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« on: January 13, 2014, 06:54:06 PM »
Have you ever been like WTF Blockland moments?

Post here!

I'll start.

Just wondering. Some people said it was possible to change brick textures on RTB servers. Does anyone know how? Would be a big help, thanks!

(Ex: Squideey's texture pack)

Gallery / "My couch is better than yours."
« on: January 11, 2014, 09:47:47 PM »

you may rate x/10 BLURS COUCH


Help / Had brownout, two clients open simultaneously!
« on: January 08, 2014, 07:52:24 PM »
Had a brownout in the middle of the morning. Not until late did I get back on the computer. I cant get onto rtb, and I have 2 Jakobs on my server, me, and the other me that was still there from the brown out. It's like my computer is still sending the packets to the master server. Please help, don't know how to get rid him.

General Discussion / rtb is down
« on: January 06, 2014, 10:10:24 PM »
get to the bunkrrs


The Quest for the Golden Brick

Community Project

What is this?

"The Quest for the Golden Brick" is going to be a series of short chapters I will write, depending on what you guys think. Basically, you guys can manipulate the story by posting what you want to happen, just nothing to out of lines. There are going to be 2 champions who embark on a quest to find the Golden Brick from Lord Tony. I will be needing different characters, other than just the champions. I need villans, quest guides, helpers, companions, all that stuff.

There is only going to be a certain amount of space for each slot. So if the space fills up, I will will be randomizing who goes. Again, you can manipulate the story, just don't be a total richard and say "I RIDE PONYS TO MEWN". Thanks! Application is below.

Chapter One

  Once upon a time, there was a land. The land was made of blocks. The land was so influenced by blocks, it was called Blockland. Blockland was a magnificent world. Blocklanders came and made beautiful creations. Arcs, towers, anything that could be imagined. Builds, animals, and players flourished in Blockland. Everything was so great, everything was perfect.

  But there was one Blocklander. One Blocklander who hated ponies. His name was Lord Tony. The more the ponies flourished, the more angry he got. Finally, he reached his breaking point. He poured out his wrath over the ponies, exterminating all of the ones in the land. But then, through the anger, evil flourished. The evil and darkness inside Lord Tony multiplied by his anger until he was not able to control it. His ultimate goal, killing all ponies had changed. He sought out to kill all the goodness in the land.
His wrath poured out, unable to control it. The skies turned dark, grass died, trees bent over, as if to grab you from just walking near it. Lord Tony's palace grew darker. And every day, the darkness spread, slowly engulfing Blockland at a faster rate every single day.

  Other Blocklanders rose to also help Lord Tony. Trolls, manipulators, DDoSers, rose to attack and kill off Bllockland. DDoSers launched DDoS attacks, terroizing Blocklanders. Trolls destroyed builds. And manipulators turned each Blocklander against each other. Leading to mistrust and denial. Blockland was in shambles.
Worlds and builds were destroyed by the very second. Being terroized and destroyed. DDoS attacks lead to corrupt files. Blockland was engulfed in chaos from Lord Tony's minions.

  Was there any hope?

  Yes. There was still hope. Blocklanders still rose to confront Lord Tony and turn back his evil and darkness. Many have failed, but some still pursue. Some Blocklanders and players still see hope in Blockland, and that they can save it. But will it be enough?

  In the darkness, there is one brick. Legend says it is imbued with transcendent holy power. It was called The Golden Brick. It is said that the Golden Brick was created by three of the tools that were used to create Blockland it very self. The hammer, the wrench, and the wand.
Eons ago, King Badspot and Lord Shadows used their powers and the tool's power to create the Golden Brick. Sealing the tools inside the Golden Brick. Legend says that the Golden Brick has the power to push back Lord Tony from the land, and reclaim Blockland, make it perfect for the Blocklanders to come back and make their beautiful creations, and that the ponies could relive once more.

  But how would any Blocklander get the Golden Brick? The Golden Brick is said to not of exist anymore, but if it was, it would be extremely hard to obtain. Whoever stepped up to take the Golden Brick had to pass many, many challenges that no average Blocklander could do. Only a few select champions had the destiny to step up to these challenges and overcome them. But who would step up to such task?

  Come participate in this story, as two Blocklanders go on a quest to save Blockland from the evil of Lord Tony. Many people will help guide these two Blocklanders, and many people will try and stop them. Do you have the guts to stop Lord Tony and take the Golden Brick?

  Save Blockland.

To be Continued . . .

Chapter Two

  Redconer Kiritak the Second woke up as a house exploded across the street.
Redconer scrambled out of his bed, sheets and pillows flying. He could hear other Blocklanders screaming and running above and below his apartment. Quickly, he put on pants, a shirt, and belted his sheath and scrambled down stairs.
The lobby was in chaos. Players ran around throwing chairs and belongings around the lobby. The owner hid behind his desk trying to avoid all unidentified flying objects. Redconer quickly ducked and dodged and then made his way outside.

  Outside was even in more chaos. More players ran around screaming. The ones who weren't were sitting on the street, head in hands crying.
Many buildings were in ruins. Some buildings seemed to just not be there. The beautiful wooden buildings either had gaping holes, burning, or on the street, on it's side.
Redconer surveyed the area, trying to think of what to do. Just then, the apartment behind him exploded. Shrapnel and debris stung as it hit his back. He was sent flying all the way across the seat, tumbling till he hit the wall of another house.
He got up, dazed. Where were these explosions coming from? Then he saw it. A man was flying through the sky. He was wearing an odd suit. Yellow boots, chest, and and arms, with a black undershirt, pants and mask. He was the most odd looking person Redconer had seen yet.
But there was something else. He was holding an object. A long slim object. Redconer couldn't see it to well.

