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Modification Help / Model Open Source - Model Dump
« on: July 27, 2015, 10:32:02 PM »
Model Dump

Ive made quite a few models in the past years, however I have nothing to do with them. In this topic Ill be listing all models I have in reserve that Id like to see be used. Id like to see things done with these models that Ive literally been sitting on for years.

If you want to get a model you can either: PM me directly asking for the models in question / ask in topic for a link.

If you have any questions as to what a model is, click on it for a 3D preview with proper titles.

If you would rather look through the complete listings of my p3d account Ill link the folders:

Hats (Hat Mod Models)
Instruments (Instrument Mod Models)

- Non-linked models are not for grabs
- Models will not come with textures unless asked for
- Delivery times may vary due to scheduling
- Delivery will come in the form of a PM to the recipient in .obj format (Specify format otherwise)

Models - Misc.




Clothes: (Im going to be making more at some point. I do have plans for these.)




Bots, Playertypes and AIs






Off Topic / Post songs that describe you
« on: July 13, 2015, 08:35:45 PM »
Post a song that describes you.

Add-Ons / Brick_Locks
« on: July 07, 2015, 01:58:58 AM »
Lock Bricks

Info: A pack of four over-sized lock bricks for over the top locking purposes. One for each of the default key variants because its more convenient or something.

Each brick acts like a door brick. When activated the lock unlocks/opens like a door. CW and CCW animations are the same.
It just opens.

How to use: You can use these bricks as you want, but this is how I intended to use them.

Best used in front of a door to emphasize a locked door, mainly for the visual representation.
(This effect can work with most locked items, not just doors)
After the lock open animation plays, have the lock fake kill or disappear. Opposite for reverse effect.
...or you can do what you want with them. I mean, what do I know about anything...

Add-Ons / Hatmod by Boodals & JakeBlade v4.2 (Update)
« on: June 10, 2015, 07:44:01 PM »
And after more than a year, the hat randomizer's finally been fixed.


Random hat tick
Every 10 minutes, every player has a 5% chance to get a random hat.
Super admins can change the time and chance, or disable totally (See prefs).

Duplicate hats
You can get more than one of a hat type.
You can give away duplicate hats using the /giveHat [Player] [Hat] command.
Super admins can change whether players can get duplicate hats.
Super admins can toggle the /giveHat command.

Hat Items
Hats can be spawned as an item for display purpose.
They cannot be picked up. Adding one to your inventory does nothing.
The host can disable this to save datablocks (See prefs).

Hats save
Hats will save on the server automatically.
The host can change the file name of the save location using RTB, or through console. (See prefs)
Any player can clear their own hats using /clearHats.
The /clearHats command can be disabled for non-SA (see prefs).
Super admins can use /clearHats [Player] to clear [Player]'s hats.
Attempting to clear hats will ask you to confirm what your doing.

Client > GrantHat > [Hat name] [Limit] [Amount]
Grants client the hat. If limit is set (checkbox), only grant the hat if the player doesn't have the hat already.
Only super admins can place this event.

Player > setHat > [Hat name]
Sets the worn hat of the player.
Can take off hats by using None or Off.
Only admins can place this event.

Bot > setHat > [Hat name]
Same as Player > setHat
Anyone can place this event.

VCE variables
If you have VCE enabled, then variables will be created.

<var:player:wornHat> The hat that the player is currently wearing.
<var:client:totalHats> The total amount of hats the client has. Not effected by prefs.
<var:client:uniqueHats> Same as above, but doesn't include duplicate hats.
<var:client:hatCount_[HAT]> The amount of hats the client has. Replace [HAT] with a hat name.
Instead of spaces, put underscores ( _ ).
<var:client:hasHat_[HAT]> 1 if the client has the hat, otherwise 0.
<var:brick:ownerTotalHats> Same as <var:client:totalHats>, but for the brick's owner.
<var:brick:ownerUniqueHats> Same as <var:client:uniqueHats>, but for the brick's owner.
<var:brick:ownerHatCount_[HAT]> Same as <var:client:hatCount_[HAT]> but for the brick's owner.
<var:brick:ownerHasHat_[HAT]> Same as <var:client:hasHat_[HAT]> but for the brick's owner.
<var:global:hatCount> The amount of registered hats on the server.

Simplewell compatible
Simplewell hats that are in your add-ons folder will be loaded.
It isn't recommended that you use these. I cannot promise that they will work.
Do NOT turn these on in the add-ons list.

Randomized Hats
If you use random or rand instead of a hat in some commands and events, it will automatically choose a random hat.

Preferences (prefs)
Configure HatMod to behave how you want, using RTB or slash commands.
Change the random hat time with /hatTime [Time] (SA only).
Change the chance to get a random hat with /hatChance [Chance] (SA only).
Disable random hats by setting the chance or time to 0.
Toggle whether players can get duplicate hats with /DuplicateHats (SA only).
Toggle the /clearHats command for non-SAs with /hatClearing (SA only).
Toggle the /giveHat command with /hatSharing (SA only).
Let all players have access to all hats with /hatAccess (SA only). If you turn this off, the players will not have gained all the hats.
Toggle whether hats are spawnable as items with /hatItems (Host only). Having this enabled doubles the datablock count, and takes up a lot of space in the item list. You will need to restart the server for this to take effect.
Force everyone to have a random hat they have access to with /forceRandomHats (SA only).

Serverless Update Notifier
A unique update notifier system that does not require me to host a website.
Basically, each client tells the server what version they have, and the server tells the outdated clients to update.
There are safety catches to prevent people faking updates.

Q: I installed the hat pack X, but it isn't shown in the add-on list!
A: Hat packs do not show up in the add-on list. This is perfectly normal, and the hats will be in game.

Q: I cant wear any hats!
A: Say /listHats. If you don't see any hats, then you have not installed any hat packs. Go download one.
If you do see hats, then see the HOW TO GET HATS section.

Q: I cant pick up any hats!
A: No you cant. Hat items are for display purpose only. Again, see HOW TO GET HATS.


First, simply download a Hat pack, and place it in your add-ons folder.
The hat pack will not show up in the add-ons list. This is perfectly normal.
By default, everyone on the server (who is not afk) will have a 5% chance to get a random hat every 10 minutes.
If you want a specific hat, as a Super Admin you can say /grantHat [Player] [Hat] where [Player] is the name of the player you want to give the hat to.
Alternatively, Super Admins can say /hatAccess to let everyone have access to all hats. Its worth noting that this does not grant everyone hats. If you turn this off, you will not have gained any hats.
Finally, to see what hats you have, say /hat. Then to wear a hat, say /hat [Hat].


When you install the mod it won't have any hatpacks to use, you need separate zips to be placed in your add-ons folder for them to load.
Inside the is a file which describes how you make your own hatpacks.

The links below will let you download the mod itself and all currently released major hat packs which, in total, includes 213 hats.


Put the inside your add-ons folder and activate it in order for it to work.
Put Hatmod_Jake inside your add-ons folder as well (you don't have to activate hatpacks as they are automatically loaded by Server_HatMod)

Server_HatMod V4.2
Hatmod_Jake 46 Hats
Hatmod_Nobody 51 Hats
Hatmod_Hair 20 Hats
Hatmod_Hair2 20 Hats
Hatmod_NHats2 24 Hats
Hatmod_NHats3 52 Hats


If you want to support Boodals and myself please feel free to send donations to the following Paypal adress:
I added this because making this mod takes quite some time, we would never charge people for downloading our add-ons, though donations would be very much appreciated.

- List of donators -


Boodals - 3504 - Scripting        Gumba Jonny - 19867 - Modelling        JakeBlade - 7088 - Modelling        Mr.No▀ody - 6480 - Modelling

Add-Ons / Hatmod - Hat Pack 3
« on: June 05, 2015, 04:13:31 PM »

The third pack in the line of hats that Ive made, this pack contain 52 new hats making this the biggest hat pack to date.

NOTE: This pack uses JakeBlade and Boodals Hatmod addon to work. You need it for this pack to work proper: make sure you have it

NOTE: Be wary of having the "hat item" option on as this many hats at once may break your datablock limit. You can find the setting in the RTB server menu.

Here is a link to the older Hatmod topic with all the older hats.

Download the Pack Here (

Hat Previews (Click pictures for 3D model preview)


Download the Pack Here (

Special thanks to everyone who suggested ideas in the development topic.

If anything doesn't work, or you encounter a bug, please contact me and I will attempt to fix it.

Modification Help / Hat Pack 3
« on: May 26, 2015, 02:28:49 AM »
Hat Pack 3

I'm making another hatpack and would like to document and show hats as I make them. Not exactly sure how many I want to make before release.
This is the third pack Ive made. Suggestions welcome.

(Click on pictures for 3D preview)

To-Do List:
Hat suggestions are CLOSED
Sorry to anyone who's idea I missed or did not do.


It appears in the old RTB board, the last thread in there has an unusual amount of views to it.

None of the other topics on the first page even push 10k views. Why does that topic have over 300k views to it?

