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Off Topic / Black Panther movie
« on: February 16, 2018, 09:35:35 AM »
Anyone seen it yet? I have, the movie turned out ok and it had some silly/stupid puns in it but overall had really cool stuff

Add-Ons / [Emote] Critical - Expanded (with minicrits and random damage)
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:50:50 PM »

Instead of hearing 1 sound from each type (hit, receive, mini), there's more than 1 sound to play, and it's entirely random.

Comes with prefs for enabling random crits, minicrits or normal crits, and the chance for them to occur when the user is damaged.
There are special functions to use in future code to check if these functions exist:
  • GameConnection::doMiniCritHitSound(%client)
  • Player::doMiniCritHitSound(%player)
  • GameConnection::doCritHitSound(%client)
  • Player::doCritHitSound(%player)
  • GameConnection::doCritReceiveSound(%client)
  • Player::doCritReceiveSound(%player)

In reality you only should use these 2 functions below for most stuff (these are events too)

Example of crits used in another part of code, which basically emotes the image and the sound, and sends the client the receive sound:

Download and enjoy (Emote_Critical)

Add-Ons / [Sound] Clown enlargement pills
« on: February 07, 2018, 01:10:02 AM »

So I'm kind of stuck deciding whether I want to make a quality boss battles server with fresh ideas instead of just your same ole Boss Battles you know; reverie fort wars is having a few big changes too, but hard to tell what to work on till I start it again, it will be completely remade from scratch since I know all of its features after toying with it.

Boss Battles has the idea of having class tokens which are the same for everyone - this is where you choose your weapons and abilities, you can get more at the shop but there's also a max amount you can buy for that round too, weapons and abilities use these tokens so help balance the game (may even limit your choices based on what you choose, but we'll see how it goes without them) - There will be premade classes that are slightly more powerful than a custom made class.

On the Boss part, the boss also has the same kind of options, except the main key is that the health highly impacts what you choose (which it will tell you after choosing your weapons and abilities) - while the normals' health doesnt change that much

The premade bosses may have stages to have another chance at killing the other team (max health does go down each time so don't worry) - the premade bosses will be possibly assigned new items and abilities, if the boss has stages, most of the time it'll have 2 to 4 stages.

Another idea to have in mind is that the premade bosses may be switched up every 1 to 3 weeks instead of always having the same bosses to possibly choose.

This is quite a turn that no one has really done before, so this will be quite interesting.

Reverie Fort Wars will have some major changes, maybe a few features here and there, but tons of fixes. One of the features is levels, and having classes (wizard/warrior/etc) - while there is already a possible conflict for new players, we'll try to figure out what the punishment should be (unless the new player is just being a pest)

I am also torn if I should do both, but only start with one of them (of course) and then do the other one after 6+ months of hosting the first one to squish most of the problems.

Feel free to request or suggest what I should do (my add-on releasing is still on schedule, don't worry), I highly appreciate it.

Games / Comedy Night
« on: January 18, 2018, 03:16:23 PM »

This game is quite interesting if you go into the correct rooms...

So what is this game? Basically you look like some goon you can dress up and you can use your mic to go onto stage and make jokes, sing, rap battles, stories, etc. with other people in the room. While this is interesting, you will definitely find something you may find funny or horrible.

Avatar choosing

Room (stage and tables)

Here is a video to show you a full example of this game in a nutshell..

Once a while you get crazy people either doing stuff like making stupid sounds on the stage, or becoming full on tribal, or even worse. You never know what you'll see when you play this game. This game literally makes my day when I play it if I find the right rooms.

Add-Ons / [Server] Toggle trust
« on: January 17, 2018, 07:10:47 PM »
Note: This is a dangerous add-on, trust your admins unless you want your server to be trampled.

A simple toggle trust add-on, the brickgroup must exist in the server via clear bricks menu, otherwise this will not work. Admins and higher can use this, just make sure you don't admin people that could mess with your server. This is not a hack, this is only a temporary thing on that server only.

/ToggleTrust (or /TogTrust)
/TogTrust ID level - You may leave level blank to toggle trust between full and none, if you use level you can leave it blank when you want to remove the trust in the future.
Example: /TogTrust 888888 1, then do /TogTrust 888888 to remove any trust.

