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Off Topic / Re: forget adobe
« on: September 16, 2021, 11:44:44 AM »

GIMP is over rated.

Even though it's advertised as a drawing tool, Krita is much better as a replacement for photoshop than gimp.

Off Topic / Re: forget adobe
« on: September 16, 2021, 11:25:06 AM »
not really but my dumbass found out i’ve been actually accidentally paying 15 bucks per month since december for adobe. i should’ve did inventory sooner. plus they charged me another 15 dollar cancellation fee???? forget them robbing my ass for like 135$

Come to the GNU side.


Is this legal?
How will this apply to those with medical conditions keeping them from being vaccinated?

Off Topic / Re: United States Politics Thread | Centrism
« on: September 14, 2021, 03:49:43 PM »
As for US being a democratic republic, that doesn't prevent it's economic system from being capitalist. Proper critique of capitalism is simply a want to bring democracy to the economic system much like the government already has.

No. But fundamentally, at our roots. Our economy is based around our ethics.  It was during the 50s we started kissing the asses of everyone offering us 50 cents and a promotion.

I just want to say, I called it from the beginning. I love you all, goodnight.

It wasn't bullstuff. I really did feel the way i did before. But I realized i was doing the same thing i was doing as a Annoying Orange supporter. Just in the opposite direction. Throwing away everything in order to justify my anger and evoke change. And it didn't matter what kind of change. I was fustrated, and not making good decisions.

Off Topic / Re: United States Politics Thread | Under Construction
« on: September 14, 2021, 09:28:52 AM »
Well, it's that time again, I am once again shifting politically.

I am now more or less centrist.

As I have witnessed the growing extremes in the left, and the right. And I increasingly find myself feeling alien in either category, I realize I belong to neither.

Communism/Socialism - Command Economy that is founded in the despair and loss of an out of control capitalistic system.

Fear of Communism/Socialism - Maintained by the out of control capitalistic system to avoid any regulation over markets.

These are the two opposite ends of the candlestick that have been gnawing at me, fundamentally.
Authoritarian to Anarcho. And it feels like each side is either all in on one or the other. The left is all in on pushing toward socialism
and socialistic positions, and the right is all in on maintaining an out of control capitalistic system the moves all it's power to a select few.

These are basically the same end result, with opposing theories.

In a communist/socialist society, the power of economic control is handed to the government. The government inevitably uses it's newly found leverage to maintain power and stagnate upward mobility. Keeping the masses down gives them power over said masses. "Do what I say or you won't get your stimulus check."

In a capitalist society which has removed nearly all regulation, and is ruled by monopolies or manipulated pseudo polyopolies, uses it's wealth leverage to crush competition and stagnate upward mobility. Keeping the masses down gives them power over the masses. "Do what I say or you won't get your pay check."

We as Americans have fallen down these tribal lines. where there is no difference in outcome, and it the entirety of the battle is just cultural differences. We the people, once ran this country, but now it is ran by fear mongering and othering elitists. It's all too easy to fall down these rabbit holes. They appeal to the emotion of being the outsider, which most of us are.

One promises us false hope in the form of a reformation of government so the other is out of power. The other promises us false hope of reinforcement of government so the other is out of power.

Unless we recognize we need to use (that which would be mindlessly deemed socialist by the right) to maintain a free and fair market,
(which would be seen as being a capitalist bootlicker by the left) nothing will get better.

A free and fair market is not one in which there are no rules or regulations.
When the United States declared itself to be free from the British government, it was not anarchy.
There were laws and rules in place which determined how things were to be run, and limitations on power.

A free and fair market is regulated to keep those with obscene power from abusing said power to manipulate the market.

These objectives were misconstrued by the right in the 50s and 60s by using the communist excuse. "It will give the other power if we don't deregulate."

