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Off Topic / I think I'm going through puberty
« on: February 26, 2014, 03:39:30 PM »
I've got all the signs and now my voice is getting deeper help.

(go look up the signs if you don't already know lol)

what should I do

Gallery / [BP] Application: Miss Effie's Property
« on: February 18, 2014, 08:50:33 PM »
Trying to refurnish my building skills on Blockland. For a school project; I read the book "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers" and I was told to create a picture describing the property. I made it in 3d.

The house is supposed to be taken in 1963, although I don't know my history so well so it might have things that are NOT supposed to be in 1963. This is supposed to be a large property; a farm.

I made some if it in a hurry since I was supposed to present it weeks ago but was not able to since I had power outages. So it was kind of a rush, slow pace, rush, slow pace; if you know what I mean

The barn and the greenhouse are both facades; ^^^.

Credit to Teneski for the environments, [H]eight for the trees and most of the plants (iron since I'm applying to BP.. or if that doesn't work, [H], and if that doesn't work, AoB, and if that...), the add-ons to their respectful owner, and me.

Note: I'm not the best photographer, nether does shaders work for me. And I can't hire Mr. LoL :(.

Double Note: imgur won't let me delete pictures so I have some messed up photos (I didn't preview before I submitted them)

Triple Note sorry: Note: your kind of supposed to view the pictures from bottom to top...

Review my App

You may give constructive criticism, bad criticism is bad :(

Clan Discussion / Blockland Server Return | BSR | New Steam Group
« on: February 16, 2014, 11:20:03 AM »


BSRPG - Blockland Server Return; Promotional Group. Blockland Server Return is a group where we promote servers, mainly to jumpstart them or bring people to the server so we can all have a good time and get to know each other. But for the most part it is for bringing you guys to awesome servers that will be worth your while.

Ever since v20, statistically, unique servers and players have been dwindling down by the minute. Now we have un-moderatored, un-unique, terribly built servers. But that is not 100% true. People still make good servers, people still make unique ones too. But when they put it out into the public, people only go to the servers that have players in them. They completely ignore the servers that are good.

With BSR, we promise to give good exciting servers and events that will make your time at Blockland nice and fun.

So if there is an announcement or event; probably worth checking it out.

Blockland Server Return

On a sidenote: I quit RRTB because I couldn't do this, so this is why I made this group. Plenty of RTB replacements already.

Upcoming Servers

None yet. Want your server scheduled? Contact me via PM on forums, steam, or skype!

General Discussion / Japanese Quake TDM is up!
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:37:36 PM »
Japanese Quake TDM is up! Join now to show your war skills!

Suggestions & Requests / wrong topic
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:36:31 PM »
wrong topic. sorry

General Discussion / Who should replace Ephialtes as Admin?
« on: February 15, 2014, 07:26:45 PM »

Who do you think should replace Ephi?


--The Big Bad Jellyfish
--Cool Boi


I just read the drama topic on ephi and bush was the first to nominate himself so thats the only person i've seen.

Drama / FastDramas - General Blockster - Unwritten Rules; Plain Admin Abuse
« on: February 13, 2014, 08:30:59 PM »
Magus and I set up a little base where the both of use could use howitzers to shoot other enemy bases in General Blockster's fort wars. We were using a "zone brick" that had collision on and deflected projectiles on contact.

With proven facts, it was possible to get by. Many times.

Due to players complaining that they were to stupid to repeat actions twice to get into our base, they alerted the host, "General Blockster" to remove the shield. He instantly d-wanded our zone brick. We complained there was no written rule. To this he said it was a "silent rule" that we had to obey.

After this I saw General Blockster and shot him with my Anti Air. He later comes back and screams that he was eventing. I say that there was no rule. No "/rule", no written rule, no evented rule, nothing in spawn. Whereas, General Blockster wouldn't care if we killed other people near spawn.

After that he got mad. He dares me to smart off out to him one more time.

I don't.

He bans me.


Note I'm not saying zone bricks should be allowed in fort wars, or that killing builders should either. But this admin abuse was not acceptable when I was having a slightly fun time.

