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Help / Shader's not working!
« on: August 11, 2012, 02:03:54 AM »
Hi guys, I have a problem with the new update, V21.

I recently discovered that Shaders dont work!
Yes, I turned them on. And tried every one. No shaders, none at all.

I don't know why it is happening, but I am very, well to put it, sad. Been waiting forever for V21 and shaders, now it doesn't work. It's like the real world without shade. Anyways, please help!

Help / Glitch in loading.
« on: June 21, 2012, 11:06:49 AM »
Hey guys, I have a RPG that I load up on my server to work on it, but recently I would have islands ( yes islands ) cut in half. And even a cave in the sky (had to save room) dissapear, but it acted like the blocks were still there but invisible. Even though I couldn't wrench them or anything. Like it isn't there.
I really need help.  :panda:

General Discussion / Jakob's World [MEDIEVAL RPG] OFFICIAL TOPIC
« on: June 20, 2012, 02:16:58 AM »
Jakob's World
Medieval RPG Server

Ok, let me get this straight, I started making this topic at 10:20:15 PM Gimme a break and if you have bad comments leave it to yourself. And I know this has Oblivia in it, but I had no idea that there was an Oblivia in skyrim neither did I know it was in other places. I do not play Skyrim or anything like that.

What is it?
My Medieval RPG is of course, a Medieval RPG. there are currently 6 islands with 1 work in progress. Yes you heard that, islands. This is not where you are boxed up with a little stuff to do, you aren't in like this hallway leading into different sections, you aren't in this big flat huge thing, you are in different islands. These islands can be small to huge. So far it is all almost all VCE.
You start off with a bronze dagger and can do quests, maybe once or twice, or even thrice to earn money. The money that I use is your score, which you can easily tell how much you have by hitting F2. You can use your money and buy different weapons.
You can sail to other islands and fight off gremlins/goblins, corrupted government, Hydralisks (Maybe), Izor Guards, Mountain trolls and troll kings, Mutalids and pirhanas in an epic adventure.
You can also play with other friends of course, in this server we give you a choice to donate a specific amount of score to a friend, allows you to work together to get to the top.

Who has helped:
Me, Jakob
The Dark Assassin
Lt. Jamergaman
The Brighter Dark
Who has helped or might help:
Sgt. Gary

Ok, yeah, what do I really need?

What I really need, and that my friend Ozmar and The Dark Assassin, who are both best friends of mine and are great workers, are scripters. My server is loaded with a lot of bricks and tons, and when I say tons, I mean tons, of VCE. And it is getting pretty glitchy and it takes a while to save. With scripting, it will go a lot easier.

And it isn't only that. It's kind of like an all hands on deck bro/sis, I need builders, eventers, and people who can make add-ons for our stores, and the new addon's will be featured in our news,


Quests so far (I believe this is what I have, there could be more, and there are more in making. And this is one thing I really need help on):

Sven is a little boy on the main island, Oblivia. His story is that he accidentally dropped his mommy's necklace into the ocean, and saw this gremlin pick it up. So what you have to do is kill a certain Gremlin on an island called Wrecker Island to get it back. Once you get it back he gives you 10 golden coins in his pocket. Here is a picture of Sven.

Joe is a guy in the tavern talking to the keeper, on of course Oblivia. He gives you a quest that leads you to a shipwreck on Wrecker island to get a golden key. Getting the key back to Joe allows you into Golden Oblivia, which is the upper part of Oblivia supported by stone poles. This is a very important quest because Golden Oblivia allows you to some pretty important things. Here is a picture of Joe. The lady in the backround is just a bot that wanders around.

I'm not too sure if Lady is this girl's name, it could be something else, but she collects sea shells. She gives you a quest to find 20 or so sea shells and get it back to her, which she gives you an amount of golden coins, which I currently forgot what it is. And she is very hot.

