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My monitor is an odd resolution, windowed games extend past the task bar when it is on the bottom.
Anyway, no dice on the driver. I'm uninstalling Catalyst Control Center and then reinstalling just the driver without the CCC to see if that works. Maybe the CCC is loving around with the card when I try to play a game.

Edit: Even without CCC, it still crashes.
I've figured out how to reproduce the crash, every time I run MC it dies.

Off Topic / Re: The How do you open that? thread
« on: March 01, 2015, 06:41:15 PM »
Press delete

How do you open your computer case?

so if i can get a reasonably strong connection over wireless i dont need a wired connection to stream?
Yes, 5MB/s is alright for a stream.
Don't use autodetect. Go on the amd website and follow the prompts to grab the latest (non-beta) installer for catalyst.
I have the latest. Catalyst is the thing that's putting me in the TDR loop. A minute ago, it restarted again. For some reason, the catalyst driver had re installed itself. I may have done it accidentally, but I undid it again.
Windows is fully updated as well.

This can't be good for my hardware :(.

Edit: I just read something about .net in the catalyst thing, and I just updated .net. I'm going to try the drivers now that I installed that update.
Edit: Re installed driver as of 6:48, crossing my fingers. Booting Minecraft now, as every time I open a world my computer dies.

Great, I tried running autodetect from AMD to reinstall the killer driver, and it's giving me this >:(.

Look into PowerLine. It makes your existing power outlet cables transmit internet like a cat5 cable.
If you have that 5Mb/s upload on wireless, that's alright for streaming. You wont get max bitrate, but the quality will be decent enough. The connection isn't reliable as in it's cutting out intermittently?

Would my build be able to stream on Twitch and still play games at 1080p with reasonable fps?
That build looks decent. You'd be able to play TF2 and your CPU could handle the streaming, but you have to make sure you have a nice modem and wired connection for any kind of good bitrate.

My system is stable after uninstalling the AMD Catalyst driver, but that leaves me unable to play games. Uptime is 20 minutes, with the driver I was getting booted every 2 minutes.

I just put a ticket in with AMD, maybe they can feex.

Is that Windows 8?

Well, there shouldn't be an issue as far as I know. The rear I/O is powered through the MOBO, and your system runs fine so we know that's working. A few things I can see is a driver issue for some odd reason, or faulty hardware.

All you replaced is the GPU and PSU?

Huh, I've only seen problems with USB in the BIOS. Had they been working fine in the past?

Are they plugged into the back of the motherboard?

The latest GPU driver is installed and there is no longer a rollback option, its greyed out.

It was doing fine on the desktop, I opened Minecraft to see if it would run this time, computer killed itself mid launch.

I was dinking around on the desktop and it killed itself, it doesn't seem to be related to any specific action.

Uninstalled video driver and reran catylst in as admin because I read that it had problems extracting that .sys file or whatever.
That didn't work, reran Minecraft and computer killed itself before I could spawn.

I saw online an extensive tutorial on fixing the specific .sys file error, but the computer won't stay alive long enough for me to do it. Also, the program it linked lead to an expired domain.

OK, this is pissing me right the forget off. The driver is back in 14.0 ice age and its still giving me stuff. Every time I try to get the driver from xfx, the computer kills itself right before I can hit download.

Rollback your driver and see if it is fixed
I did that in safe mode and then reran catylsyt install. It did its thing and then, after leaving bf3 installing, I got this blue screen. This is the first actual error message I've gotten without digging

I searched this, but its just telling me "drivers lol, get latest".
This is the latest driver, and games won't work with the driver that came with the gpu, I already tried with Minecraft and l4d2.

Well stuff guys, every 10 mins I keep getting a kernal power error. I used AMD catylast to install a bunch of drivers, it scanned my system.

Temps on mono, CPU and GPU haven't risen above 60c.
I read that it could be a faulty PSU, so I'm gonna stop fiddling bwith it for now.

So I booted into safe mode with base video drivers, and I haven't gotten a crash. Every now and then, while not in safe mode, the screen will flicker black and then come back saying windows recovered from video driver failure.

AMD catalyst says its the most recent driver.
Its a XFX R9 290, non black editon.

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