according to the Prison Policy Initiative.

The nonprofit organization's report also states that Oklahoma incarcerates people at higher rates than all countries with a population of at least 500,000.

...and I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free...

Off Topic / Re: USPS says package delivered, never got it
« on: May 20, 2018, 04:04:40 PM »
Just contact UPS and report package not delivered. You might also contact Ebay.

Yea, I was shocked he passed just a few days after Barbara. Getting Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds vibes.

edit: Nvm I checked online. I was told this morning that George HW had died but it looks like that's fake news. I went through the seven stages of grief for nothing.

you need to stop
I need to stop... winning points? I thought that was the point.

Off Topic / Re: McZealot is in the emergency room
« on: April 19, 2018, 08:15:32 PM »
TBH I wasn't paying massive attention to the diagnosis because I was writhing around in pain. For the first half because I was writhing around in horrible pain and for the second because I was unable to focus while on pain relief drugs. Appendix didn't completely burst, but the doc thought it was the problem. They looked at it on a cat-scan and decided against taking it out.

Off Topic / Re: McZealot is in the emergency room
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:25:18 PM »
Welp, I'm released from the hospital. They aren't gonna do an appendix removal surgery so I'm just taking meds for a while. Little wobbly but I feel fine now having been bathed in chemicals.

Off Topic / Re: Puppy is going to the ER
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:07:32 PM »
good luck man! in the ER right now--not gonna lie, it's pretty comfortable, aside from feeling like I'm gonna die any second.

why are literally every single one of ur topics about u and how something bad is happening to you
never noticed anything like this. dont be a richard

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