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An unfortunate thing is that voting third party is going to, at least temporarily, give all political power to the republican party, which in it's current state would immediately trash the institutions to make sure that no other party would ever gain sufficient relevance to challenge them.

The first past the post system forces a country to have a two party system. While the D'Hondt method has it's problems, it could be a better solution.
The first past the post system is ancient. It's certainly not the best option out there. But its what we have now. And the only way to change it is to vote through it. And neither of thenmain 2 political parties will vote against a system that favors them. But this post holds something interesting. Red areas are as afraid of turning blue as blue areas are of turning red. 

Populist right doesn't want to limit the power of corporations, the only things they seem to care about are culture war issues and conspiracy theories like Qanon, the big lie and antivaxx bullstuff.

The populist sides could have things in common if the right didn't abandon every stance they have on economics the moment Tucker Carlson says that the BLM wants to make white people feel guilty for their ancestors actions. And then they proceed to vote for republicans who ban any mentions of slavery and civil rights from school curriculum in hopes of banning "critical race theory".

The unfortunate thing is that the right doesn't care about big corporations and their policies in principle, only if it affects them negatively. (Not saying the left doesn't do this at all, but much less.)

No, that's exactly what I'm saying. The republicans frame that as populist right. But it's establishment right and blind normies that believe that stuff.

The hardline populists on left and right are increasingly being alienated by their respective parties. I've witnessed this firsthand from both sides as I've been on both sides.

It's easy to give into your fears and play into the establishment bullstuff, far too easy. Cultural Issues are the key to that. This is the wedge the establishment uses to keep us divided, and I know to most this is a "no duh" sentence for many, but the main takeaway is that it may seem obvious. But it's all too easy to fall for it if you're not extremely vigilant.

The Establishment and those who live in fear are the biggest issues we face right now.

The Establishment can not be reasoned with. Those who live in fear can be reasoned with, but it's so difficult to do so, most get frustrated and
take a quick and easy path. Those who do that, also play into the establishment's hands.

It's a long game, slow and full of frustrating moments. But giving into fear is easy, giving into anger is easy, and those who feel alienated are an easy target for those who offer a group to be a part of. And those alienated, become part of this growing issue.

The populist right has tried, time and again, to put people in office who would limit corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Wal-mart, Comcast, and other major corporate titans that are increasingly killing local stores throughout rural America. But time, and time again. Republicans call them socialists and rinos. Then they use their overwhelming corporate resources to put a controllable politician in place or force them to become controllable.

The populist left has tried time and again to put people in office who would start dealing with big pharma, taxing the proper people effectively. But time after time, Democrats call them bigots, tribals, and fascists. They use their overwhelming corporate resources to put a controllable politician in office, or to force them to become controllable.

We as voters, take what we can get, and try to vote down the ladder until we start having reasonable people in office. I saw that with Annoying Orange. But Annoying Orange became yet another establishment tool. Biden was an establishment tool throughout the primaries.

I know nearly every american agrees they hate their own political party and the opposition party because they feel as though they're more or less the same party.

But the overwhelming fear that is at the root of our current issue. Is the fear of the other.

Vote independent locally, and stop focusing on the federal. Once we see a growth of independent politicians taking over local offices, it will grow.

But too many want to have a silver bullet situation where President Nobody of the independent party suddenly gets 538 electoral votes and blows out both major parties. That's just never going to happen right now. People need to feel secure in voting outside of their own parties. Otherwise they will vote in fear out of a "lesser of two evils."

When people wake up and realize "we're actually national socialist germany now" it'll be way too late.
The only way to stop an authoritarian takeover is to stop it early.

It's not too late to stand up now. I understand, for many it would be crossing party lines.
But after what happened in NYC it should be obvious that the Establishment doesn't care
about right or left. The only reason they sided with the Left is because the Left empowered
them. It was in the hope they could alter the establishment and make it more like them.
However, time and again, the left became the establishment when given any political office.
As it had happened time and again when those on the right had done the same.

This is divide and conquer. The Populist Left and Right have so much in common, yet the
establishment uses what we disagree on to divide us. I recognize we have genuine disagreements.
But there is a time when those disagreements need to be put aside, and that time is now.

To those on the Left that see the right as evil, are you aware the Populist Right hates corporations as much as you?
To those on the Right, are you aware that the Populist Left wants to even the playing field between corporations
and locally owned businesses? And to you both, are you aware the establishment on each other's side are
Intentionally using the opposite's worst fears to make you ignore that.
Democrats tell the Right, they're socialist and these are socialist policies.
Republicans tell the Left, they're nationalist, and these are nationalist policies.
When in reality they are neither.

When the Right says they want to restrict major corporations, the Republicans claim to be nationalist and Democrats say's they're fascists.
When the Left says they want to even the playing field, the Democrats say they're socialists and Republicans say they're communists.

They're using fear of the other to keep us from pushing truly effective policies from either side.

Then behind our backs, they slowly rip away our rights, as they have ever since 9/11 and no doubt before that.

If we do not stand together today, we will be subjugated together tomorrow.

ill stop obsessing over it when someone actually examines the leak and explains its contents to me in a way that isn't passive aggressive

besides, idk how yall aren't obsessing over it. its been a wild ride. you could be calling the house majority leaders personal cellphone literally right now if you wanted to. i did and he called me back but it forgeted me up to see him do that so i didnt pick up

The reality is, this will nolonger change or effect the election.

The media deliberately covered this up, but it's too late to make people aware for the presidential election.

Please, refocus on preparing for 2022. This helps no one. 

