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Games / Touhou Project Megathread 東方
« on: October 30, 2013, 07:20:02 PM »

        The Touhou Project (東方Project) is a series of 2D vertically-scrolling danmaku, or "bullet hell", shooting games developed Team Shanghai Alice, who's sole member is ZUN. The series is known for its incredibly large cast of memorable characters, gorgeous BGM, beautiful bullet patterns engaging storylines, and devoted fanbase.

        To date there are fourteen main series games and seven official spin-off titles. The first five main series games are for the NEC PC-98 family of Japanese computers and are not considered canon with the Windows installments.

Main Series


Touhou 1: Highly Responsive to Prayers
Touhou 2: Story of Eastern Wonderland
Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream
Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story
Touhou 5: Mystic Square


Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Silhouette on Cover: Flandre Scarlet (Extra Boss)
Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom

Silhouette on Cover: Yukari Yakumo (Phantasm Boss)
Touhou 8: Imperishable Night

Silhouette on Cover: Kaguya Houraisan (Final Boss B)
Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Silhouette on Cover:  Sikieiki Yamaxanadu (Final Boss)
Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith

Silhouette on Cover: Kanako Yasaka (Final Boss)
Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism

Silhouette on Cover: Utsuho Reiuji (Final Boss)
Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object

Silhouette on Cover: Byakuren Hijiri (Final Boss)
Touhou 13: Ten Desires

Silhouette on Cover: Miko Toyosatomimi (Final Boss)
Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character

Silhouette on Cover: Sukuna Shinmyoumaru (Final Boss)


2D Fighting

Touhou 7.5: Immaterial and Missing Power

Silhouette on Cover: Suika Ibuki (Final Boss)
Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
 Silhouette on Cover: Tenshi Hinanawi (Final Boss)
Touhou 12.3: Unthinkable Natural Law

Silhouette on Cover: Cirno (Playable Character)
Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade

Silhouette on Cover: Kokoro Hata (Final Boss)


Touhou 9.5: Shoot the Bullet

Silhouette on Cover: Aya Shameimaru (Playable Character)
Touhou 12.5: Double Spoiler

Silhouette on Cover: Hatate Himekaidou (Rival Reporter)


Touhou 12.8: Great Fairy Wars

Silhouette on Cover: Cirno (Playable Character)

Creativity / Nasoa's Compositional Forays
« on: October 06, 2013, 06:48:34 PM »
A short piano piece I willed myself to finish. I'm a cellist and don't actually play piano, but it's one of my favorite instruments. The composition was inspired by the work of Joe Hisaishi but I can also feel a little bit of Debussy and Satie in there.
Once again quite short, but I don't think it's too bad. Much more energetic and devious.
Longer and more developed, very Touhou-like in melodic style.

Suggestions & Requests / Playertype that can't look up or down
« on: July 13, 2013, 07:33:57 PM »
This would be very useful with the 2D playertype at 45ish degree angles, it is much easier to pull off a gamemode where you have to aim when you don't have to moderate your vertical aim.

Off Topic / Periodic Table
« on: April 09, 2013, 08:11:11 PM »

Off Topic / what are you doing chrome
« on: March 30, 2013, 07:02:45 PM »

this is why you don't let your chinese slaves write your spell check

General Discussion / Nasoa's Hydro TDM
« on: March 14, 2013, 07:44:51 PM »
The Hydro Plant kind of reminded me of TF2 for some reason, and I got bored so I turned the new speedkart track into a TDM with NewJeep/MillitaryJeep bastard babies for vehicles. Whoever captures the Station (the middle part where I took the picture with the tank), gets the tank for their team. This morning (when no one is on) it got up to 16 players, so during primetime it would be very fun with 30 or so people running around capping points.

Shaderless pictures:

Super Max Ultra Shiny Delicious Shader picture:

Join before I turn it into a sad, empty speedkart track building server again.

Off Topic / OGT Week
« on: March 11, 2013, 08:46:33 AM »
Ohio Graduation Test

If you're not a sophomore school starts at 11:30. Every class is 25 minutes. Every day this week.

Creativity / 3D Printed Blockhead
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:06:42 PM »
You can buy the white one as-is, and let me know of any avatar requests.

Clan Discussion / ♋ Nasoa's Kart Clan ♋
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:22:50 PM »

Let's give Blockland the racing it deserves.

With the addition of the new karting gamemode, servers have been popping up all over the place hosting the default offering. While the default karting game is entertaining, it gets old after a while. Attempts at new tracks have either been good for gameplay, but not aesthetically appealing, or gorgeous, but not very good for racing twenty people on. And none have taken advantage of all the add-ons the community has to offer to form the most complete racing experience. Various rushed servers compete for the top spot on the server list, using default tracks and ones people post on the community. The goal of this clan is to provide the organization, skills and manpower to create a racing experience the Blockland community deserves, uniting kart racing servers to be the best they can be.

How to Apply
Code: [Select]
Specific Specialty:
Link to Work (if not driver):

You don't have to be a good builder or anything to be a member of this clan, just be a fan of racing! But builders, eventers and scripters are always very welcome.

No need to add anything to your application here, everyone is a driver who wants to be.
  • Ticonderoga
  • SiliconCactus
  • Sr72blackbird
  • Sojolala24
  • Tber123
  • Pablo
  • Cakey
  • Brotatoe
  • dargereldren
  • AlexFrost
  • Fight 4 Life
  • beck
  • Tetrahedron
  • Nidos
  • Machaty
  • Yogi
  • Renekar
  • BlockoBlocko
  • GeneralDarkMoon
  • Sonokido
  • sandwidge
  • Fastlex
  • Aerodynamic
  • Zapk

If you would like to apply as a builder, please link to a gallery post or album of images of things you've built yourself.
  • OrangeMan
  • Nymph
  • Filipe1020
  • Mango
  • Fab
  • Spectrum
  • Pablo

Please include a link to any contraptions you have made yourself if you would like to apply as an eventer.

