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Drama / SwiftHyena2593 - Bumping old topics
« on: November 10, 2017, 12:06:45 AM »;u=157679

This drama may have been a little unneeded but he is starting to bump useless crap in help, drama and a few other boards are included. Getting a bit annoyed by it.

Off Topic / What's with the Monika name?
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:41:27 PM »
Why are people naming themselves Monika?

Drama / [Rant] Blok's CityRPG - Horrible gameplay
« on: October 31, 2017, 08:30:14 PM »
First off before I start, I know that a lot of cityrpgs are the same but this one 'claims' to be different.
Yes, the server does say it's not done, but there's no excuse for bad gameplay. This is one of the reasons why I had to stop my cityrpg development - too many issues to resolve.

Let me give you some keypoints that I personally dislike about this server:
 + The build looks like it was rushed just to grab players - some of it does look good though
 + I was told by the host and a few admins that it is truely different - this is basically iban's gamemode mechanics but only worse
 + Gamemode mechanics are full of garbage it's not even a cityrpg, more like a level up deathmatch

I see why people play these servers, because it's either fun to kill a bunch of people (or trolling) - and some of these people are trying to get things done but unfortunately they just keep getting killed because of bad mechanics. All these problems occur and nobody (staff) acknowledges most of them. If it's a bug of course they will report it right away if it hurts the economy of the game - other than that, no one really cares what happens on the server.

The gamemode claims to be different because of the main reason for being made from "scratch." The problem is that this is entirely different because it's pretty much a replicate of any broken cityrpg.
  • The mechanics for hunger are the same except you don't die from hunger - you either have to suicide when you are low so you can get your paychecks (you cannot get paid if you are hungry lol), or you pay people to get food which has 0 benefit, just a money grab
  • Wanted players no longer show a red name - I can understand that it shouldn't be that easy to find a wanted person but all you have to do is go to the police station to confirm the names, just a little step - or even just type /crims as a non-cop and still find out who is wanted.. this makes the no red name feature completely useless
  • Easy genocide is still a thing, just simply grab a weapon from a store and just start killing everyone - even worse when you have a buddy that will pardon you from jail every time
  • Gamemode has no actual goal other than to get a higher job that still does pretty much the same - just give you a higher pay and better weapons (if applicable)
  • Most admins on the server don't care much of what happens from what I have seen - doesn't make a difference to any other cityrpg hosted
  • Basically a server just wanting to be popular - host is barely online (for problems to be fixed) : as a cityrpg it's not surprising to get players easily due to its name and the history
  • A new job that basically allows you to hit someone and get free cash for it - it may get you wanted but hey what's the point if the maximum time to get jailed is like under 20 minutes? I could just leave blockland open for a while and do something else to kill time, then go and kill more people for free cash. This logic is horrible.
  • Being jailed is different (not saying it's a bad thing) - instead of ticks it's actual minutes - the max time I have ever seen with 6 stars is around 20 minutes. This doesn't really fix the jail problem other than mine ore to get money - sounds like a blessing to get free money in jail, on their side it may be nice but the mechanics of that is still horrible. Leaving people in a room isn't fun - of course it tries to replicate real life but this isn't real life - twist up the gamemode and make it interesting for players to have fun
  • If you join the server you can already tell the danger before spawning - never a good sign for a server that wants to be a quality server

If you want to have a decent server - avoid joining this. If you're going to claim the server is different because it was made from scratch, prove it, don't replicate features and call it new. If you're going to host a non-stabilized server don't put it up as a public 24/7 if it isn't done (some people can argue this point depending on which gamemode it is), host it only when you're online so you can see bugs, don't look for popularity. I am not even sure what the goal is for the host, he's coding this gamemode on his own (maybe with a few others??) but he's wasting time making bad mechanics - if that's what they like to do I guess that's the way they want to represent themselves.

Thoughts on this?

Hi, are you stuck on something and cannot figure it out? Check these topics before posting in help and see if you can fix your issue!
Topic is in progress and some answers may be vague or incorrect, so if they are, please help me revise them.

Notes in help section:
+ Always provide a console log - It is very useful for others to see what's going on in your Blockland, maybe it's just an add-on conflict, or some hardware problem, etc. If you avoid providing a console log most of the time we cannot fix your problem unless it is very detailed, it is highly recommended to post a console log. The log is located in your Blockland folder under "console.log", make sure Blockland is closed before uploading the console log somewhere. Use sites like Google Drive, Pastebin, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire (not recommended but an option) if log is too big to upload on the forum.
+ Be specific as possible as you can be - if you're giving out bad descriptions we will not understand the problem, and we will most likely answer it incorrectly, good example for being specific: "my blockland crashed when I walked into a 2x4 brick" -> ok example: "my blockland crashed when i walked into a brick" -> bad example: "my blockland crashed" (I am sure the ambiguous rule will kick in from here). If you want help, we need help from you too.

Where is my Blockland folder??? (See "How to install add-ons")
If you are on steam, you should be able to right click the game and go to file location
If not on steam, usually it is under your documents.

My Blockland is having sqlite errors! (I/O error / file problems)
Cache: Blockland/cache.db is unable to be written, you need to make sure your blockland folder is not read only entirely (right click the folder, go to properties, uncheck read-only, apply)

For I/O problems - usually this is rare but it's due to permissions caused by software you installed that claims different permissions on certain folders/files - to fix this you will need to right click the file/folder and to go security, advanced, and change the owner from there by entering your username in the text box.

Unfortunately Blockland is barely supporting macs, and there is no way of fixing problems - unless you install Wine.

My Blockland is crashing (hosting / not hosting)
If it started from the beginning, could be a driver problem.
If it started after installing a "few" add-ons, there's most likely a bad add-on in the bunch that caused your crashing, put all recent add-ons you installed into another folder and install one or two at a time. If it crashes during this process, you will most likely find the problem.

I cannot find an add-on!
First, look at this archive: - If you do not see what you want, move on.
Use Blockland Forums search button. Select Add-Ons and Modification Help for a specific add-on - or select one of the other categories that relate to what you are trying to find (music/face/decal/print/etc). If you know who the author of the post is, may be a lot easier to find it (replace the * with the author (whoever posted it) - their in-game name may be different so try to avoid putting that author in if you have no clue who exactly posted the add-on)

The more you search the better you will find stuff - so before you post a topic in S&R please make sure to use the search button and use tons of keywords along with methods (use spaces, combine words, etc). Some add-ons may be in General Discussion, so only select that after not finding add-ons in Add-Ons and Mod Help due to tons of posts making it harder to search. If you check everything always note that you are only making it tougher on yourself finding what you want.

This topic is in progress, and definitely will have some vague/incorrect answers for a while. It's all I can write for now.

Add-Ons / [Event] Change vehicle tires and springs
« on: October 04, 2017, 10:28:26 PM »
Have fun guys, this finds all the datablocks of springs and tires on your server and you can set them as you wish on almost any vehicle (as long as it is not a bot) - unfortunately if you enable more/less vehicles they might goof up if you intend to save the bricks. Some vehicles may not get tires, such as the magic carpet.


(There's also events on the Vehicle output too)
The second parameter is for setting the tire to a specific slot from 0 to the max tire count (minus 1), leave it -1 for setting all tires to that data

Changing tires to jeep style

Changing springs to skis

This event only reflects that vehicle, does not mess with other vehicles.

Note: You can also ride and add tires to vehicles that do not have tires! (It sets 4 tires on it with 1 mount)

Off Topic / Google drive logic (save dates fail sometimes)
« on: October 03, 2017, 12:31:47 AM »
While uploading my homework to my drive, I get funny dates. Imagine google being around that long..


Off Topic / Best donation sites?
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:53:10 AM »
Other than PayPal, what can you use (recommend) to accept donations? Been thinking about this for a while and tried to do some research but I see a bunch of crazy policies on some sites - some even require to see if you're in an actual business.

What do you recommend/use?

