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I'm brotherloveual

lol you spent this much time baiting people into this, i think the one that needs to grow up is you
would it please you if I said nothing In this thread other than 'shut up creep lol'

so grow up

When you demonize child enthusiasm as just something that's disgusting and everyone who supports it should be executed you encourage child enthusiasts to suppress their feelings until its impossible to suppress and then they go out and loving rape a bunch of younguns and get arrested. If you were to take all these future child enthusiasts and merely sit them down in a group and have them listen to a victim of love trafficking explain how terrible their life was you train child enthusiasts to think about more than just their desires.

Avoid responsibility as much as you want. People who download cp are a force that impacts the victims' lives very subtly. They don't realize it but by downloading cp they are subtly making the victims' life worse by making the perpetrators life better. You are a force that impacts the life of these potential love offenders who seek out this illegal pleasure. It's easy to say 'well they're the creeps not me it's not my fault' but when you take the wrong approach to dealing with these people you make them seek out more cp and ruin the lives of more victims. At that point you aren't hating them because they're exhibiting immlral behavior; you're just schadenfreuding them because you're more moral than them and you need to degrade others in order to feel good about yourself. At that point the victims' don't matter it's just you and willymcmilly and how many times you can call him a child enthusiast for no loving reason

im pretty sure we've all heard of the age of consent at this point if you've been on the internet for a long time, even if you're hella young and discovering research
you like everyone else miss my point. In order to avoid doing the wrong thing you need to know why it's wrong, not that it's wrong. It's easy to say eating healthy is wrong but it's hard to say why eating healthy is wrong which is why the statement is not credible. Nobody ever explains to 13 year olds why cp is wrong. You can say 'well it's obvious' as much as you want but it really loving isn't unless someone actually sits you down and explains why things like age of consent exist.

The main reason rape is a problem is because young men never have any actual exposure to rape victims and therefore never empathize with them. You just call people rapists and vocally express how they deserve to rot in hell and all you teach kids is that the optimal solution to this problem is to rape without getting caught.

Bitch when I was first jacking off to internet research, even I knew that child research was a huge no-no

you're wrong in this discussion
you knew it was wrong but definitely didn't know why at age 13

Suggestions & Requests / Re: Not stuff zombies minigame?
« on: April 14, 2019, 12:56:53 AM »
At this point in the game’s life there’s no point in keeping things private anymore. Posting it in modification board can give people something to play with or potentially get someone to work on it.

Saying you have it does nothing.
I would finish it on commision

It sounds extreme as an adult to say exploring loveual content involving minors is normal, but it literally is when you too are a minor. Without age of consent laws girls would be getting pregnant at 15 with other 15 year old boys because everyone around that age is loving horny and wants some 15 year old pusillanimous individual/richard. The teens that aren't loving are jacking it to loli or more illegal stuff. Or to older research actresses for the guys with mommy issues

Sure, but child research?? Looking up minors being loveually exploited is not normal, regardless of your own age
when you're 14 the fact that they're being exploited is entirely lost upon you. to a 14 year old, another 14 year old consenting to love is normal. Maybe you take the hint when you realize that the other actors are adults but its p hard to grasp.

When I was 14 I was jerking off to 13 year old princess bubblegum and a few years later to nudes of my girl. The fact that cp was wrong only really clicked in my mind once I turned 16 and realized that many girls are sold into love trade in their early teens. It took me like 4 years after puberty to fully grasp the concept of consent and I'm fairly certain it's totally an abstract concept until you loveually mature towards your late teens

Suggestions & Requests / Re: Not stuff zombies minigame?
« on: April 13, 2019, 07:45:11 PM »
So release it?
it's not finished/working/I need Simba's permission

I'm worried you're describing yourself and consider this action normal, when it definitely is not
it's pretty normal to be exploratory during puberty

General Discussion / Re: Need suggestions for a weapon pack to use
« on: April 13, 2019, 01:36:08 PM »
You should use any weapon pack but change the damage values so it's tiered. Keep in mind that adding tiered weapons to any gamemode that involves pvp is a sign of bad game design. Tier should be based on the usefulness and versatility of weapons, not it's dps. A low tier pistol and a high tier sniper should be equally as effective in the hands of a beginner, but the sniper should be more rewarding to more skilled players. Skill being based around positioning, not your ability to aim.

An example would be a sniper that does more damage to enemies at lower elevation than you but reduced damage to enemies higher than you. Then you introduce a positioning dynamic to the game and skilled players with the sniper will learn to play the high ground which leads to them adopting survival mechanics when trying to escape once their high ground is compromised

Of course all of this requires tweaking on your part but I'd say it's much more rewarding than just rolling the dice and having x% chance of totally winning the round with absolutely no skill

Off Topic / Re: holy stuff guys its 4/13!! you know what that means?
« on: April 13, 2019, 01:32:24 PM »
imagine never seeing neil bang out the tunes before

if that went over your head here's an easier version. young children who steal nowadays are encouraged to have a counselor session with the kid they stole from, who will explain how they felt to be stolen from. this is good because it helps the thief understand the actual implications of their actions and how it affects other people.

compare this to just sitting the thief down in the corner, the only negative association they learn is that stealing results in punishment. they won't understand any emotional or empathetic consequences from their actions because it hasnt been explained to them. so they'll steal again. and the next time they steal they'll just be smarter and craftier in order to not get caught. this leads to a lifetime of thievery and bad morals

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