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There is something loving up the entire ImpactImpulse value server-wide. I can't pin it to anything. My best bet rn is to replicate it using applyImpuse. The issue: I need a vector in order to work it through.

Is there any way to get the vector in which a projectile impacts a player and the direction the projectile was traveling? If someone can answer that at least I will be able to fix my issue.

Drama / Re: Germestar lagging server intentionally
« on: June 24, 2016, 03:32:43 PM »
couple weeks or even a month and a half before, he spammed atleast 131 bots on my server

anyways /support
« May 20, 2016, 07:53:17 PM »


Post the code.
I actually found the reason why. Apparently Item_Shield has a function that completely overwrites ProjectileData::impactImpulse, so I'm going to try and disable that and see if it makes a difference

For some reason, impactImpulse is ignored in my weapon. No matter what value i set it to, the target stays completely still.

Is adding impactImpulse = 1000; and verticalImpulse = 1000; to the ProjectileData not good enough?
hnnng i'm a loving idiot

so essentially when a player object gets hit by a projectile they gain velocity in the same direction as which the projectile hits them

kinda like knockback on the target

i've tried using axis and getting vectors and stuff but none of it seems to work. Does anyone know how to do this?

I didn't accept Moltenkittens apology, I won't accept yours.
Whether you choose to accept my apology is up to you

and we're not gonna fall for it because of what you've said in this thread
Whether you choose to 'fall' for my apology is up to you; i'm writing it anyways because people like Tony deserve it after all this stuff. This entire time i've said over and over again that not even I condone of my behavior, so its not like this is some new trick i'm trying to play.

Being friends with you is already proof of poor judgement.
Quoted from Conan:

dude just stop posting in drama and harvest and people will stop fighting/hating you

even im getting peeved that you're not thinking your posts through. you wont force people to agree with you by throwing hate at patton (which he is a prick at times, but that's irrelevant here) and calling him out on his bullstuff.

just stop posting jesus what even is your goal with each post? convincing them there is no issue? you acted rather passive aggressive and annoying which is what got you this drama - im pretty sure you're capable of recognizing this. just accept the drama has some point (but dont post that you do) and forget about it (and dont post that you're forgetting about it either)

literally you are just hurting your reputation here by posting in drama (and harvest, for that matter)  and no matter how many addons you make people will still hate you if you keep this up. look how taboo, a respected modder/modeler, argued and passive aggressive'd himself into a ban on sight.
This is kinda why I feel bad that I've caused all this trouble. I'm starting to consider writing up a formal apology of sorts for being such a cunt.

That's because you've been ignoring people's criticisms and blowing them off as spam. You accept yourself that you're imperfect but you wont let other people say the same thing.
I've been receiving an alarming number of PMs from close friends on the forum telling me to stop, and even they admit that i'm being a little cunt here and there. I take that type of criticism since I trust their judgement. When it comes to people like Akio, who, even when I'm talking about regular ass stuff, love to start fights left and right, I don't take criticism.

So far i've cut the bake sale stuff out for obvious reasons and i'm avoiding starting stuff in clan discussions.

he's always going to avoid my criticism because he knows that we're right. i think i've said this a few times before, but it's a mental disorder at play here. path is one of those autistic kids that have the "everyone else is an idiot, I'm a genius" mentality.
I've admitted on several occasions how much a loving idiot I am and yet you translate this as "I'm superior to all other life forms!!!"

"stop stop stop stop" Is your own wording. The people here are providing valid criticism - sure, there are certain users that come in, say the literal equivalent of: "forget off," and ditch the thread, but I see several other users, such as Dreams_Of_Cheese and Akio providing valid criticism - that's you're acting incredibly entitled and need to back off.

The reason why we're not accepting the latter is because "just ignore him" isn't a justification for less spam; you're still going to post meaningless garbage if we don't say anything about it. Notice how nobody acknowledges the fact that they're being problem users until they recieve a drama - it's because we said something else than: "just ignore him lol." So many people think that the argument: "just ignore them" works, but this argument ends up with people's complaints leading back to square one.
Alright now I feel like a richard

Path acts like an entitled forget and doesn't care what others think
When have I ever acted entitled?

i'm going to get better when I decide to

because I'm better than everyone
your words, not mine

"criticizing me is just spam so stop doing it"
"stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop" is pretty spammy when you think about it. See, there are some people here who do this and then there are some who say "just ignore him and he will stop posting." The latter involves less involvement and spam, so why not just use that?

so why do you continue to act like a braindead monkey
Same reason why Tony continues to make bait topics, Patton starts stuff in other people's topics, or why most users do what they do: people don't change. I'm fine if you want to hate me or ban me from your servers, but don't expect me to leave anytime soon. I may shape up at some point or just stop posting, but continuously spamming "path should leave/path should be banned" is really just spam in essence and i'm going to ignore it.

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