Y'all have your ketchup with or without ice?

Off Topic / Re: What Actually Happens If Soldier Disobeys an Order?
« on: September 22, 2021, 09:02:57 PM »

Teams have been autobalanced.

Off Topic / Re: Extremely touching news article
« on: September 22, 2021, 09:00:01 PM »

Off Topic / Re: ews border crCIA
« on: September 21, 2021, 01:29:20 PM »
there are two practical ways to immigrate to the US: family or a job. jobs that will sponsor non-seasonal visas are few and far between (and seasonal visas do not give you any chance of immigration), and family of course is a coin toss. mfs love to pretend that it's just a matter of saving up for a few months and filing some paperwork. that's cus yall don't read stuff. even most family visas take forever, around seven years if you're not the spouse, parent, or child of a US citizen, on top of costing you thousands of dollars, which is a much greater expense for most of the world than it is in america

Yeah, but its kinda like complaining that getting into harvard isnt accessible. Its not supposed to be.  But to be fair, we do have less capable and more unintellgieny people born american than migrated. But that may be because of our strict policies not in spite of them.

Still, crossing the border illegally can be a deadly trip. Only to end up on the other end a second class citizen.

It's really not good for anyone involved.

I understand wanting to come here, but many migrants pass through other safe nations relative to where they started.

We may not see them as safe because of our absurd comforts and security, but that does not mean those nations are hellholes. 

Certainly they have there issues, but if you say mexico has corruption of drug dealers and mobsters without acknowledging the us has corruption of petrol dealers and labor exploitation, you're not playing a fair hand.

US is great for the meaningfully wealthy. Upper middleclass and above. But illegal immigrants are going to be treated as second class citizens because they can be deported at a moments notice.

And if we were to lift restrictions we would see a downgrade in quality of life for everyone nationwide.

This is a stuff situation.  And the way i see it, greedy ancaps are trying to exploit cheap labor and the 'made in the usa' titles.

Off Topic / Re: DEBATES OF THE WEEK: Grape or Strawberry Jelly
« on: September 21, 2021, 10:03:30 AM »

you get 1.4 million osrs gold

i insert the soul of the ban the user above you forum game thread
You get banned for that post.

I insert a Broken CD. You can't quite make out the text but you're certain it's a trial CD for something.

Off Topic / Re: The Linux Thread | Useful tools inside.
« on: September 20, 2021, 09:30:46 AM »
Updated Thread.
A Whole GNU World

Let's get down to business, this is the list where I'll put useful and helpful Linux software.
I'll be avoiding cliche and usually garbage software like GIMP.

Krita - A Photoshop-like Image Editing tool. It has much less of a learning curve than GIMP.
Librewolf - A Fork of Firefox that removes telemetry among other security risks. Note: All login information is set not to be saved by default, and enabling it requires editing the config file. Browsing history is deleted by default on close and will not reopen when restarted. These are security features, but if you wish to disable them I'll have a guide section later in the thread.
MultiMC - An OpenSource Minecraft client with many features that the default vanilla cannot offer. Such as Isolated instances, Importing and Exporting instances from one MultiMC install to another, or between users. Modloaders can be installed via a setting option on each instance.
KeePass and KeePassX - A Multiplatform Password Manager, KeePass is available on most every platform relevant today, and some that are certainly not. Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, and IOS. What this means is you can put your KeePass file on a usb storage device, and take it to multiple different software environments and have access to the same KeePass file.
Pakitheme - A Terminal based GTK Repackaging tool used to convert installed themes to Flatpak. If you're having issues with some pieces of software not following the system theme, it's possibly because it wasn't a flatpak install of the theme.
Atom - An open source text editor with a large community supporting it. Nearly anything you want is available to install as a plugin. And those are almost always open source too.
VLC Media Player - I know I said I was gonna avoid "cliches" but this one is an exception. VLC is a useful video playing and capture playback tool.
Virtual Machine Manager - An Open Source virtual machine software. If you still need some things from Windows, or you want to go Distro Hopping without erasing your main install, this is a great option.
LibreOffice - This is a great Office Alternative with file compatibility between MSOffice and LibreOffice. Just be warned, some formatting may be altered from exporting to a MSOffice file format, but otherwise the content will be the same.

Linux Distributions

Pop_OS! - Ubuntu Based, very stable and user friendly, great for beginners.

Mint - Ubuntu Based, stable, user friendly and great for everyone.

Manjaro - Arch Based, stability depends, user friendly, great for slightly advanced users.

Arch - Arch, stability is up to you, not user friendly but well documented, great for tinkerers.

Gentoo - Gentoo, stability = California's tectonic plates, not user friendly and documentation is hit or miss, great for masochists.

Off Topic / Re: whoops john cena called taiwan a country
« on: September 19, 2021, 12:24:25 AM »
Time to start learning Chinese.

Wtf? Went to get my vaccine today and the guy in front of me collapsed and started shaking and seizing. Bunch of men came from behind the counter and ushered us all out of the building
shoulda talked to his doctor

Off Topic / Re: forget adobe
« on: September 16, 2021, 01:56:19 PM »
ngl ever since I stopped hoisting the jolly roger I haven't had a crash.

It's seriously only a thing on Windows adobe.

Back when I was using CS6, and yes it was a legit copy, of Photoshop, Premiere and Dreamweaver, I had crashes.
And they were often just because it was running too long and i guess the garbage collection for the windows versions are stuff.

But for the Mac versions I've never had that happen.

Although for Modern Adobe products, crashes could end up being caused by the DRM which uses an integrated internet explorer.

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