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itt: sheltered white people argue against black people who have faced discrimination almost every day of their life

no wonder you couldn't stop this friend from being beaten to a pulp; you clearly have no regard for the wellbeing of others. hell, i wouldn't ne surprised if you helped those five men do it

Go back to "agreeing to disagree" you uninformed moron.

Have you considered trying to not murder police officers, deal drugs and beat the stuff out of people? Because your race specifically seems to really loving enjoy doing it.
you think we enjoy trying to feed our family? You think we enjoy it when a couple from our race decide to beat up a police officer?

Did your girlfriend enjoy having her face reconstructed after that beating?

Jews did have it worse than blacks.
jews may have faced a genocide but its nothing compared to what we've endoured. The US and tons of other countries gave them support and weapons to help them start their own promised land. What do we get? A couple dollars in the mail to support our kids & discrimination around every corner

Never mind things that happened to my ancestors 150 years ago. At that point you might just suspect it's an excuse for stuff behavior.
we've all learned to forgive and forget. We, however, have difficulty doing so when we get called mondays daily and get insulted on the streets. Try having your girl move on from the past when every day she gets punched in the face by those 5 black men over and over

Pretty soon she's gunna get up and do something drastic. Good thing there's people like you to go against her for fighting back

How many of you got mugged and assaulted by 5 black guys in an underpass and had to watch them beat your girlfriend to a pulp?
oh man i'm sorry to hear that

If it makes you feel better, my race was enslaved for the better part of 250 years and still faces discrimination every day. I'm not sure it's as bad as what you faced, but i still feel for you man. I hope she takes less time to recover as we have.

Well you black people are more than welcome to go back to Africa then.

You people are complaining we enslaved your ancestors 200 years ago but I don't see any of you going back to your loving homeland. I'm starting to suspect you black people like it here in america and you're just looking for stuff to complain about and get free kickbacks.
are you retarded? The solution to discrimination is to stop it, not for us to leave

And slavery was as recent as 100 years ago, not two

Saying "but he did it too" is one of the most childish arguments, rally

Jitank you do realize that black people were enslaving other black people and then selling them to "the white man."

Slavery is not a white invention.
white people are just as guilty for utilizing it.

Don't forget the jews were also enslaved by egyptians.

the people who enslaved my brothers, however, were white.

The Jews experienced some of the diabolically worst treatment out of any other ethnic group historically, being kicked out of every homeland they lived in, on the brink of starvation for centuries, and then almost completely wiped out by the national socialists. Yet they are now the wealthiest and smartest, and generally considered the most powerful, ethnic group of people globally.

Your culture loving sucks and this garbage excuse is enabling it.
the jewish race have done nothing but war crimes so far. Theres no reason to praise them now

Jitank needs to look up the facts.

I'm not saying blacks commit all crimes but has anyone seen detroit?

Also look up the FBI crime statistic.
its well understood that white people are the reason black people commit crimes. When slavery ended, black people were left to struggle through a discriminating society. After generation 5-7 or so, you habe a cycle of no money to go around in the family. When society is built against you, you gotta leech off of it, unfortunately.

A lot of kids i know are forced to move illegal stuff just to feed their family

It's mono because you normally would use one speaker brick for music.
its an engine limitation, not a design choice

Blockland will support nothing but mono ogg for the considerable future. An engine-wide rewrite would be required to imprpve this.

Off Topic / Re: lets discuss the current state of the rap game
« on: June 27, 2016, 10:57:32 AM »
Gangsta rap his been dead for at least 16 years. In fact, the last gang-related rap song i heard on the radio was probably Hot brother. Either way bobby schmurda got arrested so people are really learning from him

Almost all of the top 100s hip hop listings are their own genre nowadays

Off Topic / Re: lets discuss the current state of the rap game
« on: June 26, 2016, 08:35:05 PM »
just watch, theyll be forgotten about within the next 3~ years. uzi will be stuck doing features on b-grade rappers tracks because he wont be able to produce any good content of his own
nah they blowing the forget up, just you watch

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