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Help / How do I Save a Build from the Forums and then Load it in-game?
« on: August 24, 2011, 09:56:49 PM »
     I am trying to save a build I'm getting from the Forums.I beleive I'm saving it right,but when I save it and put it in my Folder,I'm not able to load t in-game.What am I doing wrong?

Problem:I save a build but I cant load it in-game.
How I am currently saving it:Blockland>Saves>Slate
Question:What am I doing wrong?

Any help will be appreciated and rewarded with a :cookie:.

Help / I need help Making a Dedicated Server.
« on: August 18, 2011, 08:21:32 AM »
     It would be great if someone could tell what I'm doing wrong:

1.Right Click the Blockland Icon.
2.Click Properties.
3.Click "Open File Location".
4.Click "Dedicated".
5.Wait till it sais SUCCES.

     I have done this method both before and after starting a server,and it isn't working.Could someone tell me what I'm not doing that I need to do?

General Discussion / Star Wars Battlefront I Server
« on: August 15, 2011, 04:49:58 PM »

     I am building every single battlefront from the "Star Wars Battlefront" game on Blockland. I'm going to use the builds for battles on a server. The server will one day be put up for anyone to join.

     I will leave one battle up for 1 day,then start another battle the next day. This will go on until every single battle is finished. I will then post on here which team won the most battles (Civil War: Rebelion or Empire | Clone Wars: Republic or CIS). I will do every battle twice,one for each war,unless the battle is meant for only one of the wars.


Tusken Raider Camp

Republic Spawn

CIS Spawn

     I'm not shore when the server will be up. It might be a while. But until then, you can enjoy my holiday theemed servers!

I am going to need some Add-Ons.

Jedi Starfighter: Need it
Republic Gunship: Need it
AT-TE Walker: Need it
Republic Fighter Tank: Need it
Skiff: Need it
Vulture Droid: Need it
Spider Droid: Need it
Hailfire Droid: Need it
ATT: Need it
STAD: Need it
Taun Taun: Need it
Snow Speeder: Need it
AT-AT: Need it
AT-ST: Need it
X-Wing: Need it
Y-Wing: Need it
TIE Fighter: Need it
TIE Bomber: Need it
Imperial Shuttle: Need it
Geonosian Starfighter: Need it
Twin-Pod Cloud Car: Need it
LAAT: Need it
MAF: Need it

     Unfortunately, I can't supply any pictures. More vehicles still have to unfortunately be added.

Here is a list of Add-Ons going to be used:

One Random Brick Pack (by FART and King Tinks)
Pole Bricks (by Tophius)
Spike Brick (by ZSNO)
Ceiling Print Bricks (by Space Guy and Killer_Whale)

More will be added later.

Trueno's Colorset-Updated (by Trueno)

Content Safe (by Blastdown)
Content Windows (by MrZoneark)
Kyle's Content (by -Kyle)
PhyDoors (by Phydeoux)
PhydoorsMedieval (by Phydeoux)
Packer's Doors (by Packer)
Daleks Doors (by Dalek)

Block Wars Decals (by Scott) (Required for Block Wars Faces to work)

Critical Hit Emote (by Space Guy) (Required for both TF2 Butterfly Knife and Invisibilty Watches Set to work)

Bot Events (by Amade)
Output Event - addItem (by Destiny)
Output Event - setPlayerTransform (by Rotondo)

Block Wars Faces (by Scott) (Required for Block Wars Decals to work)

Game Modes
Team Deathmatch (by Space Guy) (Required for TDM - Siege to work)
TDM - Siege (by Space Guy)

Invisibility Watches Set (by Space Guy and Muffinmix)
Pipe Wrench (by Iban)

JVS Content (by Trader and Kaje)
JVS Doors Pack 0 (by Trader and Kaje)
JVS Doors Pack 1 (by Trader and Kaje)
JVS Doors Pack 2 (by Trader and Kaje)
JVS Plunger Switch (by Space Guy and Kaje)
JVS Switches Pack 1 (by Trader and Kaje)
JVS Switches Pack 2 (by Trader and Kaje)
Bushi Doors (by CaptainBaddass)

Adjustable Plate (by General)