Then on the other side, the left dishonestly used this situation to claim that "capitalism is bad, become communist." ignoring the fact america is not a capitalist country. We are a democratic republic. We don't run our government based on the almighty dollar, nor should we. Even now, it's still unacceptable to publicly display yourself as a politician of the dollar. It's certainly an open secret there is corruption in the government, but the fundamental foundation is still clearly there. We are not capitalist, capitalism is not our founding value. But simply because we're not capitalist, does not mean we're therefore communist either.

over regulation of the market is as dangerous as no regulation, a balance must be struck so that the average person has more power than the anarchists and the command economists. We once had a sense of community and family, and I sense that many of us still do. But most of us have fallen into the social media casino that is twitter and facebook. These are hyper condensed social niches of crazy ideas stuck together to grow outward. This is how extremist ideologies grow. They grow in the dark or in plain sight under blind eyes. It's easy to shine the light on the dark, it's more difficult to get people to look.

While it is certainly easy to convince most right now there is a problem on the right, it's difficult to convince people there is a problem on the left, and nearly impossible to convince both there are problems on both sides contributing to this growing division. We've become emotional, distrustful and tribal.

If we don't break free from this terrible mindset, we are heading to one authoritarian dystopia or another. And neither will be pretty.

I recognize this focused mostly on the economic part of things, and not the cultural issues. But I consider those to be secondary issues because of the need pyramid.

Before the issue of cultural differences can even be discussed, the most fundamental issues need to considered first.

And all bare bone basic needs are funded by money and regulated by government.

Off Topic / Re: United States Politics Thread |
« on: September 12, 2021, 11:41:55 PM »
Okay we're back. And under construction.

Expect changes. Again.

Off Topic / Re: The Linux Thread | How to install Adobe CC on Linux
« on: September 12, 2021, 11:36:57 PM »

This is no magic bullet, nor will it work for everyone.

But it is available, and works very well for most.

some distros can be finicky tho.

You wait for just over a decade and you get a VR Prequel. Cool?

I insert 407,934,688,555.74 Bolívares.
That's 1 USD at the time of this post. Bolivares are the Venezuelan Currency.

Off Topic / Re: United States Politics Thread | Vaccine Federally Mandated
« on: September 09, 2021, 11:47:09 PM »

The voluntary phase is over.

Time to step up and do the right thing, before you regret it.

Linux is daily proving to me that Windows only has a foothold in desktop computers for having precedent.

Imagine having to restart your pc for every update.


Alright, we're starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

As long as everyone takes the FDA APPROVED vaccine, and soon the covid prevention pills and this will be over.

It's about time we got some good news.


This is the direction we needed to be going.

This is what we need to be doing. You need to be taking this vaccine, doing the right thing.
Or you're putting everyone around you at risk, and there are consequences.

Don't vaccinate you or your child. Then you don't deserve your child.

Let's hope this starts extending outward, so we can finally see an end to this pandemic.

Strange world we live in, where the desire for bodily autonomy is demonized and people froth at the mouth with anger at the concept of not licking government boot. I wish I could have whatever masochistic gene you weirdos have that allows you to so thoroughly enjoy the taste of leather, but alas.

The sad thing is, the vaccines are probably fine. Maybe. I mean, they're talking 5 month booster shots, which sounds like it'll be monthly, then weekly, then daily, because it was two weeks to slow the spread, and now it's been a year and a half. It was "herd immunity" but now it's 100% vaccination rate. Which is never going to happen by any reasonable means, so I'm just wondering why people still let Anthony move the goalpost so fast and so hard.

Still weird how the potentially less effective vaccine was the first one FDA approved. Same one that has the potential to shoot Pfizer profits through the absolute roof when we start having mandates + required booster shots on a regular basis. Equally weird how no one seems to care about the normalization of government mandated medical procedures. "Buh its an emergency!" Okay. Whatever. Lol

Also I'm taking bets on how many Americans get decapitated in the next few months due to Biden's active decision to ruin Annoying Orange's pull out deal

The 15 days to slow the spread would've ended at 15 days if you, and those like you, had done what you were told the first loving time.

Second those americans stuck in Afghanistan will have their blood on Annoying Orange's hands, not Bidens. This was Annoying Orange's deal this is Annoying Orange's fault.

Off Topic / Re: Why are we forced to get the \/@x?
« on: August 28, 2021, 09:52:20 AM »
"trust the doctors"

the same doctors that said cigs were healthy?
Those doctors are long dead Tony.

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