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For some reason I didn't want to do homework and I browsed the blockland forums..

A little too much.

Is that bannable?

Filled up all of general discussion D:

Forgrive me if it's wrong, I dun wanna do school.

General Discussion / Hey guis, bl is down
« on: November 17, 2013, 09:49:53 PM »

express your opinions to hammereditor... or v22...?

wot do you think? do you think that you must cry out?

Off Topic / Script Sharing v1
« on: November 05, 2013, 11:45:42 AM »
guys, any ideas how to scripts, or share some scripting scripts on this topic? I knwo how to make a forcekill. because im smart. What about you guys? Like MarbleMan, he must share some unusefulness here!

Off Topic / Can faking a ban get you a ban?
« on: November 05, 2013, 11:32:03 AM »
Has anyone ever faked a ban then get banned for faking a ban?

like idk

User was banned for this post. REALLY OBVIOUS FAKE BANNNN

Off Topic / REQUEST: Channel art for youtube.
« on: October 31, 2013, 04:18:04 PM »
I unfortunately do not know how to - or don't have the skills to make a channel art for youtube.

What I'm asking for is a nice well done channel art for my channel which displays "Jakobblockhead's Channel" in the middle without the quotes, and some futuristic background behind it, with a blur fading out near the edges. Maybe the background could just be a wall with neon green lines, well your imagination. Maybe even include Game Reviews under it and Cinema Films.
Open to suggestions

The best channel art I pick will get a special video dedicated to them including a shout out. If they have a server, if they want I could even do a game review / server review for them if they want.
Also open up for suggestions.

Made this in a hurry, lol. Not supposed to be on BL forums right now. Thank's guys! Maybe even better rewards coming soon.  :cookie:

Drama / Xavia (BLID: 29444) IMAGE HEAVY
« on: October 26, 2013, 08:12:35 AM »

I haven't done dramas in a long time, I personally don't want to do another again, but several players that played at Xavia's server, told me to make this drama, and that they would support. What Xavia did was so forgeted up, I just had to make a drama to alert what kind of stuff that this guy is getting into. No, I'm not raging, but I think this is really wrong what he was doing on his server, he listened to no constructive criticism, used admin orb to place sentries in enemy bases I am supposing, having Tezuni like mods that ban you for taking up slots in the server. I mean what the forget is that?
He also has a global spawn, but bans whoever "spawn-kills", which is incorrectly using the term, plus if he wants no one to fight in spawn, there are invincible player types for a reason, multiple bases for a reason, heck you can just dup the loving spawn and make 2 of them, it's not hard.

He has banned Jack Noir and I for the same reason, as you  could see at the top of this topic. His community is also childish. I actually don't remember everything that happened since it's just  one big pile. I'll now post the pictures, you can decide for yourself, if there is too little detail, I will try and supply on what happened.
These images are not in order.

There are, I'm guessing to spawns. The global spawn and the teleport spawn where it teleports you into another base which then you can go play. If you do get killed in that base, it should not be considered a problem. I put a C4 next to the tele, n Turbo Recon Robot deliberately saw the C4, and began hitting it. I then detonated the bomb and repeatedly calls me a camper. This is one example of their childish community, or Blockland's community.

Threatened to be banned for suppling ideas on how to make the server better, constructive criticism.

Pell telling that Xavia was abusing for banning people, placing sentries in unreachable spots.

Me getting slightly mad about threatening to be banned, and how Xavia was actually being this bad at hosting a server. Also people telling Xavia to remove the sentry.

Pell also saying that Xavia and the mod was abusing, he had multiple complaints telling Xavia to stop.

Xavia placing the sentry and other team asking why.

Jack Noir's ban. At this point, this is when I start taking the pictures because I see how loving messed up this is.

Testing if the server had invincible playertype, also trying to get Xavia to notice that he needs to fix this.

Jack Noir and I trying to reason with Xavia's spawn.

Multiple people on the server support me, you should too. We need to get this message to him that he's messing up the server. I honestly think he did a good job, the map needs work though, but it really is a nice server, although his admins and he himself are messing it up. Whoever tries to talk to him, they ban them. AKA; if you talk to Xavia, he slaps you.  :cookie:
Still, I wouldn't advise giving Xavia any trust whatsoever.
Go to his server to see more proof.