FART Prints

Server Mods
Default Minigame (by McTwist)

Advanced Lego Blasters (by Dalek)
Basic LEGO blasters (by Dalek)
LEGO Knights Weapons (by Dalek)
LEGO bowcaster (by Dalek)
LEGO Power Miners Equiptment (by Dalek)
Legosabers (by Dalek)
LEGO Star Wars Extra Melee (by Dalek)
TF2 Medic Pack (by Space Guy, Azerath and Racer)
Elemental Spellpack (by Amade, Lilboarder and Klokuirk)
Landmine (by AGlass0fMilk and Darkstar)
High-Explosive Grenade (by TheGeek, Ephialtes and Pload)
TF2 Butterfly Knife (by Space Guy and Racer) (Required for Invisibility Watches Set to work)

Here is a list of Battlefronts we need to make:

Bespin: Plateforms - Currently being made...
Bespin: Cloud City
Endor: Bunker (Civil War Only)
Geonosis: Spire (Clone Wars Only)
Hoth: Echo Base (Civil War Only)
Kamino: Tipoca City (Clone Wars Only)
Kashyyyk: Islands
Kashyyyk: Docks
Naboo: Plains
Naboo: Theed
Rhen Var: Harbor
Rhen Var: Citadel
Tatooine: Dune Sea - Finished!
Tatooine: Mos Eisly
Yavin 4: Temple
Yavin 4: Arena

Clone2---------------------------------------[BL_ID]: 6959
Syd540---------------------------------------[BL_ID]: 15560
grantimation (Grantimation in-game)-----[BL_ID]: 22660
s245 (Yogi in-game)------------------------[BL_ID]: 27067

If you want to help out, just send me a PM with this info:

Name In-game: Clone2
Name on Forums: Clone2
[BL_ID]: 6959
RTB: Have it

We will get together every Sunday to work on the Battlefronts.

NOTE*:You must have RTB so that we can contact you if you are needed.Here is a site to download RTB: Return to Blockland

The Tatooine: Dune Sea battlefront is finnaly done! It still has some bugs, but they are being fixed right now!
We are now working on the "Bespin: Plateforms" battlefront soon.

This will be put to a hault from December 24th-January 2nd due to Christmas and New Years. I will instead have a dedicated Christmas server up and will later have a dedicated New Year server up. And due to me ONLY having ONE computer and due to low bandwidth, I can only have one server.

We are soon coming to:
Logos received from
We are sponsored by Blox Construction [-BLX-]

grantimation (Grantimation in-game)
s245 (Yogi in-game)

Add-On Designers
Add-On Designers of Add-Ons Borrowed
killer_whale (Killer_Whale in-game)
king tinks (King Tinks in-game)
mctwist (McTwist in-game)
phydeoux (Phydeoux in-game)
Space Guy
Swholli (Scott in-game)

Beta Testers

Blox Construction [-BLX-]
Blockland News

Specail Thanks
grantimation (Grantimation in-game)
s245 (Yogi in-game)

Very Special Thanks
Extremely Specail Thanks
George Lucas

NOTE*: This is only for Star Wars Battlefront (1), not Star Wars Battlefront II (2), as in ,Episodes I (1), II (2), IV (4), V (5), and VI (6), not Episode III (3).

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Forum Games / Bloscar Awards (Year 1 : 2012)
« on: August 07, 2011, 06:17:14 PM »
Bloscar Awards

Hey,me and the rest of my clan are starting the first ever "Bloscar Awards".

We are going to need some nominees.
If you want to win one of the very first Bloscars,or think you know someone who should win a Bloscar,give me a website,and we might make him/her one of the 4 nominees.

The Bloscar Awards will most likely be posted on YouTube every year,on July 1.(There will be no promises that will happen every year for like,EVER!But I will promise atleast 6 years of Bloscar Awards.)

Now don't just sit there with all your movies and short clips getting no credit in any way.
This is your chance to get atleast a little bit more credit and fame.

Best Director
Best Movie
Best Actor/Actress
Best Singer
Best Voice Actor/Voice Actress

(These must all be Blockland Videos)

Forum Games / Survival Movie(By the TBD Clan)
« on: July 30, 2011, 11:35:17 AM »

Hey,we are making a clan and will be making movies.Our first movie is going to be Survival.

