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Creativity / Subway
« on: July 15, 2016, 05:33:49 PM »
My stuffty subway for another project


Creativity / Anti boner (The anti problem user spray!)
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:17:56 PM »
Behold, the true invention to disposing of those trolls, The anti boner spray!

Creativity / forgetland.jpg
« on: July 09, 2016, 06:48:48 PM »
Why did you come here

Modification Help / New to this stuff or whatever help ffs
« on: July 08, 2016, 10:46:51 PM »
So, Im thinking about making some sort of addon that labels the players rake or BL_ID or something, But I have No idea how, I want to learn this type of stuff aswell so I can start doing my own stuff. Note that I have no experience with coding once so ever.
I want to LEARN This, so don't come and flame me. Maybe some sort of tutorial or something you have found on youtube too could be great.

Suggestions & Requests / Enable/Disable Waves for endless zombies
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:21:26 AM »
I have a idea with a endless zombies server, If it is daytime, the wave wont start until night, giving the time for players to set up traps or whatever they desire with the given time.

If someone could give me some sort of mod that is capable of doing this (Not RPG bot modification thingies) For endless zombie bots.

If not I can try a alternative to it.

Forum Games / Zombie loadout sheet
« on: July 01, 2016, 04:27:11 PM »
Ok, so edit this sheet with your gear, items etc

And your edit should look something like

Also do [img width=900 ]http://right before[/img]

Suggestions & Requests / Weapon angles
« on: June 29, 2016, 10:09:17 PM »
I was thinking of a command that would make the weapon spawn at a certain angle, but can still be picked up. I was thinking of a x y z or a scroll thingie.

Forum Games / Potatoh's endless dungeons
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:47:40 PM »
Endless dungeons

Yet again, another RNG Dungeon copy, but with more description n sht.

    • 2 - You screwed up, you aren't dead yet though.
    • 3 - You did it, you could have done better.
    • 4 - 3 with a better result.[color]
    • 5 - I would consider amazing.
    Before you complain: Note that these dungeons are generated with a website, link is provided below.
    You wake up In room 1.

    Room #1
    North Entry   Locked Iron Door (Open Lock DC 40, break DC 28; hard 10, 60 hp)
    Room Features   A tile labyrinth covers the floor, Screaming can be heard in the south-east corner of the room

    Annoying door
    Hp 60/60
Current players:

[LvL 1]Hotremox: 10/10 hp

[LvL 1]PurpleMetro: 10/10 hp

[LvL 1]Twix: 10/10 hp

[LvL 1]Failbros: 10/10 hp

[LvL 1]NotBomberGuy: 10/10 hp

Help / suicide gun
« on: June 25, 2016, 06:13:30 PM »
Does anyone have the suicide gun that I can download?
Also, no matter what do not use, smartscreen filter is a starfish about it.

Drama / Austranaut hooman's stuffty roleplay server
« on: June 23, 2016, 09:08:04 PM »
Here we go again......

So, lets discuss like we usually do will we?

I knew it was gonna be one of those servers, it was
Undertale roadtrip rp. I knew it was gonna be one
Of those things, the first thing when I joined is that
Someone got banned for "must be a undertale
character, he was banned for one minute. I also got
banned for the same reason, I only wanted to wach,
next time I rejoined they left me alone, so I made
myself a private little box with stuff to entertain
myself with. Later though, Mew2 joins, and he
Decides to help me build a little bunker. Later though
}: Decided to become a cat and keep on doing
shoop da woops and hitting us with a bonesaw.
Eventually we finished the thing but  }: came back
and this time she orbed in and annoyed us even more,
this happened before mew2 even joined. We are close to
finishing when }: comes and d-wands our build and we
told him to stop, awhile before }: said he was Mr nothing,
So we actually have SOMTHING[b/] more than the fact
that }: is extremely annoying. Then xake took one swing at
d-wanding our build, I asked him to stop, he stopped.
Eventually though the owner said he would shut down the
server if nobody roleplayed. so }: and xake said that they
would roleplay. xake said "If we cant make super and Mew
roleplay then we will have to do it the hard way" and then
he dwanded our entire build, that entire build took longer
thank 30 mins to event, make and edit the build.

I will be expecting Mt nothing to come and flame this thread, so get your fire approach suites on.