Suggestions & Requests / Good map for hiding and building
« on: February 13, 2014, 07:57:51 PM »
As you guys might of seen for my Core Defense, I need a city, town, or terrain map that would have good places to hide and build defenses.

Accepting any suggestions and downloads.




Core Defense is a game taken in Afghanistan DM map. There are two teams on two corners of the map. Red and Blue, classic.

Your objective is to destroy the enemy team's bot core. By doing so, your team will win the game. But while doing that, you must build defenses to keep the other team from destroying yours.

Core Defense is a fun co-operative game. You and your team have to work together to win, or be independent and be killed. Your team must come up with plans, defenses, and attack strategies. They must determine if some are to build, and some are to gather weapons and attack.

It's all up to you. Can you win before the 45 minutes is up?

Major Add-ons in Using

Core Defense have a couple of add-ons that are in using that you might want to take a look at, or download them to make joining the server quicker.

Hell&Khain Weaponry by Khain

Slayer | New Beta | by Greek2me

NewJeep by Filipe

Pay to Build by DrenDran

Soon to come Brick Health for Sieging by Chrono

Thats pretty much all the major add-ons that are not default.

Basic Rules

Due to add-on limitations, there are certain rules you must abide to if you are going to play this game.

No eccessive profanity
No spawning bots
No making innapropiart
Listen to admins.

Failure to comply to these rules will result in a a permanent ban.


More pictures when players are on.

Interested in joining?

Join Now

Suggestions & Requests / Brick Health- Fort Wars?
« on: February 13, 2014, 01:01:27 AM »
Add-on that has health depending on size, and damage is delivered through weapons, but only to player made bricks and not public bricks, much like Fort Wars.

This was mentioned in Glass' topic if you guys know about it.


(what i need it for is secret... ah fine its for tdm like fort wars thats all)

Help / Shaders dont work for steam
« on: February 08, 2014, 03:47:48 PM »
I copied my whole entire BL folder to the steam bl folder, replacing everything that got in my path (lol)

but shaders still wont work, not even minimum.

Really would like some help on this, thanks.



RTB is closing March 1st, 2014. Add-ons, discussions, chatrooms, that will all go away. To substitute this, we have come up with a steam group that will have chatrooms, discussions, friends, and add-ons! Return to RTB may start off small, but once more of the Blockland Community joins, we will expand, just like RTB did.

Public discussions and chatrooms will be moderated heavily to make sure we follow basic rules and common sense- don't spam, no excessive profanity, and no flaming.

Using the steam group tools, we will also schedule announcements and events for unique servers, which will help good, new servers help get to the top. This includes Falling Tiles, TDMS, DMS, Puzzles, Simon Says, you name it!

The group is public, anyone can join it, but at the same time you will be banned or removed for not listening to the rules.

In this topic, you make discuss what you think about it.

We in no way are trying to legit copy RTB nor are we making money from this name. RTB belongs to their owners, RRTB is created by me to substitute RTB's loss.

Join Now

General Discussion / Randomizer Script?
« on: February 03, 2014, 08:41:57 PM »
A while back someone submitted a randomizer script where you put the items in a txt file and when enabled on rtb, each player randomizes that set and adds it to their inventory.

I can't find it again. Can anyone help?


General Discussion / Jakob's World [Mini Empires Deluxe] - NEW!
« on: February 01, 2014, 06:11:40 PM »

Welcome back, to the new Mini Empires Deluxe. As you all know, there are all eras in this server. There is sandbox, where you may create your island and do whatever you want without rules. Medieval Fantasy, where you play strategic games and build a glorious nations to rule across the land. Apocalyptic Modern and Future, research and build the biggest guns, dominate whats left of the world.

There are many new things that comes with this new Deluxe version. Instead of just making mines wherever to settle your needs, in the Medieval world, strategy has been cranked up more then just one notch.

There are ores inside the map itself. There are also some ores that pop up above land, but not many. You're going to have to find them!