Options for level field:
none, build, full, 0, 1, 2



Wow! You can make your head spin!
/PlayThread threadName timeMS
example: /PlayThread headside 250

Want it admin only? $Pref::Server::PlayThreadAdminOnly = 1;
Also includes player and bot events!


Add-Ons / [Weapon] Rainbow grenade
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:11:25 PM »
This was literally my first weapon back in 2012. An OP rainbow grenade (100 direct, 80 radius (in 5 units)) that was a replica of the Spear. The add-on is unchanged.

Me (weapon)
Amade/Lilboarder/Clockturn (scroll model)


For a while I have discovered that ForceRequiredAddon loves to kick the non-dedicated users telling them they should install 1 missing add-on, but doesn't tell them how many add-ons they are missing. So my solution is to make a function simply to check every add-on, unfortunately it doesn't do any chat messages (maybe I should of thought of this earlier) to tell them what they are missing. Include it as a support file or include it in your server.cs, then make a main.cs or some file to exec where the real stuff should go.

Though this is a small problem for non-dedicated users it is still annoying to not be allowed to host due to missing 1 or more add-ons.

Code: [Select]
//Accepts both full file and add-on name (add-on name is RECOMMENDED)
function isRequirementsMatched(%files, %doWarn)
echo(" Loading required add-ons.");
%fields = getFieldCount(%files);
for(%i = 0; %i < %fields; %i++)
%match = isRequirementMatched(getField(%files, %i), %doWarn);
%invalidMatches += (%match == 0);

if(%invalidMatches >= 1)
%curPath = strReplace(filePath($Con::File), "Add-Ons/", "");
warn("   Found " @ %invalidMatches @ " missing add-on" @ (%invalidMatches != 1 ? "s" : "") @ ", will not run " @ %curPath @ ".");
return false;

return true;

function isRequirementMatched(%file, %doWarn)
%addon = strReplace(%file, ".zip", "/server.cs");
%addonName = strReplace(filePath(%addon), "Add-Ons/", "");
%addon = "Add-Ons/" @ %file @ "/server.cs";
%addonName = %file;

warn("  Invalid add-on \"" @ %addon @ "\"");
return false;

%curPath = strReplace(filePath($Con::File), "Add-Ons/", "");
if($GameModeArg $= "Add-Ons/GameMode_Custom/gamemode.txt" || $GameModeArg $= "")
%error = ForceRequiredAddOn(%addonName);
if(%error == $Error::AddOn_NotFound)
warn(" ERROR: " @ %curPath @ " - required add-on '" @ %addonName @ "' not found");

return false;
if($GameMode::LastAddOnCount $= "" || $GameMode::AddOnCount != $GameMode::LastAddOnCount)
$GameMode::LastAddOnCount = $GameMode::AddOnCount;
for(%FC = 0; %FC < $GameMode::AddOnCount; %FC++)
$addonName = $GameMode::AddOn[%FC];
$GameMode::NameAddOn[$addonName] = 1;

warn(" ERROR: " @ %curPath @ " - required add-on '" @ %addonName @ "' not found");

return false;

warn(" WARNING: " @ %curPath @ " - required add-on '" @ %addonName @ "' not enabled in gamemode, forcing");


return true;

isRequirementsMatched(%files, %doWarn) - You can either use files or add-on names (add-on names is better); warn basically echos to the console that things are missing

Example of server code:
Code: [Select]

Off Topic / Never realized how bad the youtube community is until now
« on: January 05, 2018, 12:09:00 PM »
One of the videos, a person is going ape because the author of the comment likes Ronan (villan from Guardians of the Galaxy), so person tells the author that liking Ronan is bad, the author replied, not even hostile, and then the person replies and insults him even more. He gets called out and writes unnecessary paragraphs on the people who respond to him. I say a few things and he gets triggered. What a nice community!

Add-Ons / [Script] Clear projectiles
« on: January 05, 2018, 12:18:42 AM »
You can either:

Download (Admin only)

It has been a few years since my last add-on dump (an actual one), and it is hard to decide whether I want to keep developing mods on Blockland or not; I still have a few projects left but after that, not sure what I really want to do. My life choices have been escalating exponentially and some choices are very critical.

