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Add-Ons / Event - doTeleport v3
« on: November 26, 2019, 11:03:35 PM »
Event - doTeleport

A much overdue fix for the doTeleport events
The previous bug was that bots were only teleported if the event was called on the holeBrick

Thanks to user Davow BLID 46492 for reminding me to fix this


Games / Pokemon Sword and Shield - The good and the bad
« on: November 21, 2019, 08:28:19 AM »
Pokemon Sword and Shield are Game Freak's 8th Generation of Pokemon games released for Nintendo Switch

I bought Shield, played and beat the game - now I want to talk about it.

Character Customization - being able to change the appearance of your trainer has been long overdue, it's epic that we can finally customize our trainers to a degree.

New Pokemon - This is really what generation 8 is all about, introducing new pokemon and moves. You may recall there was a bit of criticism from some people about the starter pokemon, but personally I feel that Gen 8's pokemon and moves are pretty good

DynaMax and Gigantamax - A cool new feature that allows you to supersize your pokemon. Of course it can only be used at select "power spots" or certain battles, but it's pretty neat. Certain pokemon can 'Gigantamax' which is a special more powerful variation of Dynamax that looks different

3D Open World - Explore the region in a 3D Open world! Well....not exactly....but it's still a big step up from previous pokemon games. If your playing online in the wild area you can see other players or visit their camps, or take part in max raid battles together

Pokemon Camp - I think the pokemon camp is neat, and cooking for yourself and your pokemon is quite fun. It was epic the first time one of my pokemon evolved after a delicious hot curry in the cold mountains. I felt like a better cook than Brock - now I know how he evolved Geodude into Graveler!

The game was generally fun. I had a great time exploring the Galar region. Now onto the flip side of things....

Not enough character options - The clothes shops sell different clothes, but all the barber shops offer the same haircuts and hair colors which is very disappointing. You can't change your battle uniform or number either. Another thing is bike helmets - I noticed females have black helmets and males have white helmets....why? We should be able to change the bike helmet color or it should at least change with the bike uniform selected

Starter Pokemon Shiny Locked - STOP SHINY LOCKING POKEMON GAME FREAK it's really dumb

Animations - Some of the animations are really good, but some of them are exceptionally poor. For instance, when my Cinderace uses double kick he literally just does a quick short hop in the air.

"Open World" - The game is not 'open world' like you might think. The only part of the game that is true open world is the wild area. If the whole map, towns and all was like the wild area it would be AMAZING. Unfortunately, this isn't the case which makes exploring limited and somewhat disappointing.

Pokemon Camp is lacking - While I like the concept of the pokemon camp, I can't help but feel like it is missing some key things. It would be cool if the pokemon camp was more like a portable 'secret base' (remember those from ruby and sapphire?) Secret bases were cool because you could decorate them and in a sense 'customize' your area. While you can change the color of your tent this just isn't good enough. It would be great if we could decorate and customize our pokemon camp more

The game is too short - The storyline is not near long enough and the map is way smaller than expected. Sure, there are a few post game things to accomplish but after that, nothing. I guess you could ride around in the wild area and finish out your pokedex and currydex but really the main game was disappointingly short and easy.

No need for HM's - Remember cut, fly, surf? Those moves you needed to progress through certain parts of the game or discover hidden areas later after you go back and revisit them after obtaining said HM? Well we might as well flush those forgeters down the toilet because these games don't use them. Oh sure you can still use these moves in battle, but they cannot be used outside of battle for any purpose. This removes a key feature of previous generations and makes the game too easy. Now we have flying taxis and bikes that ride on

No online communication - There is no way to communicate with other trainers online. We need some sort of quick chat system or something. How the hell am I supposed to tell someone what ingredients to use for cooking or tell them what pokemon to trade me, etc. Also, there should be an easier way to trade items other than having a pokemon hold onto it and then trading said pokemon

Online rank battles - you can't use 'special pokemon' ex: legendaries

No poke'mall - What the heck? Seriously I expected at least one of the towns to have a poke'mall of the sorts. Whatever, no big deal I guess.