I really am being truthful about this, I haven't seen really any good TDM/DM servers out there, and I would be sad if this went down in flames. I will still be retrieving pictures and updating this topic. Remember guys, be safe, and don't do drugs.

Ingame supporters
Jack Noir

The Sam
n Turbo Recon Robot
The childish community

Will be updating this topic, hopefully with more proof, pictures, and maps.

Drama / Revoltech strikes again!
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:03:46 AM »
So guys, if you haven't seen my mini empires topic I suggest you take a quick look at it, because Revoltech just bitched over me again.

He sees my topic, then he comes to complain, about three things. That I copied his meteor shape (dafuq is his problem?), resources (he said he was fine with caves he little hypocrite), and planets) The real big thing about planets, is that he even admitted he didn't come up with it. I would have pictures of that, but he just agreed that he didn't come up with it, and said it was fine, but no, he changes his mind every second.

And if you didn't know, my meteors look exactly different from his.

And now this on my new topic?:

Like I said, you're taking all these ideas from me. First, it was meteor shapes, then it was planets, then resources, and now a Forum topic? What else are you going to copy, the loving map? Jesus, come up with your own loving ideas moron.

You can also see it here in page 2.

1 hour before that, My register get spammed all at the same time with this!

We even had an agreement to drop this.

Guys, if I were you, block your life from Revoltech. I mean please, we had an argument to drop this, he brings it up again because I have an awesome topic, gah, he said he was fine with all this,


General Discussion / Jakob's Mini Empires - UPDATES AND EVENTS!
« on: July 10, 2013, 09:19:01 PM »
Logo and Picture by Ozmar (30588)


Obviously, my mini empires is mini empires. No need to explain that. But this one is unique. This is a fantasy Mini Empires, and if you like mini empires, you will like this.
First of all, this is fantasy based. There are magical meteors*, that when mined, will give you special powers, abilites, allow you to research things, that kind of stuff. There are a huge variety of meteors, I will list them later on. You can also choose your people's element, that will give them the upper hand on some bosses and against other players. Choosing your element will also effect the meteors you gather. There also cave resources, which you can also get control over, and over a matter of time, you earn a resource which can then be constructed into other items. This is a sort of evolution progress. BUT YOU DO NOT RESEARCH TO GO THROUGH ERAS, you mine era meteors, trust me, you will have to get other meteors and defeat a big guardian. Big deal lol.

But that's not all. Here, you build your empire, you mine meteors, become the strongest, ally AND OR conquer other empires! All battles will be supervised by an admin though, and have to be started with an admin supervising.

There are lots of bosses you can conquer to also earn bragging rights, and items to give you special powers. There are heros which you can get that will aid you in battle. And it is very fun!

Our administration is very nice, but they may not know everything. They could abuse too, and I cannot stop that. But we have a nice moderated staff that will help and guide people along their path to becoming a strong nation.

My server also used to be public, but because too many noobs, and no offense when I say that, keep joining and creating spammy empires. So the server is now whitelisted and you have to register to join. We are only allowing people who think they can do this well, and will not troll.


There are many meteors. Meteors will grant you powers, units, abilities and much more. Good meteors will be guarded by guardians, and will be guarded also if the meteor has been mined multiple times. Here is a long list of meteors and their description from the server. You may also read these on the server, if you do not choose to read them here. Although it will have notes and a little more detail in parentheses.

