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While the fears are real, the dangers are a different story. I'm assuming that you're a centrist Matthew. The republican party is objectively worse than the Democratic party. Many leftists have been disillusioned by the Dems and their status quo tendencies.
Neither party is worse, because the parties are an illusion. The left and right are barely represented by their respective parties. I've heard right populist and leftist opinions and there are three main agreements:

The Rich have too much power/money
They might have different names for it, but they hate fascismo (slightly different than facism.)
My party isn't listening

I know number two is gonna require some explanation. I'm describing it as Fascismo because its authoritarianism through goverment interaction and acquisition of businesses. Some also call this corporatism.

But the left and right call this capitalism and communism respectively. The reality is it's neither. This is closer to italian fascism. Hence the Italian word for Fascism, Fascismo.

And this is the main issue. The leftists and populist right have the same enemy. But the parties get them arguing over terminology and technicalities instead of defeating the common enemy. If they started campaigning against incumbents in a bipartisan manner we could get back to having the actual disagreements I've heard from leftists and the populist right.

The parties are distracting the people with word games and bullstuff while people suffer.

To many this sounds like I'm sucking off the Dems, but voting for the lesser of two evils is necessary for a leftist if they actually hope to change things. Giving any extra power to republicans is only going to damage the chances of changing the system. While corporate democrats aren't good either, they are much more easy to fight against than the mental borderline fascist republicans.

Corporate Democrats and Fascist Republicans are the same thing. They've just hooked you. Lesser of two evils voting is a trap.

If the democrats gain supermajority, then the only steps left are to gain enough power within the party and then change the election system to make it more amicable to 3rd parties.

Why would they do that?  If either party gets a super majority the first thing they'll do is solidify their position in government.

You get plastic shards and a piece of paper that says "No"

I insert an enraged battle ox, and 5 dollars.

Off Topic / Re: biden 80 gorillian votes
« on: October 18, 2021, 12:53:34 AM »
Okay first, these are global chants, not in the US.

Second, opinions changed.

They voted for Not Annoying Orange, and they got Not Annoying Orange.

This is where lesser of two evils voting ends. When Candidate != Other Candidate votes are all you have left, this is where it leads.

then who was phone?
Honestly, no idea. But Biden's lights are on, but nobody's home.
Except for the Thesaurus monster.

Bernie Sanders isn't the president
Neither is Biden.

The left and right are clapping as their own political views crash the economy from their perspectives.

To the right, its because of anti-mandate strikes people arent working.

To the left, its because of people demanding higher wages that people arent working.

The reality is its a bit of both and mostly a loop.

Some states have laws against vaccine mandates, yet job rates are still down.

Some stares have cut off the monthly federal checks, yet job rates are still down.

It's not fully because of either reason.  The obvious and likely situation is that we're in a feedback loop to the bottom. People get over worked, stressed and given more hours everytime someone quits. If Stagnant wages, Rising prices and talks of a required vaccination dont push people over the edge, then 70+ HR work weeks will do it. And everytime that causes someone to quit, it causes someone else to quit. And it's never ending.

But hurray, the economy is in flames because you think your ideology is winning. Not only are you wrong, but if this is your bar for achievement, I don't want to see failure.

George Washington for president 2024
we already have a zombie president.

Drama / Re: Is nicepoint master Mathew?
« on: October 12, 2021, 11:15:40 AM »
You caught my psy-op

Oops, forgot to quote this. lol.

Off Topic / Re: best forum user
« on: October 12, 2021, 11:14:19 AM »

If only people had taken George Washington's advice against forming political parties way back in the late 1700s... Still the only president and likely the only president to never have been affiliated with a political party.

Off Topic / Re: is it propaganda that is forcing me to hate china?
« on: October 12, 2021, 11:11:55 AM »
a lot of the state department propaganda topics around china are extremely cringe, it also emboldens a whole forgetton of xenophobia around asia as a whole
Examples showing it's xenophobia, but also, federal propaganda always is stuff tbh.

the chinese government has done a lot of bad things but some of the bad things they do are directly comparable to what western countries already do, which is why listening to washington post say that china is the new mesothelioma for befriending the taliban (in their mutual best interest) is just dumb and has no nuance. theres this extreme circlejerk online of mistranslated articles and "china bad" and it just heavily reminds me of cold war propaganda and the iraq war propaganda.
Yes, they're not the new mesothelioma for befriending the taliban. They're the new mesothelioma for having racially and religiously defined discrimination, as well as
literal concentration camps. Not to mention the deliberate manipulation of their currency to keep their wage slaves in place.

Certainly the west is guilty of enabling this bs, and even mirroring it. But it's controlled and caused by the same corporate interests that have allowed this to go
as far as it has in china. In fact, because of our insistence on deregulating our trade policies and degrading everything down to the dollar, we are enabling this bullstuff.