This farmer is in a little cabin in of course once again, Oblivia, who asks you to farm 100 carrots for him. The carrot farm is right behind the cabin. Completing this quest you get 30 golden coins (I think, it could be 15), which is a pretty easy way to earn money.

Here is the farmer again. But this time he is someplace else, on the hardest island currently called Skullzors Isle. This is where the mutalids and the pirhanas are. His story is that he suddenly woke up on Skullzors and ran all the way to get onto the boat which you sailed here (:P) and on the way he dropped tons of carrots in his backpack. Mind you he was scared. And your job is to pick up at least 10 carrots. But why only 10 carrots? Because Ozmar says, that it's pretty hard to pick up a 2 by flat when you have mutalids about to maul you down. This objective and the sea shell objective is where some glitchiness come in. You could have 10 carrots then all of a sudden have 5. I need some help on this.

The Maproom

The maproom is updated more than since I took this picture. You can only see 5 islands, but there is actually 6 islands.

The maproom is how you get to place to place. So far 2 islands are free to go to which is Oblivia Island (Bottom middle) and Wrecker island (top right of oblivia).

The first map you can buy is Blocko Island. it has corrupt government and a fortress which you can get through to and at the end is a special reward which is a Galaxia, 150 golden coins and 'worthiness' which you need to get a wizard ticket into the wizard store.

The second map that you can buy, which is Hydradon, is fairly hard. This holds hydralisks. But they are just warming you up. It is pretty hard but in the center of Hydradon is a huge tree. Get to the top and kill the Izor Guards, you get the map to Mount Brickalot.
WARNING:: There was a glitch in Hydradon and the map was split in half. It is going to be redone.

Mt. Brickalot is where some fun gets involved. It is, or 2nd to being the biggest island in the RPG. And it sure is the tallest. These have tough 500- or more health trolls. And their weapons are deadly. They can get you some money, but they aren't really the ones you want to be farming, unless you have a magic wand to knock them back.
On Mt. Brickalot is a quest, I forgot to take a picture of him, but he gives you the quest to kill the troll king which is located inside of a mountain. This big boy has a thousand health, pretty fast because of it's size, and can kill you in 2 hits. After you defeat him you can get quite the treasure, and behind him is a map. Clicking that map will get you the map to Skullzors Isle.

Warning::Skullzors Isle is not seen in the picture because the maproom picture was taken before it was placed in, but it does look like a giant skull and 3-5 small islands around it.
Skullzors is probably the deadliest island yet. It isn't currently done but it is almost done. It has deadly mutalids with I think around 300 health. The best thing against these guys is Emerald armor, which costs a lot. You will have to get a lot of money for this.
Well of course it isn't really done so I can't tell you much about it.
But that is the map room!

How much damage does your weapon actually do?

This may be a question that you may ask yourself once you buy a brand new weapon. To test that out, you can fight the dummies next to the spawn. There are three kinds of dummies. Wooden with 100 hp. Steel with 200 hp. And bejeweled, or how I like to call it, diamond with 500 hp. Simply hitting your dummy then clicking it tells you how much hp it currently has. This is very useful to plan against enemies.

Want to help, but how?
Well that, my friend is very easy.
Choose the best thing that you are good at and fill out the application below.

I'm not saying you need to help, but I am ASKING you to help
How do you want to help, being an eventer, builder, scripter, add-on maker:
How are you experienced?: ___/10
What days would you be on?:

What I need most is scripters. Second to most I need is builders, than to add-on makers, than to eventers. And please try your best if you get accepted.

!!Other Notes!!
  • Do not comment if your comment is disrespectful please.
  • I will try to put up my server 24/7 so expect it up there.
  • If you apply it make take a while for me to get back to you so don't spam me with notices.
  • I hope this Medieval RPG entertained you and that you might be able to help out. It took me a long time to make this.
  • Please give constructive criticism on the forum or on the build, but please do not be mean

Clan Discussion / The new Clan; TUKC
« on: December 04, 2011, 07:06:05 PM »
Recently I have made a new clan which I  wish to present to the Blockland Forum.