  • Magic Meteor: Meteor gives you mages. (You get basic mages. Your mages power will increase and you will get more spells the more mages you get.
    • Spells will vary on your element.)
    • Ruby Meteor: Will give you ruby units. Classes: Swordsmen, Archer, Spearmen (You get a class every time you mine a meteor. The meteor is also on fire, which will kill your units if you try to mine it.. unless....)
    • Ice Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you the ability to freeze your enemies on the battlefield (Doesn't matter what element you are although, ice elements are immune.)
    • Meteor of Meteors: Gives your mages to rain meteors down on your enemies' head. (Only on battlefield)
    • Spartan Meteor: Spartans will guard this meteor. After you mine the meteor, you get a special unit: Spartans (Spartans are pretty strong units)
    • Gold Meteor: Gives you golden armored units, will be guarded like spartan meteor. (They will have horrible armor, of course, but will fight pretty good.)
    • Diamond Meteor: Gives you diamond armored units, will be guarded like spartan meteor. (Their attacks are as good as gold units, and their armor is better then spartans)
    • Ranger Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you 4 hero units, Rangers. They each have 200 health.
    • Holy Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you a hero, a paladin! He can cleanse corruption and heal units on the battlefield.
    • New Era Meteor: Mining this meteor will upgrade you in the era. You first start as medieval, then industrial, modern, then futuristic. (Hard to get)
    • Meteor of Pirates: This meteor will give you pirates. Which are very good battling at sea. They will be guarded like the spartan meteor.
    • Royal Meteor: This meteor will give you a special ship. (We do not have a sea ship yet, volunteers are accepted, we have a flying ship though.)
    • Ninja Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you 4 hero units, ninjas. They each have 600 health.
    • Sparrow Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you a hero, Captain Jack Sparrow! His HP is upped by 100% when fighting at sea. 500 HP (Although, on the server he is listed with 1000 HP)
    • Poseidon's Stone: Mining this meteor will give you a hero, Poseidon. He cant do any water attacks unless he is at sea or at the beach. He has 2k health.
    • The Lightning Miracle: Mining this meteor will give you a hero, Thor. And gives your mages a new spell, lightning strike. Thor has 4k hp, can run fast, jump high, and can fly.
    • Meteor of Builders: Ozmar or an admin builds a building or unit for you.
    • Visit from Heaven: This meteor will give you 4 heros. Angels! They can fly, cleanse corruption, heal units, and have 6000 health.
    • Nukem Meteor: Guarding this meteor for 5 minutes without getting attacked will give you a nuke, the ultimate killing weapon!
    • Amulet of Resurrection: Mining this meteor will give you the amulet of resurrection. It will resurrect units but will break in the process (use wisely).
    • Infectoids: Mining this meteor will give your mages the power to summon alien spaceships to attack your enemy!
    • TF2 Meteor: Mining this meteor will give you one unit of any class from TF2.
    • Zeus' Smite: First person to get to this meteor will give you the ability to destroy your enemy's capital, making them not able to attack or defend attacks for 1 day.
    • Hades Bargain: First person to get to this meteor gives you a defense against Zeus' Smite, but will break in the process.
    • ???: This meteor is a secret, you have to join to figure it out!
    • Ruler of the Server: You have mined/captured every meteor, become a nation, and attacked and won 5 battles.
    • Beastmaster Meteor: No, this meteor does not give you a bushmaster. It gives your archers an animal that will defend its master from attackers. Will be defended by wild animals.
    • RESOURCE: Sparkling Silver Ore: Every 1 hour (realtime) the cave will give you a sparkling silver ore, if you capture it. Sparkling Silver Ore can be used to create a Boss Artifact (Spawners)!
    • RESOURCE: Sparkling Diamond Ore: Every day (realtime) the cave will give you a sparkling diamond ore, if you capture it. Sparkling Diamond Ore can be used to create a Boss Artifact (Rings!)!


    Elements are used for spells, attacking, defending, and fighting bosses. But this is the nutshell for what goes against what. Note: Everything is neutral against light and darkness, and light and darkness is neutral to them (by neutral I mean they dont do special damage or defense.

    Click the image for the spells you get after getting magic meteors.


    There are bosses and guardians that will attack you, or defend meteors. Or YOU can seek them out to kill them for their special prize!
    Every boss is unique, and have elements that you could use against them or they could use against you. This is the list from easiest to most difficult.

    There are also challenge mode, which is listed later on, they will be listed right after the non-challenge mode.

