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Modification Help / Re: [Blender] New DTS plugin
« on: December 20, 2017, 08:42:00 PM »
Should I use subtractive blending then?

EDIT: I think it has something to do with concavity of models. Going to test that idea.

Modification Help / Re: [Blender] New DTS plugin
« on: December 20, 2017, 07:42:00 PM »
Check your materials and make sure that transparency and additive, or subtractive blending isn't enabled on them

Or maybe your LODs are inconsistent?

Transparency was fine. Blending was all additive, which works with the hands.

Groups are all detail32, should they be different? Playermodel uses detail100, should I try that?

EDIT: Tried detail100, didn't work.

Modification Help / Re: [Blender] New DTS plugin
« on: December 20, 2017, 07:26:22 PM »
I think that might have to do with BL's shader's more than DTS modeler...

That screenshot was taken in v20. Here's v21 with max shaders:

Works fine.

Modification Help / Re: [Blender] New DTS plugin
« on: December 20, 2017, 07:07:50 PM »

Any idea what causes these bizarre shadow errors?

Modification Help / Re: Image slot 1 items failing to animate
« on: December 18, 2017, 09:19:39 PM »
I did some more looking and the reason it breaks is pretty dumb. I said both altTrigger and setImageTrigger will do the same thing as far as the server is concerned, but it turns out the way the game orders events it will cause setImageTrigger to execute before player trigger processing executes. So you can try and set trigger 1 to on, and the server will treat it just like the player sent the input, but input processing will cuck it back to off later in the same tick... lol

BUT that doesn't explain why the akimbo guns work just fine. There's also a state field called stateFire[n] that has to be true for the firing animation state, with that set setImageTrigger will still go through the motion of being set back to whatever the client has it, however there's something left over that is still sent to the client that will actuate the state change in a different way. This means stateFire[2] = true should fix it.

The whole image state system seems pretty slapped together/concrete so I'm not surprised there turns out to be a billion ways to do a specific thing that work just fine abstract... it's pretty disappointing how limited it turned out despite what looks like an attempt to add cool functionality to certain weapon states.

OH, and you have stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[0] where you define all the info that otherwise uses [2].

Thanks for all your help! stateFire[2] worked perfectly (and that was a good catch on stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[0], that fixed another problem I had)!

I'll leave the thread open in case you guys figure anything out about the akimbo guns.

Modification Help / Re: Image slot 1 items failing to animate
« on: December 18, 2017, 04:49:55 PM »
this is actually caused by a glitch where blockland decides that it doesnt need to update the image states on the client side I'm still not 100% sure what causes it and it plagues me all the time, could you show your image states and code and I can give you some ideas on how to make it update

Absolutely, here are the image states:

Code: [Select]
stateName[0]                     = "Activate";
stateTimeoutValue[0]             = 0.2;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[0]      = "Ready";

stateName[1]                     = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[1]  = "Fire";
stateAllowImageChange[1]         = true;

stateName[2]                     = "Fire";
stateSequence[2]                 = "fire";
stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[0]  = "FireDelay";
stateScript[2]                   = "onFire";
stateTimeoutValue[2]             = 0.05;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[2]      = "Reload";

stateName[3]                     = "FireDelay";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[3]      = "Fire";
stateTimeoutValue[3]             = 0.1;

stateName[4]                     = "Reload";
stateSequence[4]                 = "reload";
stateScript[4]                   = "onReload";
stateTimeoutValue[4]             = 1.0;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[4]      = "Rack";

stateName[5]                     = "Rack";
stateSequence[5]                 = "rack";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[5]      = "Ready";
stateTimeoutValue[5]             = 0.5;

And the function that executes when the right gun is fired:

Code: [Select]
function blueSMGHandsImage::onFire(%this, %obj, %slot)
%obj.setImageTrigger(1, 1);
echo("Right hand fired");

The echo is there for testing and will be removed later.

... If the animation names are all the same...

They are, and they use almost exactly the same code. The only thing I added was to eject shells when the right hand fires.

Modification Help / Re: Image slot 1 items failing to animate
« on: December 17, 2017, 07:45:03 PM »
Okay, so altTrigger is for debugging - in any case, the onfire script runs (I tested that earlier with echo() in the onfire function).

altTrigger causes the animation, but setImageTrigger doesn't. Both run the onfire script successfully, which as you said doesn't make any sense. I'm going to test again with another echo() in the onFire function to make sure, though...

EDIT: Yeah, both hands are apparently running their onFire functions.

Modification Help / Re: Image slot 1 items failing to animate
« on: December 17, 2017, 06:55:56 PM »
It isn't a player animation; it's a sequence animation. Sorry for not clarifying. It does use the state system as well, statesequence[n] is changed for all n that have corresponding animations, and the state is executed (assuming setimagetrigger(1, 1) is working right). I based most of the system off the akimbo guns anyway, but made sure they don't alternate but fire simultaneously.

I'll have a look at altTrigger - what's that from?

EDIT: Found altTrigger, gonna try to implement it into the weapon. Thanks a ton!

Modification Help / Image slot 1 items failing to animate
« on: December 17, 2017, 03:02:37 PM »
I'm trying to make a two-handed weapon that reflects what the user's hands are (i.e. hooks vs hands). The system works, and when the weapon fires, both hands fire at the same time - the issue with it is that when the right hand fires, the left hand doesn't animate at all, despite firing correctly (its function for the fire state runs, so I know it's being fired). The image works correctly when used in slot 0.

Is there any reason why a slot 1 item wouldn't animate when it animates in slot 0?

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