Since you have to find ores to create things that involve iron and steel, they are worth gold. You can sell the pockets, emptying them for gold. But be wary, the pockets will empty out soon enough!

Hallow has now a new spawn.

New meteor shapes and kinds!

Brand new map, plenty of space to build.

You can now build on level 3 of mountains.

You can now build on small mountain mesas.

So will you be warmonger or be diplomatic? Will you make friends, or foes? Will you unite the world or conquer it?

MERP Deluxe

Ores and refined ores.

For more strategy, trading, hunting, valuables, and less godmodding, I have put together a BRQ. BRQ stands for  Brick Resource Quantity.

Ores and pockets give a continuous stream of BRQ. Furnaces can then convert that raw ore BRQ into refined ore BRQ which can be used for weapons and structures.

Forges are able to smelt 5 BRQ, 1 raw ore at a time. So if you have 3 different ores with 5 BRQ supply, you need 3 furnaces. If you have 1 10 BRQ pocket, you're going to need 2 furnaces/forges.

Forges give out 5 BRQ of refined gold, iron, and steel, continuously, given what you put in them. Obviously, you need tin and copper to create steel.

They are a vital part of your empire. Do not forget forges.

Tech trees were introduced in the last version of ME Deluxe. So far, they are only in the medieval stage and are currently being worked up to be in other eras too.

There was a bug in saving the tech trees, so there apparently is time to research, which is invalid. It only takes gold.

Tech trees give you a bigger advantage in the game against your opponents. Researching them will give you new buildings and weapons. Be mindful on what you spend though. Your empire might not like you going on a spending spree!

One of the many new things that come in the new Deluxe update.

You can now have different races.

Many people have asked me if they can be a different race, sadly I turned more down.

But now, you can have different races!

Do stop super OP gods, sadly, this is the select few that you can pick.

(some pictures taken from lotr wikis... shh)

Orcs              Dwarves               Undead               Elves                Humans


If you want to play as a different race, please contact a super admin.

Humans: Creative minds, can get through pain through emotions. With proper motivation, can do very wondrous things. However, they are vulnerable through emotions all the same.

Dwarves: Small, but pretty tough. They are great at mining. They are hard to hit, but they are greedy and takes up a lot of food.

Elves: Beautiful majestic creatures, they have logical minds. They are fast and agile, but cannot withstand most hits. They are outstanding archers, but sometimes do not have the most of courage.

Undead: Evil and cunning. The undead are a bit of all. They are not smart, their only emotion is sadness and pain. They are big and numbers, rush quickly, but fall even faster. It takes more of them to do then normal jobs. But they are very vast and numerous. Do not underestimate them.

Orcs: Very tough. High damage too. But they are hard to mass and dumb. They are very, very, ugly too.

New Hero Meteor:

The hero meteor once mined grants a hero for that empire, specific for that species.

Humans - Paladin Knight. (Can cleanse corruption, heal allies, and smite enemies. Not quite as beefy as their apprentices.)

Orcs - Champion Ogre. (Dumber then them all, but tougher then them all put together. His weapon has a gigantic knock back. All orcs tremble before him.

Dwarves - Dwarf King. (The dwarf king is quite strong. All dwarves listen to his orders. He carries a big hammer that can decimate any foe unlucky enough to get in front of him.

Undead - Death Knight. (The creepy Death Knight rides his skeleton stallion. He is able to jump to places using shadow travelling. He can corrupt his enemies and boost his allies with a tax of their soul.

Elves - Master Ranger. (This ranger is the master of the four. He is fast, agile, quick, shoots fast. Not very tough. He can blend into his surroundings.)

Yes, you see it. Tournament. There will be scheduled games with people. Usually, the games will consist of at least 4 people. There are two types of games. Destroy the enemy, which is a 2v2, and Capture the Crystals, which there are crystals that one empire must capture and hold for 5 minutes.

To win 2v2, both enemy team's capitals must be destroyed.

