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forget off.

This is a loving red flag factory.

Election screeches to a halt with Annoying Orange way in the lead only for them to "find" enough ballots for biden to win.

Once its there, media calls it for biden. Any further investigation? Nope. And if you question it they give you veiled cancel culture threats.

What happens give any evidence to why we should investigate?
"Conspiracy Theories!" Scream the people who started an investigation based on a theoretical Russian Prostitute Piss tape.

Convenient and reliable shutdown of protests because of corona. But they only seem to shutdown rightwing protests.

Next comes the reinstatement of critical race theory, explaining why the "whites are bad".

This is blatant and actual facism. And instead too many would side with the party that does this and screams that the orange man actually did it.

I'm not going to stop because the media that has been known to lie continues to play this mind game.

I saw what happened, i see the bullstuff. And I've posted a lifetime supply of evidence to show it. But so many will dismiss it as bullstuff for the most asinine of reasons.

"Its from X Source! ALT RIGHT!"
"It's fake."

If you're dismissing evidence like this, you're a communist forget.

I'm done playing with the soft gloves. I have no reason to associate with communist scum.

The order ballots were counted in is Early Voting > In person > Mail In

Now which side discouraged mail in voting and which side encouraged it?

Literally every single piece of evidence for this being rigged is grasping at straws from far right sources. The closest is the glitch which definitely should be investigated to ensure no other locations experienced the same glitch, but this glitch also could have added to Annoying Orange's count unfairly as well remember.

Imagine thinking the democrats are far enough left wing to form the USSR


Can't say this one is "just a joke, funny haha"
Can't say this one is "copium"

It's right there, it's a real ballot, says DJT. And he TEARS IT UP.

This is blatant, obvious. FRAUD.
Nah, this is just one dude being an absolute retard and not an example of mass fraud. Good on him for forcing a recount.

the boy who cried wolf except he cried wolf 200 times
Nah, in the boy who cried wolf the boy ends up being right at the end

I watched the whole thing of what biden said, he still says that clearly right after his first statement. Social media is even trying to defend him and say it was a 'slip of the tounge' and that he was actually talking about his voter protection program his campaign launched. Sure. sure. Joe just can't form a correct sentence these days

"go oh oh you know the thing"
It's a good thing there's no possible way to edit longer videos and remove specific portions to push a narrative right?

don't believe joe biden himself saying something in a perfectly clear video of him saying it? sure i'll just take razorblades to my eyes and stab my ears with freshly sharpened pencils

It's a good thing there's no possible way to edit longer videos and remove specific portions to push a narrative right?

the video i posted doesn't even have Annoying Orange in it, what? thats biden himself literally saying that
He's mocking people like you for your baseless claims if you watch the full interview

whens the election over
We must end it now, there is obviously voter fraud because Annoying Orange is losing and that's just not possible

I wonder if that Jacob dude ever got to access the internet again

Off Topic / Re: any better antivirus alternatives to avast?
« on: August 17, 2020, 11:45:28 PM »
windows defender is included with windows by default and is generally good enough in addition to basic common sense, if you really want a dedicated third party solution i see malwarebytes frequently get vouched for

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