Entire chatlog

[17:15:30] The Rage has left the game.
[17:16:02] steve_wanna_be_CHARA
[17:16:23] Super_Wanna_be_CHARA
[17:16:40] wut_r_u_doin
[17:17:09] ness_Be_CHARA
[17:17:20] y_not
[17:17:39] Ness_isnt_a_Character_in_unde rtale
[17:18:05] Astronaut Hooman banned Ness (ID: 158179) for 1 minutes - "Ya Need To Be a UNDERTALE Character"
[17:18:05] Ness has left the game.
[17:18:45] k
[17:18:58] I_wish_someone_was_CHARA_lol
[17:20:22] you_guys_know_wut_I_am
[17:20:22] idk
[17:20:22] wut
[17:21:23] Steve_U_should_RP
-------- [17:23:17] You connected to this server. --------
-------- [17:23:21] You connected to this server. --------
[17:23:22] hey astro
[17:23:22] STARTED!
[17:23:22]  + You are still able to use the Slayer GUI, but some features may not work.
[17:23:25] Mew2 spawned.
[17:23:28] heyo
[17:23:49] i_cant_im_bad_at_building
[17:24:09] Mew_can_you_be_chara
[17:24:28] o_ok
[17:25:05] cant_join_Remember
[17:25:20] Sorry_Mew
[17:25:53] Mew2 has left the game.
[17:26:38] SuperSnipes_ connected.
[17:26:57] SuperSnipes_ spawned.
[17:27:09] mine_is_IDK
[17:27:40] super_Sniper_who_u_wanna_be
[17:30:03] Pedro bear connected.
[17:30:05] Pedro bear has left the game.
[17:30:08] Pedro bear connected.
[17:30:09] Pedro bear has left the game.
[17:30:16] Achernar connected.
[17:30:33] Achernar spawned.
[17:30:45] Achernar has left the game.
[17:30:49] Finedeno123 connected.
[17:31:06] Finedeno123 spawned.
[17:35:55] Dogy scientest connected.
[17:36:37] Dogy scientest spawned.
[17:37:01] RewindIsHere has left the game.
[17:37:36] Dogy scientest has left the game.
[17:39:39] Back
[17:39:48] what_Happened
[17:40:04] hai
[17:40:14] Hai_Grillby
[17:40:40] NathanielTheGreat connected.
[17:41:00] NathanielTheGreat spawned.
[17:41:36] Eats_Doritos
[17:41:42] NathanielTheGreat has left the game.
[17:41:55] i_have_honey
[17:42:07] gives_honey
[17:42:29] i_have_honey_crackers
[17:42:55] my_wep_is_dodgeball
[17:44:03] wut_is_that
[17:44:29] HE_NEED_SOME_MILK
[17:45:04] MALK
[17:45:20] wait_THAT_ISNT_MILK
[17:45:25] ITS_MALK
[17:46:45] shut_up_and_take_mah_moneh
[17:47:21] should_we_use_imagination_so_ its_like_chara_is_there
[17:47:42] i_have_999999_gold
[17:48:09] do_you_believe_in_magic
[17:48:25]  Astronaut Hooman
[17:49:18] ima_do_somethin
[17:49:55] snipes_can_you_make_a_stand_f or_me_pls
[17:50:50] CharaSays_HAHAHAHAHAA_Did_you _forget_about_ME
[17:51:27] CHara_explodes
[17:51:45] charaSays_Hey_Idiot
[17:52:33] Gandalf Planet connected.
[17:53:04] Gandalf Planet spawned.
[17:53:06] Xake connected.
[17:53:20] hai_Xake
[17:53:35] Xake spawned.
[17:53:38] Xake has become Super Admin (Auto)
[17:54:31] Xake_Get_The_Undertale_Facepa cks_and_Decals
[17:54:47] o
[17:54:58] Is_Sans_Taken
[17:55:23] Xake_Is_Sans
[17:55:32] Who_Should_I_be
[17:55:42] Littletale_Sans_Or_Frisk
[17:56:09] i_Like_littletale_tho
[17:56:40] Omg_im_Littletale_frisk_TIME
[17:57:05] Im_Very_Little
[17:57:08] Gandalf Planet has left the game.
[17:57:14] littletale_Frisk
[17:57:31]  Xake
[17:57:34] IM_SO_LITTLE_XD
[17:58:02] wut
[17:58:08] OMG_PLS_NO
[17:58:13] Finedeno123 has left the game.
[17:58:21] Mew2 connected.
[17:58:21] Mew2 has become Super Admin (Auto)
[17:58:27] Mew2 spawned.
[17:58:33] hei_mew_Yes_we_are
[17:58:53] Or_Littletale_Mettaton
[17:59:14] someone_be_Littletale_Chara_X D
[17:59:28] yah
[18:00:13] Mew_Be_Chara
[18:00:30] k
[18:01:13] Greenope connected.
[18:01:15] Greenope has left the game.
[18:01:54] k
[18:02:08] someone_be_evil
[18:03:17] in_dis_world_its_Poop_or_be_p ooped
[18:04:44]  Xake
[18:05:00] DarkLight0X has left the game.
[18:07:55] r_we_even_RPING
[18:08:08] dophie connected.
[18:08:13] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:08:13]   The Welcome Message has been changed to HASNT STARTED
[18:08:35] dophie spawned.
[18:08:40] everyones_Building_Not_RPing
[18:09:04] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:09:04]   The Welcome Message has been changed to r we even doing anything
[18:09:15] :{ updated the server settings.
[18:09:15]   The Welcome Message has been changed to i am not sure
[18:09:18] dophie has left the game.
[18:09:28] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:09:28]   The Welcome Message has been changed to Got dat right
[18:09:48] :{ updated the server settings.
[18:09:48]   The Welcome Message has been changed to how about we do something other than forget around? that sounds good
[18:09:48] awwww
[18:11:19] y
[18:11:19] Joeyy connected.
[18:11:32] Joeyy spawned.
[18:11:37] mew_is_bein_Rood_Today
[18:12:06] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:12:06]   The Welcome Message has been changed to Welp, This is the worst server ever
[18:12:26] no_Joeyy
[18:12:43] no_Joeyy
[18:12:59] no_Joeyy
[18:13:17] Maybe_Joeyy
[18:13:59] Astronaut Hooman banned Joeyy (ID: 10532) for 3 minutes - "You know how i feel in situations like this why would you do something like that WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
[18:13:59] Joeyy has left the game.
[18:14:00] Elreaubes connected.
[18:14:04] Elreaubes has left the game.
[18:14:28] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:14:28]   The Server Name has been changed to Worst Server. Thanks Players
[18:14:36] :{ banned Elreaubes (ID: 37284) for 1 minutes - "Its Hell. To you."
[18:14:46] wut
[18:15:27] im_sad
[18:15:50] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:15:50]   The Welcome Message has been changed to When you make a server and the players ruin it
[18:16:11] Thats_Our_Server_right_there
[18:16:33] Astronaut Hooman cleared Astronaut Hooman's bricks
[18:17:11] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:17:11]   The Server Name has been changed to Tried to be an RP, but failed
[18:17:18] Visolator connected.
[18:17:18] Visolator has become Super Admin (Auto)
[18:17:28] Visolator spawned.
[18:17:56] Visolator has left the game.
[18:17:58] Mew2 updated the server settings.
[18:17:58]   The Server Name has been changed to idk what this is
[18:18:04]  SuperSnipes_
[18:18:31] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:18:31]   The Welcome Message has been changed to Thanks to all players who ruined it! >:c
[18:19:03] mew_Leave_the_Game
[18:19:19] ya_dont_wanna_RP
[18:19:39] This_Is_supposed_to_be_an_RP
[18:19:54] but_all_of_you_ruined_it
[18:20:13] i_Dont_care
[18:21:55] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:21:55]   The Server Name has been changed to When you make an RP and players build instead
[18:22:16] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:22:31] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:22:31]   The Welcome Message has been changed to Im having a server like that right now, so im sad ;-;
[18:22:33]  Xake
[18:22:48] SuperSnipes_ has left the game.
[18:22:50] Its_too_late
[18:23:14] yeh
[18:23:33] Super_Steve_Didya_Wanna_BAN_M E
[18:25:09] The Rage connected.
[18:25:16] Astronaut Hooman updated the server settings.
[18:25:16]   The Server Name has been changed to WELP, IM GOING TO END THIS SERVER IF NO ONE IS GOING TO RP
[18:25:16]   The Welcome Message has been changed to Ima bout to end it
[18:25:26] The Rage spawned.
[18:25:29] The Rage has left the game.
[18:25:47] i_will_if_no_one_will_RP
[18:25:56] RP_OR_LEAVE
[18:26:11] ill_end_The_server_too


