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Once again I brought back GuiPlus. If you do not remember what it is.. (

GUI+ (or GuiPlus); this is a new interface for the main menu, loading menu, join server menu, and message boxes (only works when you are not on a server (meaning at the main menu)).


Main menu:

Browser (grid view):

(Update 1)

(Update 2 - Selectable grids)
(Disabled auto-downloading images until I fix it) Fixed using a queue to download a certain amount at a time (and updating Support_TCPClient)

Browser (list view):

(Things look funky here, eventually will be moved around)

When connected to a server:

(Chat looks like garbage, someone please tell me how to make it better looking, eventually adding admin status to player list and other options)


Support for Blockland Glass

Things have been going out pretty good, haven't seen any issues yet. Feedback is welcome. I will eventually post a beta when it's stable enough (again).
Mainly what's holding me back from releasing this is the in-game server switcher and the grid view screwing up connections, other than that, it's running perfect. (I have not tested out other mods like Client_Themes)

Upcoming features:
+ Background manager (edits and deletes photos and sets ones you want in the background) (Might already be something like this released)
+ Right-clicking on Grid View & Adding sorting for Grid View

Be sure to report bugs! (Please be specific when reporting a bug so I can find it faster)

General Discussion / (Tutorial) Port fowarding [Windows 7/8/8.1/10]
« on: January 06, 2017, 05:17:13 PM »
First of all, what is UPnP?
UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) is a protocol that enables programs running on a host to automatically configure port forwarding on your router. Sadly, this may not work 100% of the time and you sometimes wonder why your friends cannot connect to your server anymore. They report that the server's ping is "---" and you are 100% sure that it had a ping the last time you were hosting. By default, your server tries to connect to your router and attempt to port forward for you.

Manual port forwarding is usually the best way for people to connect to your servers.

Any Windows user from Windows 7 and above is capable of following this tutorial. If you are on a Mac, I am sorry.

Step 1: Find out what your IPv4 and your gateway address is
Find command prompt, ways to find it:
  + Search though the start menu and find "command prompt" under windows accessories/system
  + Combo of Windows key + R, type in cmd, press OK

Once you are on command prompt, type ipconfig, a bunch of stuff should show up (no worries).
On the right side, you'll see 2 things that I am showing to you, and they are the most important to port forward.

(I blocked most of the stuff out for privacy and because it's useless information to know)
  Your IPv4 is your local address to the router which is needed for port forwarding
  Your gateway address is what you need to port forward
  Your subnet mask is used for port forwarding if you want to port forward on your computer

Most routers require a user name and a password. They can be on your router's details. If you cannot find your router user name and password details you can find them on websites using the manufacturer and the model number. I would personally recommend:[/size]

Be sure to remember (write them down somewhere):
  Gateway address
  User name and password for your router
  Subnet mask

Step 2: Decide what port you want to use
If you have no idea on what port you want to use, you can always check what your server is currently using. To do this:
  1. Open Windows Explorer, go to your Blockland directory (SteamApps/Common/Blockland or Documents/Blockland)
  2. Make sure your Blockland is closed completely so the game does not try to overwrite the prefs
  3. Open config/server/prefs.cs - If you cannot open it, notepad is fine
  4. Find $Pref::Server::Port, you can change the value at the end (only change the numbers, do not remove the quotes if they are there) if you want but remember what the value is

Step 3: Port forward
After finding the port you need to go to your gateway address into your favorite browser. Make sure you enter the same user name and password you got from the router details.
If this worked, find out where your port forwarding page is.

Of course, each manufacturer is different to find the port forwarding page:
  1. Add a 'service' and name it whatever you want
  2. Make sure it's UDP (UDP/TCP selection is OK but make sure UDP is involved)
  3. Use the same port that you gave your server, some routers might have a "range", most likely just put the same port for the min and max range.
      a. If you are confused on this please share what your port forwarding page looks like!
  4. Add the internal IP address (some routers only have the last box editable), use the IPv4.
  5. Make sure the service is added and enabled.
  5. Some routers might have settings to "always port forward", if you have issues with the router not port forwarding this can be your problem. Make sure your ports are forwarding.

If you have tried port forwarding and you believe you did everything you can, try port forwarding your adapter. Although, you need administrator access:
1. First find and open control panel. Then click Network and Internet

2. Go to Network and Sharing Center

3. Go to Change adapter settings

4. Select how you are using the internet (WiFi or Ethernet?), right-click and go to properties (need administrator)

5. Find IPv4, select it and go to properties

6. Check Use the following IP address which will also auto-check Use the following DNS server addresses
  a. Use the following IPv4, subnet mask, and default gateway that you have remembered/written down and put them where they belong
  b. DNS servers, some people recommend just putting
  c. Press OK to save changes

Step 4: Host a server
Start your server, and people should be able to connect!
If you have issues with this, find out what you did wrong. If you cannot find out why, it would be helpful if you post what your router manufacturer is, and its model number.

I would like to have some comments on how to make this tutorial better. Please share.

Off Topic / Steam is down (Now back up after a few hours)
« on: December 23, 2016, 10:39:56 AM »

Add-Ons / My old Add-On dump
« on: December 20, 2016, 02:59:15 PM »
This is your early holiday present from me.

Some add-ons were posted on my old account and I do not want to make a topic for each of them (dropbox links are broken). Instead, they will be here.
There are some add-ons I have never posted here before, but they have been in my dump for years.
Note: These add-ons are old. Please report any bugs.

Customized console - Download
Apply all button - Download
  - Shows "apply all" button on all wrench GUIs above your "events" button

Non-Admin Orbing - Download
  - Allows any non-admin to orb around in the server
  - Note: Use $Pref::Server::NoAdminOrb::Enable = true/false; in console to toggle it.

onRelay - Full control - Download

Grapple rope 2.0 - Download
Radi-wand - Download
Fixed Present Gun - Download

Middle finger - Download
"Rain money" - Download
Toggle random brick color - Download
  - Use /TogColors

Most likely, there are tons of add-ons I am missing here. If you found an old topic of mine (on my old profile), please post!
Each day will have more add-ons!

So apparently I am permanently banned for sharing links, and I don't know why.

It's been a few months now and I am going to assume I am not getting unbanned from this crap. I don't know where to contact support, if someone could please help with that, I could attempt to ask why.
Note: I have never been banned from dropbox

Sorry for anyone who has been finding my links and wonder why they give you a traffic error.

Here is a status of forum links that are found by me or others that I have posted.

Switched to Google Drive
(CityRPG mod - Unfinished) -
(Fixed minigame tool exploit) -
([Event] OnBotSight/OnBotLoseSight/OnBotSightTick) -
([Event] Full player scale / 0.1 to 5 scale) -
(Healthbar) -
-More to come-

Report if links are not shared correctly

Suggestions & Requests / 4x Cube Sphere / Ore brick models
« on: December 03, 2016, 07:10:11 PM »
Requesting some models for my mining server. Unfortunately the sphere on the rtb archive is 4x4x9, and I need it to be 4x4x10. I have edited the code but it creates a runtime when I change a word in the blb from 9 to 10.

Anyone got any ore/sphere models to share?

Off Topic / RIP Titanpad (1 year shutdown notice)
« on: November 12, 2016, 02:28:43 PM »

Drama / Custom's Jail Escape (ID: 51951) [Image heavy]
« on: October 29, 2016, 10:05:27 AM »
First, let's just say this is kind of a rant about the server.

Okay, let's begin the topic with the build and spawning.
None of the buttons in the jail are for guards only, anyone can press them.

This has some familiarity...

Full jail

Here's what the cells look like

Escape route that anyone can open (even guards can get out of this)

Guards have stalled the round so I decided to go to where the island is and we won the round

When I first spawn I start as Warden.. Then I see this:

In this image I also see that there's no way to tell who killed them (they have that SMM bodies mod) unless you see it with your eyes of course, so good luck with anyone proving who died

Again what is this nonsense

And again

I kill 2 people for charging at me with a knife, I'm just going to assume Snack is a troll (ID 28555)

After a few rounds I randomly got switched into prisoners team.
Well they are right.. we do spawn with a knife.

Can we be original?

This server is like a hideous copy of Crown's Jailbreak.