I have tons of mods to release, especially essentials. Here are the major mods that I plan to release (or important):

GameMode Maker v2
    You may remember this maker, but it is riddled with problems, and needs to expand. My plan is to have the ability to use Slayer, or use the default minigame system with more options, set the colorset, have the possibility to edit the server script in the gamemode (using scratch or use your favorite editing software for scripts), better environment options, and more. At this rate you mind as well just ask a robot to do it for you.

    You heard me. All the way from 2013. This modpack will have a whole bunch of features included to satisfy the server:
        - Change connection messages and how they are seen (example: "The owner is here!" "The owner left!" | "Blockhead(333) joined." | "Blockhead(333) left.")
        - Block connection spam (this doesn't prevent DDoS attacks though) with unblock commands
        - Custom roles with tons of features (custom sounds for leave and join (don't abuse it pls), name color, custom icon from BLG if user has it installed)
        - AntiTroll system: Carpet commands are not tolerated (spammed commands in a very short time) will be automatically banned, and if you enable IP detection, they will be banned based on their IP, unless they are 'smart' enough to get around it.
        - Role cloud: If you do not feel like having to store your information on the server for your roles (admins, superadmins, owners, etc), you can set up a cloud server and allow it to sync with the cloud, your old admin prefs will be backed up before syncing happens of course.
        - Premade VIP system: If you want people to have VIP (sorry no auto, that requires an API *shrug*), you can add money onto a player's account, then package the commands for your other mods. Neat!
        - BLHack freeze detection: Although this is not super accurate and have kinks, it's off by default, but great to find out anyone who potentially may be using it.
        - "Timed out" connection messages: The freeze detection also can tell if someone is actually lagging and will flag them as lagging or 'lagging'
        - An admin level (1, 2 or 3) or above can see connection information: Players that connect are logged with their IP, name history, and BL_ID on that IP. This is how you can tell if you see a problem user avoiding bans, if possible.
        - Probably more features I cannot recall

uEssentials (used to be known as "VisoStuff")
    If you remember this mod, it has way more stuff than you can imagine, especially if you ever got the "leaked" version of it. It is full of potentially abusive fun stuff, but every mod out there is pretty much abusive, this just has fun stuff. This mod has been a thing since I first started coding (2011/2012), every few years I restructure the code, then add onto it.
        - The original spinme: The best part, is when you feel down and spin yourself insane in the air with endless tumble, but using your camera, good times.
        - Able to turn people into ticking timebombs using the bomb wand or the command: Blowing up people also bypasses minigame damage, may wanna rethink your decision..
        - Able to grant minigame damage bypass: Whether or not if you are in a minigame, you can destroy nearly any player and bot, and they may not be able to defend themselves | There is also a reverse option where anyone can damage you. Funny punishment.
        - Set people on fire if they aren't in the shade. Using math detection from the sun, if you aren't in the shade, you will be on fire. Enjoy.
        - Shields: You have 3 different types of shields, projectile shield, all-around shield which protects you from most attacks, and a velocity shield, where projectiles bounce back in a direction.
        - Able to revive corpses: Even if they are "gone" you can still revive people and possible give them their life back! Even with the weapons they died with!
        - Grim reaping: If you hate someone (inspired by Pecon's grim reap mod), you can grim reap them, another way to forcekill someone, basically.
        - Sorry, no talking as others :D
        - More features I cannot remember

Painting/building restrictions
    You can have either a whitelist or a blacklist, admins and above are automatically bypassed and can build either way. There are events, but they are admin only too. Using the 'client command hack' will not work, and making custom minigames will not work either.

Fixed version of onChatInput
    As you remember, this event used to search every nearby brick in the area instead of just using a few options that the game already has. This version should not lag at all.

Boss Battles
    I may or may not make this server, but either way I am tired of keeping this in the dust. Inspired by the original boss battles, you are able to customize your health boss scale, custom classes using a script, and even use the original boss battles client.

