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Off Topic / Re: Personal Text:Yolo, I'm Solo.
« on: November 30, 2023, 09:02:55 PM »
so did ur character christoffels jezahn do well 9 years ago

Off Topic / Re: What was Blockland?
« on: September 11, 2023, 02:30:06 PM »

What the hell is wrong with you, man? What reason do you even have to get all hostile and condescending to this post? What is it with you handicaps and having the need to stuff on simple posts critiquing their own experience and perspective? Are the only people left on this forum loving keyboard warriors?

What were you expecting when you have a forum full of children and young teens?
I mean, not very much...? What is your point here? Can we not laugh at the way we acted here a decade ago? You are literally just trying to come up with pseudo bullstuff to argue about.

When you were maturing? You're rather quick to distance yourself from the posts you made as a child, yet here you are almost proudly displaying your ebin takes when you were an 11 y/o with amusement in the same breath.
Do you have a problem with me being "proud"? It was funny. All of us were stupid. Would you rather me and the rest of us throw ourselves into a loving pit of fire for spazzing out on a lego forum when we were like 10? I would rather laugh at my past and make fun of it because it is an example of how not to act like a handicap in public. When you eventually have a kid and he makes fun of himself as an adult for throwing tantrums as a toddler, are you going to instigate and spew out a loving lengthy ass rant at him? Try and develop a sense of humor, it helps.

Dude you're 18; you're an adult exclusively in the legal sense. You are not out of the woods.

I'm going to spare the future you the extra embarrassment of not critiquing the rest
Where do you live? Badass HQ?

In 2 to 8 years tops you'll (hopefully) remember posting this, lying awake at night staring at your ceiling wishing you didn't.
Hmm, I suppose you're right. When I posted this, I had forgotten that basically everyone on this forum only really pretends to play or care about the game. Surely, I'll be literally wide-eyed in bed, in 8 years, thinking "Aw forget... My random post eight years ago on a dying forum about my own thoughts on the game and it's community made random angry people get hostile and try their hardest to stuff on my ego." Did you think you were cutting deep with that? That's pathetic. Try again.

Actually, don't bother. Maybe all the people who actually grew up and matured wisened up and got off this forum while they still could, so now all that's left are angry handicaps who have low self esteem that either:
A). Can't loving read and will jump to conclusions so they can instigate and argue for no reason
B). Try very hard to instigate and argue for no reason
will continue to stuff on people because they are not deemed popular enough, or they are simply immature, or they have a lack of self esteem. Something like that. All you have to do is be nice. All I wanted was to share my point of view and all you want to do is argue. You can criticize me, but calm the forget down. I'm locking this stuff. Remember kids, doubledank66 was right.

Badspot created a fairly successful game in a time when there weren't a billion other lego or even building or even online indie games out there, and yet he went nowhere. Why? Because he is not a good or nice person, and that is why his community was known for being not good, for being not nice, and it's why this game died when it did

Off Topic / Re: What was Blockland?
« on: September 10, 2023, 08:35:36 PM »
Wait am I understanding this right: OP is butthurt about drama topics close to 10 years old and he's saying those people from back then should have touched grass? They get banned for being a piece of stuff then come back crying still not understanding why they got banned?

forget bro this is so much more pathetic if I'm not confused about something.

Read the post dude. I made it very clear that I was rightfully banned for being a handicapped spastic little kid. I merely thought it was funny how serious they took it and how angry they got considering how much older they were than I.

Edit: That literally isn't even the point of the post either. I was pointing out what I did half a decade ago and I wanted to talk about my own perspective on Blockland since everyone is grieving right now.

Off Topic / Re: What was Blockland?
« on: September 10, 2023, 03:10:14 PM »
blockland isn't dead- there was a whopping 3 people playing soccer scrimmage yesterday. that's 3 more than 0 so take that

Dude DON'T look at the blockland servers right now.

Off Topic / Re: What was Blockland?
« on: September 10, 2023, 02:37:49 PM »
What response were you expecting, exactly?
This is the correct reaction.
It was a forum full of dumb kids who posted gross stuff and insulted each other.
Before the Internet I'm sure kids threw rocks at each other and poked dead animals and laughed at dog snakees in real life or whatever, and they didn't grow up to 'reflect' on how those experiences 'traumatized' them.

The only reason it seems like so many people were impacted negatively by the BLF is because the most socially well-adjusted 95% of its users probably left to do cool real life stuff and rarely-if-ever looked back.
Also the reason the game/community lost popularity is just that it couldn't compete on a technical level with games like Roblox and Minecraft.
While Badspot may have made questionable decisions in the past, including 'has an opinion about video games' in the list of things worth criticism diminishes creditability.

Dang. My bad for putting down some of my own perspectives and ramblings/insight about this game and it's community, post-mortem.

Off Topic / Re: What was Blockland?
« on: September 10, 2023, 02:00:15 PM »

Off Topic / What was Blockland?
« on: September 09, 2023, 09:56:11 PM »
Looking back, a lot of the drama on this forum was pretty pathetic. It never really took much for some crybaby to write an entire drama thread for not liking you because you're acting immature or some stuff. Cough cough, Lord Tony
7 years ago, when I was a handicapped 11 year old, I was glad to have been the center of one in which I managed to set off a stuff ton of dumb teenagers on a lego forum.
I am supermarioRX1029.