  Redconer got up from the ground and ran across the street, getting a better look of what was in his right hand. It looked like a wand of some type. Redconer had never seen something like it before. He reached out with the wand, pointing it at another building next to the apartment. A fiery red laser came out of the tip of the want, firing straight through the house, the house blew up, sending another shockwave through the city.
Redconer obviously didn't know what it was, but he guessed it was dangerous. He ran from building to building, trying to debate if he should run, or try something utterly stupid that would probably get him killed.

  He went with choice 2.

  Just then, he turned to see a eight soldiers marching toward the black and yellow guy. They were armed with pikes, with short swords sheathed on their belts. They got to the road, in front of the flying black and yellow guy. They prepared their pikes, lowering it in front of them.
The black and yellow guy slowly levitated onto the ground. Little bits of dust scattering around his leather feet.

  "You think you can stop the great and powerful Maxis?!" He sneered. "No one can stop me!"

   So apparently this guy was Maxis. Great, whoever he was. Thought Redconer.

  "For Archimedes!" Charged the pikemen.

  Maxis easily lifted up his wand, pointing it to the group. He fired one laser at the first row.
BOOM. The pikemen flew backwards, left, and right.

  Maxis laughed. He rose up the ground about ten blocks. He surveyed the screaming town. "SILENCE!" Maxis shouted. No use. The Blocklanders kept running around screaming.
  Maxis grumbled something under his breath that Redconer couldn't hear. Maxis then looked up. "SIIIILEEEENCEEEE!!!" Maxis screamed. Firing a shot of the explosive red laser at the center of the town.
  Everyone stopped, turning towards Maxis. "You cowards of Archimedes!" He laughed. "Surrender! Submit to Lord Tony!"
  Mothers clenched their children. People around the road cowered behind objects.

  "Hey!" Shouted Redconer. Standing up. "What do you think you're doing here?"

  Maxis turned around. "Who do you think you are?!" Barked Maxis.

 "I'm that guy." Said Redconer, slowly walking towards Maxis, hand on his sword hilt. "Who do you think you are?"

 "I am Maxis, the great scripter. I have come to take over your town!"

  "How do you think you're going to do that?"

  "Well... uh..." He thought about it for a second, levitating in mid air.

  Redconer hoped that his plan that he just made up was going to work, or he would be fried chicken.

  "Well I'm going to–" Maxis shrieked.

  Redconer quickly unsheathed his sword and lunged at Maxis, slashing at the place where-you-do-not-hit. The sword cut his thigh, sending him spiraling out of control then landing onto the ground.

  "How dare you cut me with your toy!" He shrieked. He got up, limping on his left leg. He took his wand and shot at Redconer. Redconer dodged it by a hair, feeling its hot powerful blast almost cut through his shoulder. Redconer ducked, rolled, got back up and charged at Maxis.
Maxis shot two more lasers from his d-wand, both of them missed. Redconer tackled Maxis to the ground and sat on his chest, punching Maxis in the face.
All of a sudden, the air around Redconer and Maxis grew hot, exponentially. A bright light surround them.

  "What the–" Redconer was blown back. Maxis was now levitating again, eyes glowing. Redconer scrambled back.

  "How dare you defy Maxis." Echoed Maxis, as if there were ten people inside him, speaking in unison. "You will face the consequences."

  "Oh." Redconer cursed. Scrambling back. Maxis raised his wand, pointing it right at Redconer's head.

  "Prepare to–" SHINK! The glow in Maxis' eyes faded. He fell to the ground, face first onto the dirt, a knife sticking out of his back. Redcorner blinked.

  "Now what did you think you were doing?" Said a figure behind Maxis' body.

To be continued...

Chapter Three

  Redconer blinked. Before him was a girl. Not really a girl but a... fascinating girl.
Her eyes were are stunning gray shade, as if to pierce right through his body. She was clearly fit, wearing cloth shirt, tight jeans, a black vest, and several daggers on her leather belt. In other words, she was stunningly beautiful.
  Her beautiful blonde hair fluttered in the wind as she bent down, picked up her knife erected out of Maxis' back, cleaned the blood off her pants, and stuck it back in it's sheath. She looked around. Other Blockheads will still starting at the girl and Redconer.
  She kicked Maxis. "You didn't answer my question." She said.

  "Yeah uh." Redconer was still gaping in awe. "What was it?"

  The girl rolled her eyes. "I asked what you were doing."

  Redconer got up. "Trying to get myself killed of course." Brushing himself off.

  "Yeah well you do a mighty fine job at it." She turned around and walked away.

  Redconer ran up to her, walking beside her. "What were you doing?"

  "Saving your ass." She said, turning left, still walking across the road.

  "Yeah uh, thanks." He said, thinking of what to say. "Where are you going?"

  "Does it matter?" She asked, turning across another road, not slowing down.

  "Well yeah, I just helped you–"

  "No, I saved your ass. Not mine." She came up to a nice wooden house much like the other ones on the side of the road. She opened the door and walked inside. Redconer helped himself and walked right inside to.

