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General Discussion / Re: we found badspot's stock sound effect cd
« on: September 07, 2020, 07:06:33 PM »
i love these loops oh my god thats it in making a legit blockland beat

EDIT: hours later and many laughs to myself i made one...i might try a more complex one once i figure out my linux + ableton setup more.

Off Topic / Re: annual check in
« on: September 07, 2020, 04:27:22 PM »

ayy i got meddle too!

for me i've been through a weird series of ups and downs...currently on a up. end of 2019 was kinda bad, i got into a car accident by taking a left and a impatient old lady came out of a side street and hit me hard. i wasn't hurt nor the idiot driver, however i had to get a new car after JUST paying it off.

after all of that i kinda just slowed down a bit, but other than that i've been doing fine.

General Discussion / Re: Ten years today
« on: June 22, 2020, 09:59:48 AM »
12+ now for me wtf

Drama / Re: -Blockhead- THE DRAMA | aka Braydon THE DRAMA v2
« on: June 07, 2020, 02:08:18 PM »
bruh that's a macro. i used to do that when i wanted to load in images like img2bls or whatever.

Off Topic / Re: Why would anyone still use a record player?
« on: May 13, 2020, 08:05:12 PM »
i'll admit, i collect records. do i play them EVERY day? no. do i prefer them over CDs? yes.

i pay for spotify and primarily listen to it, but when i really obsess about a particular artist i end up slowly buying their discography.

recently i've gone on a dumb quest to obtain a copy of a super rare avalanches record, "undersea community." last fall i ended up finally getting that record FROM JAPAN shipped to me.

it's gotten to the point for me where i hit 80+ of these plastic discs and i haven't bought many due to the fact i really just don't have time to go to the local book store or record store and hunt.

hell, i found bottomless pit (death grips) at a secondhand DVD shop with newer selection of repressings and modern releases. for me at this point, it's like when i want a glass of fine wine forsay, i pick a record out from my shelf, brush it off, drop the needle, and sit back with my headphones on.

oops i meant would get in involved, not wouldn't. ^^ forgot about the no edits thing, darn.

Uhhh yeah what Canis said is true he has done that to me as well in my server. There were quite a few people there at the time if I recall. (Im James in game)

i can affirm, i was also there

let me be clear on this: as long as there was clear evidence on the whole child enthusiasm stuff, i wouldn't get involved.

now that this is all confirmed by multiple people (including my own sources), i'll leave my own accounts of bobzilla from brickadia here. i am not one for having inter-game drama. there was a whole post on that on myself about that from years ago here and trust me, i'm totally against it. however, in this case this is true. this is a 1:1 mirror of exactly what canis describes in his posts.

whenever he started to crash servers, i remember him specifically describing on crashing NUMEROUS servers and bloating about it. the fact he even had admin privs on this server concerns me, especially due to the recent actions he has taken on blockland. i was on a discord call with ghillie and aware last saturday night and i saw him trying to pedal his music to him, which ghillie does happen to produce music. that went from music to his "demonic thoughts" right afterwards.

then once bobzilla went overboard and started doing exactly what was going on in this thread, i was notified his key was revoked. i happened to see him on the base4's server, the server he has admin on, just being totally chipper and happy like he didn't lose his only BL key. i even mentioned in the chat, "pretty chipper for having your key revoked, huh?" and he really wasn't that mad about it.

once canis posted he was on the brink of losing his mind on my own server. hours of him going on about him "deleting brickadia" because of it, then another user joins and he starts pedaling his music and feelings, then he finally realizes he probably should get going since i wasn't really keen of him on the server to begin with, and that's when i banned him.

Quote from: My Brickadia Server Log
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.56.09:469][520]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: did anyone see the forums post"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.56.16:430][728]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: canis exposed some saucy details"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.56.32:153][198]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: uhm, it might be sent to Sylvanor"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.56.45:302][591]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: since it pretty much turns me into a 'stay away from that creep' guy"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.57.03:504][135]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: basically I stalked canis"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.57.13:642][438]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: talked about some of the most godawful forgeted up stuff"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.57.27:092][840]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: and no wonder why he posts it in the forums"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.57.42:015][286]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: steered clear right after that but I had a bit of a fixation to say the least"
bout: "[2020.05.08-05.57.57:838][759]LogChat: TheRealBobzilla: the forums post... wish it didn't exist"

in conclusion, i had red flags pop up in my head about this guy and from others, and all i want to do is share what has happened in the past few days from what i saw. this guy really needs to go to a therapist and stay off the internet.

Off Topic / Re: [TWITCH] - gta4 shenanigans
« on: January 27, 2020, 12:43:20 PM »
WTF when I click the link my browser flashes and it doesnt open... weird

i thought it was html5 already, damn. also @umba you don't need to post if you're not gonna watch LMAO.

locking cuz im offline on twitch.

