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Suggestions & Requests / Requestage: Space themed build submissions
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:08:10 PM »
So it was probably a mistake to originally post this in the Environments section where it got a glorious 10 views in the first two days, so I am hoping that the suggestions and requests section is somewhat more active.

I am developing a system that allows builds to be integrated with skyboxes, so that when you change to a new skybox, it will also load up some props or scenery built out of bricks to go with it.

Currently I am planning on doing this first with my Space pack SkyBoxes.

You can see my original post about it here.

If someone has some cool looking space ships or maybe a floating island, I can make builds auto load and unload with the changing of skyboxes.
Post some saves if you would like to be included.  I will probably be able to include many different files and have it load one randomly in a random location if I get enough submissions.  Heck I could even have it load multiple saves at once in different locations, like random asteroid field generation.

Looking for
 - Anything space themed (not necessarily futuristic)
 - Alien landscapes (but remember it should be 3D and include an underside)

I'll make this part of the NARG awards to see who can submit the best content.

Note: Comrade I know you have some nice ships but I believe the brickcount on those is considerably higher than the target brickcount of under 5k bricks

If you want the chance to get your build included in the mod when it becomes available, post a picture of your build with a download link, or send me a PM with the same things.

Current potential contributions

Some random spaceship by Comr4de

Good contributions will be added here if I don't forget


Prepare to enter the Arena

On Saturday, August 25, the NARG group is hosting a tournament at Blockoworld.  Signup is first come, first served!

NARG (Nexus and Rykuta Gamemodifications) has been working on a new TW Weaponset, part of which will be demonstrated at Blockoworld, in a specially built arena that you will just need to wait and see.  This won't be just any demonstration, however, but a demonstration by the community, in a gory tournament with actual prizes at stake.  Besides being some of the first to use the new weapons, there will also be a guaranteed (surprise) participational prize for signing up and showing up.  An estimated 20 slots are available, but if you do not make the cutoff, it may still be a good idea to come in case of no-shows.

Prizes include:
Request for custom NARG mod(s) (for top 2 competitors)
Early weaponset access (for top 3 competitors)
Money/steam games (top competitor only)
Special alpha development access not even available to most beta testers (for top 4 competitors)

The budget for the grand prize will be determined by the amount of participation (roughly one dollar per competitor).

To sign up, send me a PM and be on the lookout for the exact time that the tournament begins and additional information.

With the new shadows update, it can be extremely inconvenient to play on any interior build due to everything being in shadow.  The obvious solution is to place lights on bricks, but those only emit light when you are within about 30 torque units or so, regardless of any settings.  This means any medium or large interior cannot be lit properly.

The suggestion:  I think that distance should go up as shader quality is increased.

So yeah this is a suggestion pretty much to badspot only.
Comment or discuss if you want.

Environment Files / Welcome to SPAAAAAAACE
« on: August 10, 2012, 04:18:32 AM »
These are Space skyboxes that implement my new Server_MapProperties add-on that lets you load things like physical zones in your maps.

The skyboxes will still function without Server_MapProperties, but you will not get low gravity awesomeness.
These Skyboxes feature a seamless and beautifully rendered space environments with very low gravity.
It is reccommended that you download both the Map Properties Loader and the Space Pack if you want all the content without dealing with many separate files.

Skyboxes created by Nexus and TheRealZephyr








Download all environments as one SpacePack
(This includes the CrouchDrop mod as well)

All maps include the ability to change the gravity setting for that map in game.
Simply type /setgravity ## to change the map gravity.
This will only work if you also download Server_MapProperties

The Skybox pack also includes a /toggleGround command that (you guessed it) allows the ground to be enabled and disabled

Here is another tidbit that you guys might find useful:

On low gravity maps, it may be fun to go up, but it is more difficult to get back down.
This server mod lets users hold down the crouch key to accelerate downward much faster, which is especially useful in low gravity environments like this one.
Admins can toggle this by typing /togglecrouchdrop

Download Server_CrouchDrop

Other Stuff

I ported a bunch of old space maps because I am a nice person on alternating Wednesdays and Sundays with an occasional Tuesday mixup in there.


Maps ported from Ace

Here is a pack of planet "sunflares" for all your planetary background needs.

Each is high res, so you can blow each planet up as big as you need.
Unfortunately, you will need to put the sun elevation to zero because otherwise you get all the weird flare effects that result from being a sunflare.
Also make sure your sunflare color isn't set to 0 0 0 because that will make these planets not show up.


Credit to TheRealZephyr for the images

A Preview of a couple:

Games / hl2:ep3 suddenly a release date
« on: June 05, 2012, 08:26:16 PM »
December 31 2012
I got this in a gamespot newsletter
Why don't I see news of this elsewhere?