General Discussion / RandomizerDM - Thoughts?
« on: October 17, 2016, 10:04:20 PM »
I have been having issues trying to make the game more balanced. Of course the name explains that it will never be balanced, but there are other factors instead of weapons I am worried about.

The server first started with 1 life for 4 minutes, later on I added a reveal system to stop people from wasting time. I have recently removed lives due to many complaints of people wanting infinite lives because of spawning problems.

Spawnkilling has always been a thing (had a 2 life system for a bit, after a certain amount of time, it goes back to 1 life for everyone - didn't seem to work out so well for some people getting spawnkilled twice in a row), spawns are very close to each other so there are chances of people spawning next to each other on a huge map (even with a decent amout of people). People will sometimes complain that they have to wait so long for the next round.

Either direction I have went has caused problems, but I am not sure which way is worse.

What are your thoughts on what I should do? Most kinds of feedback are welcomed.

I will most likely host both, but one will go first. :cookie:

(Flat) Fort Wars

What is this?
Fort wars is a gamemode where you build a fort and fight with people.

  • Teams! That's right, you can make your own team and invite people to join you. You aren't able to damage each other at all. You can also admin, kick, and even regularly use team chat to chat to your team. If you're the owner you can plant your own team spawn points in the Special brick category, they can also be personal spawn points.
  • Advanced builder mode: /ToggleBuild toggle being a builder or being an attacker, builder mode lets you build and have jets and auto equips you the tools you need; attacker clears your tools and disables jets; you aren't able to toggle builder mode near an enemy base. People attacking builders reflect 10% of their total hp back while the builder does 0 damage. Attacking anyone as a builder will automatically disable being a builder, which will clear your tools.
  • Event restrictions: In order to maintain a server it needs to have automatic restrictions, we have restricted certain events from being used, such as loops and potentially dangerous events.
  • Item spawning restrictions: In order to save your FPS we need to have no items on bricks, you should use the Player > addNewItem event.

  • /FortWars - Gives the entire help list.
  • /ToggleBuild - Allows you to attack or be a builder.

Pictures? (Credit goes to rggbnnnnn)

* These images are from old fort wars, I will release those saves when I can (We will start a new slate with a spawn)

Blockland TeamClass

What is this?
Blockland TeamClass is based on TF2, except you only have the same weapons as everyone else (maybe I can implement a shop for class specifics and maybe a few weapons for all classes; yes these weapons will have some balance to them - Probably might require a GUI for listing stuff unless I use my website for item info)

  • Class system (like TF2)
  • Gamemodes: Team DeathMatch, Attack/Defense (maybe more later)
*This is not made yet but it will be a nice server to have

Off Topic / Project Murphy (Microsoft) (Face swap) - Featuring Badspot
« on: September 12, 2016, 07:19:32 PM »
I saw Markiplier play with this so I decided to try it out.


Drama / RandomDude (86923) - Admitting to BLHack/Trolling
« on: September 01, 2016, 10:55:56 AM »
Name: RandomDude
BL_ID: 86923

I wish I had an image of him using freeze but I was too late for that.
He was admitting in the chat (yes I know people can easily say that) but he was actually trying, also have some witnesses as well

These plates drop when a player touches them, he was literally floating on it (He was banned so he wasn't here)

He does say something like this which he was on those plates

Tells me no one cares then admits it (yes feeding trolls is bad)

He gets kicked and comes back asking why, then admits it again

Admits it again

and again

He gets banned for 10 minutes, then comes back back with this, no idea what this meant

I can keep going on about it, but I think that's just enough.

Drama / Amanda Todd (ID 16255) - DDoS attempts
« on: August 22, 2016, 09:38:57 PM »
This person has been trying to crash SphericalCube's server, and a few others.

Proof of spam (click the console image for the download) (Console log from SphericalCube):

Proof of them being banned (for name and BLID)

In-Game Name (last seen): Amanda Todd
BL_ID: 16255
Their IP: (Australia)

Can anyone try to see who they are? The ID looks familiar but I can't pinpoint it.

Modification Help / Big number library?
« on: August 19, 2016, 03:03:51 PM »
Is there a big number library that I can use that will support up to 12 or more number digits?

General Discussion / Anonymous server
« on: August 17, 2016, 02:58:08 PM »
We are back. Hope you enjoyed!

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