Off Topic / [TWITCH] - gta4 shenanigans
« on: January 23, 2020, 08:00:18 PM »
i haven't done this in a million years but watch as niko bellic becomes a fidget spinner.

General Discussion / Re: your favorite/most remembered servers
« on: January 13, 2020, 10:52:05 PM »
its ok i miss blockoworld too ;)

there's a few servers i literally miss and cannot recreate because either lost save files or does not work with the latest version of BL:

AviAlliance - this was mack's flying clan at the time (after blockintosh) the only thing i miss was the fact we used rtb isles for the airport islands, so it made it fun to island hop from one airport to another. this was also the reason why the jetpack mod was ever created, it was for the clan free flight server

Tape's skiing clan - another instance of a vehicular style clan where the server was on kitchen and the whole thing was covered in ramps and other objects to ski on. hilariously fun and i somehow made it into the clan then.

Jogur's Dogfight - holy stuff how can i not include this?!?! too many fun memories on that server.

when i did new years 2010 and 2011 - ok this is a weird one to pick but i do have to say i really want to just look back after 10/9 years of that. the 2010 one was just a box with lights and a dance floor, working print clock, and ELEVATORS!!! kalphiter was involved for this year's NYE. 2011 was more of a light show experiment and was a blast even though my upload speed was trash.

BlockoWorld. All years. - YEAH OK I MISS IT. there's no way i can ever recreate this event ever since clans are essentially dead. i have recently loaded up all of the blockoworld on brickadia for the hell of it, and just looking back at how crazy it was to actually coordinate such a event when i was practically a teenager blows my mind. i've tried crazy ideas recently but there's really no traction for these kind of events anymore. i will mention a few key things about blockoworld that i thought was cool. the 2009 show was pretty lit and i didn't have enough space, but block wars was there and that blew my mind then (the video was practically new at the time). i still remember we had a teamspeak 2 set up for blockoworld, and zoneark happened to be in it. he had a burger stand, i went up to it and he went on voice and said, "hey, want a burger?" and i was like, "sure." he comes out of the booth, puts down a 2x2 round down, paints it brown, and just sits on it. 2010 i remember was another nutty year because someone opened the server up early. in fact, i had someone call me on my actual phone about this (i think it was surburb.) other than that, was a dope show. 2011 was another box situation to accommodate for more booths, and IMO this was probably the best year we ever had. 2012 was the last official blockoworld, was smaller, and felt right. i tried a few more times but after that year it was done and over with, there's just not enough traction to do it. i'd love to do it again. i wish i could.

alright here's my current and actual PC loadout:

main custom rig running arch linux.

HP ProDesk running windows server 2019. it's for openttd and other dedicated tasks

raspberry pi zero w (raspian lite) - originally for pihole, will be my VPN access point

lenovo thinkpad x140e (win10) - the mobile setup, it's not powerful at all. it's meant to be a surfin the web and playing GTA:SA while traveling kinda thing

the other two are a little........derp.

a working iMac G3 (mac os 9.1 ATM) in bondi blue


my modded 1989 macintosh SE. has a new "SSD" (SCSI2SD) and motherboard battery. needs to be recapped at some point but IT WORKS!!!! (dual boots system 7 and system 6)

oh i also did something funny with it but i have to upload it on youtube at some point...

Off Topic / Re: 4 Dead, 2 Wounded in Mass Stabbing
« on: August 09, 2019, 04:36:11 PM »
What ever happened to sirherg1 anyway?

he stopped all the yt stuff after he went to school in japan. he also has a gf (long distance from minnesota) and has been going around the country for fun. i think he also does some dota 2 stuff on yt as well.

Off Topic / Re: day discussion topic i guess [day 1122]
« on: August 09, 2019, 03:40:41 PM »
hi y'all. just peepin here bc im bored and i have nothing better to do.

just got this grado black2 phono cartridge, been spinning all of my vinyl and god it sounds good.

Off Topic / Re: 4 Dead, 2 Wounded in Mass Stabbing
« on: August 09, 2019, 03:36:59 PM »
i daily carry a dewalt knife on me. this is what my mom is afraid of me doing.

speaking of which, at my job a county sheriff cop walked in and he was like, "is there anyone else here other than you?" due to the fact of my skinny white ass and i pulled my knife after asking me if i have a baseball bat under the counter (gas station / auto repair shop job.) the cops here are loving lulzy man.

just recently another sheriff cop walked into the bathroom and came out while i was sweeping. he stopped and told me, "dude did you know about the needles on the floor?" i loving lost it.

NINJA: i also dropped my dewalt knife in the john hanrooster building in front of sirherg1, was a loving night.

Off Topic / Re: what have you guys done this summer?
« on: July 16, 2019, 10:31:31 AM »
work, work trip, work.

i really wanna go to a cubs game in the next few weeks....that might happen.

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