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General Discussion / Armageddon's Bounty Hunter! [ONLINE] [UPDATE: 9/6/14]
« on: September 05, 2014, 08:54:32 PM »

A classic twist off an old favorite game mode. Entirely scripted from scratch!
Made fit for more refined and addictive gameplay with more features than imagined.

To locate and assassinate your target efficiently with your cunning agility and speed.
Most points [Not kills] by the end of the 8 minutes, wins!

Code: (changelog) [Select]
9/5/14: Topic posted! VPS Fixed!
Everyone makes mistakes! - A new /forgive feature enables the victims to choose wether or not
to subtract a point or leave it be
9/6/14: Added guns! You spawn with a random assault rifle, courtesy of Khain,
in an epic bout of running and gunning gameplay!
-Improved Point value of original weapons for balance
-Better Dash
-Better Poisoning
-AFK Kicker


|||||||||||     REAL TIME COMPASS [1]
     This tool uses cutting edge,
      fear-detecting technology
      to find your target.

  • Turns RED when target is below
  • Turns GREEN when target is above
  • Turns CYAN when target is at the same height as you
        KILLSTREAKS [2]
         Actually get rewarded
          for being the freakishly
          unstoppable force of nature you are.

    • Player get rewarded an increase per kill
      • an increase height for Double Jump
      • a slight speed increase
      • Capped at x5 Kills

         DOUBLE-JUMP [3]
          Useful for getting a
          better view of things!

    • [J] indicates its ready!
    • [J] indicates cool down!
    • Double tap [SPACE]!

         DASH [4]
          Juke those pesky airborne knives
          and into success!
    • [D] indicates its ready!
    • [D] indicates cool down!
    • Tap the [LIGHT KEY]!

           Killing the wrong target
            or baiting is a ban-able offense

      • Players are given 1 penalty for every illegitimate kill
        when a player gets to 8 penalties, they are banned for 60 minutes.
      • There are several ways you can reduce your penalty points
        • Every 5 minutes on the server of good behavior, 1 penalty point is subtracted
        • A new /forgive feature enables the victims to choose wether or not
          to subtract a point or leave it be


           With incredible range and
            aerodynamics, this nifty
            knife also doubles as a butter knife!

      • Right-Click to throw
      • Left-Click for stabbing
      • