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Off Topic / Re: Hip-Hop Heads Megathread - The Heart pt. 4
« on: April 13, 2017, 07:13:01 PM »

carti's debut tape finally out
forget you for tricking me. saw carti live tho, it was lit.

People are blaming Annoying Orange for it.
literally nobody is doing this

Off Topic / Re: I'm posting from a train.
« on: April 12, 2017, 05:20:06 PM »
Have you ever been on the Auto Train line that goes from Sanford Florida to Lorton Virginia? It's pretty cool.

Sleeping on a train is pretty fun
Nah, I lived in FL for a while but never had the opportunity to ride any of their trans. Fortunately, I live in California now, and it's a bit of a paradise on the West for train stuff considering I'm a train autist

Off Topic / Re: I'm posting from a train.
« on: April 12, 2017, 05:10:19 PM »
if this topic derails will u derail in real life???

there i am
Unfortunately we have already derailed so I'm dead now thanks starfish

Notably, they forced the state to remove a 10-foot tall monument of the Ten Commandments that lie before the Oklahoma Capitol building--something I would actually consider to be offensive.
something I would actually consider to be offensive

Off Topic / Re: I'm posting from a train.
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:47:47 PM »
my mom works for amtrak or some stuff, she does the luxury trains n stuff. stuff's super cool
amtrak is pretty loving cool

i post on the train twice a day
so do i but this is amtrak so it's cooler

Off Topic / I'm posting from a train.
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:44:27 PM »

It's pretty cool. My review of Amtrak: Good stuff, good stuff. Your bathrooms suck, but hey, it's a train, what can I expect?


No but the only reason this is so widespread is because hes a chinese docter and chinese doctors are above the law godlike citizens in peoples eyes
are you loving kidding me

I live in europe and I barely heard about stockholm, what are you on about?

then why did you use the US version of the Guardian as evidence?

Who's in the wrong here?
who cares, that's not what we're talking about.

>>be me
<17, retarded, no friends
  < /pol/ and /r9k/ are my only sources of social interaction besides the blockland forums
hehe epic win right b/ros??
this is the best post in the entire thread

goddamn wind that blows and sucks? thats some freaky ass wind

my headventure continues in vietnam
absolutely wonderful post


What's even funnier is that it's incredibly obvious Espio doesn't even believe himself, that he's going with the edgiest opinion just for contrarianism's sake. He practically gave it away when he automatically assumed /pol/ agreed with his statement without actually going on /pol/ in the first place.
Espio and Master Matthew are the loving epitome of baseless wannabe-4chan edginess.

The entirity of /pol/
still you cant prove me wrong
*goes on 4chan once*

All he had to do was comply and wait an hour or so for his next flight but his ego was too big for that and decided he should be a loving starfish towards the airport authorities instead. I can bet my ten cents he probably provoked them too. Every normal human being would've complied.
You seem to have this very weird concept of how airlines do their business. It's not like they have just 'hourly flights' out of Louisville, it's probably got quite a bit longer of a timespan btw. the first flight and the second, rescheduled, flight. I have my doubts that he provoked them, and saying "every normal human being" would've complied is loving ridiculous -- if you're a doctor trying to get to your patients (at least, presumably in this case), would you want to wait for the next flight or what?

Plus, it's your seat. I'm sure at the end of the day you would be a little yankee doodle dandy about the situation.

Also people are taking this way out of proportion. A white straigt male punching something that isnt white? Facist! Unacceptable!
*goes on 4chan once*

also, nobody has made this a racial issue except for you and the other little retards on /pol/

EDIT: apparently not even /pol/ sought to make this a racial issue lol

But when a muslim terrorist kills a few people in stockholm you barely hear or see anything from it. You suddenly need to be tolerant because muh refugees.
Actually, I hear plenty, to be honest. And even so, have you ever heard of a little concept called proximity journalism? I learned this in middle school. It's the concept that if you are a journalist, you're going to report on things more that happened closer to the locale you're reporting from. So, if there's a brush fire in Maine, California newscasters aren't going to report on it because who cares, we're not in Maine, and if a terrorist attack happens in Stockholm and it isn't just absolutely catastrophic, who cares, we're not in Stockholm.

This is exactly the same as "he dindu nuffin" only with an asian instead of a black.
*goes on 4chan once*

McZealot if you really want to piss people off go to college at OU. The SJW culture here has been absurd ever sense the SAE incident. I think you'd get quite the laugh at the SJW's here, despite your belifs.
I'm planning on going to OU or UF, how bad is the situation, really, in OU? I'm not too oppsoed to SJW culture because really, it doesn't affect me, but I don't want to go to a school where it's wild like Berkeley.

It's not really edgy if you view the content. It's a joke page, and all of the content is written in obviously humorous manner. "Have an Unholy day!". The whole idea is that it's a Satanic Student group much under the same format as the Christian groups. Of course it's going to piss people off--but it's not really edgy. If I was like Pro-national socialist or something that'd be difference.
Yeah. There's Black Power clubs at my school as well as Hispanic Pride ones and some of the white kids (of which there are few, something like 4% of the entire student body) have joked about creating a "white student union". Of course, this would be met with rampant opposition for the fact that it's, you know, a white student union, but I don't see why it couldn't be done in good, clean fun.

something very important to this whole issue: zealot lives in oklahoma. probably the most if not one of the most conservative/christian states there is
which is weird, considering that's not one of the vibes i got when i lived in oklahoma (though I lived in Oklahoma City and Stillwater, which are both pretty librul towns for the Oklahoma standard).

i generally like lawsuits and this was a fascinating read but what you're doing with the "students for satan" stuff is really edgy, glad you've supposedly toned it down in recent times

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