I've tried time and time again to convince people not to buy things made in china, but they always tell me one of three things:

1. If everyone else isn't going to do it, why should I?

2. The government should be fixing this.

3. I can't afford to do that.

1 is the mind trap we convince use to convince ourselves not to give up comfort. 2 is bullstuff, the government is causing this, they won't "fix it".
3. I'm sorry to hear that, but it's because of this system you can't afford anything but cheap made in china trash.

that being said, simping for xi going "i promise guys i promise ill make a communist utopia once we make a totalitarian enough state guys i promise" is also extremely cringe. you are very right to say that china is a hyper capitalist oligarchy
Those who push hard on Capitalism and those who push hard on Communism don't really hate eachother. They need eachother.
America once held a balance of values that would now be considered "hypocritical", and would seem to be somone trying to be both
Communist and Capitalist. When in reality, Untethered Capitalism and Full Swing Communism are basically the same outcome, with different steps.

Despite what any Capitalist/Communist says. America is NOT a capitalist country at it's core. It's a Democratic Republic. We're in a dangerous
Position because we keep begging for a silver bullet from the government to kill the evil bad things. But that's so childish, stupid and ignorant it
hurts. But people are desperate. They want things fixed, and they want it fixed yesterday. But that's just not realistic.

Nevertheless, someone comes along offering such a silver bullet, but it's almost certainly a scam. "Just remove all the Regulations"/"Just give
us the ability to redistribute the wealth" because it will "fix" everything.

Things are too broken for one simple idea to solve the problem. However, the first step on the road to healing is to excise all the establishment
and spineless politicians in every election. Incumbents must go.  Then we will eventually start seeing negotiable politicians.

Then, the best option is probably to redesign the electoral process, as first past the post is primitive and broken. Thankfully that can be done
on a state by state basis. The electoral college is going to need some reworking, like a ton. We have a floor limit for electoral votes per state, but
we almost certainly need a ceiling limit as well. The electoral vote is for the presidency, the president is supposed to represent the culmination of all
cultures in the US, not the 51 vs 49% majority. We see ourselves as a single nation, which technically we are. But we're more like a union of nations.
Hence the "united states". Congress is supposed to represent the raw majority, and the senate is supposed to be a mix of the two.

But if we were to have ranked choice electoral college voting for the presidency, we'd have to account for all votes nationwide, and it would certainly get messy.
Very messy.

its always good to do your own research and to directly talk to people in other countries when it comes to researching anything foreign policy-related. do not blindly trust anything the government says because thats how we got the post-911 hysteria about muslims and the war on terror. and im not talking about like right-wing billionaire-backed defectors or propagandists (like how steve bannon loves to pay random chinese people to "speak out" against the CCP by just making stuff up), just talk to real life people you trust.
Drugs, 9/11, Covid-19.

These all started from a reasonable perspective. And then they talked us out of more and more of our rights.

We can't carry large sums of cash legally anymore. We can't travel through airports without having our person
completely violated. And we can not even live our lives like we used to because of a reasonable issue.

"it's only temporary" is the biggest lie a government tells people.
Post 9/11 security measures weren't supposed to last. But here they are.

It was only supposed to be 15 days to slow the spread. And then it was only until we had a vaccine.

It's only more of your rights. And by the time it's popular to talk about how they stole your rights away, the next
right grabbing situation will be labelled "conspiratorial" and insane through association.

People who were talking about the issues regarding people's rights after 9/11 were commonly associated with 9/11 truthers.
Discredited for being crazy. But the Patriot act is still here. The goverment was spying on us, and likely still is.

It's why after the election, when I saw Qanon bs pop up clear out of nowhere, I knew something was up.

Genuine concerns get doused with the gasoline of Unrealistic Conspiracy theories, and they become discredited by association.

This happens to any position that is considered dangerous by the powers that be. It's an easy and basic tactic using modern strategies.

Divide and Conquer.

Mask and Vaccine mandates are commonly associated now with Anti-Vaxxers and Covid Deniers. When the concern is not in the Mask or the Vaccine, but the slippery slope of decreed mandates. But normal people will nolonger dare to publicly state their opinion, because they're afraid of being labelled a nut.

Being anti-war and against invading the middle east was associated with 9/11 truthers and terrorist sympathizers. The concern was wasting money in another hopeless war, all the while people's rights became slowly removed.

Remember when you could get on a plane without insane privacy invasion? Remember when you could go to public events without needing transparent bags, backpacks, purses, etc.

Soon it will be "Remember when you could go outside without 2 masks, a vaxx app and a constant fear of someone arbitrarily denying you entry, or worse?"

As it has become in Australia.

Off Topic / Re: Hi yeah this is a message for my doordash driver
« on: October 10, 2021, 02:47:28 PM »
He's dashing past your door.

Off Topic / Re: news bidens butts been wiped
« on: October 05, 2021, 12:55:19 PM »
he is clearly saying brainstorm
i agree

Off Topic / Re: news bidens butts been wiped
« on: October 05, 2021, 10:52:26 AM »
I legit thought this was just a stuffpost.

The forget is happening.

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