Did gamespot forget up or something?

Off Topic / Boy Scouts bans atheists, how is this legal?
« on: April 10, 2012, 02:29:09 AM »

The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God and, therefore, recognizes the religious element in the training of the member, but it is absolutely nonsectarian in its attitude toward that religious training. Its policy is that the home and organization or group with which the member is connected shall give definite attention to religious life.

Only persons willing to subscribe to these precepts from the Declaration of Religious Principle and to the Bylaws of the Boy Scouts of America shall be entitled to certificates of leadership.

I have been in scouts since first grade, and in my specific troop since fifth.  I am starting work on my Eagle Project, and was going over all the requirements for the board of review when I came across this.

I am required to personally affirm my belief in god and follow the BSA Declaration of Religious Principle.  When I joined scouting, I guess my parents just did this for me, but to become Eagle I am expected to do it myself.

It seems that is has caused quite a bit of controversy:
But the BSA apparently wins all of these court cases.  They have the right to kick people out and deny membership based on morals.

I personally believe that the concept of god is ridiculous and that belief in it is out of touch with reality and in fact destructive to society, but do not worry about it because I am confident that religion is fading and will disappear altogether eventually.  I do, however, respect the beliefs of others and just smile and nod when people start talking about anything religious.

This has bothered me for days now.  I really don't want to have to deal with this kind of thing  Even the girl scouts of america have moved into the modern era and eliminated any religious requirement.
Should I just lie and say "um yea woo god n' stuff, can we move on?"

Modification Help / TCPObject GET requests
« on: March 07, 2012, 05:01:04 PM »
I am trying to make a little tcpobject thingy but I'm getting odd results.

This is the code I am using:
Code: [Select]
function Downloader::onDNSResolved(%this)
      echo("DNS Resolved");

function Downloader::onDNSFailed(%this)
      echo("DNS Failed");

function Downloader::onConnected(%this)
      %req = "GET "@$file@" HTTP/1.0\nHost: "@$ip@"\n\n";

function Downloader::onConnectFailed(%this)
      echo("Connection Failed");


function Downloader::onDisconnect(%this)
function Downloader::onLine(%this, %line)
      echo("TCP: " @ %line);
new tcpobject(Downloader)

I am then putting this in the console:
Code: [Select]
$ip = "";
$file = "/shares/USB_Storage/testdoc.txt";

And it fails to retrieve the file:

I tried a similar test using dropbox:
Code: [Select]
$file = "/u/20459676/BuildBot%20Changelog.txt";
$ip = "";

And it worked fine.
What is going on here?  Is it the difference between how dropbox will simply display the text through the internet if you click the link versus my router will make you download it?

Off Topic / Congrats to Badspot on his 6666th post
« on: February 04, 2012, 07:08:29 PM »
Yes I stalk him like that

I found a relevant graph.  

Hooray for Badspot

Off Topic / What did your $20 buy Badspot?
« on: November 15, 2011, 06:35:52 PM »
What did Badspot do with the $20 you spent on blockland?

My $20 bought him minecraft and a 5 cent hooker.





With an extra 27 bucks from somebody else's key, Badspot bought himself a title from The Principality of Sealand. Yep, bet you guys didn't know Eric Hartman is actually Lord Eric Hartman.

or a quarter of a 80 dollar hooker...

add me to poll hnng


Off Topic / Another year closer
« on: October 09, 2011, 10:43:18 AM »

Now I can buy M rated games and see R rated movies by myself.
Next year is age of consent (woot) and the inability to punch children (unwoot).


Modification Help / view.setsequence()
« on: August 21, 2011, 05:45:20 PM »
I have been trying to make an object viewer, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make the object play an animation

From some guides I have been looking at online, this should be the proper way to do this:
Code: [Select]
view.setobject("Object", "filepath", "", 0);
view.loaddsq("Object", "filepath");
view.setsequence("Object", "thread", "sequence", "duration");

But I always get this message:

Error: Could not locate sequence X

where X is whatever I put for "sequence"

I know that the animation I want to play is sequence2, but I don't think I entirely understand the inputs for the function

I am not certain that this is really enough information for people to help me, so if anyone thinks they understand setsequence(), I would be happy to answer any questions they might have so they can answer mine.

I get this popup every single time I start blockland.  What is the point of it?  WHY WONT IT GO AWAY!!?!

I click "Yes" every time, but sure enough, next time I start blockland it asks me it again.  I try clicking "no" every once in a while, but it makes no difference.  I only rarely run blockland from any other installation.

Before you ask, clicking yes or no is too much extra work for me to do.