  The house smelled old and musty. There was a table with candles and ancient books surrounding this old man, reading a book. Other candles and shrines were around the room. Despite the mustiness, Redconer began to get quite chilly.

  "What are you doing in here now?" The girl asked, her beautiful eyes staring right into his.

  "Well, since you just saved my life and all," Redconer said. "I'd at least get to know your name."

  She resisted the urge to slap him. "I'm am Princess Pecon the third. And no– I don't need to know your name."

  Redconer leaned up against the wall. "Yeah. Well I'm Redconer Kiritak the second. What are all these books for?"

  Pecon glared at him. "It's none of your buisness. They are just w–"

  "Oh Pecon my girl! Have you found your companion?"

  Pecon face palmed. Redconer almost doubled over.

  "No, Grandpa, how many times do I have to tell you I'm going alone." She said. "This guy– uh, Redconer was just leaving." Pecon glared at him.

  The old man frowned, his glasses almost falling off his nose. He shut his book and put it down on the table. "But I told you! It's too dangerous."

  "Too dangerous for what?" Asked Redconer, curious.

  "Oh!" Exclaimed Grandpa. "Well–"

  "Grandpa, you don't need to–" Pecon tried to cut him off, no use.

  "In these legendary books you see," The old man picked up the book he was reading, and wobbled over to Redconer, flipping through pages. He stopped at one page, on the front of it was a sepia picture of a brick. "You can't see it very well, but this is the Golden Brick.
  Legend says that it was forged by the very tools that created Blockland, our world. It was made from the Hammer, the Wrench, and the Wand. King Badspot and Lord Shadows fused the tools together, and that created the Golden Brick.
  It also says that the Golden Brick has many powers, many good powers, if used in the right hands obviously. And if it is obtained, it could have positive or negative power you see.
  We believe that the Golden Brick has enough power to defeat Lord Tony from the land!
  So Pecon, my girl, was going to go to an old friend of mine, and they would go and try and retrieve the Golden Brick!" Said Grandpa, nodding. "You see?"

  Redconer blanky looked at the old man. "Ok. So finding this Golden Brick is going to defeat Lord Tony right?" Grandpa nodded.

  "Of course it is you dimwit." Pecon said, face palming again.

  Redcorner ignored her. "So what happens when we, or, whoever gets the golden brick and kills Lord Tony get?"

  The old man rubbed his beard. "Well–"

  "Lots of riches?" Redconer winked.

  Pecon banged her head against the wall.

  "Yes well–" The old man blinked.

  "OK! I'm in." Redconer exclaimed, clapping his hands. "When do we start?" The old man blinked.

  "Do I really have to take him?" Pecon said, rolling her eyes. "He can't even save himself from guys in yellow suits."

  "Well Princess Pecon, today's your lucky day."

To be continued...

Application for Joining on this Quest.

Character Role: (Champion, Quest Guide, Villan, Minion, etc..)
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Lore:
Other Information:

Other stuff may be added soon.


1/2/13 - When to accept applications.

- On the fifth.

- On the tenth.

- On the fifteenth.


1/2/14 - Added Characters section, yay!

Needs / To-Do List

- Get Characters

- Organize some more stuff.

- General lookabouts.

- need a logo


Champion 1. Redcorner Kiritak II

Champion 2. Princess Pecon III

Quest Guide 1. Vergick (Brotatoe)

Quest Guide 2. D'Rik (Crazy Chemsit guy that likes fire)

Quest Guide 3. Maurizi Portare

Quest Guide 4. Helix Gravityhead

Villan 1. Mr. Queeba (Mr Queeba)

Villan 2. Maxis

Villan 3. Iron Capone


Background 1. Bob Tracy (Fisherman, Male, for dramatic scenes)

Background 2. Nobby the Watcher (Watches...)

General Discussion / Is it okay if I do collab projects here
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:45:53 AM »
 /title or do I have to put them in community projects or gallery?

Thinking of doing some sort of community project with stories and such. Sorry if it's in wrong board, didn't know exactly where to put it.

Gallery / [Story] - The Hosting Feud - DoS Story
« on: January 01, 2014, 10:26:31 PM »

The Hosting Feud
Hammereditor's DDoS against RTB

Logo Needed

  Years after the breakthrough in science of having each player create a public world, hosting whatever they wanted on it, escalated quickly. Once Blocklander in particular loved creating his own worlds, expirementing with them, then opening it to the public where more Blocklanders could join his world and enjoy his creations.

  However, some worlds were corrupt. Upon creating them, they sometimes had problems. Some problems, permanent for the Blocklander. Certain disasters pertained as;  inhabitable world, unable to join the world, and huge amounts of time lags. This cause much distress within Blockland. And Hammer wanted to change that.

  Using his little resources, he constructed another world. But this world was more advanced than others. It had the ability to, make worlds. But these types of worlds just weren't like any other world that Blocklanders could create. This world had very few problems compared to the normal worlds that other players could create. It was habitable,  very little disasters that were danger the Blocklanders on that world. This was called a Hosting Service.

  It was a dark and stormy night. A faint glow emanated from Hammer's bPhone into the dark musty air. Thunder rumbled outside as he scrolled through the Blockland Forums.

  "Filipe and Eksi hooking up together?" He coughed as more lightning streaked through the sky. "Not a chance."