I could list off so many funny takes of mines, but I would fill up this entire thread doing so, so I implore you to look into it yourself. Just incredible, immaculate, words of intellect, really. I think about how Badspot had to wake up the next day to see that his community was arguing with this one random handicap posting this stupid stuff, lol. Reading some of the stuff I had said back then makes me cackle, and even more so when I think about how all of those people were taking an argument with an 11 year old so seriously. But honestly, this forum did teach me a bit of a lesson on how to not act like a complete loving idiot online as I was maturing. But looking at the forum now, all I've seen is people looking in retrospect on what this community used to be, or what it could have been. Everyone is grieving, sortof. This community, on the surface, was friendly if you were an innocent Blockland player just playing the game and getting along with people on the servers the players had to offer. But once you got too deep, once you started hanging around the likes of the people on this forum is when it got forgeted up. This place did expose me to some weird stuff before I had even hit puberty. I remember being a part of the Blockland Furries discord with my friend, for whatever reason, because I used to absolutely hate all things furry and research. I think I was in there just to speak with people from Blockland, and I remember regularly just stuffting on people like Prjizevire for being weird. It was long ago, so a lot of my memory regarding that time is quite vague, but as I was reading over this forum the other day, I saw mention of Pie Crust and his incident in which he posted a stuff ton of dog research to the server.

Don't click this if you have a weak stomach. The material is censored, but barely.
I was the G A V I N guy. I forgot I was even there when that happened... like that memory was just so far in the back of my mind. I just remember thinking that he was handicapped and nasty and I probably just went on with my day after. Looking at Swollow's final message to badspot, and their use of phrase "handicapped and traumatized children", this place, looking back, really was forgeted up. Sometimes I wonder if Prjizevire knew what the hell he was doing erping with people in the single digits back in Blockland Furries. He was like 14 though, no offense to him should he happen to read this. Compared to other competitive titles such as Roblox, or Minecraft... Blockland was the game to be abandoned and never change as a result. Now one is a stuffty soulless corporate monopoly and the other is a stuffty grindfest with mediocre updates. No matter how you look at these games, they simply are not as fun anymore, just like Blockland. But technically, it never changed. We did.

Blockland right now is basically the exact same game that we would have so much fun on a decade ago. But at this point, I doubt anyone would really care if the there was a blue moon, and the loving stars aligned on Friday the 13th and V22 happened to release. We can't fight change, and we can't fight growing up no matter how hard we try. My little brother has started using my Wii lately, and sometimes when he leaves it on, the menu music and the interface will draw me in. I'll sit down, and I'll stare at the screen thinking about how a decade ago, there was time where I would play on this console night and day just beating people up in Brawl. And now my brother's sort of doing the same. It's like he inherited the Wii from me. It's a strange thought. Life will always go on, things will come, things will go. One day every single one of us who has posted on this forum will die and the world will keep spinning and we'll be being read about a century later. All of these things that we've enjoyed online have made an impact on humanity, and people will one day look at it just like how people look back on stuff like old mickey mouse cartoons.

Also, on the topic of Badspot, when I was young, I used to think badspot was cool and deserved respect until I grew up and realized he was a loving stupid ignorant research addicted incellious manchild. I don't really know if he was any better back then compared to now, but I imagine so. It needs no introduction, but his handicapped article where he throws a tantrum about how every woman in every videogame ever isn't a peak 11/10 big boobie super love goddess says plenty. Change didn't do that dumb bastard very well, and I think everyone on this forum has made that pretty clear. I wonder when he'll shut this forum down. Subpixel seems to be rotating boards, so he's probably making an archive right now. It is quite sad to see what this forum has become, but it's time to move on and continue on with our lives. It's nice to look back on what this place was, maybe not so good to regret what we should have done regarding certain bad actors, but it's all in the past now and we should focus on making the present and future better. Sorry for my meltdown half a decade ago.

Well, those are some of my ramblings. Farewell Blockland, that game where you built stuff!

is there finna be an archive to this forum if it ends up shutting down

you get richard cheese

i put in loving hardcore ass motherloving thermonuclear loving bomb

Music / Re: My room
« on: April 20, 2022, 11:24:20 PM »
This helps me sleep at nitght thanks

Forum Games / Re: Describe the above user's avatar with one word v2
« on: December 06, 2020, 11:46:01 PM »

Off Topic / Re: What are your thoughts on Half-Life Alyx so far?
« on: March 26, 2020, 04:17:16 AM »
waiting til i get vr and avoiding spoilers to get the full experience because i am a peasant bitch

Off Topic / Re: a thank you
« on: November 02, 2019, 08:03:07 PM »
i started as an immature stuff, got insulted a lot for being a dumb stuff, and learned "don't act like that!"

this, but it took me a while

Off Topic / Re: red or black liquorice
« on: May 17, 2019, 09:01:13 AM »
i have literally never heard of liquorice in my entire life

Off Topic / Re: A car crashed into my house
« on: May 01, 2019, 02:22:54 PM »
sry i ran over a banana peel

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