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Unless you lived in a box, jobless and refused to put any money into the stock market these past 4 years before corona, this is total bs.

With homeless shelters and the way the job market was, both of the prereqs were also optional.

In other words, you had to deliberately ignore every possibility to get ahead, to not have benefited from the fantastic economy we had.
Yes, because working 40 hour work wheels and still barely being able to scrape by is healthy.

You're also conveniently ignoring how many Americans Covid forgeted.

Imagine calling people sheep despite repeatedly going for the side that vouches for economics that have proven time and time again it only benefits the rich.

It's abundantly clear that Annoying Orange and the GOP's strategy here is to overwhelm the populace with enough disinformation that they give up and start accepting it as fact, it should be clear they were lying from the start now that some of Annoying Orange's lapdogs have already conceded.

how tf did Biden go from being a blabbering idiot that can barely form a complete sentence to a criminal mastermind capable of stealing an election? These mental gymnastics are insane


"If I keep making baseless claims eventually they'll get tired of calling me out!"

the mental gymnastics one needs to still think the constitution is being violated after the supreme court’s decision
9 times out of 10 when someone screams "this violates the constitution!" they either can't point to which amendment specifically it violates or they clearly misinterpret what the amendment means

Off Topic / Rigel's steam account has been stolen (he got it back)
« on: December 06, 2020, 11:55:40 AM »
If anyone has a way of communicating with him on another platform please let him know, it's that CSGO scam that's been goin around. I only have him on steam so I can't do anything to help.

I used to disagree with people who called Annoying Orange a fascist, I still disagree but I can definitely see what leads them to think it now

Remember guys, the national socialists were socialist it says it in their name

The title changes are a good look into the various stages of coping

Biden is just plain #notpresident
until january anyway

note that the “unemployment low” stat is kind of a false statistic rn cause iirc a lot of temp/contract/at will workers are classified as employed in the sense they cant apply for unemployment, or are employed but in poorly paying jobs without any chance to move upwards, something along those lines. aka its more “only x% of the population can apply for unemployment” rather than “100-x% of people have jobs that pay the bills”
Republicans are the epitome of the dog in the room on fire

OMG guys the electoral college exists nothing I said matters just ignore it all


That's why benfords law does not stand alone as a piece of info.

It's an indicator.

There is a never ending list of indicators and evidence of fraud to INVESTIGATE.

But instead all I get is blatantly false "THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD" posts, which is just asinine.

Even in the squeakiest of squeaky clean elections statistically will have some form of fraud. But the amount of
evidence in this instance is just off the charts.

But every piece of evidence gets dismissed as "alt-right" or "untrustworthy" without any real reason.

No, the "SOURCE" is not the almighty judgement tool. Just cause it's not from loving CNN doesn't mean it's fake.
Honey, the part that it's not from MSM isn't why we believe it's fake

We believe it's fake because it keeps being proven fake by people investigating it

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