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Off Topic / Re: Best chemical for removing blood stains?
« on: July 28, 2019, 05:15:13 PM »
Just recolor the sofa red. Nobody will notice the stain anymore.

Games / Re: Shortest amount of time spent on a game
« on: July 27, 2019, 02:46:43 PM »
Game says my video card is too weak :(
You know, its honestly a good thing to not play it.

Easily distinguishing people using avatars is a useful feature. Also i prefer having messages be bigger to not have them be inconsequential.

Off Topic / Re: who down to storm area 51
« on: July 12, 2019, 11:32:11 PM »
inb4 Area 51 is a decoy base.

I think it would make sense that we should not even know of the base's existance if its supposed to be ultra-secret. I think its just a trap for clueless spies to get captured or kill.

Off Topic / Re: Simple Recipes
« on: July 04, 2019, 06:46:56 PM »
What I call Lasagna Nachos: Take an aluminium sheet, get some tortilla chips of your preference and put a lot of them on the bottom. Then you want to put some salsa of our own taste, Salsa Con Queso could work but i dont recommend it. Then, all some shredded cheese on the top. Always put more than you think is enough because it usually isnt enough. Then, add things like olives in a can or peppers if you really want to, then put in the oven to cook for how long you feel is nessecary. I cook it until the chips start turning a bit black.

If you are too lazy to make any other recipes, heres a really cheap and easy one, you just need ramen and vegetable soup
step 1 add ramen + packet
step 2 add soup
step 3 if soup is condensed add 3/4s of a can of water
step 4 cook in microwave
step 5 stir or not then eat

Also shredded sharp cheddar + cream cheese brick in pasta makes for a good mac and cheese

Off Topic / Re: Happy Canada day
« on: July 01, 2019, 02:30:11 AM »
I've noticed that the list is missing Cretons, although that is understandable as that is really only a thing in Quebec and not a lot of people are fan of what is basically just putting an entire pig in a blender.

But you are also missing Timbits, and that is just inexcusable. You also are missing Warframe on the list.

Off Topic / Re: Happy Canada day
« on: July 01, 2019, 01:16:48 AM »
Teletoon does Johnny Test 24/7 so it really, REALLY should not qualify as something cool from Canada.

Honestly this place is just regret and the worst weather to ever exist. Come to Quebec for these exciting weather features:
Temperature depending on region ranges from Permafrost to Blast Furnace
Winter has so much snow that you might aswell just invest in a flamethrower
Summer rains more than Britain. Like, storms each 2 days?
Humidity so high that it becomes difficult to even breathe.

Also Ubisoft is from here and every single person in the province is a Weeb. That last one isnt even a joke. There's a reason as to why you can find a sushi place every two meters. So you know, two bombs certainly werent even close to enough.

tber123 probably is no more because of college as shown by his last posts before his dissapearance.

General Discussion / Re: my blockland may be broked
« on: June 29, 2019, 10:46:29 PM »
Wow, you discovered the hidden "Grineer" language for the game!

Off Topic / Re: Tier List Weekly Megathread | Best Controller
« on: June 29, 2019, 08:01:13 PM »

Seriously, who the forget can hold the degenerate controllers and not have suicidal thoughts?

The wiimote is absolute ass to hold and is annoying with the 15 million attachments.

Also none are in S-Rank because there isnt the Xbox 360 wired controller.

Off Topic / Re: ive loving had it with jojo bizarre adventure
« on: June 28, 2019, 11:20:40 PM »

Off Topic / Re: how many holes are in a straw
« on: June 28, 2019, 11:18:22 PM »
0 hohlraums unless you poke a single hole in it, in which case you get 1 hohlraum if the straw is made of an opaque material

dont ask how i know this

Off Topic / Re: Google goes NUCLEAR | Project Veritas CENSORED
« on: June 27, 2019, 07:13:56 PM »
Metal Gear Solid 2 is close to becoming reality at this point with all the censorship and such going around. (if you dont count dr. octopus over there saying he's solid snake)

Off Topic / Re: Today's Letter is the Letter E
« on: June 22, 2019, 04:54:56 PM »

Off Topic / Re: what can i do on windows 2000
« on: June 19, 2019, 05:11:18 PM »
Windows 2000 is actually an NT kernel though. Windows ME is the 9x OS in the start of the new millenium that sucked complete ass. Windows 2000 didnt suck ass but did definitively suck in the security department, which Microsoft sure didnt care about at that time, culminating in the ridiculous number of viruses for Windows XP.

In theory, it should be able to run BL. In execution, probably only really old versions. v0002 was released in ~2004 and so should have Windows 2000 support. Infact, the last service pack for Windows 2000 was in 2004.

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