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next poll: how many of you realized the music board was unaffected by today's shenanigans

It's funny how April Fools Day starts out fun and exciting, but halfway through the day everyone is sick and tired of each other's antics and shenanigans :cookieMonster:

change it to april fools hour, problem solved

am I the only one who didn't make a single thread but still participated quite a bit in today's madness (40+ posts)

alpha cat          my favorite meme was the one I started that was totally overlooked though to be fair it was only in like 2 threads

went ahead and saved the threads I wanted to save

there's really no telling when it'll end though, badspot may let it run for a while longer

But you still would not be able to find out who posted what.

If you're willing to go through the tedium of searching every post in the thread, you can tell who is who.

On second thought, if there's a particular thread you like, you should probably just save it to your computer. I doubt Badspot will preserve anything made today.

I suggested this a bit earlier today

mostly because I want to save the conversation between doctor surlee and alpha cat

April Fools 2016 / Re: what if the forum stays like this
« on: April 01, 2016, 11:15:37 PM »
We might as well just become 4chan


I don't know about you but I am sure nobody will guess me

this post right here is a game of whoever is first to search it

so which one of you was the real mocheeze

how many posts are made on a typical day?

I'd put it at <2000 but that's a semi-random guess

6631 posts have been made in april 2016 as of this post. good job forums

there's no telling when it will end, all we know is "sometime tomorrow morning"

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