    • Giant Tortoise: 500 HP Element: Earth (Gives you 4 turtle shell units on death)
    • Armored Tortoise (CHALLENGE): 1500 HP Element: Earth (Gives you 4 turtle shell units with spikes on armor - deals damage back on hit - on death)
    • Vampire King+Queen: 400 HP Element: Darkness (Controls vampiric army)
    • Gonzor: 2000 HP Element: Earth (Increases population per house by 2)
    • Tiberium King: 400 HP Element: Unknown... (Controls Tiberium Army)
    • FireWhirl: Unknown HP Element: Fire (You get the meteor, hes a guardian, derp)
    • Goblin Boss: 4000 HP Element: Wind (You get meteor, or you get nothing. Drop hasn't been decided)
    • Storm Wind: 6500 HP Element: Darkness (No drop)
    • Kraken: 10000 HP Element: Water (Drops summoner for Darkstormer)
    • Ice Kraken: 15000 HP Element: Ice AND Water (Drops summoner for Darkstormer)
    • Darkstormer: 18000 HP Element: Darkness (Drops "Scroll of the Whale" which allows you teleport up to three sea ships to anywhere on the map up to five times)
    • Hellstormer's Advisor: 20000 HP Element: Darkness (Drops "Putrid Vial" which is corruption in a bottle, if placed someplace, it will start corruption)
    • Hellstormer's Advisor (CHALLENGE): 22000 HP Element: Darkness (Drops 2 "Putrid Vial"s, same thing as above.)
    • Hellstormer: 25000 HP Element: Darkness(Can summon flights of his minions to attack you. Drops "Hellstormer's Rending Gate" which allows one unit to fly.)
    • Vampiric Blood Monger: 45000 HP Element: Darkness (Drops "False Purge Scroll" which gives you the ability to summon a vampiric meteor onto someones empire.)
    • Scarlet Cursed Blood Monger (CHALLENGE): 90000 HP Element: Darkness (Drops 2 "False Purge Scroll")
    • Dark Dimensional Sentry 1: 60000 HP Element: Darkness (Drops 2 "Putrid Vial"s, Hellstormer's Ring, Dark Dimensional Sentry 2 Summoner, and Bragging Rights! (You will not get Hellstormer's Ring if you fight this boss as a guardian) )
    • Dark Dimensional Sentry 2: 75000 HP Element: Darkness (Drops 2 "Putrid Vial"s, Ring of Terror - Instantly fries an enemy to dust, unless hero, which then takes 2 times - and EXTREME BRAGGING RIGHTS!!
    • Doomsday: Secrets....
Battle System

Okay, first of all. Before you wine that I copied Revoltech. He gave me permission to do this. And I was inspired by his battle mod, so we had an agreement on this, dont go ballistic.

Our battle system is pretty basic. You have to have an admin there to start the battle. The admin has to know all the rules and such, so ask him first. Unless its me (lol). Your defender also must be here. You cannot start the battle, or do anything against their empire unless they are here. You can start doing something, prepare doing it, but you cant attack them, nor can they admin do anything to their empire.

Our battle mod is basic anyways. I do not have the pictures of what it does, since its not currently working at the moment, but an admin enters a command into the server.

He enters in the basic damage the person is doing, and then the accuracy of it. It randomizes a variable, and then announces it on server.

Here is what it looks like!

Here are some other rules:

  • No attacking an empire unless the owner is there.
  • No overpowered units.
  • Basic units HP shouldn't go over 100, unless out of medieval.
  • Have commons sense.
I will be adding more things into this category later, but thats the basic rules. Which also includes godmodding. "Common Sense" is dont be an idiot. No godmodding, no flood of units, and your unit capacity on the battlefield is how many houses you have times 5.
For you equation guys: let houses be h and let house capacity be c. and let unit capacity be u.

(H x C) >= U.

Register to Join

Registering to Join, let me remind you, that it could take a day or two for me to respond to you. I will PM you when you the password. And let me tell you, I keep track of everyone who is registered and let in. If I see ANYONE I don't recognize, I will ban whoever gave the password, and will ban the person who came. And if necessary, change the password. I will also do a back round check on you to see if you are a troll, or have a unnecessary amount of dramas, or if you are a troll. Beware.


    1V1 BATTLE FOR THE FITTEST: We have a battle room, that will be used for the 1v1 match. It is simple, you build a mini empire in the two islands that will be there, after fifteen minutes, the battle will start and two players will duel to the death. We will have 3 matches, for 6 people. Get a partner, and you can battle! There will be only 1 match for era. 2 people for medieval, 2 people for industrial, and 2 people for modern.

    (Continue); Remember, you have to make factories for the things on the battlefield. Here is the application for you and your partner! You have to already be whitelisted to compete!

    Your Name:
    Your BL_ID:
    Your Forum Name:
    Your Partner's Name:
    Your Partner's BL_ID:
    Your Partner's Forum Name:
    Do both of you know how to play?: (Yes or No)
    What era you both want to play in: (Medieval, Industrial, Modern)


    There are a bunch of songs that we have selected that you can play while playing on our server! We would have music bricks for your empire, with epic songs, but I am having trouble enabling theme!

    This category is coming soon!


