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« on: November 06, 2014, 07:16:12 AM »


Add-Ons / Script_DefaultInventory || Limits changes to the brick queue!
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:03:36 AM »
Default Inventory

This is a simple script that doesn't allow anybody, but admins (if you choose), to select bricks from the bricks menu. The bricks that they currently have in their brick queue is what they will stay with until you decide to change it. Currently, when you spawn, you get the default brick favorites for the current default inventory

However, you can make changes to this, see below, and all of these commands are admin or host only:
/setDefInv : Sets the current default brick inventory to what you have in your brick inventory
/setDIAdmin : Toggles privileges for admins, meaning they are forced to use the brick inventory too (Host only)
/setDIActive : Toggle the whole functionality of the mod (Host only)

Off Topic / i got netflix
« on: October 27, 2014, 09:52:56 PM »
wat watch?
i already marked down american horror story, and family guy/american dad all that djsa

Off Topic / tomorrow, oneplus one invites are being given away for FREE
« on: October 26, 2014, 09:40:44 PM »
October 27th
pre-orders are being officially given away for free


Off Topic / an interesting face i found in a comic :o
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:38:27 PM »

it made me laugh lol
sorry i cannot share the comic link because it contains inappropriate content right before it
i'll let ur minds imagine what it is

sad thing is, i'm on CDMA, and not GSM
aaa i want the oneplus one soo baaaad

oh well, maybe i can convince my mom to put me on a different carrier or somehow
idc i just waant this phone D:

Off Topic / Project Ara - creative phones are finally coming
« on: October 13, 2014, 10:04:43 PM »

whether i'm late or not, this phone is too good to pass by. with this phone, you can add different modules to it. broken screen? BUY A NEW SCREEN! want a better resolution camera? BUY A NEW CAMERA FOR IT! want a better GPU? BUY A BETTER GPU!

i can already see the mass of stores coming out with commercial modules for this phone
the creativity is endless

Off Topic / on saturday im going to sell my xbox and my ps2
« on: October 09, 2014, 09:26:05 PM »
since i don't play console games frequently anymore (i'm not sure why), i'm gonna sell them

anyways i shud get a fairly decent amount of money for them, so wat shud i buy?


What is Limited Bricks?

Well, in Blockland, you know how you can always grab whatever brick you want from the brick menu? Have you ever needed a restricted version of this for a multi-player game, a single-player gamemode, or whatever you desire? Look no further; Limited Bricks is an awesome, highly configurable restricted brick planting system designed to bring a challenge to building. Limited Bricks goes inside one of Blockland's best components, and tweaks it around so that building is now ever so more fun and interesting.

What are these new "challenges"?

The main challenge that Limited Bricks brings is don't expect to be able to choose any brick you want from the brick menu anymore. Bricks are now held in quantities, rather than an infinite amount, so if you want to use a brick from the brick menu, find it wherever it lies in the server.

How do I use this add-on?

What you really need to operate Limited Bricks are the events that are included in it. They are self-explanatory, but I will explain them here anyways.

LB_AddBrick|List of bricks| |Amount|(Give the player the specified brick, with the amount specified
LB_TakeBrick|List of bricks| |Amount|(Take the specified brick away from the player, with the amount specified)
LB_CheckBrick|List of bricks| |Condition| |Amount|(Used VCE before? Awesome, it's basically like this. No? Well it's simple, if the condition is met, then the event activates onLBCheckTrue, and if not, it activates onLBCheckFalseList of conditionals:
  • >=: If player's number of bricks is greater than or equal to the specified amount
  • <=: If the player's number of bricks is less than or equal to the specified amount
  • >:   If the player's number of bricks is greater than the specified amount
  • <:   If the player's number of bricks is less than the specified amount
  • ==: If the player's number of bricks is exactly equal to the specified amount
  • !=:  If the player's number of bricks is not equal to the specified amount
If the above statements are true, the onLBCheckTrue is activated
LB_Clear(Clear all of the player's brick amounts)
onLBCheckTrue|If LB_CheckBrick's condition was true|
onLBCheckFalse|If LB_CheckBrick's condition was false

The above events are admin-only, so no regular player can use it. There are also some server commands for manually doing some of the events. A documentation listing these server commands and their usage is included in the add-on, and posted here in the OP

Code: ("Limited Bricks Documentation V1.1.2") [Select]
-Notice that most of the commands you can do with this mod are appended with events (admin-only), and
that this documentation of commands are primarily for manual-use, and strictly admin-only.. For the first part anyways

/givebrick  |PLAYERNAME| |AMOUNT| -Give the specified player the amount of bricks you currently have selected
/takebrick  |PLAYERNAME| |AMOUNT| -Take away the amount of bricks you currently have selected from the specified player
/clearbrick |PLAYERNAME| -Take away all of the specified player's bricks
/setbrickprice |PRICE| -Set the price of the brick currently selected to the price you specify
/lbmax    |AMOUNT| -Set the max amount of bricks you can have for each brick.
/lbdonate -Toggle donating functionality
/lbdeath -Toggle all brick loss on death
/lbdebug -Toggle error messages in console [HOST]
/lblog -Toggle logging command usage [HOST]
/lbtoggle -Toggle the functionality of the add-on [HOST]
/lbadmin -Toggle infinite bricks for admin [HOST]

/dumpbrick -Dump all of the bricks of the brick you are currently selecting
/dumpbricks -Dump all of your bricks
/donatebricks  |PLAYERNAME| |AMOUNT| -Donate to the specified player the amount of bricks you currently have selected.
/buylb -Attempt to buy a brick in your inventory using your score

-This mod is equipped with Support_Updater by Greek2Me, in case I have ideas planned for the future.
So this means keep in touch with the documentation in case I update it.