Looking at the who's online board it seems that most of the random guests we get floating in land on that topic and dont leave it. Why? Is there something hidden there or are the bots just flocking to the same topic for no reason?

Suggestions & Requests / A Good Auto-Saver/Music Favorites
« on: May 19, 2015, 08:36:04 PM »
I got two requests that Id like to see done or discussed. Both of which I could really use.

Auto Saver

I have a mighty need for a decent auto saver: something that saves builds after a set amount of time/ticks to a backup folder in-case of surprise server crashes.
All the ones ive seen as of recent dont work by themselves or dont work at all. I could really use a stable current version.
Building at 300+k bricks is unstable and a decent auto-saver would make the difference.

Music Favorites

Like how the Addon Favorites works: I also need a Music Favorites to keep track of music I use on the servers I host. Currently I resort to writing down full music lists I use and its a long and annoying process.
Just some kind of system that saves the music on at that time as a favorite so you can load it back up at your leisure.

Who can help make these happen?

Off Topic / Store Management Adventures with Mr.No▀ody Ep: 5
« on: May 16, 2015, 06:16:43 PM »
I work at a grocery store as the Maintenance Manager aka "The Porter". What that essentially is, is the guy who keeps things running, neat and orderly. If a soda machine breaks down, I have to fix it. If a light goes out, I replace it. If somebody dies in the bathroom, I dispose of the evidence. My job is not limited to cleaning, repairs, and overall store appearance. I take the departments trash away, clean the bathrooms and sweep floors when needed.

"So Spiderman and Macaulay Culkin stopped by..."

So I was just minding my own business, sweeping floors and doing my job when this one random guy comes in wearing a Spider-Man morph suit. Luckily, because sweeping the floors requires I walk everywhere, I was able to run into the guy several times. First thing I asked him (besides the obvious) was "How's uncle Ben?" To wich he replied in frighteningly accurate cannon. This forgeter didn't skip a beat either. I ran into him again and, still in character, asked my where the bread isle was because his "spider senses were on the fritz". This guy was a nutball, but he had balls for being able to pull that stuff off in public.

Then about 20 minutes later this one guy comes in and he looks like Macaulay Culken: the Home Alone kid. This being the second time I've seen him, I still didn't want to be 'that guy' and ask. But damn, he looked just like him. He never says a word and never sticks around too long so nobody else notices him. So what if he is actually Spiderman? Could it just becoincidence? I think not! Spiderman 6 confirmed!


Macaulay Culkin is going to be Spiderman in Spiderman 6.

Its been 2 years since I did one if these. I'm going to try and bring this stuff back.
I'll link episodes 1-4 later after work.

See Episode 4 here

See Episode 3 here

See Episode 2 here

See Episode 1 here

Suggestions & Requests / Audio Limiter
« on: May 14, 2015, 01:11:12 AM »
Is there any way that Blockland's audio could be given a limiter to force the audio to not exceed a certain volume? Because Im sick of my speakers clipping when trying to do /alarm in first person. I have my volume a .1 and still things like gun fights and emotes are stupid loud.

Ive heard that some of you dont have this issue, but Ive had it for the years Ive owned the game across 3 different computers and it really loving sucks.

Can someone "fix" the audio?

Modification Help / Brick Collision Issues
« on: April 15, 2015, 06:27:42 PM »
So Ive been running into a bit of trouble with collision boxes reacting oddly with the player.
Certain faces dont collide with the player, sometimes you could walk directly through a particular side of the collision like its not there with all the other faces working fine. Other issues include having a slippery top where the player will slide around when on top of the brick.

I'm using Baddy's converter. Is there some kind of thing to do to not have this happen?

Drama / Custardo - Threatening to DDoSing my server
« on: March 22, 2015, 02:20:16 PM »
So I had a server up for about a day called "Sand Jump", perhaps you've seen it. Basically a mad dash to do a jump challenge as everybody shoots at you. I left the server and left the house to hang with some friends. I got back home to see that Blockland had crashed. One of my admins told me on Skype that some guy had gotten super salty and threatened to DDoS my server. Checking my console, this is what I found.

(I cropped my console feed to remove all authentication checks and addon console loops to show what was said between users)
Code: [Select]
Got Connect challenge Request from
Got connect request from
  net name = Custardo
AUTHCHECK: Custardo = internet client -> internet server, regular auth
Auth Init Successfull: Custardo
CADD: 2367046
 +- bl_id = 36715
 +- no auto admin
Custardo spawned.