The game is fun, but it's lacking in several areas that are preventing it from being a true gem

General Discussion / Server: Haunted Mystery Mansion
« on: October 18, 2019, 10:20:02 AM »

For those of you who missed it last year or were not able to solve the mystery, the haunted mansion is back for another halloween

Built in the early 1900's by John Brickbower this house would seem like a dream come true for most folks. Not for the Brickbowers'. John and Ellen Brickbower were a young rich couple in love, and John wanted nothing more than to show his deep affection for his wife by building an entire mansion dedicated to her. So he did just that. Unfortunately this house...or the very ground it sat on seemed to be cursed....

The Haunted Mystery Mansion is a horror-puzzle challenge in which you must solve various clues to escape. Each player gets 13 minutes inside of the mansion. If you do not escape within the time limit, the house eats you alive (you die). Players are to line up at the front gate of the mansion and wait their turn. You may have as many run throughs as you want, just be sure to return to the back of the line after your turn is over.

The server will be hosted starting October 20th through October 31st. The hosted time will begin at 4 PM EST and end at midnight

Here are a few pictures

The entrance gate

A zoomed out view of the whole build

TRIVIA: The build design is loosely based on Stephan King's Rose Red

We hope to see you there. Have a happy spooooky halloween everyone :)

Off Topic / HOLLOWMAN!!
« on: October 05, 2019, 07:16:49 AM »
professor x is looking for this guy dial 1-800 FOUND YA if you see him pls

Add-Ons / Shirt Nezuko
« on: October 03, 2019, 05:57:37 AM »
Nezuko's Kimono

An outfit that goes with Conan's Nezuko Hat


Off Topic / Highschool Agenda!
« on: August 10, 2019, 06:17:51 AM »
I got bored and did some MSN polls. Everything was alright until all of the sudden they throw a loving curveball.

For the record, I chose "something else"

Off Topic / Cause and Effect
« on: August 09, 2019, 04:03:46 AM »
I'm hyped and hope for it to be epic! :D

Add-Ons / [Item] Marshmallow on a stick
« on: June 05, 2019, 03:36:21 AM »
Marshmallow on a stick
"A classic campfire snack"

To roast the marshmallow, be near and look at a brick with the "Fire A", "Fire B", or "Player Jet" emitter on it, and left click.
In no time you will have a tasty toasted marshmallow on a stick to enjoy snacking upon. Happy camping!

Gothboy - Code/Model
Deokotaru - Idea/Inspiration

Special thanks to Eagle517 for helping me figure out how to get emitter names from a brick


Off Topic / Tornado in my hometown
« on: May 28, 2019, 06:04:58 PM »
Damn. I heard this thing go right past my house. Luckily none of my family was hurt and my house did not get destroyed


We just got power back a few hours ago, what a crazy night. We are getting more storms again today hopefully not as bad

Add-Ons / Script - After Kill Camera
« on: May 23, 2019, 10:24:51 PM »
Script - After Kill Camera

A script that changes your camera to orbit the player that killed you for a specified amount of time

The default view time is 4 seconds, this can be changed by modifying $Pref::Server::KillCamTime


Add-Ons / Event - setCameraPlayer
« on: May 23, 2019, 12:28:56 PM »
Event - setCameraPlayer

Makes the client spectate a specific player in the server
The name box at the end also works with VCE values

onInput > client > setCameraPlayer [Player Name / VCE Value]


Modification Help / new AiPlayer() issues
« on: May 23, 2019, 12:15:00 PM »
I seem to be having a bit of trouble with creating aiplayers through code. It was working a few days ago until I modified it and forgot what I changed.