    Revoltech Strikes Again! Please support this drama.

    Link Here.

    To let all know!
    And I am claiming this, so please do not copy me.
    I started the meteors and corruptions. So this is a claimer ;)
    I look forward to seeing you!
    Also, any support is appreciated, I spent about 2 hours putting this together!

    Drama / Admrive abusing admin because of, idk!?
    « on: July 09, 2013, 10:41:52 PM »
    Yo guys, how are you doing. Good? Anyways, lets get down to the point.

    A few days ago, I was at a friends server, same friend as my last drama. And Admrive was there, on Blocko3D's server.

    When I joined, he had a fit and said "Ew, Hes admin here?"

    He then de-admined me for no reason.

    I said to give me my admin back, obviously he was badmining just because he was SA.

    He then kicked me from the server, and later banned me.

    Man, everyone's being a richard this week. I thought Admrive was a good guy, but hes just being a richard for the past few days.

    We had friction yesterday when I joined my friends server, he was also admin there. It was a mini empires server, again.
    He had OP units called the "Combine" and could like summon black hole missiles and rift destroyers and can destroy galaxies.

    I complained and told him that was OP, and told him I could destroy him with a fleet. He raged on and on, so I think thats why he de-admined me, and kicked me.

    Here are your pictures. BTW, if you ask how I got them, its because I open up my own server and just page up, if you think im fabricating this. :/

    Here is Admrive having a fit when I joined.

    He de-admins me, for his little fits.

    His reason for de-admining.

    Then him banning me and his reason.


    Drama / Axull (16325) Permaing me for his map not working.
    « on: July 08, 2013, 09:11:25 PM »
    Oky. So guis. How are you doing? Nice, thats good.
      Lets get to the start of this. I joined Axulls server, because my friend was there. He had a mini empires server, just for info.
    I was trying to get out of his rule room, but you had to list a rule (battle rule), that you couldn't find. His events weren't working.
    I told him I cant find it, once I do, I figure out the things were miss-named too. I click everywhere around the brick, but there are no messages telling you the battle rules.
    I told him about it, he didn't do anything, and obviously probably thought I was kidding.
    Also, I had his trust, so I just got tired of this awkward space shuttle-like-rule room, and used his trust to get out. Don't worry, no harm done to anything.
    He kept fetching me back, telling me to read everything. Fact, there is about 50 rules and things you could probably read. I knew the basic rules, so I thought I was good to go.

    I kept trying to tell him that his events weren't working. But obviously he did not listen. I asked him what the rule was to get out, he wouldn't tell him.
    I told him I would leave the server if I wasn't told, because obviously there was nothing to do there.
    He then started raging at me and told me the rule, I was going to get out of the rule room, but then I was banned permanently.

    Here are your pics.

    Here is also a pic of me being confused at the BATTLE RULE that was I guess a HAVE FUN OR DIE rule.

    I strongly advise you don't go to Axull's server, he tends to rage if you try and fix his map, and he is a badmin. I told my friend I was going to make a drama about this, he then told me that Axull would contact a forum moderator. So I guess he is crazy too.


    Help / Tries to load, but doesn't load ownership!
    « on: May 25, 2013, 11:13:54 AM »
    Hi guys, I host a mini empires server. Sometimes I need to close it down and reset to get addons, but when I load again, everyone's bricks is mine. I check save ownership, load ownership. I believe it has something to do with the v20 update where if your bricks are under someone else's bricks, it loads it in your ownership. Please help.

    Drama / Really Mlockha?
    « on: April 14, 2013, 12:23:48 PM »
    Alright so Im having problems with Pastry and Mlockha. They are all acting like richards. And mlockha starts spamming balls everywhere to get an admins attention. I mean wtf is this.

    They also get all apestuff about us politely watching them practice. I mean what? Your going to show your tactics anyways. So they make this big spammy red wall multiple times so we dont get to see them. What has this world come to.

    Hello guys. I am the leader of BCE, Blockland Cinema Entertainment. I am starting a film and what I need is actors. What kind of video? It is a zombie video. Before you flip let me tell you that I am quite experienced and I have Final Cut Pro X and film with a software called Screenflick, there are no watermarks either. No "", "Unregistered Fraps" and such.
    Everyone is welcome in if they are qualified to do so - meaning filling out this application and scoring well on it.  You also need to join a clan called BCE, (You may not have to if you really don't want to, and you may have good acting skills) after that you have to fill out this application later in the topic.
    I am desperate in voice actors. So PM me your skype name!