  • V1.0.0- RELEASE
    • Initial release, oh boy expect bugfixes to come
  • V1.0.1- Updater Fix
    • Greek2Me packed the compressed updater code with the regular one, which made a syntax error causing the whole mod to fail. Fixed this, please re-download from the OP if you downloaded before the fix
  • V1.1.0- More bug fixes!
    • Restored /clearbrick server command
    • Restored LB_ClearBrick event, the above event documentation has been updated
    • Loss of bricks upon death functionality, fixed
    • NEW: Infinite bricks for admin feature, documentation updated
  • V1.1.2- Shops
    • New commands, /setbrickprice [price] and /buylb, documentation updated
    • People can now purchase bricks from the brick menu using their score as currency
    • Admins can set price for bricks


    This mod is equipped with Greek2Me's Support_Updater mod, for future updates. This add-on will automatically install it for you if you don't already have it.


Off Topic / yay mack, 1000 topics
« on: October 07, 2014, 02:35:51 AM »

mackthehunter started 1000 topicz
everyone throw him a party :>

Off Topic / hai, where can i send my phone to hav the screen fixed?
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:43:05 PM »
i hav an android phone, it has a huge screen crack in the bottom-right though which has been starting to get on my nervez, do any of u guys know where i can sends it to, to get it fixed, or how i can fix it myself atleast?

Off Topic / when ur friends think everything on the internet is a virus
« on: September 29, 2014, 08:41:50 PM »
i cannot express how stupid some of my rl friends are, thinking everything on the internet is a virus

recently, me and my friend who livez 5 streets away from me suggested we could host a minecraft server together. my wifi stinks atm so i suggested he could host it. obviously he didn't know how to port forwardz it so i suggested using hamachi. "noo, the last time i installed hamachi on my laptop everything stopped working, and i got a bunch of viruses!!"

i wanted my other friend to play a game i made in rpg maker, but it exports to .exe so that was a problem right there. gave it to him, said "no, what if it could be a virus??!?". why would one of your friends just give you a virus omfg. i gave him a virustotal scan and he still would not believe me aaa

discuss retarded people who think everything in the world is a virus

Off Topic / my school has public statistics which are categorized by races
« on: September 20, 2014, 10:24:06 PM »
i waz looking for my report card online, since a librarian showed me how to do it but i forgot; but then i found something more in general

i am not sure how it goes for other schools, but i thought that this might be a bit offensive if some people at my school were to get their hands on it. the fact that they make it public is what bothers me too

Games / PurpleMetro's Awesome Fantastic MC Server :D
« on: August 19, 2014, 11:07:24 PM »

Welcome to PurpleMetro's Awesome Fantastic Mc Server!
We're collecting mushrooms here for our mushroom soup and we would be delighted if you joined us!
It's vanilla 1.7.9 so you don't need anything :)

Forum Games / 256x256 - Another text adventure, yay!
« on: August 01, 2014, 07:06:27 PM »
yep, another typical, old text adventure :)
hell no
welcome to forgetin' 256x256, the animated, badass, create-what-you-want text adventure!

ah yes, a vast world to explore, many monsters to kill, many weapons to create
but the only way to do that is if we incorporate characters

creating characters is fairly simple, everyone starts out with a default appearance, and as you travel along, you collect a single and powerful currency called bits, which you can use to transfer certain ASCII art weapons that you made/got online into the game to help your character fight, or for apparel, gadgets, etc. . you will be able to fully customize your character later, don't worry D: . if you have any kind of body parts that can possible be added to your character, such as giving a demon a tail and horns, then put that on the character and i will accept it no problems at all.

Name: first name, or first and last name. nothing complicated
love: male or female
Class: warrior, mage, archer, etc. pick anything you want, however you will start out the same
Likes/dislikes: what you like and dislike
Personality: what your character is like
color (OPTIONAL): what color your character's body shall take on. taken colors cannot be used
weapon: find an ASCII-art non-picture of a sword, bow, shield, gun, etc. online or make it yourself. nothing too powerful.

if you're having trouble finding some beef, try and look through these sites, and note that everything will be scaled down/up to appropriate size:

if you cannot find anything, then maybe you should try looking for sites on your own, or be creative and make somethings yourself! :D

Characters are always accepted, however if you sign up late you may not get into the adventure first! :(

/ \

Name: Redshirt Charlie
love: male
Class: Crazed gunman
Likes: Guns, murder, violence, killing
Dislikes:Hippies, pacifists, rapists, child molesters, child enthusiasts, tribals, the swedish
Personality: Extreme bloodlust. Gun obsessed. Proficient in using any weapon thats not melee(sword/club/knife). Loves guns and explosions. Does not feel loveual attraction, not interested in the opposite love....or the same love.
weapon: Suppressed .22 pistol

/ \

Name: Raven Forzblade
love: male
Class: samurai
Likes: Drinking, Women, fighting
dislikes: Cold, travelling by sea
Personality: always ready to figh and almost always drunk. Cool-headed and always on a good mood.
weapon: Wo Dao, his family's relic katana

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