Please link to any add-ons you have scripted if you would like to apply as a scripter.
  • Darren

If you were wondering for an reason, I will personally be operating the server, working as a builder, and doing modelling aspects of any add-ons we may need.

Blocko Circuit
blah blah blah see page 8
Blockoworld Booth
It will need to be INTERESTING and EYECATCHING.

The Server
The public racing server will go up when we have several clan built tracks. I don't want to use the default tracks, even the one I built purely because of overuse. I want all our tracks to be completely original and include laps.

Time trial challenges for clan members and the like will be offered when the clan has more members and the server is public.

Modification Help / Miniature Blockhead Bricks: Who's that handsome devil?
« on: February 09, 2013, 07:55:37 PM »

Aww, they're so cute! With this successful attempt, I hope to make some miniatures of some famous blockheads in a couple of packs. This one is 512 quads exactly; I had to replace quite a few sets of double-tris that are on a lot of default models.

Off Topic / Rules for Making Oneself a Disagreeable Companion
« on: February 02, 2013, 06:59:03 PM »
RULES, by the Observation of which, a Man of Wit and Learning may nevertheless make himself a disagreeable Companion.

Your Business is to shine; therefore you must by all means prevent the shining of others, for their Brightness may make yours the less distinguish’d. To this End,

1. If possible engross the whole Discourse; and when other Matter fails, talk much of your-self, your Education, your Knowledge, your Circumstances, your Successes in Business, your Victories in Disputes, your own wise Sayings and Observations on particular Occasions, &c. &c. &c.;

2. If when you are out of Breath, one of the Company should seize the Opportunity of saying something; watch his Words, and, if possible, find somewhat either in his Sentiment or Expression, immediately to contradict and raise a Dispute upon. Rather than fail, criticise even his Grammar.

3. If another should be saying an indisputably good Thing; either give no Attention to it; or interrupt him; or draw away the Attention of others; or, if you can guess what he would be at, be quick and say it before him; or, if he gets it said, and you perceive the Company pleas’d with it, own it to be a good Thing, and withal remark that it had been said by Bacon, Locke, Bayle, or some other eminent Writer; thus you deprive him of the Reputation he might have gain’d by it, and gain some yourself, as you hereby show your great Reading and Memory.

4. When modest Men have been thus treated by you a few times, they will chuse ever after to be silent in your Company; then you may shine on without Fear of a Rival; rallying them at the same time for their Dullness, which will be to you a new Fund of Wit.

Thus you will be sure to please yourself. The polite Man aims at pleasing others, but you shall go beyond him even in that. A Man can be present only in one Company, but may at the same time be absent in twenty. He can please only where he is, you where-ever you are not.

Benjamin Franklin said it so it must be true!

For RTB enabled servers, you can hit the information button to see who's on, if they're an admin, and the add-ons the server has.

It would be very useful for the host to be able to write a short, maybe 140 character description about what the server is all about, recent updates, a link to the topic, etc.. Many servers have odd names and the short title is not enough to say what it is. For example, a server named "Storm the Beach" could have a description like follows:

Code: [Select]
Storm the Beach

A WWII Normandy invasion server with American and national socialist teams, using NEKram's updated pack. The last update includes music, so make sure to enable downloading!

by Bedpost and Eliptats
This is just an example. A text box could be added to the bottom with this short description. I don't think this would be too hard to implement and could provide more clarity, especially to players who don't see server topics on the forums.

General Discussion / Nasoa's Kart Racing [v2]
« on: December 31, 2012, 01:54:22 PM »
Nasoa's Kart Racing

A server featuring quick, intense races complete with kart customization and obstacles. The races usually take only a few minutes, no more waiting around forever for one team to finish! Each person receives their own kart, with options for different kart types and colors. If you fall in the water over the course of the A to B track, you die, so be careful on your jumps. The starts are always interesting with Blockland's signature physics!

Please understand that the server is often full because of the engine limit of 20 physics vehicles per server.

Plans for Future Updates:
*Staggered start
*Track rotation
*Finish that isn't a button
*Placements (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Admins and other Positions:
 Turk 7454
Fab 25231
Blocker Is Cake 15291
Filipe1020 21933
Mute 10216
Spectrum 25964
Saxophone 25721
Racerboy 25064
dargereldren 25688
Aapoh 25079
Swollow 6531
Bushido 708
Darren 7893
The Brighter Dark 31783
Gizmo 12815
 OFFICIAL Clown, Lord Honkington, and King of Banana Island: Turk (ID: 7454)

Needless to say, I need admins for constant watch over the server. Apply with name, ID, experience, blah blah blah. I will be very picky.


Trailer by Blooker:

Video by Blocker is Cake:
Video by Turk:
Video by Psp:
Video by Barls:

Photos courtesy of Blocker is Cake (AQuietBadger)

Off Topic / Guitar Hero II Misirlou Arrangement
« on: March 25, 2012, 04:52:24 PM »
I need music for the song Misirlou, the theme from Pulp Fiction, and I really like Guitar Hero II's arrangement. Problem is, all the midis I can find online have the regular arrangement where it cuts right to the chase. Does anyone know of anywhere I can find a midi for this? Guitar tab won't help. Thanks.

Here is a video of the Guitar Hero II arrangement.

I'd like some variations for a vehicle I'm making, and I've heard of people using the same model with different nodes showing to make a police car, different cargo, etc. How do I set up a node and hide/unhide it for each one on?

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