  He scrolled further through the forums. Checking out multiple topics. "Nothing new on the forums today." As he exited out of a Family RP topic.

  But then, something caught his eye. A new topic. "RTB Dedicated Hosting Service". Infuriated, he went to the topic, almost dropping his bPhone. After five minutes of relentless reading, every minute his anger growing more and more, he was finally done. Shaking, he turned off his bPhone and set it on the nightstand next to him. Shaking, he stared outside the window. He couldn't believe that the other hosting service was already getting so many likes. People loved to buy it and use it!

  Hammer was prosecuted already for his hosting service, trying to get money from it would send him to damnation. Nobody liked his hosting service. He was getting left out in the dark. He wanted to be known, to be famous.

  He thought to himself. He figured out there was only one way that he could resolve this issue. He had to get rid of the other hosting service.
But he had no way to do that. He had no resources to outdo the other hosting services, or get them to stop their service either. But then he thought of something. Something that could possibly work, and make his hosting service dominant. He had to eliminate the other service. Simple. But he had to do it with brute force. Something to make them cower behind their power. Make them look bad.

  "DoS.". He said out loud. Thunder hammered in the sky. Lightning streaked across the window, sending light skyrocketing into the house. Hammereditor looked like a devil. His mischievous sneer and the deathly glow from the lightning outside. He would probably give a child nightmares.

  Hammer leaped from his chair, bounding up his stairs as fast as his little legs could carry him. Leaping into another rolling chair in front of his computer, he brought up his DoSing program.

  He moved his mouse, and clicked the button.

  After one year, the bunkers were re-opened. The DoS has returned.

    To be continued...

Hey guys! Just put another short story together. I might plan on making a part 2. Hope you guys like it! You can rate x/10.

Edits: Fixing some errors.

This is fiction, I'm not appointing accusations upon hammereditor, and this is not slander. This is fiction based on true events.

Gallery / [Story] - The Denial December Attack - DDoS Story
« on: January 01, 2014, 01:20:36 AM »

The Denial December Attack
12/30/13's DDoS Attack

Quote from: Mariofan1701 on 12/29/13
This shall be named
The Great Blockland DDoS Attack of 12/30/13
now someone write a book about it
On it.

Its been one full day since the attack. Or has it been? Time was hard to tell in the darkness of the bunker. The flickering light above our heads dimly lit many worried blockheads from who knows what was going on outside.

Twenty four hours from present, sirens wailed from the damp morning. Those siren's haven't gone on, in years. The moment they went on, every Blocklander turned and faced the church, the core of the sound.

Mothers grabbed their children and hugged them tight. The world seemed to stop spinning as everyone paused and looked at those deep, wailing, sirens. Blocklanders stopped and put down their hammers as the spine-chilling wail echoed through ACM City.

The noise was broken as a helicopter was heard speeding towards the small ACM City. Jeeps and tanks rolled in from behind the buildings. National Blockland Guards marched through the city. The military came through and issued everyone to go to the last building every Blocklander resented. The Bunker.

It was a huge pandemic. The widespread chaos was unfathomable. The sirens were almost drowned in the Blocklander's cries, as each and every player were trampling over each other. Brothers and sisters lost, loved ones pushed away from each other as people were rushed to the giant bunker at the end of ACM City.

The sirens' wail grew louder and louder.

A tank came through, a well known Blocklander, Kalphiter, stood on the tank as it drove nearby the citizens as they went toward the sloping grey building, scared and confused.
"All will be fine. Please remain calm!" He shouted.

Several Blocklanders broke from the crowd to get a good filming scene of what was happening.

"Eksi, Filipe, get in the bunker!" Ushered another national guard, Ravencroft.

The alarms wailed so loudly that nobody else could hear anything more. The dramatic and chaos grew exponentially.

The ground vibrated. The sky turned bright white. The doors began to shut, there was no time to get every Blocklander into the bunker. Players wailed, the National Blockland Guard ran from building to building, taking positions for the upcoming. . . DDoS attack.

The doors shut and locked with a screeching sound. Half of the city only made it into the tiny, cramped bunker.

Present time. Thirty nine hours after the bunker doors closed.

The ground shook and vibrated as another attack hit. Innocent Blocklanders sobbed and dug their faces in their hands, waiting for the terrible attack to stop.

Five minutes went by.

Then ten.

After about thirty agonizing hours, the attacks seemed to stop. One by one, players lifted their heads out of their arms and looked toward the stairs leading to the surface, the light daring for them to walk up.
A brave player by the of Fontrox got up. "I..." He coughed from the dusty air. "... I believe it is over."

Another player got up. "Are you sure?" Asked a famous engineer, The Brighter Dark.

"The attacks haven't hit for about thirty minutes." Said DrenDran. Standing up and walking straight to the doorway.

"Wait." Nal grabbed his friend's shoulder. "We don't know if it actually has stopped. Opening up those doors may put all of us in danger."

"He's right." Standing up Brotatoe. "We don't know if it actually has stopped."

AdinX stood up, putting his bPhone in his back pocket. "Word has got out, it actually has stopped."

Other Blocklanders rose. One by one, gaining hope if they were actually saved. They shuffled towards the stairway, eventually slowly going up it.

Ozmar and Dewy pushed open the doors. Bright sunlight flooded the room. Once the Blocklanders had blinked away the bright light, they saw the remaining of their beautiful town.
The town was in shambles, the church's roof was practically on the road. The warm signs of the gas station was no longer there. The school building was almost buried from the rubble of itself and nearby buildings. Restaurants, destroyed. Their town had been obliterated from the DDoS attacks. The other half of the town seemed to of disappeared. All of them gone. Jeeps and tanks, as well as weapons littered the ground. Everyone was gone. Everything was demolished. Just when everyone thought all hope was lost, one Blocklander rose out of the group. He looked into the bright sky. He turned and faced the group.

He was wearing a rusty helmet, a nice cut beard, quite dirty from the bunker however. He said, "We must rebuild now." Looking at each and every player, one at a time. He smiled. "It's what we're good at anyways."

With that saying, the Blocklanders looked up into the sky. They thought, every single attack. Every single troll, manipulator, liar. With every hater, Blockland will still pursue on. They will destroy our builds, but.

We will rebuild again. Better.

Hey guys. Just came back from some family time and saw that the DDoS attack was over. Some anonymous person wanted a story. I had nothing else better to do so I put my good time into a nice little story, barely describing what would probably happen in a DDoS attack, or how people view it, haha. Anyways, still working on it, probably will have major edits later. I look forward into making these guys. Thanks!

EDITs: 1/1/14 - Changed the story to left allignment.

1/1/14 - Changed date from /12 to /13. silly me

That mod where you can give VIP, and it gives other tags to mods, admins, super admins, and host. I'm guessing it's private, but I'm not sure. Thanks!

Help / Problems with saving and shaders.
« on: December 16, 2013, 04:50:15 PM »

Basically, I cant save events, avatars, or anything that involves favs. I also can't do shaders. Whereas before, I could run minimum, now, no matter what setting it is on, no shaders. Please help.

Gallery / [VIDEO] [BCE]: BEE Cinematic Teaser
« on: December 11, 2013, 05:46:08 PM »
New BEE Cinematic Teaser. If you haven't noticed already, DarkStar is doing some useless stuff on Blockland! And probably doesn't want me posting this on the forums! ;)

Anyways, just testing out some stuff from the studios, some lights, static shapes, mainly I did this because Final Cut Pro X is now working for me. Still need better recording software however, maybe some stuff that doesn't lag the crap out of me.

TL;DR? Here it is!

Rate! Say some stuff on how I can improve, even though its only like 14 seconds. Thanks. Maybe more sound effects? IDK. Any software that I could use either? I'm on a mac, take that into note too.


General Discussion / Jakob's World [ULTIMATE SERVER TOPIC] NEW POLL!
« on: December 02, 2013, 12:40:48 PM »

**Jakob's World**
**Server Topic**

Picture by Alphadin(?)

Recently, I have been hosting all kinds of different game-modes on my RTB Hosted Server. Going from TDMs, to Mini Empires, to Crumbling Arena. I like to host all kind of these servers, but I'm not going to make three topics to explain them all, when I can just make one. Servers will be rotated every week so that every server will be hosted at least once.

>Crumbling Arena<]

Picture and Gamemode made by TheBlackParrot. I will begin to host this again for people to have fun, server is still in a Work In Progress, so don't expect too much. I am adding music for you techno guys to listen to some bad-ass music while jumping on crumbling tiles to avoid falling to your endless death.
If the load freezes on you, rejoin. If it still freezes on you, turn of DLing music by going to Options, Network, and checking off downloading music.

  • Come Back Alive
  • Everyone I Love Is Dead
  • Five Finger Broken Discount
  • Highways And Headstones
  • Lifeless
  • Once Alive Twice Dead
  • Patient Zero
  • Promise Me You Won't Die
  • You've Doomed Us All
  • 13
  • Be Like Me
  • Breakin A Sweat ZEDD Remix
  • Cinema Skrillex Remix
  • Come And Get It
  • Droppin' It
  • Funny Monsters And Bad Sprites
  • Here To Stay ft Harley Quinn
  • I'll Fly With You Main Beat
  • Infinity
  • Killin It Mutrix Remix
  • Lick It
  • Mortal Kombat Theme
  • Paradise on E BOUNC3 Remix
  • Rage Valley
  • Reason
  • Right In
  • Rock N Roll Will Take You To The Mountains
  • Scary Bolly Dub
  • Scratch Now Spad Heddy Remix
  • Something Real 501 Remix
  • Squaredance
  • Thunder Jumpstyle Music
  • Unforgettable feat Nickita
  • Axel F
  • Bennyhill
  • Can't Touch This
  • Chocolate Rain
  • Discovery - I Love The World
  • Dynamite
  • My Little Pony I'm Trolling You
  • Let's Get it Started
  • You've read this far?
  • Numa Numa
  • Nyan Cat
  • Jeez you like to read music lists...
  • Paprika - Byakko no
  • School's Out
  • Toby Mac - Tonight
  • What Is Love

Crumbling Arena will be hosted from Monday, Tuesday, and then Thursday. (May be changed!)
More Images will be added soon! Come on the server to see you might get caught in some of those images!

>Mini Empires<

Logo by Ozmar (BL_ID: 30588)

See the reserved post for information.

Hosted Sunday, and Friday. (May be Changed!)

>TDM and/or DM<

Picture will be added soon!