I am looking for a way to find the nearest brick to a given position from the client side.  This function works, but it lags in busier servers.
The find next radius search does not work on the client side.

Code: [Select]
function getnearestbrick(%pos)
for(%a=0; %a<serverconnection.getcount(); %a++)
if((%b=serverconnection.getobject(%a)).getclassname() $= "fxDTSBrick" && %b.isplanted())
%bpos = %b.getposition();
%dist = msqrt(mpow(getword(%bpos, 0) - getword(%pos, 0), 2) + mpow(getword(%bpos, 1) - getword(%pos, 1), 2) + mpow(getword(%bpos, 2) - getword(%pos, 2), 2));

if(%dist < %bestdist || %bestdist $= "")
%bestdist = %dist;
%bestid = %b;
return %bestid;

Is there a more efficient way of doing this?

Add-Ons / Escape Overlay Released [NARG]
« on: July 15, 2011, 07:02:49 PM »

< New | About | Downloads | Gallery | FAQ | News | Beta Testing >

What's New?

Hey everyone, I have a new mod to show off!
This is the Escape Overlay:

Credit goes to LeetZero for the cool icons

At the most basic level, it is a fancy replacement for the default Escape Menu, but it is also so much more than that.  It is super customizable and lets users create custom buttons to some pretty cool stuff.  Instead of needing to remember twelve million different keybinds to open various GUIs, manage your field of view, or play tetris, you can make buttons on your Escape Overlay.  You can also open the Escape Overlay in the main menu, so you don't need to join a server to use it.

Additionally, mod developers can have buttons automatically placed on the overlay with just a few lines of code, just like making a keybind.  Both TMBI and the File Manager create such buttons.  Just place something like the following in your code:
Code: [Select]
$neoName[$neoCount] = "Button Name";
$neoCmd[$neoCount] = "my_command();";
$neoIcon[$neoCount] = "add-ons/my_addon/icon.png"; //defaults to a question mark otherwise
And you are good to go!

Some more pictures I put together

Creating a Custom Command

More right click Context Menus!

An extensive Options Menu

There is no such thing as too much customization

Without further ado, I present:

Download Client_NEO v1.0 Beta

About the NARGS

Rykuta [4523] - Team Captain - Possibly a furry
Nexus [4833] - Team Mascot - Probably likes Mudkips

NARG was originally started as Rykuta's site for his add-ons, in particular his weapon sets.  Soon after, his buddy Nexus joined the team and they sat idly by for a long time not really doing anything at all.  Suddenly, Nexus and Rykuta decide to start making Add-Ons, and thus this Exa-Thread was born.


**Escape Overlayv1.0 (Full)The Escape Menu that Blockland deserves.
**File Managerv1.42 (Full)A Fancy rework of the save/load interface
**BuildBotv3.2 (Full)Load Saves and Duplicate Builds without Permission
***TMBI3.0 (Beta)Extends your brick inventory to include multiple rows of bricks.
*Terragen1.1 (Old)A Client Sided Terrain Generating Multiplayer Adventure
**The Space Packv?? (???)A set of 6 cool space skyboxes.  Map Properties Loader (below) suggested for extra awesomeness
Tactical KnifeRykuta ain't
got time for
version crap
As seen on Call of Duty, and pretty much every other FPS ever made
M79 Grenade LauncherSee aboveCommander! We're out of artillery shells, Now how are we going to bombard the blue team?   Hmmm... Wait I have an idea!
**Server Command GUIv8Allows you to create customizable keybinds to do incredible things with ease
SuperMacrov2.0 (Full)Records all your actions for playback
*Answering Machinev2.1 (Full)Set messages to autoreply to people depending on your online status.
*Orb Shift Correctionv1.2 (Full)Fixes shift directions while in orb mode, making it much easier to build!
Waypoint Radarv1.3 (Full)Drop waypoints and lock your aim onto them later
Armageddon Skyv1.0 (Full)It is December 21st 2012, fire and death rains down from above!
*Map Properties Loaderv1.0 (Full)Loads cool custom mission properties in supported skyboxes
Metro GUI Replacerv1.0 (Beta)An experimental GUI replacement tool that requires no special installation
Event_Timerv?Made by request, a robust timer relay event
Zoom Togglev1Changes zoom button to be a toggle instead of a press-and-hold key
Enter to send Eventsv?Now you can hit enter to send events instead of moving your mouse and clicking a button

* - Most popular
* - Nexus' Favorites
* - Most useful
* - Obsolete


BuildBot in early Alpha
Client Sided Duplicator
Too Many Bricks Inventory (v1)
Super Macro
Terragen Adventure Mod
Skyeye (discontinued)
Tutorial for Server Command GUI
BuildBot more recently
Ghost brick mover in TMBI
File Manager Trailer


Did you take latency into account, especially with floating bricks?