    Set: ACM city and other terrain maps if possible.
    All is normal until one day then there is an outbreak. These "Infected" are spreading throughout the world and you are joined with five people (4 adults/teenagers and 1 child) and you receive news that the National Army is receiving un-infected people.
    We also need eventers in prop builders. I can't use all my saves! XD

    John (Male, White, Assault Specialist 1 son)
    Shawn (Male, Black, Melee Specialist)
    Val (Female, White, Sniper Specialist, Doctor) if no female actors (or ones who want to be: Von (Male, White, Sniper, Doctor))
    Jack (Male, White, Child, Does whatever he is told)

    Also: Police, Citizen, Zombie,

    There will be parts, and you have to friend my on RTB to keep in contact, because we will not film everything in one day. Probably part/1day. (If RTB is down keep in contact with email or PMing)
    If you think you are not qualified for this acting, please do not even post.
    Do not ask to film or edit, I am already doing that.

    Application to be in the film
    Estimated acting skills 1-10:
    Auditioning for: (Also accepting actors for zombies.
    Previous Experience: (Other movies you have been in)
    Voice Actor (yes/no):
    Prop Eventing etc:

    If you want to join BCE (required) go here:


    BocklandCE Teaser 1:
    Jakobblockhead Teaser 1:
    Both the same thing. Two places.
    It is a small teaser. Didn't put much work into it. Expect more teasers and trailers later!
    I will be able to upload trailers faster and work on the actual thing with people!

    Youtube account which will be posted:

    [BCE] Blockland Cinema Entertainment

    What is this clan? This clan is, as it says the Blockland Cinema Entertainment. As you can probably guess, this clan is for filming and editing for Blockland. In this clan we find out ideas, we film it, we edit it, we post it. We are almost always looking for actors and try to film regularly. You need to fill out an application to join, we don't accept anyone we see. The foremen of this group is Fight4Life (18535). Except for the administrators, there are no really ranks where you need to be constantly promoted. Please don't ask to be a director or a cameraman, because those are already taken. You can be an extra, a star, a set constructor... doesn't really matter. We also need eventers, events are an important part of sets!

    Role (Star, Set builder, etc.):
    Previous Experience:
    Honest opinion how well you can act (or build):
    Steam Name: So I can add you to the group, not required, but if you have steam please say so.

    What an Application should look like.
    Name: Jakob
    BL_ID: 14941
    Role: Set Builder
    Previous Experience: Making videos for BCE, see my channel. (channel here)
    Honest opinion on how well you act or build: I can build well in futuristic and medieval things. Not as well in modern though.
    Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
    Steam Name: Jakob Jones (Pink Love Cube pic)

    Your application will be sent to all administrators and they will vote if you will join or not.

    Jakob (14941)
    TheCapitanful (18535)
    Nightstorm (32947)
    WALDO (13063)
    Ozmar (30589)
    Dewy (33524)
    AlexFrost (8727)
    Sojolala24 (33251)
    Deve111 (12887)

    If you are to build, we need to see some of your previous builds!

    We are just a starting clan, so don't get butthurt. As I said I will improve the topic at some point and this will be better.

    Ideas are always accepted! Whether it is a short or a big production!

    BCE Channel:
    On the channel we post videos that we make and Fight4Life and I make!


    Steam Group!:

    Sponsoring for Ravencroft's Basketball and Falling Tiles!

    Okay, we are now sponsoring Ravencroft! Now. drumroll. Ravencroft is a great guy and he has great servers with falling tiles, basketball, and much more. So now that your on the roll of looking at topics, please let me take 0.123875192 more of your time and give you these topics.

    Ravencroft's Basketball! Very fun, will sharpen your blockland skills!

    Ravencroft's Falling Tiles! 10/10 One of the best servers I have been too.

    On the behalf of BCE. I sponsor Ravencroft's servers!

    I am also accepting ideas. I will give credit to good ideas that I make videos on!

    Off Topic / Is Garry's Mod a game, or a mod?
    « on: September 02, 2012, 08:57:56 PM »
    Question for a friend, and for facts, is Garry's Mod a Game or a Mod? Please explain your opinion, and if you can, put facts.

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