TDMs and DM server is just like the title says, a TDM, or a DM. There will be different maps that will be hosted, with different game-modes. I have a Defend the Flag CTF on SPO Castle, thanks to Furdle and his team for making it, and different maps. More things will be hosted on every different day, also depending on popularity and polls. There will also be an Afghanistan TDM and a Ricochet DM, a DM made by Tuevon and I, a DM where all projectiles with Ricochet off the walls, different powerups you can get, and lots of nonstop hectic destroying fun!

Looking for more maps to do, please post some maps in the description below!!!

TDMs and DMs server will be hosted, Saturday, Wednesday, and Maybe Sunday, sharing hosting time with Crumbling Arena. (May be changed!)


No images right now, will take some later, BL is unavailable. :(

Check by later!

>Donation System<

There are different donation systems, separated from the Mini Empires donation system, this is again still in Work In Progress. Donating helps the server improve and keeps the server uptime better. So far, there isn't a VIP system enabled in all of the servers (except of Mini Empires) because Crumbling Arena, I don't know how to put more add-ons into it.
However, once I figure out how to, a server-wide rank "VIP" will be added, and there will be different perks that a VIP can get, I just need a scripter to script what they can do. Maybe more lives on Crumbling Arena, More weapons on TDM and DMs, and all the other stuff is put on the Reserved Area for Mini Empires.
If you want to donate, which would be great, send the money to ""! Thanks!

Pictures and Suggestions wanted!

General Discussion / Master Server is down?
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Can't join any server, cant log in. Did I  make it first yet?

General Discussion / Jakob's World [Mini Empires Deluxe] Might shut down.
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Logo by Ozmar (30588)

NO! This is no regular Mini Empires. This is the mini empires that NO-ONE HAS DONE BEFORE! This is unlike any server. This is one of the most unique Mini Empires server that you will ever see. Why is it called Deluxe? One simple reason. All eras are in this server. Three worlds. The first world accompanies Medieval and Industrial. You start out as Medieval in the first world if you so choose to go there. The second world is Modern and Future. Again, you start out as Modern if you choose to go there. The third, drum roll please, is Sandbox. My last mini empires, some people didn't like it because of a few reasons. It wasn't modern, fixed. It wasn't future, fixed. All it was was fantasy and magic, fixed too. You have the largest variety of choices. And a good staff and people to accompany you. This Mini Empires combines meteors, from my last mini empires, and researching. For the first world, you have to collect meteors to advance through the eras. In modern through future, you research. Although for all the worlds, you still get the New Era meteor to get you to the next era.

Embark on this wondrous adventure seeking through lands, chopping down forests to find the best place to center your empire. Build your nation, conquer or ally. No matter what era you are in, the possibilities are endless. Come join the server with me and fellow friends and create the mightiest of empires to rule the world! Unite or destroy as I said.  Here, you say, you put your foot down and you say what you want to happen. This. Is. A real DELUXE MINI EMPIRES!

Now we shall get on with the rest of the topic.

Donations (Only Accepting Paypal)
This server is now accepting donations. From donations for going to VIP rooms, to donations for packs to help you start off and rule the world. We also have a Terms of Service, which you should read when you donate. Donating is easy, if you are underaged, ask a guardian to help you donate via Paypal. If they do not know how, you could go online or ask me, and I could provide some assistance.
Send the money to: ""

Terms of Service.
We reserve the right to provoke/change privileges.
You can still be Banned or temporarily banned from the servers should issues arise
If the Price of a purchasable pack/rank changes, You will still retain your current pack/rank.
Impersonation another rank will get you banned. You may not act as a rank you are not. This will result in extreme consequence.
Unless extreme circumstance arises you will retain your rank permanently.
If you do get banned, your rank will be kept. Bans will also again will not be permanent, unless your
actions are severe.
Under no circumstances will refunds be given.
For donating, you must put your Blockland name and BL ID into the donation information. If you wish to donate for someone else, you must put your information as well as theirs inside the donation information.

EXCLUSIVE: Buy one get one half off!
If you buy any pack or meteor, donor rank will be half off - $0.99. Exceptional from Overlord and VIP.

EXCLUSIVE: Black Friday!
Everything is 25% off!

Prices and Donations
Starter Pack - $0.99 - 25% off!

2 Magic Meteor, 2 Ruby Meteor, 1 Ice Meteor, 5 USE Meteor of Meteors, Spartan Meteor.

Advanced Pack - $1.99 - 25% off!

3 Magic Meteors, 3 Ruby Meteors, 1 Ice Meteor, Meteor of Meteors, Diamond Meteor, Holy Meteor.

History Class - $1.99 - 25% off!

1 New Age Meteor - New Age Meteor also can be used if you go to another world.

VIP Rank - $4.99 - 25% off!

Call Meteors (An admin or Overlord may spawn a meteor near your location. Meteor types will vary. Only Magic - Spartan), REMOVED Ability to Void Bosses, All Meteors in Advanced Pack, Can call Loki Presents, more being decided. You can still be banned, but not permanent. Can change clan tags. VIP sections. Build in two worlds.

Overlord - $25 - 25% off!

Can’t spawn a new age meteor, uber bosses. Meteor granting is only one day per grant for anything above ruby. Abusing this power could result in consequences.

Donor - $1.99 - 25% off!

Change Clan Tag and name color. Also can add cool effects to their builds like rainbow. Has access to VIP sections, be able to build both worlds.

