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General Discussion / Re: What does username RLCBM stand for?
« on: January 02, 2024, 04:28:18 PM »
[img ][/img]
This is a very powerful image

rlcbm stares down a clock as he contemplates how to become one himself

General Discussion / Re: happy new year
« on: December 31, 2023, 11:49:39 PM »
Some screenshots i got from Queuenard's New Years server

I think the most it got was 119 or 120 players

General Discussion / Re: What does username RLCBM stand for?
« on: December 27, 2023, 05:21:59 PM »
This guy's days only consists of telling Blocklanders the time anywhere and everywhere they exist and nothing else

He can't possibly have time for anything else, even just to go to the bathroom

And he's already been doing this for years

General Discussion / Re: What does username RLCBM stand for?
« on: December 26, 2023, 10:11:37 PM »
real person, actually autistic as evidenced by chats in vc where he also talks exactly the same way as he does ingame

the backronym i know of best is "real life clock blockland man" due to his penchant for saying the time
But how does he do it? He does it everywhere he goes, and almost every minute in some places

He was even joining Kore's Christmas server occasionally to state the time only to immediately leave and repeat again later

Off Topic / Re: The Chronology of the Blockland Forums
« on: December 25, 2023, 07:35:07 AM »
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 30 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.
Almost forgot to keep this thread active

Merry Christmas from your local BLF chronologist

I get a mess of ASCII text ͟ ̴̵͜ ̸͘͟ ̸ ̨̛̛̀ ̛͡ ̶̵͘͜ ̴͞͠͏͠ ̵̨̢̀ ̵̕͘͞ ̧͜͜͝͡ ̷͡ ̵͢͝҉̛ ̷̨ ̨͏ ̨ ̀͘ ̶͜ ͝҉̛͘͜ ̸̛͝ ̴̨ ́͘ ҉̶̴̸̡ ̷͝͏̷ ̨ ҉̛ ̀͟͜ ͡͏͡ ̢̀͏̷͢ ̷̵̢̢͜ ҉̢̨̢ ̷̡̛̕ ҉̕͢͏ ̨ ̡͜ ̢͘͢͞ ̵̵ ̡̨̛̛͠ ̀҉ ̵̸́ ̵̡́͡ ̛͞ ̷͝ ͡͠ ̧͜͡͞ ̷̕͘ ̀͝͏͞ ̕͟͢ ̴͏̴͟ ̶̛͜͞

* Masterlegodude inserts the broom and dustpan used to sweep up the remains of I am bob

I would like to meet a lot of members from here in person, but I'd get self conscious about it all I think.
Any time there's been meetups at conventions or wherever, i wished i could have been a part of it, but i've never had an opportunity to do so, especially if it was somewhere out of state

Off Topic / Re: An Impossible Task
« on: December 14, 2023, 07:57:19 PM »

Off Topic / Re: Whamageddon 2023 (it begins)
« on: December 13, 2023, 11:41:29 AM »
been listening to the radio for the past 2 hours driving and so far the local station has played TWO covers and not the original. still going strong
Your local radio stations are run by zoomers with no taste in music

ikr? It's so weird to see. It's like BLF has done a 180 and suddenly everyone's showing their regrets over all the bad stuff they witnessed. For such a long time, the culture here was so centered around insults, drama, not getting called out as long as you were popular/funny, etc.
The BLF seems like it was a sort of highschool/college experience, as threads like these feel like old graduates/flunkies returning to their old stomping grounds to reminisce about the times they had and the friends they made

I think the best example of that was probably Bisjac. They never struck me as a good person from their posts, but I never knew they were apparently a groomer? They were always so popular for seemingly no reason, and no one really called them out very often from what I remember, but now we're seeing a decent amount of posts doing that.
A lot of us were probably too young and naive to notice or care, but there were a good few who did notice and tried to point it out, but they would just be ignored or overshadowed by whatever other discussion(s) were going on

And i assume people like Bisjac and Otis were never exiled because Badspot never noticed, cared, or was provided proof by those involved

You were gone for a few years and most assumed you were just done with Blockland, but then you came back all of a sudden and started posting like some low effort troll in the BCC, so Trinko was probably concerned about whether you were hacked or having some kind of mental breakdown

Honestly i was too, because we've had situations like this before with other members, but seeing as that was actually you, it was just an unnecessary act, and the moderators in the BCC just went with the assumption that you were hacked and banned your account because you neglected to come clean when you were confronted

viso and trinko are both cool, what happened? :(
I think Visolator's just going through some things right now and is having outbursts and cutting ties with people

They were doing a bit of trolling, pretending to be some guy who hacked their Discord account, prior to their removal from the BCC, so this screencap is all that was left after the moderators had to clean up

Off Topic / Re: Whamageddon 2023 (it begins)
« on: December 02, 2023, 07:21:25 PM »
also lost on day 1 along with like 4 other people because of pvp
(I played Last Christmas on my soundboard before disconnecting from a Lethal Company session)

I wonder a lot about whether all of the people I remember so fondly also remember me. if they think about me as often as I do them. do I occupy a space in skelolego's heart, like he does in mine? does gravity cat remember talking on MSN when our time zones lined up? I tend to assume they don't. I have an awful little maladaptive habit of thinking of myself as a background character in other people's lives. it's not very realistic, but I can't help it. maybe I need therapy lol. I find myself assuming that they must not think of me, since they stopped talking to me. but that's not really fair, because I stopped talking to them too
tbh i stopped messaging people first when I realized that I was actually a really obnoxious starfish with no social skills and literally nobody actually wanted to hear from me. Forums are okay because there's a topic, but one on one? Yeah no nobody wants that stuff.
I feel both of these sentiments

Creativity / Re: Drawings Megathread
« on: November 29, 2023, 11:30:46 AM »
this isn't even disguised anymore
Was it ever?

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