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words are preventing you from making a name for yourself.
I know a word that prevents you from doing certain things.

who said anything about racism? we are talking about laws here.
if you keep playing the victim, you will always be the monday. you have opportunities and rights, stop holding yourself back. because the tribals arnt stopping you from a thing.
"being called inferior to everyone else isn't stopping you from feeling good about yourself"

Path why don't we talk about your BLhacks.

You want people to trust black people more, seems like the opposite.
Why not shift over to your pony obsession instead. Wait- what's wrong- executive order got your tongue?

User was banned for this post

Tony knows quite a lot about consequences. After all, he is the only person on this forum with an executive order...

You've got the same opportunities as the whites, blacks, hispanics, native americans in your community/wealth bracket. Anyone who tells you anything different is lying and trying to exploit you for political gain.
Everything you've said above makes a lot of sense and i'm glad you said it. This, though, isn't exactly true. The majority of America's market is white dominated, and everything around us is as a result. There may be a very small amount of discrimination on be based on my race, but its enough to be noticed. I don't face the same discrimination as most black males do (i'm half black/half white but I live under a white household because my father is homeless) but I see it on the black side of my family. My cousins often complain about being given bad looks in public or being turned down from a job they are qualified for for no reason.

In actuality, we have a lot more freedoms than we did, say, ten years ago, but there are still issues in our society. Also, I didn't mean to come off as a richard when I was talking about your girlfriend, I didn't really think much before posting.

Are you going to release these?  Or are they not done? 
I'm kinda being overloaded with school and stuff but i'll try to finish it at some point

Off Topic / Re: Is this the first ban on Blockland Forums?
« on: June 27, 2016, 03:50:04 PM »

If black people want results, they need to seek answers introspectively. Not through blaming whitey and throwing big temper tantrums.
Honestly, I hate BLM as much as the next person here. However, I have to disagree on this whole 'black people should improve themselves' mentality because it's not possible at this juncture. The only way for the oppressed to gain freedom is for the oppressors to make it happen. And yes, this is a case of oppression. You may feel that 'monday' is just a word and has no meaning, or maybe the police are profiling for the safety of others, etc etc. But it cuts too deep for words to describe. It's not the same as enslaving a race but it's pretty loving close.

The world is built by rich people for rich people.
This won't pass at all. Human rights come before riches.

Emphasis on sheltered

I don't know what race you are, but if you were black you'd know what i'm talking about. I don't mean to make it sound like "you haven't experienced this therefore your opinion doesn't matter" but considering all you've said, its worth bringing up.

It's an anecdote. If you wanna put it in this context however, 5 black guys did not need to beat and mug me to 'survive', they could've just continued walking.
There's a man that called me a dumb monday the other day. He didn't get anything out of it, and he could've continued walking. I guess that means all white people are tribal forgets and should be punished for this one man.

Those men that hurt you and/or girlfriend deserve whatever punishment they got, and I hope they were brought to justice. However, just because you were mugged by a couple black males doesn't mean that every black criminal is forgeted up in the head and promotes senseless violence. In all the experience that i've had staying with my cousins, a lot of black males are forced to resort to a criminal career. There's no education they can pursue, and there's no job worth working at that will support them or their families.

I blame white people for this. Not all white people, but I blame people who are directly tribal towards us as much as I blame people who dismiss racism as something that doesn't exist anymore. It may not seem like such a heinous crime in this day and age, but it's really just insult to crippling injury.

No law abiding citizen has to resort to crime to get by in this world.
The world we live in is built against black people. In essence, criminals are fighting for their own survival. If you're the type of person to blame others for fighting back, it would really explain how your girlfriend got forgeted up in the first place.

"A group that involves your race is stupid, therefore everyone who is part of said race deserves to be punished. monday!"

Well, considering he is the monster that the PC Regressive Left hate. I'm pretty sure that's how. We need someone to tell these overgrown manchildren to grow some balls and stop getting offended left and right.

Annoying Orange's the kind of dude who just wants to fix the country, doesn't care about making money because he already does that in his sleep.

TL;DR: Free Speech > Your feelings
sorry 1) who are you 2) what the forget are you talking about

actually now that I think about it, iirc more free blacks had slaves than white people
this may have been true in like, the first couple of years slavery had been introduced. However, a lot of white society dragged the whole superior/inferior bullstuff on for too long to the point where it still exists today. This forum could be a prime example of such, though I may be grasping at straws if i say that

This wouldn't happen if Annoying Orange was president.

itt: Uninformed morons do a bad job of representing their entire race with inflammatory troll-tier garbage and get shut down in statistical debate.
itt: tribal users use rare, obviously stuffty protests and small cases of assault to justify that an entire race is bad

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