Deluxe Pack - $5.99 - 25% off!
4 Magic Meteors, 3 Ruby Meteors, 1 Ice Meteor, Unlimited Uses of Meteors of Meteors, Diamond Meteor, Holy Meteor, Amulet of Resurrection, and V.I.P

All Donations help with Hosting Service and inspire me to host more unique ideas.

Meteors - If you choose to not do Sandbox.

Like in my last Mini Empires, there are many meteors. Meteors will give you powers, units, and abilities. You will use these powers to conquer or unite the world.
Here we go.

  • Magic Meteor: This meteor gives you mages. The more meteors you mine, the more powerful your mages get. However, the more magic that is released into the world, lets another species called The Corruption and The Hallow enter the land.
  • Ruby Meteor: This meteor, when mined will give you ruby units! These ruby units are not the most powerful, but are good for starting off on your adventure to seize the land. The first time you mine this meteor, you get Ruby Swordsmen. The next time, Ruby Archers. And after that Ruby Spearmen. The fire on the ruby meteor will also kill your units unless you put it out!
  • Ice Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you the ability to freeze your enemies on the battlefield! Huzzah! They also can be known for putting out meteors on fire!!
  • Meteor of Meteors: Mining this meteor gives your mages the ability to rain firey meteors down on your enemies' head! Only on the battlefield though. So no airstrike from faraway!
  • Spartan Meteor: Getting to this meteor first, will give you spartans. Spartans are pretty strong units, and have ranged attacks, spears, and melee attacks, spears and swords. However this meteor will be guarded by spartans. You have to get through them first. As well as getting through anyone else who tends to get in your way!
  • Gold Meteor: Despite being extremely malleable, Golden Units are quick and agile. This has the same properties of the Spartan Meteor though. Will be guarded.
  • Diamond Meteor: Despite being just plain beautiful, the diamond meteor gives you diamond armored units. They are quite slow, but are rock solid. Or diamond solid. Has the same properties of the Spartan Meteor.
  • Ranger Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you 4 hero units, Rangers. They will be under your command and have 200 health each!
  • Holy Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you a hero, a paladin. He is quite strong, can heal allies on the battlefield, and can cleanse corruption! Yay!
  • New Era Meteor: Guessed it or not, mining this meteor will upgrade you in your era. If you are in medieval, you go to industrial. If you are in modern, you go to future. These are extremely rare, and are worth battling over. However, there could be a boss guarding this meteor.
  • Meteor of Pirates: This meteor will give you pirates. They are very good at battling at sea, love to drink rum, They will have the same properties as the Spartan Meteor.
  • Royal Meteor: Gives you a nice ship, however this is currently not working right now. I have no ship. Need volunteers D:  
  • Ninja Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you 4 hero units, ninjas. They have 600 health each, have the ability to cloak, and are extremely fast. However this meteor lands without warning!
  • Sparrow Meteor: Volunteered from a random guy in the Mediterranean Sea, this pirate, is Captain Jack Sparrow! His HP is upped by 100% when fighting at sea. His normal HP is 500.
  • The Lightning Miracle: Mining this meteor will give you a hero, Thor. Mining this meteor also gives you a new ability to use on the battlefield, lightning strike. Thor has 4k hp, run fasts, jump high, can fly, and has very lovey abbs (no homo)
  • Meteor of Builders: An admin builds something for you. Could be a dragon too. (OUT OF COMMISSION)
  • Visit from Heaven: This meteor will give you 4 heros. Angels! They can fly, cleanse corruption, heal units, and have 4k HP! Wow!
  • Nukem Meteor: Guarding this meteor for 5 minutes without getting attacked will give you a nuke. You can call this on any place. The ultimate killing weapon!!!!
  • Amulet of Resurrection: Mining this meteor, you will find an amulet of resurrection. It will resurrect a unit, but will break in the process. It can also resurrect enemies and... bosses?
  • Infectoids: Mining this meteor will give your mages the ability to send alien spaceships to airstrike your enemy! Has a cool-down though.
  • Tf2 Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you a unit from any class in TF2! Doesn't count for that stupid ghost that scares the stuff out of people though. OR a vagineer. Who the forget comes up with those anyways???
  • Zeus' Smite: First person to get to this meteor and guard it for one minute will give the person the ability to destroy your enemy's capital, and render them unable to do activities for half an hour. Sucks. This can only be used once.
  • Hade's Bargain: First person to get to this meteor and guard it for 1 minute uninterrupted gives you the ability to defend against a Zeus' Smite. Can only be used once though.
  • ???: This meteor is secret. You have to join to figure it out!
  • Ruler of the Server: You have mined every meteor, became a nation, and attacked and won 5 battles.
  • Beastmaster Meteor: No, this meteor does not give you're people bushmasters. It gives your archers an animal that will defend it's masters from any attackers.
  • Resources have yet to be implemented into the game. They will be soon.

Bosses / Guardians

There are unique bosses and guardians that may attack you, or defend the meteors that you try to get. Or you can seek them out and kill them for their special prize. Every boss is unique. You can also choose to be in a challenge mode. Which will make everything more difficult. This is only for hardcore players. Are you a hardcore player?

    • Giant Tortoise: 500 HP. Uses earth around it to attack you. Give you 4 turtle shell units on death. They can move quickly on deserts, and their shells are tough to break.
    • Armored Tortoise (Challenge): 1500 HP. Gives you 4 turtle shelled units but with spikes on armor. Deals damage on melee hit.
    • Vampire King+Queen: 400 HP. Their vampiric army will attack you. That is their ability I guess.
    • Gonzor: Removed, had troubles duplicating him over from my dedicated server to RTB.
    • Tiberium King: 400 HP. Attacks are unknown.
    • FireWhirl: Infinite HP. Has a weakness that you must exploit to kill him. He usually defends a meteor.
    • Goblin Boss: Needs to be built, dupsave was also wrecked like Gonzor. He guards meteors.
    • Storm Wind: 6500 HP. No Drop decided yet.
    • Kraken: 10k HP. Drops summoner for Darkstormer.
    • Ice Kraken (Challenge): 15k HP. Ice and Water attacks. Drops summoner for Darkstormer.
    • Darkstormer: 18k HP. Uses corruption attacks and water attacks. Weakest Dark Legion boss. Drops "SChroll of the Whale" Which allows you to teleport up to three sea ships to anywhere to the map. Has 5 uses before it dissolves.
    • Hellstormer Advisor: 20k HP. Drops "Putrid Vial" Which is corruption in a bottle. If placed someplace, it will start corruption.
    • Hellstormer's Advisor (Challenge): 22k HP. Drops 2 Putrid Vials.
    • Hellstormer: 25k. Can summon flights of minions to attack you. Drops "Hellstormers Rending Gate" Which allows one unit to fly. Best for heroes who are unable to fly.
    • Vampiric Blood Monger: 45k HP. Drops False Purge Scroll, which gives you the ability to summon a vampiric meteor onto someones empire. Vampiric meteors are meteors that start corruption and summons waves of zombies against your enemy.
    • Scarlet Cursed Blood Monger (Challenge): 90k HP. Drops 2 False Purge Scrolls
    • Dark Dimensional Sentry One: 60k HP. Drops 2 Putrid Vials, Hellstormer's Rending Gate, Dark Dimensional Sentry 2 Summoner, And excellent bragging rights.
    • Dark Dimensional Sentry 2: 75k HP. Drops 4 Putrid Vials, Ring of Terror - Instantly fries an enemy to dust. Even a hero. Extreme Bragging Rights.
    • Doomsday: Thou shall not tell tales of thee Doomsday and live.

Spires in the Future World

If you have seen the future world, you would have noticed there there are some weirdly looking spires. I wouldn't have told you what they are, but since I honestly would of considered this a wikipedia since it took me a long time to write, I'll just pit it in anyways.

The spires are build created by unknown force. Their material is strange too, not seen in the future world. There are 4 spires in the map, each have a different colored orbs spinning around the top.

These spires are there to boost whoever has captured that spire, a boost. So to speak- if you have an empire, you capture the spire (not yet figured out how lol), and it boosts your whatever in which category. However when you try to capture a spire, a random boss would appear, which you must defeat in pretty great consequences. If you fail to capture the spire, The spire shuts down and summons a quantum laser to strike your capital. It will not be able to be accessed for a day.

Yellow Spire: Economy Boost.
Green Spire: Health and Resource Boost.
Purple Spire: Technology and Research Speed Boost.
White Spire: Peace or Destruction
Black Spire: The Final
You cannot access until all other spires are accessed. All four empires have to all capture the spire together. Either that or one empire must have all 4 spires. Capturing the Black Spire will summon the ultimate boss. The ultimate boss is decided, but I do not intend to show it on the topic. However, capturing the Black Spire will boost you in all the categories. Giving you a rush in Technology and Research, Health and Resource, and Economy. However you have a choice. You can either choose that or summon the Ultimate Destruction. You will be able to harness the word of Armageddon. Helping another empire achieve this stage, may not be your smartest idea.

Cyber, Corruption, and Hallow.
There have been new enemies introduced into the Medieval and Futuristic world.

[Cyber]: (Made by Fab) Cyber is another NPC to give the both worlds quite a spice. Cyber is like an Artificial Intelligence, controlled by a somewhat intelligence (fab). Anyways, there are 6 magical shards in the map. When all collected, you are given the power to summon a new era meteor. Each shard will( or wont) have a boss. Gaining shards, and making your empire more powerful, gains you notoriety. Notoriety determines if you are attacked by the Cyber frequently or not. Hints of getting attacked, is pretty obvious. One, a reddish small portal forms. A form of tower builds itself. Waves of cyber enemies will begin pouring out. The more waves come out, the stronger the tower gets, thus, the more bigger and powerful the waves come out. Depending on how strong your  empire is already, it may already start big. Refer to Cyber for more info, I literally know none of this.

[Corruption]: Corruption is simple. It is controlled by the Dark Legion. The corruption wants to destroy humanity. Corruption also attacks on how powerful your empire is. Sometimes, it comes with a boss. You must team up with the world to destroy it, or risk loosing it all. Corruption invades land and life and sucks organic life out of it. It is poison to much organic life, including your people!! Stay away from it, and destroy it at all costs.

[Hallow]: Hallow is Anti-Corruption. In most cases, it is more powerful than stage one corruption. Having your empire on hallowed areas make your men enlightened, making them boost in doing their work, and also fighting. Help the hallow, but destroy the corruption.

Super Media - SOON TO COME. Need more builds please.


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