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Ah hello bedpost

Your perception of black freedom is marred by regressive left black radicals. The fact that liberal ideology has engulfed all corners of communication is dumb but that isnt some trade-off for the funding gap in zoned schools and collapse of infrastructure in black neighborhoods which the government does nothing about

You only see the superficial problem that gives you an excuse to dismiss the actual threats to the black people. It's like if I was autistic and said "white Republicans are rich, therefore poor white people don't exist" and completely alienated the struggling lower class whites that occupy various coal towns
Alright then let me put away the bias I have been fed and give you the benefit of the doubt. How do you suppose we really fix the problems? It may be the politicians fault but they aren't the only ones to blame for these problems. What about the people themselves living and not attempting to help progress it? I've been through stuffty neighborhoods back and forth, and from what the stereotypes say I can believe that they're not wrong. I'd like to see a party that actually helps latinos and black people, but if they can't help themselves how do we help them?

How are rights from black people being violated in any way? Civil rights laws prevent that and to this day anyone that says monday to an individual is most likely to either be fired, shunned by the public, or sometimes prosecuted. But bias HAS infiltrated our law system, so apparently it doesn't apply to the other skin color because they're people of color. It seems as if the majority white people who are just like any other people are being punished for what others have done a long time ago.

When you continue to ramble about these 'black rights', know that Black people are now being defeated by the chad Mexican immigrants who the US wants to stop them from coming. Pretty soon, it'll no longer be about black people anymore. It's already happening. The only reason why we're making a fuss about this crap because... well you probably know.

Anyway politics is dumb and we should just get together and stop hating each other. We are both minorities in this country.

Like we're just some asset rather than an actual struggling people in need of reform.
Black people are not struggling? You're freer than a dog out of his leash? Hell even black supremacists are making white people kiss their shoes.
In an ideal universe someone would form a black interest political party that would focus on helping marginalized and disadvantaged groups

It happened, and it miserably failed.

wtf do you need a team for bitch you just build a giant wooden stick figure and light it on fire
Moderation and other stuff like building it and eventing it. OF course I can just use the FireMod, but it might get too overloaded! :cookieMonster:

is this gonna be like your olympics or is it actually going to happen
It's actually going to happen, already got a team. If you're interested you could join.

Drama / Re: Is bedpost back?
« on: July 11, 2018, 09:52:28 AM »
1. bepdost is acting like this for a reason, probably to fool you guys into thinking he has changed
2. he is actually proven to be ban on sight
3. its only been a few loving days and you friends are already defending him like he has been good for months like celau
la creatura...

unless you type the message into console like commandToServer('messageSent',"AAGND-HSZF-GZSL-XB9K");
THX 4 KEY  :cookieMonster:

General Discussion / Re: Blockland Glass Hosting Service [Guests!]
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:07:00 AM »
What's going on?

This is what happens when I try to get into my server's control panel...

It's stuck in starting...

Also the date is forgeted up, so is this dead or what?

Edit : It's now working, but still I feel that this side project is a bit abandoned.

Drama / Re: Is bedpost back?
« on: July 11, 2018, 12:06:17 AM »
When You Troll A Libtard Epic Style

Drama / Re: Is bedpost back?
« on: July 10, 2018, 11:36:57 PM »
I mean I haven't really done anything bad, and I came back because I like the game. It's my right as an American to decide whether or not I want to buy something.

Also good to note that I had to ignore Verification now since he's been trying to get a trigger out of me.
go away bedpost
you go away bedpost
go away bedpost
bedpost is the one to roulë them all

General Discussion / Blockland Burning Man 2018 | Cancelled
« on: July 10, 2018, 11:30:00 PM »

What is this? (Summary of Burning Man & The Event)
Burning Man is a place in the middle of nowhere, A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers. Where beautiful anarchy spawns in, and where creativity shines. Just like the Electric Daisy Carnival, Burning Man is one of the big events that are currently happening and will be happening by the end of August and beginning of September. I decided that I would like to host an event to commemorate our creative community and make use of some of the best we have to offer. So, I'm beginning creation and production of the Burning Man 2018 event. I currently am the only one working on this and I plan to continue working on this a bit further, possibly finalizing a dedicated host by the beginning of August. Statement is now obsolete, we have a dedicated server up and running and we are currently working on this at a fast pace. We expect to possibly start the event by the middle of August.

Bedpost (230070) - Host/Builder/Chief
GreenBH (181263) - Eventer/Builder
InhumanThree1 (46183) - Moderation/Testing
Warzone(197321) - Moderation

Interested in joining? Send a forum PM or contact me on Discord at Smoke#2801

Any more information?
We have a Discord where you can communicate and get announcements when we can't get on BLF. I am also on Blockland Glass, you can find me in the general chat possibly.

Off Topic / Do you eat Nutella with a spoon?
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:32:56 PM »
Nutella is delicious, but alone is like god stuff in your mouth. So do you like it?

Drama / Re: Col. Burton - toxic forum vigilante
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:29:07 PM »
Col. Burton proves yet another point that he is not fit to be part of our beloved forum.

Drama / Re: Is bedpost back?
« on: July 10, 2018, 08:16:05 PM »
are u stupid cuz thats bedpost
Verified brothers be like

Games / Re: So wtf was Age of Time?
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:53:48 PM »
Just don't ever port anything from Age of Time to Blockland or else Badspot will kick your donkey

I posted the last thread on AoT, but even though it was I wanted to still get on AoT because it was fun and I haven’t gotten anywhere yet. I hope that source code is released so we can Return to that Age of Time.

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