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General Discussion / Blockland Classic?
« on: February 06, 2012, 06:45:46 AM »
   Hey everyone! So I just read about the upcoming update, and I am not amused. The new update will add in shaders and shadows (dynamic lighting), but the thing that bothers me is that it will break some add-ons and all maps exept slate. They are going to remove player made map support all together, no bedroom, no kitchen, none of that. It will all be gone, blockland will no longer support .dts .dif or .map!!! :@ I am ticked off! as a map maker who has like 10 maps on the go, I am actually quite upset. So i was thinking, why not have an option on the main screen of blockland for blockland and blockland classic. Of course, blockland classic would be what it is now, and the blockland option would be the newer updated version. I really hope that badspot and kompressor consider this idea because I don't want to see maps and terrains go.  :'(

Help / why dont my interior object rotate when i want them to?
« on: February 05, 2012, 05:48:29 PM »
sometimes when I enter 90 for example in the rotation box in the right digit spot nothing happens. it just sets the number back to 0.. and nothing happens to the interior.. wtf, help?

Help / how do i host a lan server?
« on: February 05, 2012, 01:54:14 PM »
   Hey everyone! I want to host a LAN server for my little brother because he is going to be buying the game sometime this week and i already have it. but he cant wait to play with me, so i want to host a LAN server. BUT I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT! my desktop computer it connect to the local area connnection. and my laptop is connected to the wireless network (but on the same router). And i want to host the server from my laptop, so i started a lan server and tried doing query lan on the demo on my desktop computer. but it didnt find it :( what do i do!!

Help / blockland keeps crashing when i try to start my own game..
« on: February 04, 2012, 05:08:43 PM »
I just wanna load my interior into my new map for gods sake and of course blockland wants to crash.. fml.. im about to release like 5 maps and now this.. heres the console:

Loading Add-On: Item_InvisibilityWatch (CRC:276671316)
Executing Add-Ons/Item_InvisibilityWatch/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_InvisibilityWatch/Support_StoredVariable.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_InvisibilityWatch/Support_Cloaking.cs.
Activating package: CloakingPlayers
Executing Add-Ons/Item_InvisibilityWatch/Support_CloakingToolCommands.cs.
Activating package: NoCloakTools
Executing Add-Ons/Item_InvisibilityWatch/Item_InvisibilityWatch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_InvisibilityWatch/Item_CloakAndDagger.cs.
Object 'bKnifeProjectile' is not a member of the 'ProjectileData' data block class
Executing Add-Ons/Item_InvisibilityWatch/Item_DeadRinger.cs.
Activating package: FakeDeathWatch
15 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Item_HalloweenHeadgear (CRC:-1687452399)
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/server.cs.
Activating package: hatItem_Package
Activating package: hatItemHide_Package
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/arrowBullseye.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/arrowThrough.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/Frankenstein.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/Halo.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/hornHat.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/knifeHat.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/skullHead.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/skullMask.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/Tophat.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/witchHat.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/eyePatch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/pumpkinHead.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/bloodyNeck.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HalloweenHeadgear/Hood.cs.
56 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Item_Camcorder (CRC:-1321833561)
Executing Add-Ons/Item_Camcorder/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_Camcorder/item_camcorder.cs.
ShapeBaseImageData:: Could not resolve state "ready" for image "camcorderImage"
2 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Gary_9x_Height (CRC:-542618551)
Executing Add-Ons/Gary_9x_Height/server.cs.
2 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: GameMode_ZAPT (CRC:201100)
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/scriptobjects.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/objects.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/zombies.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/functions.cs.
Refreshing JVS Content Restrictions (Adding restriction "Zombie")
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStop" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStart" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
Refreshing JVS Content Restrictions (Adding restriction "Human")
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStop" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStart" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/package.cs.
Activating package: ZAPT_Server
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/mutations/Mutation_Infection.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/mutations/Mutation_Versus.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_ZAPT/scripts/mutations/Mutation_TankArena.cs.
63 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: GameMode_UnlimitedMining (CRC:-1663841884)
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Mining.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/miningDatablocks.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Donating.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Ores.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/lava.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/playerOres.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Bombs.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/DirtLottery.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Drill.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Admin.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Structures.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/SpawnData.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/Acheivements.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/MiningAdminGui.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/GameMode_UnlimitedMining/help.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_ReturnToBlockland/RTBR_GUITransfer_Hook.cs.
WARNING: RTBR_GUITransfer_Hook.cs has moved. Please alter to use hooks/guiTransfer.cs
9 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Gamemode_TrenchDigging (CRC:-1877243656)
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TrenchDigging/server.cs.
  Loading Add-On "Brick_Large_Cubes"
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Large_Cubes/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TrenchDigging/Items.cs.
ParticleEmitterData(DirtShootEmitter) periodVariance >= period
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TrenchDigging/Bricks.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TrenchDigging/TrenchDigging.cs.
29 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Gamemode_TeamDeathmatch (CRC:1745991961)
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TeamDeathmatch/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TeamDeathmatch/Support_SpecialKills.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TeamDeathmatch/Support_Gamemodes.cs.
Activating package: jvsInteractiveContent_Restric tion_Teams
Refreshing JVS Content Restrictions (Adding restriction "TeamAllow")
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStop" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStart" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
Refreshing JVS Content Restrictions (Adding restriction "TeamDeny")
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStop" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
registerOutputEvent() - Output event "contentStart" already registered on class fxDTSBrick - overwriting.
Activating package: TeamDeathmatch
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TeamDeathmatch/Gamemode_Deathmatch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_TeamDeathmatch/Gamemode_Team Deathmatch.cs.
19 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Gamemode_salvage (CRC:-47436263)
Executing Add-Ons/Gamemode_salvage/server.cs.
11 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_Zones (CRC:-1256118199)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_Zones/server.cs.
Activating package: ZoneEvents
1 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_Vehicle (CRC:463180777)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_Vehicle/server.cs.
Activating package: Event_Vehicle
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_setPlayerTransform (CRC:-766871841)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_setPlayerTransform/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Event_setPlayerTransform/Event_SetPlayerTransform.cs.
Activating package: RotSetTransformOverwrite
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_SetInventory (CRC:1349311810)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_SetInventory/server.cs.
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_RenRayCol (CRC:761564083)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_RenRayCol/server.cs.
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_PromptEvents (CRC:1199099362)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_PromptEvents/server.cs.
Activating package: PromptEvents
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_Passwords (CRC:-1848832587)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_Passwords/server.cs.
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_onPlayerEnterVehicle (CRC:-1156546398)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_onPlayerEnterVehicle/server.cs.
Activating package: OnPlayerEnterVehicle
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_modColor (CRC:-48270920)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_modColor/server.cs.
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_lastProjectile (CRC:-1806820666)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_lastProjectile/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Event_lastProjectile/LastProj.cs.
Activating package: lastProjectile
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_EffingMagnets (CRC:2056638791)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_EffingMagnets/server.cs.
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_Database (CRC:170526967)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_Database/server.cs.
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Event_Camera (CRC:1478582354)
Executing Add-Ons/Event_Camera/server.cs.
Activating package: EventCam
1 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Emote_Love (CRC:-523094267)
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Love/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Love/emote_love.cs.
3 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Emote_Hate (CRC:1310005566)
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Hate/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Hate/emote_hate.cs.
3 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Emote_Confusion (CRC:-484575768)
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Confusion/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Confusion/emote_confusion.cs.
3 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Emote_Alarm (CRC:1255360882)
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Alarm/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Alarm/emote_alarm.cs.
5 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Content_ZonearkWindows (CRC:-603158919)
Executing Add-Ons/Content_ZonearkWindows/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_ZonearkWindows/types/zonearkwindow1.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_ZonearkWindows/types/zonearkwindow2.cs.
15 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Content_PhydeouxMedieval (CRC:191001275)
Executing Add-Ons/Content_PhydeouxMedieval/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/DoubleWoodenDoors.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/WoodenGate.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/WoodenGateDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/GrateGate.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/GrateDropGate.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/CircularGrate.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/TrapDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/BookshelfDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/BookshelfDoor2.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/BookshelfDoor3.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/FenceGate.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/FenceGate2.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/ShojiDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/PullChainSwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/PeggedWheelSwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeouxMedieval/types/LargeLeverSwitch.cs.
94 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Content_Phydeoux (CRC:-295715835)
Executing Add-Ons/Content_Phydeoux/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/PressureDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/SlidingGLassDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/ElevatorDoors.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/AirlockSmallDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/BlastSmallDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/GateDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/Fan.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/GiantFan.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/GiantFanFlat.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/VerticalDialSwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/horizontalDialSwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/VerticalSlideSwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/horizontalSlideSwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/VerticalKeySwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/HorizontalKeySwitch.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/SuperButton.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/TNTPlunger.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/LargeGarageDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/content_phydeoux/types/BoomBarrier.cs.
105 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Content_PackerDoors (CRC:-1672391785)
Executing Add-Ons/Content_PackerDoors/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_PackerDoors/types/CastleGate.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_PackerDoors/types/SpaceHangarTop.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_PackerDoors/types/SpaceHangarBottom.cs.
17 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Content_DaleksDoors (CRC:888262456)
Executing Add-Ons/Content_DaleksDoors/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_DaleksDoors/types/BoysBathroom.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_DaleksDoors/types/GirlsBathroom.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_DaleksDoors/types/UniloveBathroom.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_DaleksDoors/types/FridgeDoor.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Content_DaleksDoors/types/FutureDoor.cs.
30 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_WireFence (CRC:-237145864)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_WireFence/server.cs.
1 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Wedge (CRC:1698308595)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Wedge/server.cs.
20 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_V15 (CRC:-471793674)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_V15/server.cs.
4 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Trumpetfans (CRC:-1889115192)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Trumpetfans/server.cs.
58 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Treasure_Chest (CRC:-351797947)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Treasure_Chest/server.cs.
Activating package: TreasureChestPackage
Activating package: TreasureChestPersistencePacka ge
2 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Teledoor (CRC:872441184)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Teledoor/server.cs.
Activating package: TeledoorPackage
1 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_SUPERwalls (CRC:579245461)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_SUPERwalls/server.cs.
16 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_SingleChest (CRC:-955023194)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_SingleChest/server.cs.
Activating package: SingleChest
2 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_ShortRangeMusic (CRC:751579823)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_ShortRangeMusic/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_ShortRangeMusic/Support_CustomRangeMusic.cs.
Activating package: customrangemusic
4 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Road_Plates (CRC:1573054263)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Road_Plates/server.cs.
4 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Pole (CRC:1907213428)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Pole/server.cs.
3 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Pit10xHeight (CRC:544617757)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Pit10xHeight/server.cs.
26 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Other_Bricks (CRC:2031208114)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Other_Bricks/server.cs.
45 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_MrBob00 (CRC:696617005)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_MrBob00/server.cs.
27 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_MoreRoads (CRC:-944606214)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_MoreRoads/server.cs.
12 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_LongRangeMusic (CRC:1552022945)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_LongRangeMusic/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_LongRangeMusic/Support_CustomRangeMusic.cs.
Activating package: customrangemusic
 package customrangemusic is already active
4 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_HorizPoles (CRC:1955230299)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_HorizPoles/server.cs.
6 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Halfbrick (CRC:1804858229)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Halfbrick/server.cs.
19 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Fence (CRC:431308324)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Fence/server.cs.
5 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_ExtraRamps (CRC:-1210740721)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_ExtraRamps/server.cs.
18 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Christmas_Tree (CRC:406667847)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Christmas_Tree/server.cs.
1 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Checkpoint (CRC:1304550503)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Checkpoint/server.cs.
Activating package: CheckpointPackage
1 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_Arch (CRC:1421116531)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Arch/server.cs.
12 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_3Pack (CRC:784042443)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_3Pack/server.cs.
0 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_32x_Base_variations (CRC:667766798)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_32x_Base_variations/server.cs.
8 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_32x64 (CRC:1032161037)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_32x64/server.cs.
4 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_20x_Height (CRC:1231442791)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_20x_Height/server.cs.
6 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_1x1FRoundPrint (CRC:985556719)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_1x1FRoundPrint/server.cs.
1 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_18Degree (CRC:-2034007299)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_18Degree/server.cs.
7 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_15xSet (CRC:-776835370)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_15xSet/server.cs.
10 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Brick_10x (CRC:-976728066)
Executing Add-Ons/Brick_10x/server.cs.
3 datablocks added.