    The original fortwars hosted years ago. This puts almost every problem into the ground that normal fortwars have, but you can't make it 100% automated.
        - You can create range limits for building, such as maximum distance from the spawn, and maximum height for dumbells who decide to dup spam or something.
        - Custom team system for clans.
        - Antibuilder system: You have 2 modes, combat or building. Switching from builder to attacker clears your item and your datablock to prevent instant attacks on other bases. You cannot switch to builder near an enemy base, and there is a timeout to switch, especially if you attack people and then try to switch to prevent the problem you caused. There are consequences when attacking a builder, such as damage to self.
        - More special features that are small

Tower defense
    I am sure you remember this. Think of it as Bloons Tower Defense, but with bots instead, and you can also.. control the towers for a temporary time! Bots can fight your towers, but you can summon healers and even heal the towers yourself. Towers automatically heal each round. You can even play with difficulties, bots are introduced differently each difficulty, and even exclusive bot types for some difficulties! This is great for cooperative players, not for multiplayer.

Rainbow grenade
    This is an edit of an empty shape with spiced up rainbow emitters, this was my first ever weapon, not even sure why this was never released.

    The newer version of randomizer, no Slayer, and has more features than ever. Come join it and see for yourself!

Thread Loops
    A mod that basically messes with player threads, spinning heads and bodies. If a playertype has special animations, makes it much more fun.

Medic voice
    Press E if you cannot paint, and you yell "medic!" using random TF2 sounds. Even a silly emitter to show you need help!

    A dystopia where you somehow have a smaller version of you, controlled by something else. This bot follows you around, looks exactly like you, smaller than you, protects you if they know where the person is, and sometimes follow your every action.

Player collision dizziness
    Fast enough speed at someone, you will confuse them and they will be unable to move!

Clear projectiles
    A basic script to clear active projectiles running around.

Minigame listening
    Don't want to play but want to be like the NSA? Be out of the minigame and listen to teamchats and minigame messages that you normally cannot see outside of the minigame.

Another mute mod
    A mute mod that goes by minutes, also accepted decimals (converted), and sadly permamute that is temporary until the server restarts.

Speed run
    Used in Akio's challenge and Kong's Rocket Jumping server, the original speed run mod, but tweaked.

Toggle trust
    Though this is a bad idea, you can have temporary trust with any ID, useful if you are lazy to reload the bricks to your own or fix someone's events but don't have the trust. This is not my problem if the host is stupid enough to abuse it.

There are many tweaked mods I may also release, based on how I have used them, even with default add-ons or even just a few enabled add-ons, some of the mods I have used created tons of console spam. At least 30 add-ons have been tweaked, weapons, scripts, bricks, and models.

There is no known time when any of these will be released, but they are for sure going to be released sometime this year.
Feel free to send me an add-on to fix, if it is not too large.

Add-Ons / [Weapon] Banana Rifle (Updated 1/1/18)
« on: December 31, 2017, 12:51:05 PM »

+ Shoots spinning bananas (not cyclic though)
+ Banana handle
+ Looks like an Ak-47
+ Weird laugh sounds when you equip
+ Plays "pew" when shooting
+ Plays 5 different "splat" sounds when a banana hits something
+ Bananas have no gravity

Me (weapon script, banana animation)
ZeUberMedic (weapon model)
Trinko (banana projectile)

Weapon_BananaRifle (includes blends!)
This my 4th weapon, isn't that interesting?

Drama / Tragen47 (ID 187666) - Caught aimbotting with video proof
« on: December 25, 2017, 01:26:06 AM »
For a while (4+ months ago) I have suspected him using it but I wasn't completely sure, but today (12/25) I kept a sharp eye on him and saw him doing it, this video shows nearly everything that proves someone using aimbot. Clipping his aim at people randomly and even through walls. You can even see him turn at extreme rates (spazing) that nearly no one would do, especially getting it correctly on someone. You can even see him adjust in seconds when shooting at someone.

This is clearly obvious he is using blhack. Please ban him immediately. This is reported to Badspot, the point of this  drama is to show you if he ever pops up again you will know more about how aimbot looks (if you haven't see it much yet) and see if it's the same guy causing trouble.

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