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All day yesterday and today, there has been so many people talking about those "killer clowns" and how they keep making threats to shoot up my school. Lots of kids said they won't be going to school tomorrow and all the like.

Personally, I don't believe it, mainly due to the fact how the "Claremore Clown" is just an account on Twitter and Snapchat who keeps following kids at my school (via social media) and keeps making threats. To me, honestly, it just seems like a huge publicity stunt, so I'll be going tomorrow

On the slim chance it does happen though, I always keep a knife in my backpack so rip clowns

Games / How capable is the newest Torque3D for making a car game?
« on: October 05, 2016, 12:17:01 AM »

Recently I've been wanting to create my own sort of driving game, except with more story and more indepth characters and car customization than other racing games of the sort (it'll be a street-racing game too)

I've been wondering one thing though, how capable would the newest build of Torque 3D be for this type of game? I'm wanting to use Torque mainly because in my opinion, its script language is much easier for me to understand, the engine is completely free and open source (iirc), and is more fit for a car game than Unreal is, and is more capable than Unity.

Thanks for any answers I get!

No, I won't "use a better engine", because the "better engines" cost money, which I do not have, and I'll have a harder time understanding the script languages.

Basically it's a video about the top 55 hoaxes in video games (a video that is an hour long) and in the list, Blockland's renderman is actually in it

Click the image to go to the video (it'll play at the right time so dont worry)

So yeah I thought this was really neat to see, so /discuss

click the pic for the video

If you didn't listen, basically he goes on a depressed tone of voice saying he's what caused all the stuff and "started the drama on youtube" and such for 5 minutes


Off Topic / [Blogland] I got to ride in a Model-T hotrod today!
« on: September 18, 2016, 10:56:34 PM »

So all weekend, my dad has been telling me that there will be a surprise at this one house that he'll take me to. Well yesterday we tried to go but apparently they weren't home yesterday, so we tried again today

Oh my god it was awesome

Parked right dead center in his garage was this blue Model-T hotrod, all custom and everything! (See pics below)

Let me tell you, this thing is loving kick ass. When he started it up, the engine just made a deep, low and strong sounding rumble as it idled, that and with the very slight vibrations, omg it's loving climaxic. Then he took me for a ride in it, when he pulled out of the driveway he just floored it and omfg the loving speed! Then after we cruised in the neighborhood, he pulled out onto the main road (like a country road cause he doesnt live in a city) and he loving floored it for a good 5 or 6 seconds and the thing loving rockets. The entire time we drove on the highway, roads and everything, pretty much flooring it the entire time as well. And note, there isn't any seatbelts in this thing and it's very hard suspension, omfg it rides like a horse.

so after about 20 minutes of riding, we drove back and then I had to go so yeah

Best. loving. Day. Ever.

forget I forgot to mention, he did like 3 burnouts in the thing as well

one wheel peel heaven

Off Topic / It's 9/11 never forget
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:26:28 AM »

15 years ago today, 4 planes were hi-jacked by terrorists. One flew into the pentagon, one into a field in pensylvania, and the remaining two into the Word Trade Center. After the two planes flew into the towers, both collapsed on down with an estimated of 3000+ dead, along with quite a few other buildings surrounding getting damaged or destroyed.

RIP everyone who has lost their lives and loved ones in this tragic event in United States History.

/discuss, please no arguments either btw


I was looking around the house for the drink cooler (we just moved in and don't have a fridge yet) so I went through the back door. Aparantly it was locked and I didn't notice so when I tried to get back in, I couldn't, both front and back were locked. So I walked around the house, looking for a window I could climb in through. I found a window (without a screen mind you, the window screens on this house are built in so I can't remove em) and luckily enough, the window was unlocked as well. (it was the bathroom window) So I climbed in head first and fell onto the floor, it hurt but yay I'm back inside

Also parents wont be back til 7pm

/discuss or ama

I dont know how much is affected but my entire neighborhood and surrounding areas are completely out and have been out for 3 hours now

Posted using dad's phone. I'II reply when the power is back

Off Topic / How do you take your pills?
« on: August 21, 2016, 07:10:01 PM »
How do you take your pills? Do you wash it down with water, go without water, chew it, take it brown townly, or what?

I chew my pills because I always gag when trying to wash it down, it happens no matter what. But hey, tbh they don't taste too bad. (except those gel pills, jesus christ)



Can't find a topic for it and I don't remember who is in it that I have added on steam

Off Topic / Aparantly youtube is on "YouTube AU" when I'm in USA
« on: August 15, 2016, 08:13:40 AM »

My city

YouTube I'm not an Aussie forget off pls

Yes I have refreshed and tried different videos, same stuff

Off Topic / I made a stuffty meme
« on: August 10, 2016, 06:47:57 AM »
you can rate x/10 if you want on here idc

click the image to view video

Off Topic / Anyone know what this song / tune is called
« on: August 09, 2016, 09:37:58 PM »
/title. I've been googling and looking through comments and no luck, does anyone know the name of it?

Here's the link

asking for a friend btw

Games / What is your favorite video-game?
« on: August 06, 2016, 05:05:50 AM »

My favourite game is actually Steambot Chronicles on PS2. It's a pretty rare and obscure japanese game, but I just love its story driven by choices you make in the game and such. It's a game that you can only properly judge if you play it first-hand, it's just unique

Off Topic / Would this be good for a budget PC build + setup?
« on: August 01, 2016, 03:43:32 AM »
Basically /title. Next summer I will be working and saving up money to buy my first gaming rig (albiet, bugdet) along with the whole setup minus a desk and chair. Will this be good?

Things I WONT change
-Keyboard / Mouse
-Monitor (unless if it's near borderless and 1080p or greater)

My hard limit on the PC is 500 bucks total. Please no "get an rx480" or "gtx 1080" or whatever. Yes I know they're good, but I will not fork out 200+ more dollars on my already set budget. The only exception to this will be the CPU as long as it doesn't raise the budget to about 20+ over. I just selected that Pentium because I've heard it's one of the greatest and most easily over-clockable budget dual-core CPUs a person could by.


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