The movie is about one man who gets on a plane to go on vacation. But the Pilots fly strait into a storm not on radar.The plane then crashes in the forest,and only two other people survive.They are then traped in the thick forest with no way to get out.

If you want to help in this movie,here a list of stuff we need.

We need several actors.Here is a list of people that will be in the movie.
Mike:The guy who gets on the plane to go on vacation.:Grantimation
Amanda:Survivor#3:Ice Kirby
Rachel:Mike's Wife:Ice Kirby
Pilot#1:The pilot on the plane.:Your Evil Twin
Pilot#2:The co-pilot on the plane.:Grantimation
Ryan:The guy that the survivors find in the forest.:PurpleMetro(Secton in Game)
Helicopter Pilot:The pilot of the Helicopter:catzoo
Grizzly Bear/Black Bear:Bears in the forest:catzoo
We really only need an Actor for Joey:Due to mattnett1 not being able to be active in-game.
Voice Actors
We currently have voices for 4 people(Mike,Amanda,Joey,and Ryan)
We still need voice actors for these people:
Both Ticket People
Helicopter Pilot
(If there are people we didn't list,it means that we eather already have a voice actor or they don't have any lines.
We really don't need any add-ons,we have everything we need.

Well,that's everthing we need.There are several Builds that need done,but we have plenty of helpers.
If you want to help out with the movie,send me a PM,and we'll see how things will turn out.

Forum Games / TBD Clan Movie Auditions
« on: July 25, 2011, 12:09:12 PM »
Hey,simply all we are doing is making a movie.
We will be having Auditions for it on this dates:
7/25/11 : 12:00-4:00 PM(Cancelled)MOVED TO: 7/25/11 : 6:00-8:00
7/26/11 : 1:00-3:00 PM
7/28/11 : 12:00-4:00 PM
7/29/11 : 1:00-3:00 PM
(Eastern Standard Time)

Go to this website for more info:

Server Status:

Server Name:
Clone2's TBD Clan Movie Auditions

Clan Discussion / Blox Construction [-BLX-]
« on: July 14, 2011, 05:18:36 PM »

I know that this is the 3rd time this clan has been remade but, our clan is not able to make movies, school is becoming too much a priority for everyone in the clan, leaving us with less time to do movies.

So, instead of being TBD (Total Blockland Domination), we will be BLX (Blox Construction). We will instead be a building clan. We make awesome builds and release them here on this forum page.

     Simply we are a Building Clan. When a build is finished, I'll save it, and release it here on this Forum Page. I will also Advertise Builds by other players with permission.

House 34 Downloads
Five Star Restaurant 25 Downloads
[BLX] Mecha Bunny 0 Downloads
Elementary School 12 Downloads

Clan Only
TDM.bls 0 Downloads


Coming Soon
Laser Tag
Pictures Coming Soon...

Pictures Coming Soon...

Neighborhood Pool
Pictures Coming Soon...

Dodge Ball
Pictures Coming Soon...

All builds being made by Clone2, Syd540, and grantimation (Grantimation in-game) are being put to a hault do to construction of the Star Wars Battlefront battlefronts.

NOTE*: BLX (Blox Construction) is not responsable for lag, failure to load, or crashes.

Terminator589------------------------------[BL_ID]: N/A
PurpleMetro (Secton in-game)-------------[BL_ID]: 8448
catzoo----------------------------------------[BL_ID]: 9054
Ice Kirby-------------------------------------[BL_ID]: 21678
Syd540---------------------------------------[BL_ID]: 15560
Abakan---------------------------------------[BL_ID]: 20510
grantimation (Grantimation in-game)-----[BL_ID]: 22660
Snoopy (unknown current name)----------[BL_ID]: N/A

Soba(Da Flub in-game)------[BL_ID]: 5012
?-------------------------------[BL_ID]: 16621
Jerkface-----------------------[BL_ID]: 9407
PVC Potato Gun---------------[BL_ID]: 17925

Send PurpleMetro a PM with this information:

Name In-Game: Secton
Name on the Forums: PurpleMetro
[BL_ID]: 8448
RTB: Have it
Other Clans I am a member of: NONE

We now sponcer Star Wars Battlefront I Server.
Logos received from

The member named 'Snoopy' has an unknown current name and an unknown [BL_ID], if he does not give me this information before January 1st, 2012, he will be removed from the clan.
The member named 'Snoopy' has an unknown current name and an unknown [BL_ID], if he does not give me this information before January 1st, 2012, he will be removed from the clan.

