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Captain never abandons ship until the last person is safely off the ship. Ramming is an act of Self Delete/kamekaze and murder of whatever remaining crew. Surrender only if all other options are not available. Best thing to do if all direct offensive systems were disabled would be to re-route turret and/or launcher hardpoints power to shield boost and armor hardening systems until back up arrived or a safer solution can be resolved.

All power to forward shields, safeties off, then ram them?



It was a "catch and release" bust.

Modification Help / Re: Coding challenge?
« on: March 01, 2013, 09:25:48 PM »
I feel you should narrow the scope of round 1. Getting participants to just create, then dump, odd libraries for the game isn't going to significantly benefit the community and it will all but impossible to measure everyone's success if the entries offer vastly different functionality. Perhaps you could make it a requirement that whatever library(s) teams make must be used in the subsequent rounds in a meaningful way.

For round 2 I suggest you discourage, or prohibit, gamemodes in which combat plays a key role; Blockland already has plenty of deathmatch extensions.

Just caught a rare glimpse of spam-in-progress.

I can tell you've put effort into it; I just feel a trench TDM isn't doing all that hard work justice.

Every trench server I have visited has just been a mess. Bricks and holes everywhere. Crude box buildings. Large spikes and towers. Maybe that's fine for a 2 minute, auto-generated map. I argue that it doesn't fit with careful renditions of Star Wars locations and scenes (or any detailed build for that matter).

You could set it up as a regular TDM/capture point gamemode. Perhaps throw in some tie-fighter, x-wing dogfights. If you want to be really ambitious, try recreating the life in Mos Eisley; make it so it's like actually visiting a living world.

The maps look nice. It's a shame they are being wasted on a Trench TDM.

Odd that the server started crashing within hours of me stating my satisfaction with the uptime in the RTB Hosting thread. I suspect foul play.

Since removing one or more broken add-ons, my server has had a solid week of uptime; I think a 3 month renewal is in order, should the option be available when the time comes.

Where the hell did that white one come from, I cleared it a week ago.

I just had a picture of it saved.

Tubes are "in-season" right now.

General Discussion / Re: Upload-a-Save
« on: February 17, 2013, 08:33:51 PM »
Off to a nice start but it would be useful to see how many builds are available for each letter before you select it. Other stats like # of bricks and colorset used would be helpful too.

General Discussion / Re: What's the purpose of ColorIDs?
« on: February 17, 2013, 05:44:09 AM »
A factor of four (again, remember, those two extra bits are virtually definitely unused), and that's beside the point. A single chat message in Blockland, assuming chat uses ASCII, would be anywhere from one byte to (maximum string length)+1 bytes. Either way, it would average out to be vastly longer than an RGBA color value.

Sure, it would technically be a larger strain on a server's bandwidth - in the same way that three ounces is a larger strain on your hand than two ounces. But have you ever seen someone keel over dead from an extra ounce of weight?

It's 6 bits versus the 32 bits needed for RGBA. That's over a factor of 5. You're assuming the extra 2 bits in each byte are unavailable which may or may not be true for the TGE.

In any case, a 4x increase could be significant. Your chat example has little relevance; on a bad day you might get a couple lines of text per second. When you are loading bricks you are typically working with thousands of them and you want to get them in the shortest time possible. That is where a few extra bits starts to hurt you. Not all players have the luxury of a broadband connection.

That pretty much answers your initial question "why have colorID's?". It's a tradeoff; the reduced color selection allows for more people to access the game.

General Discussion / Re: What's the purpose of ColorIDs?
« on: February 17, 2013, 05:16:12 AM »
One would imagine an RGBA color scheme would only be an increase of 24 bits per color - I very much doubt the extra 2 bits in that byte are used for anything else.


Yes, it would only increase the number of bits by a factor of five.

Gallery / Re: Revoloarx's ARES App: Hammerhead Dropship
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:48:25 AM »
I'm impressed.

I agree with these points. Which leads to Qwepir's post;A thousand times this. That said, I'm going to start clearing incomplete stuff from the server. It kind of detracts from what we have intended.

Also, despite what you say about furdle's conviction, he retracted his application after three negative votes. That's ridiculous. Also, after being accepted, he proceeds to act like a little bitch and pick a fight with a member of the clan. Instead of taking it for what it is he instigates a battle which didn't need to happen and pissed me off way more than it should have.

That's fine with me but if you're setting a standard for member behavior I think it should apply to all members. Many of the comments made in the app thread by ARES members were counterproductive at best and downright aggressive/provocative at worst. All it did was drag the clan's reputation through the mud.

Space theme aside, the reason I support this clan is that in practice it is not just an artificial structure to hand out titles and confer superiority; on good days, it is a way of bringing players together of similar interests that actually do things. If this group is to have a decent reputation it has to avoid the traps in thinking that exclusivity and snobbery are marks of status. If this were a more popular game with a greater pool of talent to recruit from, then perhaps we could be more selective but it's not.

The point is that as a group we should be more forgiving of peoples' behavior. This forum is full of fools but we aren't improving things by strutting around acting like some high-brow society.

You all seem to know Furdle better than I do so I'll believe you when you say he isn't suitable. I just ask that everyone act a bit more civilized next time around.

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