Here is a short list of the issues at hand:

- Ai do not trigger bot events (ex: onBotTouch > Bot > Kill)
- Ai cannot be mounted normally in a minigame unless "Use all players bricks" is enabled (not a major issue but I would prefer a proper fix)

Here is the function I typed up
Code: [Select]
function GameConnection::buyHorse(%this,%color)
//You can only own one horse at a time
if(%this.ownsHorse != 1)
//Spawn the specified horse
%horse = new AiPlayer()
datablock = "HorseArmor";
position = %this.player.getTransform();
minigame = getMiniGameFromObject(%this);
rideable = true;
canRide = false;
isHoleBot = true;
//Set the color and owner
%paint = getColorIDTable(%color);
%horse.isHorse = 1;
%horse.buyer = %this;
%horse.owner = %this;
%horse.ownerName =;
%horse.setShapeName("""'s Horse","-snip-");
%horse.stolen = 0;
%this.ownsHorse = 1;
%this.ownedHorse = %horse;
//Mount the player to it and give them control
%horse.controlOnMount = 1;
bottomPrint(%this,"<color:ff5500>You already own a horse!", 4);

I have no idea what I did or why it suddenly broke but it's quite bothersome! Any help would be greatly appreciated  :cookie:

NBC caught using stock "doctored" footage as real footage

This is slightly old news but i just got internet back and am now learning about it
Credit to 'A Call for an Uprising" for the video - skip in one minute to get past the into

Honestly stuff like this doesn't even surprise me anymore....these people are sick

Help / Environment Zones Help
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:32:29 AM »
Blockland crashes at the end of loading objects

I followed these instructions perfectly so I don't know whats causing it
Quote from: Zeb
1. Install Blockland Loader
   1.1 Download the latest versions of Blockland.exe and BlocklandLoader.dll from this page.
   1.2 Place both files in your Blockland folder. You will need to overwrite Blockland.exe.
   1.3 Create a new folder called modules/ in your Blockland folder.

2. Prevent the launcher from overwriting the new Blockland.exe using one of the two ways:
   2.A Set Blockland.exe to be read-only.
   2.B Create .bat files similar to these and use them:
      To launch a client: start blockland.exe ptlaaxobimwroe -noconsole -nosteam
      To launch a server: start blockland.exe ptlaaxobimwroe -dedicated -nosteam

3. Install Selective Ghosting
   3.1 Download the latest version of from this page.
   3.2 Unzip the file and place SelectiveGhosting.dll in the new modules/ folder.

4. Install New Duplicator
   4.1 Download the latest version of from this page.
   4.2 Place it in your add-ons folder and enable it.

5. Install Environment Zones
   5.1 Download the latest version of from below.
   5.2 Place it in your add-ons folder and enable it. Done!
When I remove Server_EnvironmentZones from the add-ons folder the server loads just fine?

Games / Smash Bros. Character Recommendations
« on: February 19, 2019, 10:29:26 AM »
Just curious to see what Smash Bros. characters you guys think would be cool. Here are the ones I wish they would add in

1. Brian: The hero from Quest 64 - Quest 64 was a great game for any RPG fan, adding him to the roster wielding his wooden staff and using elemental magic would be so awesome! His final smash could be something like combining the elements in one big attack like the pokemon trainer

2. Squall Leonhart: The hero from Final Fantasy 8 - I know FF8 was only for the PSX and PC, but I think Squall would make the perfect counterpart to Cloud. Many people think Sephiroth would be good, but he would be more like the evil counterpart where Squall would be the good counterpart like Richter and Simon. Cloud is probably my favorite character to fight with - that would probably change if they added Squall in though :)

3. Glover: This lil guy would make a great addition to the Smash Bros. team - I loved playing this game! It was challenging and something about the artwork and the way the levels were set up really kept me wanting to explore more. He could be like a mini master hand fighter and use his "balls" for ranged attacks.

4. Turok: I remember raging at this game hard when I was young, but I also had tons of fun killing stuff and figuring out what to do. I think Turok would be a cool character to add in the roster because he is a genuine badass. *Yoshi hides*

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