Loading Add-On: Ai_Dogs (CRC:-1612171792)
Executing Add-Ons/Ai_Dogs/server.cs.

ERROR: ForceRequiredAddOn() - "Gamemode_zombie" is not a valid add-on
BackTrace: ->SM_StartMission->createServer->onServerCreated->loadAddOns->ForceRequiredAddOn

ERROR: Ai_Dogs - required add-on Gamemode_Zombie not found
BackTrace: ->SM_StartMission->createServer->onServerCreated->loadAddOns

Executing Add-Ons/Ai_Dogs/Ai_dog-wild.cs.
Object 'dogbarksound' is not a member of the 'AudioProfile' data block class
2 datablocks added.

Executing config/server/musicList.cs.
alxGetWavChannels: invalid buffer

ERROR: Stereo sound detected on "musicData_Rock_Orchestra" - Removing datablock.
BackTrace: ->SM_StartMission->createServer->onServerCreated->createMusicDatablocks

I cut out the beginning because it exeeds the max amount of of characters.

Help / how to show server status on forums?
« on: February 04, 2012, 09:27:54 AM »
   Hey everyone, ive been seeing everyone in the general discussion with server status images, where can i get them? and are they self updating?

General Discussion / RUSH0814's Ultimate Challenge. NEED ADMINS.
« on: February 03, 2012, 11:33:23 AM »
   Hey everyone! im currently making a challenge game and its in Beta Testing at the moment, So I need some beta testers. I am also in need of admins and I am in serious need of some good eventers.


   Here Are Some Screenshots:
Level One; Dedicated to Irk89's Ultimate Challenge

Level two; The Pipe Of Fallingness

Level Three; The Wall Climb

Level Four; The Hall Of Colourful Deaths

Level Five; Circle World

Still Level 5; Circle World

Winners Area.

Beta Testers

cyblock is first person to ever complete level 4

dunkin donut
Unfairest Puppy
Mr. Darkstar
Crazy ninjaman

Again, I need Admins, Eventers And Beta Testers.

Server Administrators.

Admin Application:
In-Game Name:
What You Bring To The Table:
Why Should You Be Admin?:

Post your application in a reply to the topic.

Edit: I would also love some suggestions for future levels. I am hoping to make 35-40 levels. Ive only made 5, So almost everyone will see their idea in the challenge :D

Help / Are there any VCE client tutorials?
« on: February 03, 2012, 09:42:18 AM »
title says it all, im stuff at using the vce client and i need to learn better ways.

Help / Quick eventing question.
« on: February 02, 2012, 12:36:08 PM »
   hey everyone,

I need to know how to make an event where when you touch a checkpoint it enables building for that player. Is it possible?

General Discussion / Need help on river adventure -FREE ADMIN
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:50:59 PM »
   Hey everyone, I'm in need of some help in my river adventure server, Ive completed the whole river and everything, but I need help with eventing some bots. somehow they will stay in a certain zone, im thinking non rendered brick (invisible). and basicly your in a raft and you go through the forest and the AIs' (havent decided which ones, im hoping there is some sort of indian AI.) try to attack you, and you find treasure along the way. heres a screen shot of it:

If your interested in helping me just reply.

General Discussion / Where is everyone from?
« on: January 27, 2012, 11:45:08 AM »
   I wanna know how far across the world blockland spans. Im from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and my ingame name is RUSH0814. Post your in-game name and where you are from

Help / the dedicated window stops responding upon run?
« on: January 24, 2012, 08:44:05 PM »
hey guys. I have a problem. when i run my dedicated server window it is almost finished loading it. it stops at loading addon (specifically the MAS swarm jet package). if i unistall them will it work? or are addons not relevant. the addons work in-game perfectly fine!

General Discussion / Need help for small build.
« on: January 24, 2012, 04:59:07 PM »
Hey everybody!

        I am making a level up sniper tdm and i need some help to make it a little more intricate. also I need help with music events. so reply if you wanna help and you will get admin.

P.S sorry if this is in the wrong section, if it is please move it

Help / I crash everytime i try and join that pointless elevator game?
« on: January 24, 2012, 04:02:01 PM »
title says it all. my blockland says not responding and my computer closes it.. it crashes as soon as the bricks load

Help / Music events?
« on: January 21, 2012, 05:19:08 PM »
hey guys. I am trying to figure out how to even a block to trigger the music brick to play a random song. how do I do this? sorry if you dont understand that I couldnt think of any easier way to put it :/ im to tired

Help / Slate Lavapit problem.
« on: January 21, 2012, 02:05:13 PM »
           Hey everyone, I am trying to make make a build on slate lavapit and I was thinking. I've seen games where when people fall into the lava they actually sink into it and burn. Then I noticed that on the map I'm on (Slate Lavapit) I dont even touch the lava! there is an invisible ground before the lava, so I was wondering, is there any way that I could make it so I fall into the lava? or is there some sort of lava brick that i can download? please help if you can!

                                   Thanks! RUSH0814

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