Custardo: forget off
Custardo: mr nobody can you kick this spawn kiler
//I was afk
Custardo: stop , you
//still afk
Custardo: loving ban you and enn
Custardo: please!
Custardo: you are throwing grenades
Custardo: OMG
Custardo: starfish
Custardo: forget OFF
Custardo: forget THIS
Enn: Who needs to be banned is Xdere, he's just simply spamming rockets just to spawnkill
Custardo: Shut the forget up enn
Orbitex: Cust
Orbitex: chill
Custardo: loving GRENADE SPAMMERS
Custardo: starfish
Custardo: STOP ENN
Custardo: loving starfish
Custardo: loving STOP
Custardo: monday
Custardo: OH MY GOD
Orbitex: Custardo
Orbitex: y u mad
Custardo: SHUT THE forget UP
Custardo: loving monday
Enn: you're the worst player ever.
Custardo: No why don't you, loving dumb cunt little autistic stuff.
Custardo: Go suck your dad rooster you dumb nazi friend.
Custardo: YOU KEEP loving SHOOTING ME
Orbitex: Lol Custardo's just a sad monkey
Custardo: loving stufftiest server
Custardo: ddosing it

Client 2367046 disconnected.
Issuing Disconnect packet.
CDROP: 2367046 - Custardo -

Orbitex: lol
Enn: im taking screenshots to send to nobody

This is when my server crashed. I wasn't actually around to see what happened, but signs point to foul play.
And Id like to see those pictures Enn.

In-case you didn't see it, his ID is 36715.

Gallery / Clock Tower - Gear Time [WIP]
« on: March 19, 2015, 06:06:48 PM »
Note: This is a work in progress, and is not done.


Ive been working on a fantasy style clock tower. So far, Ive only been working on the interior but Id like to include an exterior. As its coming now it seems that this is going to be absolutely massive. I may want to limit exterior. Progress is slow as I build on this when I get bored of conventional means of entertainment. This is a project that Ive wanted to do for a long time and Im happy to say: it seems to be coming along quite nicely. See for yourself:


(Pictures use soft shaders on max to spite Kickflow. Revel in pity)

Complete with shadows of the clock hands bleeding through onto the inside of the clock face, much scaffolding, an old library, hidden rooms, secrets, and a forgetton of gears. This is a work in progress and is not done, so dont bitch about it not being done...

Pictures and an official topic will come along as I build this thing.

Save will be released when completed.

Rate, comment, suggest stuff.

Suggestions & Requests / A way to Delete/Exclude default saves
« on: March 08, 2015, 10:55:52 PM »
I am so sick of having updates to the game bump "edit dates" for all 32 default saves flooding my saves list.
I like to sort projects by date so I can go back to my most recent project quick, but this update bullstuff fragments my list every patch/update.

I want some kind of mod that deletes those files on launch and keeps them deleted.

General Discussion / So I made this odd print about a year ago...
« on: March 06, 2015, 02:46:30 AM »
I had forgotten I even had it. Its just some paragraph of tiny hard to read text that I must have wrote when I was on some serious...something. Out of curiosity I tried to read it and what I found made me want to post it here.

This is a picture of the print.

Allow me to  attempt to translate it:

"Epilogue: Step 2
The 5th Button
A quick diagnostic

An invisible shoe has been replaced in the second level yes factor plus some super putty. Don't try and backsass me because it will return to your backside. A great deal of plastic moss surrounds your home sir. Because your hair is softer than baby silk I cannot begin to fathom the lengths of supernatural existence they will go to find some ember spoons. If the rock ripping hooligans begin to rap at my door I will pay them dirt money and some added stuff guns perhaps by chance.

Some very important cotton candy when missing from the coffee grinder today at around 15 time-wise. Perhaps it is time to begin the ginger purge of many days. Car horns can scare young puppies if hit with a shoe bag with vigor. Please refrain from trying to curse the clown. They get mad if you do. It's not a fun time for anyone.

And faster than you know it, I come around the corner and attack the muffin lord. Flat on his ass I knock him over. As he starts to cry I spit on his face and call him a big dumb waffle iron. This really hits home as he begins to flail around like a beached whale making this awful screeching noise. Something I can only describe as pure pathetic sadness and sorrow. Later I felt bad, so I went over to his house and gave him five shots to the face with my crop dusting shotgun. Nobody say my cat, Turnips, under my coat and we began to burn down the pickle patch that he was so furiously working on. Totally dis-made, the horde of oatmeal eating gremlins had no choice but to get a desk job to pay the damages as I, the purpitrator vacationed in the Bahamas with the rest of their money that I stole because I am evil. No one can stop me, not even the president of the Mr. Man Smiley fan club. It was a terrible time."

I especially like the third paragraph where I go into great detail how I treated the muffin lord.

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