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Off Topic / petscop episode 17
« on: Yesterday at 10:50:21 PM »

Off Topic / Re: [Poll] Is this woman hot to you
« on: April 18, 2019, 02:44:57 AM »


Lmao, what happened to "no one cares"?

There are 2 people on the internet.
The people who get it, and boomers.
And Ike, you're not one of the people who get it.

there isn't really anything that needs to be gotten, everyone's already wise to your dumb stuff, you and deus are the ones whinging about unfair treatment that you've already subjected to everyone else

This is nice and all but I'd like to introduce you to a word I like to call hyperbole

I can't believe in the year 2019 AD people still don't understand the concept of exaggerated speech its loving astounding

here's the deal forgeto, you post stupid stuff we call you an idiot, this has been the case for a billion years. Call it what you like, it changes basically nothing

i dont think its a matter of who's right and wrong, you said something that you know would get guaranteed replies and tried to twist it into some moral issue so you could pat yourself on the back for owning everyone

would it please you if I said nothing In this thread
why yes, it would

i know a black person, i was gonna say something funny but i forgot if i remember later ill PM anyone whos curious

Games / Re: E3/EA Play 2019 Megathread: It Begins
« on: April 15, 2019, 02:45:11 AM »
im an admin on this stream if any non white people join i will ban you

peanuts are nuts, hit the longdoff button beetcheeks

maybe slightly sarcastic it's just a way of life that people need something to hate

I know it's legitimate alot of the time but I've seen some dismissal of interesting or legitimate topics/opinions he's posted just because it's him

I understand with tony but he's earned that over the course of like 10+ years.

its not that people feel like they need to hate matthew, its pent up frustration over matthew using this forum as his stuff opinion dumping ground

if he wants to bait people with his stuffty reactionary views, we get to make fun of him all the while, its not our problem if you cant handle the peak bants of the BLF

so grow up

lol you spent this much time baiting people into this, i think the one that needs to grow up is you

Y'all are still doing the whole "clown on Matthew 'cause everyone else" is doing it shtick huh

Meanwhile the topic of OP is rather interesting but you're all too busy trying to shove your richards down his throat at the same time to be bothered w/ any coherent statement

I guess this is what happens when you bathe in each other's cum on a regular basis

shut up seatsniffer, matthewposts deserve only ridicule and prejudice

when i was 14 i was into praising the lord and praying y'all need jesus

President Trump plans to give Democrats the Best Present Ever!!!

Congratulations, Democrats!
It's your big day, Incredible Job!




But I thought the Democrats LOVED immigrants?! There's no such thing as an illegal human right?

Unless, this is how they feel about all immigrants...

N-no it couldn't be, diversity is our strength!!
R-refugees welcome...

TL;DR the democrats are racist hypocrites, and they've said before they don't see any difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, so take their reaction as you will.
Racists should have thier dem memberships revoked!

this but ironically

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