Well that's all.

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« on: July 10, 2011, 12:06:07 PM »
I have a feeling that me and any of you that want to help can make The 1st Star Wars movie here on Blockland.If you know anything about anything in 'Star Wars:Episode I:The Phantom Menace',then we need your help!

For now,I'm only trying to make the first part of it.Here is a list of things we need:
Qui-Gon Jinn:Need Actor
Obi-Wan Kenobi:Need Actor
Battle Droids:Need Actors(as many as possible)/Add-On
TC-14:Need Actor
Darth Sidious:Have Actor
Nute Gunray:Need Actor
Rune Haako:Need Actor
Misc Neimoidian:Need Actor
Queen Amidala:Need Actor
Misc Pilots(2):Need Actors(2)
Droidikas(2):Need Actors(2)

If you feel like you want to be any of these characters,please send me a PM.(Also,if you are handicapped and will only jump around all over the place,DONT TRY!)


Droid Blasters:Need Add-On
Naboo Blaster:Already Have
Blue Lightsaber:Already Have
Green Lightsaber:Already Have
Republic Cruiser:Need Add-On
Vulture Droid:Need Add-On
MTT:Need Add-On
C-9979(It carries the MTT's):Need Add-On
Neimoidian Hats:Need Add-On
Player Mods:
Droidika:Need Add-On
Battle Droid:Need Add-On
Neimoidian Faces:Need Add-On
Neimoidian Clothes:Need Add-On
Jedi Robes:Need-Add-On

So if you think you are talented enough to make any of these add-ons,just make them!And then send me a PM with the forum website attached.


Small Version of the Outside of the Droid Control Station(DCS):Need Build
Hanger Bay of the DCS:Need Build
Control Room of the DCS:Need Build
Meeting Room of the DCS:Already Have
Hallways of the DCS:Already Have

So if you think you are talented enough to make any of these builds,send me a PM,and I will see if you will be able to build on my server (Coming Soon).


If you think you are talented enough to help with any of the events,such as explosions,fire,or anything else we might need,send me a PM and you can help with the building on my server(Coming Soon).


Naboo Orbit:Need Map

If you think you can make this Map,Make it,and then send me a PM with the Forum Website attached.
Well,that is pretty much all we need.

(This post is only for part 1 of 6)

I will later post a script.

Crew Members

Clone2 [BL_ID]6959:Director/Add-On Maker/Builder
Secton [BL_ID]8448:Builder

(P.S.There is a chance I might just forgt anout this and start a Movie Making Clan instead.)

Current Clan sight: (Currently not a movie making clan!)

Help / How do you start an RTB server?
« on: July 08, 2011, 11:01:10 AM »
I need to know how to start a server using RTB.
I have RTB,but I can't start a server using it.
How can I start a server using RTB?

Clan Discussion / The TBD Clan
« on: July 06, 2011, 11:03:57 AM »

Our clan name stands for Total Blockland Domination.We aren't trying to get full control,as that would impossible because of administrators such as Badspot.


There is only one requirement you need to join this clan,RTB,so that we can IRC you whenever necessary.


We will occasionally have clan meetings,president elections,and just servers where we all get together and have fun!


We will have meetings whenever the current president feels it is necessary.That is why we need to be able to IRC you.

Other Info.

The current president is of course Clone2.We will update you on new presidents every little while.We will have President elections every two months.

So if you feel like you want to join,please send me a PM saying so.If you do not want to join and think the clan has no point,please don't post anything about what you think!I do not care!

Website for RTB:

Also,if you do want to join the clan,when you send the PM to Clone2,make shore you tell him your name and BL_ID so he can keep track of this.

(P.S.I might change this into a Movie Making clan.)

Movie I am currently making: (Not being made by clan!)

If the vote passes,then it will be a Movie Making Clan.

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