The clan name is TUKC, The Ultimate Knifing Clan. Of course, what we are is a community, of knifing.

The founders of this clan is Yellowlord (BL_ID:22603) and I, Jakob (BL_ID: 14941)

Our clan helps people, encourages, and makes people happy. Right now I have a little system, and I need your help to bring it up.
We have levels on knifing, and even levels on your trust. We watch over every single of our members to see what they are worth, if we see that they are very good, they get promotions.
TUKC is still a work in progress, but hopefully it will grow to a great community, I just need you to join.

I reccomend you join. Our server will be up after a few days from this post, and I hope that you join. Plans are still to be made, and even we still have updates and modifications. Once again, I inform you, we are watching you, so don't feel left out. The better you act, the more we will keep an eye on you.

Etc things.

Our server admins never abuse. And they are mature. IF you are look forward into helping us in an administrator way, or moderation, you need to be mature, trustworthy, and reliable.

This topic will be updated and modified. And once again for the third time, I ask you to join. I'm simply pleading you.
Yes I know of TKE, and I do not want to mock them down. I used to be in TKE myself. Together TKE and TUKC can be great clans, from you.

IF you know me, you may know that I have been doing things unmature and other of the sort. I inform you that I have changed a lot after meeting with Yellowlord. And please forgive me.
TUKC The Community of Knifing.

General Discussion / Blockland, that game were you build stuff....?
« on: August 21, 2011, 11:11:54 PM »
How many people like Blockland? Is there something you like or not like? Post down below. :cookie:
If you get in an argument, of who should like what, you have 2 poll options.
 I can't control your mind, do what you want on the topic.

General Discussion / The Golden Block
« on: August 18, 2011, 11:33:18 PM »
Guys, Guys, Everyone has been talking about an Adventure mode or the Golden Block. You don't need to tell me where it is, just tell me some info. How have you been doing in it? Etc. etc. And feel free to have this topic as a chat to talk back and forth about the Golden Block. I don't care. Please Comment! :cookieMonster:

General Discussion / New people on BlockLand
« on: August 16, 2011, 02:16:34 PM »
Hi guys, I'm not talking about 20k to 30k. I'm talking about new guys. Blockhead(ID) Thats it. The people who haven't changed their name and know NOTHING. People here have just spent money and are trying to learn this game. Help them out. Not only that they are getting help, they may put you infront of them. Or stand up to you later on. They WILL become your friend if you let them. Give your hand to the Blockheads.

General Discussion / Badmins and Hosts
« on: August 16, 2011, 03:46:04 AM »
Good morning everyone (or afternoon) And were going to talk about... (look at the darn title). All my friends out there are not Badmins and bad hosts, this is for other bad and noob people.

Have you ever gone to a server and be banned or kicked? Then come again and be banned or kicked? Have you ever made a small build and a badmin comes over and destroys it? Have you done something that was against the rules (and you didn't know them) and be banned or kicked? Stop the badmins! It's ok you get a bit mad, but they may be noobs. Unless their id is 20k - 30k they... are a bit new. but 1k - 10 - 19k are not really. Vote in the poll and reply on what you think!



Don't you hate those badmins?

Suggestions & Requests / VS 20 ideas
« on: August 16, 2011, 03:36:32 AM »
Hello Badspot and everyone else looking at this topic. I was wondering if you (And the testers) could make version 20 with a little adventures... (Adventure, Tutorial, Start Game, Join Game, Options, Quit). And put some little quick adventures you can do. Like Rocket jumping, lava jumping, etc. etc.. you make it up.

-Jakob :cookie:

General Discussion / Free Builds?
« on: August 16, 2011, 03:29:59 AM »
Hey guys, this is my first topic, but, are free-builds fun? I mean like, you can build anything you want... but are they fun?? Post a reply below and get a cookie.  :cookie: :cookie:


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