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General Discussion / Re: [ARTICLE] Spam
« on: June 28, 2009, 02:25:17 PM »
Ex 4k ID, got pirated, now a 10k ID.

General Discussion / [ARTICLE] Spam
« on: June 28, 2009, 02:18:06 PM »
It's relative!

Hello and welcome reading this small article about spamming in Blockland. I decided to make this to help those newcomers to recognize and avoid spam, leading to better building. I must warn you, this is my very first article written in English and you might want to know that English is not my native language. So don't mind typos, incorrect grammatical tenses or similar. Shall we begin?
Special forums edit:  I don't visit these forums too often, so I might not answer to your questions on the same day/week.

* - X, can be any number
F - Plate

Spam in general
Large amount of any brick in close proximity to each other, that have no apparent use or a structure that could be built with the exact size and shape by using less bricks.
That is one way to define spam. For example bunch of 1x ramp bricks forming one long ramp is considered spam, since it could be done with less bricks using 4x ramp bricks. I have also met newcomers who have said that anything that is not on a baseplate is spam. Not true. So anything that is on a baseplate isn't spam? No, no, no, you know what? Spam can also be on a baseplate! Though, spam is relative. Further on I will talk about the most general forms of spam and how to recognize it.

The Spam, 1x1
Most of the newcomers understand that only 1x1 bricks and/or 1F are spam. Absolutely nothing else is spam. That, is incorrect. Like time, spam is relative. 1x1 are great for detail and can be used for good, but yes, it is also spam. The Spam, is usually a wall of 1x1 bricks. Then there are those lazy people who are too lazy to find, select and use 1x4 or similar bricks and happen to have 1x1 brick in their brick box, so they just use it. I consider this mild spam, but it's so small so I rarely take any action against it.

The Mother of All Spam, The Spam

But! It can also be also used for unique details. Like in the image below.

Fancy window

Example of 1x1 bricks used to simulate wood.

By Lordy Lord

1x1F, Yay? Nay?
1x1F is used for the tiniest details, as well as whole buildings. For example in themed builds "Small world" where everything is built for 0.2 sized Blockhead. Meaning that nearly everything is built from 1x1F. Yes, it looks spammy sometimes, but there is no other way. In these cases 1x1F is not considered spam. To be honest, it's quite hard to unintentionally spam 1x1F. Newcomers may spam 1x1x5 bricks unintentionally, because they think it's alright. But spamming 1x1F, it usually is intentional and person who does that is called spammer.

Example of 1x1F used as simple detail.

Nice and simple

1/2x*F, You lazy bastard
Anything from 1/2x2F and up can be used for "Lazy man's spam". It's simply big plate constructed from smaller plates. For example, a 6x6F plate constructed from 1x6F. It looks horrible, but you are just too lazy to care. Yup, it's spam.

Lazy man's spam

1/2x2/3/4, Spam or not spam?
Brick masonry. It's a disputed method of building. Whether it's considered spam or not, completely depends on the server's admins. Some like, some don't. It is a beautiful style of building, and excellent for detail, but when overused, it's spam. Untrained eye sees spam, but better builders see the fine detail. I personally love brick masonry. Great for stone buildings, basements, everything! Below are few examples of brick masonry.

By Lordy Lord

Kinda on the edge, but I'd say it's spam

Nice and small detail By LordyLord

1x*x1, Your a lazy bastard too?
Another "Lazy man's spam". See "1/2x*F"

1x1x5, Spam? Detail?
1x1x5 brick has only three uses. Spam, detail and supporting structures. I've seen so many nooby builds with 1x1x5 walls. It looks horrible and it's spam. It can also be used for nice details, image below, like in my yet unfinished house. Another use is to support structures. Usually when used like this, the brick is either invisible or out of sight in other ways. I should also mention that 1x2/3/4x5 bricks when overused are spam too.


Detail By Lordy Lord


1x*x1, Hmm..
In most of the cases 1x*x1 bricks are used for spam, but like most of the others above, it can be used for nice detail. How else would you make a plank wall? Below is a small example of 1x*x1 bricks used for detail as well as spam.

Plank wall


The Lord Tony Special
Yes it's spam.

By Lord Tony

This concludes my small article about spam. I hope that you have learned something and if you think that something here is wrong or something should be added, feel free to tell me.
Thank you, Demian

Copyright Demian aka. Pehmolelu

General Discussion / Re: Prison Escape Build
« on: June 28, 2009, 02:04:10 PM »
I'm in the pic! Yay! The build sucked though. It was just horrible.

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