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seems like 90% of people dont know how to define fascism on this website
It shares similarities and I do think it is a stepping stone but I think calling it fascism at this point in time is a stretch

That said it should be stopped because if it gets to the point where it can officially be called fascism then we won't have the luxury of calling it out

This unpopular website with less traffic than the blf in 2013 really seems to have been a massive burden for you guys
You're absolutely right, now if you excuse me I have to go wank to this news...

Or I'm just poking fun at the irony of the situation currently presenting itself.

Ah, the free market at work

If you think Annoying Orange's ban on Twitter is a violation of the first amendment you are actually incredibly retarded

Considering all they did was bust windows and steal a podium I don't know what the fuss is about

I mean we were told over and over the past year that all the burning, rioting and looting done across the nation in multiple cities was just THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNHEARD right? So why is this any different? I guess those Annoying Orangeers were feeling pretty unheard huh
This was a coordinated-ish attack on America as a whole in an attempt to overthrow a legitimate election due to fake news perpetuating fraud

I'm allowed to have an opinion, as is everyone. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean I have to conform to your ideas. That would be communism. Call me names all you want it doesn't bother me. The fact that you result to insults immediately instead of actually taking my post in and responding somewhat intellectually or at the very least witty just shows that you can't cope either. I haven't called ya'll a single name but sure I see how it is
damn and it took NASCAR till June 22, 2020 to finally remove it from their car races - i wonder if everyone was thinking about slavery and the civil war right before the race too because thats totally what you think about right before a good fun family time at the racetrack huh

us at the race track in indy:
*whispers to deo* "hey man remember the civil war"
deo: "yeah man that stuff was a bad way"
me: "yeah but the union won so it's all good right?"

yes, this is america we do have freedom of speech

which means we can also tell you how bass ackwards what you are saying is. In case you can't tell we've stopped arguing the intellectual points because you were never responding intellectually in the first place, literally every time we called out something with facts you would shift the topic instead of conceding or posting a rebuttal.

Of those 3 flags only one resulted in one of the bloodiest wars in American history

Obviously the LGBT are the problem here

Citizens storming the capitol with flags of their political party?

Totally not the party of nationalists guys

When people decide to use their 2nd amendment right designed to defeat tyranny...

to enforce tyranny

I can't wait until 2021 when taxes go up...

and then Biden gets blamed even though it was part of Annoying Orange's tax cuts

ok. im merely pointing out that these:

are definitely identical. same geometric design, hook and all
Same general shape but the pattern is sharp while the "creep Symbol" is rounded. I think it's silly to assume this pattern that was placed on a fabric as a design due to the fact it can be easily duplicated across the entire mask is some sort of secret "I like little boys" message.

quite literally looks the exact same

like i get dunking on the conspiracy and all, but that is definitely the exact same triangle lol
It's clearly not identical, I'm very much inclined to believe it's
she saw a neat mask online and thought "Oh, that looks cool, I wanna buy that", and then did just that, not knowing about the connotation.

In case you can't see the differences in the triangle the "hook" at the end is kind of missing and the color is completely different. The design of this "creep symbol" is also incredibly generic and I wouldn't be surprised if I could walk into my local walmart and find something else with a very similar design.

It doesn't even look like the symbol...

This feels like a post by the kind of person that would go to Asia, see the swastikas, and then say everyone there is a national socialist

Off Topic / Re: ww84 is awful
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:08:48 PM »
No one can pick up Thor's hammer but she is somehow able to
I haven't watched the movie but it has been proven that the hammer can be picked up by very specific people that are deemed worthy

wtf thats retarded
Speaking of retarded things about SSN, you can determine all but 4 of the digits simply by knowing when and where someone was born if they were born before 2011

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