Yes.  BuildBot works on a tick based system where it waits for a response from the server to determine whether or not each brick plant was successful or not.  Unsuccessful plants will be put back onto the build list to be retried.  That way, if a brick is floating because the supporting bricks below it have not been placed, it wont be ignored.

Wait what the.. so ANYONE can load ANY save in ANY server?

You bet.
Of course, with the exceptions of people that do not have BuildBot and saves that are missing enough bricks not to work.  BuildBot cannot plant bricks in the air.

good for u but has anyone seen spiderman DECALS if so give mah da link

This is the best face ever made.

Won't work for me.

Anything this vague does not deserve an answer.
An acceptable bug report will include the following:
 - What you were trying to do
 - Were you using most current version
 - What exactly did not work
 - Did the console tell you anything about the issue

I still want a mod to break this completely.

The only difference between a client building and BuildBot building is that BuildBot builds faster.  It is absolutely impossible for the server to reliably tell if the client is using buildbot.  If you make a check for how fast the client is building, then the server would think the client is using BuildBot if they hold down the enter button and move the ghost brick.  The only thing the server is able to do is disable building altogether.
You are probably a terrible host if you are unable to cope with people using BuildBot in your server.  Here is a simple 3 step process for dealing with BuildBot.
1. BuildBot can't build instanly, or even very fast half the time.  Ask them to stop the load if you really do not want them to use BuildBot.
2. If they refuse to stop, clear their bricks and ban them.
3. Get admins to perform steps 1 and 2 in your absence.

When will you make a event function that will add the events in your save?

Event loading has been implemented, but only sort of.  I am aware that the current system is extremely buggy and hard to use, but no one is reporting this to me which leads me to conclude that nobody uses it anyway.


July 1, 2014
 - News section created
 - Nexus burns a pizza while making news section
April 16, 2015
 - Nexus remembers that he made a news section
 - Orb Shift mod finally marked "obsolete" due to now being default
April 26, 2015
 - File Manager v1 Alpha released
June 15, 2015
 - File Manager v1.2 released with trailer
June 28, 2015
 - File Manager v1.3 released, fixed event saving issue
July 20, 2015
 - TMBI v3.0 Beta released
 - CtrlScroll released
 - GhostMover standalone released
July 24, 2015
 - NFM v1.3 Full released
August 12, 2015
 - NFM v1.4 Full released
August 20, 2015
 - NFM v1.41 Full released
 - NEO v1.0 Beta released
September 30, 2015
 - NFM v1.42 Full released
 - NEO v1.0 Full released
 - Server Command GUI v8 released


Beta testers are given advance copies of add-ons under development to be evaluated and checked for bugs.  Not all mods are sent to beta testers before public release, and not all mods sent to beta testers are released.

Beta Team
 - Yndaaa
 - Darklight
 - Uxie
 - Pecon7
 - Brian Smith
 - LeetZero
 - Slimabob
 - Jes00
 - Clockworks
 - Munkey
 - Lucas Wolf
 - Ottosparks
 - Ipquarx
 - Lugnut1206
 - White Tiger

The current Beta application difficulty is Medium

Beta Tester Application Outline
Code: [Select]
What I am looking for in an application:
 - Contanct information
    - Email
    - Forum account
    - BL_ID
 - How much you play BL
    - What Times (do you live in china and usualy play BL when its 3am for me?)
 - How much you know about scripting/modeling
 - Qualifications/Previous work

Please answer the following literary competence question:
To what extent do violent video games influence our society?

This is a test to see how well you can communicate your thoughts and ideas.  The responsibility of a beta tester is to be able to report things that they may not fully understand as best they can, and a solid communication ability is critical.
Explain why you believe what you believe and show reasoning behind it.  Imagine you are arguing against someone who firmly believes exactly the opposite.  Refute what they might say and be clear about why they should think as you do.

For support contact Nexus at

Blockland forums, meet


Reads a save file and constructs it using your client.
Never again beg for admin to load a save, then have it load in the wrong place.

 - Reads and loads a save file of any length.
 - Compatible with non-default bricks.
 - Records the results of every plant and will continue to retry failed plants until all remaining bricks are failing.
 - Buildbot is NOT a macro loader, however, if you do turn on macro recording and load a save through buildbot, it will record do nothing productive.

I do not plan on releasing this publicly for quite some time.
Release planned for 7/14
I have the feeling this would be failbinned for abusiveness anyway.

"Why play blockland when you can get a bot to play it for you?" -Nexus


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