There is a duplicate of the medieval world for the tournaments. After each tournament, the era goes up one. Medieval, Colonial, Modern, Future, then cycles again. Before each game, each player will plan, and create their buildings for the game. You will be placed in your own team if it is a team game to plan and attack. All capture points and bases are global.

This will be a fast paced game, but will take some time. Expect games to be half hour to one hour long.

The reward for winning the crystal capture: 1 Crystal Tournament Trophy, and Crystal Meteor.

The reward for winning 2v2: 1 2v2 Tournament Trophy, Battle Meteor.

Interested in the tournament? Fill out the application!

In game name:
Days Available:
Crystal or 2v2:
Partner (if 2v2):


If you've never played MERP before, I recommend starting out in sandbox, not some of the pre made worlds, they tend to be deleted :(

Also: If you make an empire and not come back in 3 days, it will be deleted.


Dahell is this about Jakob? Well, if you don't know already, this is a boulder dash! You run up a giant rainbow slope dodging spectacular oddly named fabulous boulders! Watch out, on impact you'll become block pulp! Literarily.

(Correct me if I'm wrong) This was an original idea create by brotatoe, my props to him, he stopped hosting a while back so I decided to try it out and created a boulder dash of my own. Our maps are different, his map is more slope and curved then mine, mine is a jagged raceway of hell.

I also bring some new cards to the table. There is a boss variant that a VIP can choose at each round. The "Block Mongler", original idea from Badspot, is the ball master, armed with twin bayonets (weapon pack by Bushido, great job btw), and 500 HP (thanks to whoever made VHP players, forgot atm), he will race down, also trying to dodge the balls to defend himself against the players who are racing up the slope to steal his flag and return it to their base.

Yes. You do race to the top of the slope, grab the flag, and run back down, winning for the team and getting a point which can then be used later in the shop. The "Block Mongler" may also run down and steal YOUR flag, so watch out!

This game is hardcore. It is hard to beat, there are many boulders. You will rage and cry, if you are not hardcore enough.

(Beating the game many times and doing parkours also get you ranks)

This is one of the many unique things about this hardcore boulder dash. The shop system. Finding treasure chests and beating the game, or even killing other players will give you points that you can spend on the shop. So far, you only can buy player-types that boost you in parkour and on the evil slope of death. There is hot feet, which boosts your speed, my little pony, which turns you into a horse, and bouncy boy, which is a fast player type and can jump twice!

More shop items and player-types will be implemented soon, just need to think of what and how to use them.

A donation system. This server doesn't pay for itself!

Donating grants you a VIP rank. You get a special clan tag, access to vip rooms, exclusive teams like Super Ball Antagonist Team, and Block Mongler. You also can call in special rounds like Sudden Death Mode and Pony races, more to come. There are sports you can play, soccer, football, shortcuts, launchers, much egotistical, exclusive treasure chests, and more being implemented as we speak!

VIP costs $5 US Dollars or more, sending the money to "". Once I receive the email and overview the receipt, when I am available, I will get on and give you the VIP status. You must include Blockland name and BLID in the receipt too.

Terms of Service:

If you become VIP, and act like a douche, you are still able to be kicked or banned for as long as you deserve it. Buying this will not make you invincible to the rules. This is a lifetime rank. Whenever the server changes, you will always have VIP. Whenever there is a cost change, you will still have your rank. No refunds either.

When you win a stuffload of times, you get tons of bragging rights and women, this is hard. Do not understimate this.

However, when you complete parkour challenges and winning games, and have sufficient proof, you will be granted some more egotistical stuff: ranks. These give you nothing but give you a special bling blang clan tag that ranks you on how hardcore you are. Hardcore 1, Hardcore 2, Hardcore 3, Super Hardcore.

Whoever gets to Super Hardcore is a god of hardcore-ness.

Boulder Dash clans allowed (i think brotatoe made one)

that is COOL

damn, brother!

thanks for making my gamemode better. You're cool.

this is incredible m8 :)

I've been here before,
to admit, that boulder dash is more than fun.

Hella sick

10/10 wasnt paid for this review

This, is very fun. I do recommend this to all players.

pictures not in order

more coming

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