General Discussion / Visolator's Randomizer (Modes) - Life tickets?
« on: September 24, 2017, 02:32:50 AM »
Hey guys remember when I hosted RandomizerDM a few years ago?

What's new?
  • Recoded Randomizer from the ground, no more "DM" - which means the gamemode is open for a lot of new ideas such as: objectives, gamemode styles (team deathmatch, one man army, and more) - They may not all be in but they will be eventually
  • [0] New category system - for ease of use on my side, I can now add more categories (such as OP weapons only, explosives only, etc.) and put a rarity that is different in another category, the older system only used 1 type of rarity and category system
  • No slayer - Slayer has its limits which is understandable so instead of making workarounds I made my minigame system inside of the default system, much easier
  • [0] Random vehicle types! Some maps will support vehicles and will randomly have different type of vehicles each round. Vehicles are balanced with less armor.
  • New weapons! Of course there will always be weapons!!
  • [0] New map change system

    Randomizer will have all sorts of new features coming your way. Instead of just a old fashioned "Randomizer DeathMatch" there will be all kinds of modes and special rounds that will twist the game. Fun!

    It is currently in development! Any ideas you would like to share? Please do so! Music suggestions are also accepted!
    Server discord:


Maps submitting:
The server usually had about 16-24 players daily back in the old days, so if your build is fit for that many of players, go ahead and send it through a PM (discord or forums)! You can submit your map in this topic or submit them in #maps channel in the discord
Recommended colorset is Trueno Original - You are allowed to use any colorset you want, as long as you submit the colorset to me so the build will use it.

Weapon submitting:
If you have a private add-on and you would like to have it used on Randomizer you definitely can send it to me and it will only be used on this server.
If it's a public add-on please post a link to the topic/Blockland Glass (if it is private but you are allowed to post it please do as well)

Music is accepted too! I can loop songs if you cannot find any songs pre-looped. Please PM me a download or post the link!

Other information

Maps so far:
Dig site
Quake arena

Donations will eventually come too - Thinking of perks that won't hurt the gameplay as bad, maybe chances of a random custom weapon for donators only??

Suggestions & Requests / Deathmatch maps? (For randomizer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:39:07 PM »
Are there any deathmatch maps I can use? Been looking for some to introduce into randomizer.

Off Topic / What profile does your Blockland ID land on?
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:13:08 AM »
 + Type in;u=BLIDHERE into the browser.;u=48980
This is who I got

I think this goes into Games..

General Discussion / Server ideas to host?
« on: August 27, 2017, 11:21:29 AM »
I know I have some gamemodes to work on that I haven't touched in a while but they require a lot of attention (especially Slasher that will eventually become a room generator), but I want your guys' opinion on what you want to see that you haven't seen in a while, a new idea, or something I have hosted.

What would you like to see? I can host up to 3 servers if I want to.

Off Topic / Anyone ever had issues with Paypal?
« on: August 09, 2017, 10:21:30 PM »
My account recently got locked and I am not exactly sure why but this is my only reason to assume: Recent transactions (2015) is that my parent put money into the account, which I did spend most of it - then Paypal decided to refund my parent for the money they gave me for who knows why, and then my account got locked even after providing proof of name and address. Now I have to call customer service to fix this problem and then close the account because Paypal is ridiculous. The thing is that Paypal this year decided to lock the account, have not made any transaction in the past year.

Anyone ever had any issue with Paypal?

Off Topic / Change Amazon passwords if you haven't recently
« on: July 31, 2017, 11:45:15 AM »
My account was compromised and got a ridiculous bill

There were at least 50 instances running in many regions using the largest server available to get in linux form. Not sure how this happened but I got it solved before it got much worse. Note that this all started 5 days ago, imagine if I did not catch this faster.

Change your password and make sure it is strong.

Amazon did contact me and told me to stop everything and delete private keys (I never made any private keys but there were a few keys that could get access to my account regardless of password changes) and then they can fix the problem - hopefully this is all resolved because I wasn't even involved

Off Topic / nvm
« on: July 11, 2017, 10:06:56 AM »
wrong board

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