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Music / Stone Brick's Music pack!
« on: August 18, 2009, 12:51:40 PM »
Stone Brick's
Music Pack!

Beat 1-7
Girl 1
Oldy 1-2
Rock 1-9
Smooth 1

Just click the File you want, then click "Click here to Download"!

NOTE: These are NOT mine! I did not Make them, only Release them for Stone Brick!But i stole 1% of the Credit :P

Modification Help / Error Opening Zip
« on: July 16, 2009, 05:23:23 PM »
Im finaly trying to make Add-ons, but for everyone ive tried, i get the same Error. At the very top of the Console i get the line "Error Opening Zip(Add-Ons/, need to handle this better..."
Any way to fix it? This happened for my Props, and some Sounds.

General Discussion / The return of DAM
« on: June 23, 2009, 01:11:58 PM »
Dark Ages Medieval

DAM was a project I started about a year ago. But due to V9 it hasn't been spoken of.
Until now

DAM isn't like any normal RPG. Due to the very Different Events, and Ideas. There is a huge Database of Variables, that even I cant list. There are Exp Converters, NPC Enemy's, Combat Exp, House Buying, Food, Items, Quests and Religions. But there are No extra Events/Scripts. Only downloaded from the Add-On section of the Forum, and RTB.

1127 Jan 1st
Streamcrest, Farlerd and Winterstall.
To work, Explore, and Fight

Classes & Upgrades
Swordsman  ---> Warrior - Skilled with Swords, and blocking
Bowman ---> Archer - Skilled with the Bow and Arrow, and Speed
Mage ---> Wizard - Skilled with Magic and Enchantments
Thief ---> Ninja - Skilled with Stealing, and Stealth

To make this work, I need some:
Builders - Post a few Pic's of your best Medieval Build
Eventers - Post a Video or Pic of your best Event

Wanna help?
Please can someone get me:
New names of Towns/City's/Areas

Current Helpers
Me - 3504
2D - 8834
Hectic - 4491
DarkAce719 - 6692
Me - 3504
Testers (Not needed yet)
You will never guess, Me - 3504
2D - 8834
DarkAce719 - 6692
Wombo194 - 11280
DarkAce719 - 6692
2D - 8834 (Possably)
NOTE: All helpers WILL get credit

Not Started
   - Upgrading
Nothing yet..

(A) = Area  (C) = City  (V) = Village  (M) = Mountain  (F) = Forest  (O) = Other
Not Started
Farlerd (A)
Nomarad (C)
Barbarian (V)
Gypsy Camp (O)
Streamcrest (A)
Winterstall (A)
Wetinus (V)
Mount Cadzogon (M)
Nowhere yet...

None yet :/

Credits so far
pitchblack - Inspiring me to continue + I used the BoC page as a skeleton
Stone Brick - Ideas
Destiny/Zack0Wack0 - Variables Events
Silver Fox - Old Name
Xia The Ninja - 'Evolve' Idea
DarkAce719 - Hosting + Joining mine and his RPG's up
2D - Main Builder + Pics

Help / Function 'Pop' crashes me?
« on: May 27, 2009, 10:39:02 AM »
Some reason every now and again function 'Pop' won't work and will crash my Blockland. I've Reinstalled Blockland loads of times but nothing works. Today so far ive had about 5 crashes, i think all because of Function 'Pop'. Sometimes its with IRC, then that doesnt work, today its with IRC and other Add-Ons. The weird part is that sometimes its fine, but then next day it doesn't work at all. Console.log with Image below.

General Discussion / No item Pickup under water Bug?
« on: March 12, 2009, 05:22:10 PM »
I think ive found a Bug, Ill post quickly as its my Bed time (Im English Btw).
If you make a Weapon Spawn under water, you cant Pick the Item up. Ill make more Description tommorrow, but please can you check if its just me and Skoposh. Its possably just a Add-on though..
Note: If there is a "Post Bugs for V11" Topic, then I missed it, and yes i Searched.

Suggestions & Requests / Relay 2 Event
« on: December 31, 2008, 09:43:45 PM »
Every now and again when Im eventing, i try to use a relay, but it wont work because theres already a relay in the events.  So ive decided to suggest a "Relay 2". Its basicly a second Relay that has no offect on the normal Relay. It would have to have "OnRelay2" and "FireRelay2" but the "FireRelayUp2" would be just a list with the options Up, Down, North, East, South, West, Self. Self meaning the brick itself. I would be very happy if someone makes this and I think ive heard others having this problem.

Help / Yet another port fowarding topic...
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:40:46 PM »
Im trying to port foward with my new laptop and new router/modem, but everytime i try to enter my IP adress it says "Invalid IP Address". Ive tried my routers homepage done the thingy on "Run", but i now know that ive got a IPV4, but i need a IPV6. Ive searched in google for it but i cant find anything helpfull. If anyone knows how to get a IPV6 please tell me. Thanks. Boodals.

General Discussion / Hey! Boodals is back!
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:14:21 AM »
For those who dont know (probably most of you) i left Blockland and went to the lands of Spore. I left around November. However when i tried to leave a topic on the forums saying that im leaving, it just kept saying "You have already posted this..." In the end i just told NiXiLL (A old friend). I was hoping that the message got sent on to my friends. But I dont think it did, so now with my new laptop (explained below) im back! Whoooo!

On Christmas (Yestoday for me) i got a brand new Laptop, 3GB RAM. So i downloaded Blockland again, and re-entered my code. But when i went to the forums, i clicked "Log in", typed in my username and password, pressed "Enter" but for some odd reason it just took me back to the forums main page. I tried with all of the Log in places but none worked.

1. Has anyone else had a problem simular (Not entering there password wrong)?
2. Is there a way to get back on my origbrown town account?
3. Does NiXiLL still play?
4. Does Mr. LoL/LoL X still play?
5. Is there 10K IDs?
6. Apart from the physics (Witch is the touch ive been waiting for) is there any sneek-peeks for new Mods for V11?

You should have realised im on a new account. If you havnt then try reading VVV

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