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it also doesn't have to be that way because at any moment you can decide to educate yourself and stop being selfish. you'll notice an immediate difference in how people treat you

it doesn't matter if police are tribal, what does matter is that the police kill more unarmed black people than any other race. its still a race issue. it doesn't matter how white or conservative you are master matthew, people don't like you- and it's not a race issue.

both liberals and conservatives, black and white alike find you emotionally underdeveloped and understand that you are incapable of thinking for yourself. this forum is proof, now all you need to do is take the hint
These are first hand experiences. I didn't read this stuff in the news, this happened to me.
you've proven that your only mode of thought is 'x happened because im white' so you're an unreliable source of information on even your own life events. before you even think about saying "x happened because im black!" that's more plausible because history has shown for hundreds of years that yes, a lot of things did happen to black people because, yes, they're black

Yes. okay. But why the forget am I being punished socially and legally for being white?
you answered your own question
What you've heard and what is actually happening are often two different things.
you actually aren't being punished socially or legally for being white. you just think you are and use it as a reason to hold an unwarranted and baseless grudge against anyone who isn't white. you're tribal and delusional, which is why nobody likes you. its also why you get banned from every social media platform on-sight.

busting into a house in a black neighborhood, knowing fully well that the occupants of said house are black... AND intending to shoot first ask questions later... somehow not tribal. actually never seen something like this happen in a white neighborhood, nor heard of it. but somehow ive heard of the 3+ times this exact stuff has happened

A. Police Misuse of power
B. Police Brutality that results in the death of anyone
C. Police Brutality and Corruption
D. Police and State violation of amendment rights
all of the above have to be true in order for "police are tribal" to even be a discussion. and if its true and everyone knows its true, why the forget would you mention it? unless you specifically refuse to believe that 'all of the above' happens more to non-whites than whites, an objective fact. maybe the police aren't tribal, but you sure as hell are

"white people bad and powerful."
white people aren't bad and powerful. bad and powerful people are bad and powerful. hence why we don't like the police or most of the government. they just happen to be predominantly white, to nobody's surprise

That's not affirmative action, that's civil rights. You're mixing up the two. Civil rights made employing and denying employment based on race illegal. California had to literally revoke civil rights law to enact affirmative action laws. Proposition 209.
Affirmative action made employing and denying based on race regulated and mandatory.
what people soon discovered is that 'employing and denying employment based on race illegal.' isn't good for cases.

Then don't expect me to feel bad for "oh poor me" black people when they get flaunted and empowered in the media just for being black.
While white people are demonized and told they all have god powers and questioning it is sin.
so when brianna taylor was shot in her own home while lying down unarmed you're just going to ignore it because white genocide is a more pressing matter? this is exactly why no one here likes you- any problem that affects you or your political ideology is immediately 10000x more important than literal murder perpetrated by the government. how many times did you fail the trolley problem?

I never lived through that era. I never saw this era. But I sure as forget am being punished for it. The era I live through and see now is telling me I'm evil because of my skin color while I'm simultaneously thanos with all six infinity stones.
tough stuff

And "oh it sucks that institutionalized racism is still a thing in 2020"
Yeah, Affirmative Action is institutionalized Racism. thank you for acknowledging the legally defended racism against white and asian people.
quota: a fixed share of something that a person or group is entitled to receive or is bound to contribute.
before affirmative action you could be turned down from a job or from school for being black, ensuring a completely 100% white workforce and student body. the goal of affirmative action is to ensure that every applicant stands on their merit regardless of race, but prevents too many applicants of the same race from being accepted. if you were turned down from something its either because they found people more qualified than you or there's already too many white people in whatever you're applying for

White Privilege? Man I'm so privileged to:
Not be allowed to have any opinion but the right one.
Have my scores not count as much on entry exams
Be socially scorned for my skin color and the 'sins of the father'
Lose my property and livelihood for even possibly having the wrong opinion.
nobody gives even 3/5ths of a forget about your grievances. 50 years ago it would be illegal for me to sit where i want on a bus or drink from a better water fountain because of my race. everything was redlined so that if i wanted to even own property i would be completely overcharged, and if i complained about it some group of white folk would probably pull me out behind their farm and beat the stuff out of me. today my friends or family could be shot for doing nothing because of their race and people like you will brush it off with some retarded reason. "oh it sucks that institutionalized racism is still a thing in 2020 but WHITE PPL ARE ENDANGERED" stfu lol

i have freedom now thanks to hundreds of years of civil rights activism. what did it cost you- your feelings of superiority and pride? tough stuff

Black Lives Matter is an ideological movement in many western countries, that's so peaceful they start peaceful fires and shoot peaceful bullets. Question anything they say or do and they'll be at your house next. If you stand up to them, you will have your guns confiscated, and your livelihood ruined.

The insane idea that "White people still rule the world." is obviously disproven throughout these riots.

White people can't say or speak their minds, only the leftist dogma. Lest they be threatened with death and livelihood ruining events. While the Libertardians and the Left circle jerk over the corpse of "Muh Private Company."

White Privilege? Man I'm so privileged to:
Not be allowed to have any opinion but the right one.
Have my scores not count as much on entry exams
Be socially scorned for my skin color and the 'sins of the father'
Lose my property and livelihood for even possibly having the wrong opinion.
whens the last time you got punched in the face by a movement

They thought I was gonna go to sleep. They thought I couldn't beat em. They thought I wouldn't defeat 'em. Wow! They thought wrong cuz I defeated them. I had to find not one, not two, but three maps... and then I had to take those three maps and I had to put 'em together. Then I had to go and buy a boat. I BOUGHT THE BOAT- no, before I bought the boat I had to REPAIR the boat. Hammer and nails, repairing this loving hole in this loving boat. Then after I repaired the boat, I had to sail in the water and get attacked... and it killed the homie- you didn't see, THEY KILLED THE HOMIE! I DEFEATED THAT DRAGON FOR THE HOMIE!!

i may not look like it but i got 150 shooters on runescape

nah i scream terrorist organization when arson is comitted
you should be screaming arson though

Off Topic / Re: controversial statement s
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"yes i binge watch two-hour long video game video essays on youtube, how could you tell?"
nah forget those videos i be buyin books on game design

Can't we all forget our problems. Let's all forget and do drugs.
you got my vote

Games / Re: What’s a bad game you enjoy playing?
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cheesepizza1 obviously has some bad things to say about you

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