Okay, well here are the images aswell, I loaded up ALOT of proof into this one.

After they dwanded the build.

a few seconds later the host bans be for this:

xake wont leave me alone.

"oohhhh I think destroyin sum1s build wil halp"

xake wont leave me alone. x2


My crappy song edits: Electric static megathread that's in the air boogaloo

Q & AI do this too mutch.


A: Yes, I will take requests just don't be extremely specific.

Q: How long will it take for my video to be uploaded?

A: Around 2 hour at least (Thinking of ideas, editing the music, testing the music and uploading to youtube)


A: Be patient.
B: pls stop

Q: Can I submit my own music edits?

A: Yeah, do your thing, just don't spam the comment section with stuff.

Ok we start stuffting out our magic.


Modification Help / L4D player edit.
« on: June 22, 2016, 06:00:20 PM »
Snip im just being dumb

Suggestions & Requests / L4D player edit.
« on: June 22, 2016, 05:58:28 PM »
So, I just played death before daylight and yes I got ideas, I also need players to join my server FOR forget SAKE. So, could someone make a L4D playertype that gets rid of the arrow and x thing up top of the player? also I would want the playertype to not be able to jump, and also be picked up. So, if anyone tells me that they can show me how to do it, go to THIS Thread.

General Discussion / Potatoh's DS [HELP NEEDED]
« on: June 18, 2016, 04:39:37 PM »

Dungeon Survival

What the hell is this it looks interesting

Its a dungeon survival thing with classes, kind of like ZAPT Infection gamemode but with classes.


Q: This is stupid

A: Then don't play it.

Q: Can I help?

A: Yes, I need a lot of help.

Q: Whats the gameplay gonna be like?

A: Don't know yet.

Q: Can I help/Suggest things?

A: Yes.

Things I need help with.

  • Coding/Modeling
  • Building
  • Ideas

Forum Games / Plot generator
« on: June 13, 2016, 06:05:46 PM »
Show off your creations of whatever story you made, and post a picture of the story(s)

Link here:
Note: It doesent accept bad words so try to bypass it somehow or some way

Heres my stuffty story.

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