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Suggestions & Requests / Music playing in Blockland menu
« on: April 24, 2011, 03:07:04 PM »
A nice little idea. I believe everyone agrees with me that the Blockland menu is quiet and silent, so why not bring some little music to it when ever you aren't in a server yet? And when ever you join a game that the music will slowly stop playing. Squideey made this awesome soundtrack.

I hope this idea gets used for the next version of Blockland.

Modification Help / Official Ship Thread
« on: April 23, 2011, 10:52:33 AM »

Point of this thread
I made this thread because of my ships. I recently discovered that other people tried also to make ships, but failed at making them. This is the right thread for questions, hints and other stuff. It's also allowed to share of your own made ship from Torque Constructor.

History of Ocean Liners in Blockland
It all started in May 2009. I wanted to re-create a ship with a look of Queen Mary in Long Beach. I named her Poseidon, but the ship wasn't built on scale. It was one giant object, it didn't fit to players scale.

Then I gave a try at making the United Peekarica ship. It was a success, even she was a empty ship it became the very first model-scale ship in a Torque Game. After it, I started with the Artania which was a sister of the Mautania. Then I started with the three gigantic ocean liners: Artanic, Malantic and Bricanic. This was the period where the majestic ocean liners were born in Blockland.

Ships in Torque Constructor
Programs needed:
- A Torque game (which support .dif models)
- Torque Constructor (it's a free model program, easy to learn) [Download]

Making ships in Torque Constructor may be hard for your first time. The ships could be made with using curves and circles. You need to split them in half, so it looks like a sort of rocket projectile. Then you slice off a little piece from the bow and stern. Now you slice the ship in four layers for placing the textures. (The keel, the hull, the yellow line, and the decks).

Now you make with boxes the decks and windows. You can use the circles for making masts and funnels and rotating them a little 8 degrees.

I will soon make a video were I construct a ship as tutorial. This may give your brain a little more information how you make your dream ships in your head come true.

Once you have finished your liner, you could make a article about it on Steampedia. It is a wiki set up by me.

Here I want to introduce the Artanic, the most living ship since 3 August 2009.

How to make your ship(s) famous
First of all, it's a simple question. Like I did, I put up my own website named Laurentic Star Line. Then I recorded with fraps in Blockland the ship, by flying over it, screenshots, ect. Then I placed every footage and screenshot into Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas into one movie, and uploaded it on my YouTube channel. Then I placed the movie on my own website.

Once I have contacted a school, in Rocklin, named Rocklin High School and a teacher want to introduce the biggest liner Clevelandic (which is made by me) to all the students on that school. This is what you can get, if you build your own ships, making them famous like they act in a Blockland war, collision with another ship, ect.

Keeping your ships alive
It's very important to back-up your ships weekly if you have updated them. The reason: Once you have a mallware or another strange virus on your pc, it will forget everything up. This happened to me three times, I never made back-ups and I nearly lost many of my ships. Glad that I still have the ships with me, I make back-ups of them even the constructor files.

For now always make back-ups of:
- The ingame models (.dif)
- The constructor files

Suggestions & Requests / Wanted: HD Water texture
« on: April 18, 2011, 02:00:00 PM »
I am making a new map for my ships with a ship yard. The map will be better when it has a beautiful sky and high defination water texture. If someone has a nice water texture (HD), it needs a size of 256x256. Thanks.

Creativity / Show off your colorized black-white photos
« on: April 10, 2011, 03:33:53 PM »
Show of your colorized black and white photos
It started all when I saw the website Titanic-in-Color, and it gave me the idea to colorize also black and white photos. It may take much time, but if you learn it, you don't even look how much time you spend on it.
My collection

Gloria Stuart (Titanic-actor which died in 2010)

Programs used

Off Topic / My 16th Birthday
« on: April 06, 2011, 11:24:33 AM »

Antares Andrews turned 16 years old today

Today, 16 years ago I was born. And now, today I am 16 years old. What shall I do? Purchasing a scooter? Something else...? Raise your voice!

Yesterday, I decide to came back to Blockland to build again, instead of using it for making new video's of my ships (the game self). I started to download the new weapons, server mods, ect. Suddenly I came across a lovely Add-On I lost last year. It was the big fog smoke emitter which made my ships look awesome.

If you're looking for this file, you can download it straight from RTB here.

I immediately took some shots when I put the smoke on the four-stacker Artanic.

And suddenly another four-stacker came into Paradise Island docks, the Majestic.

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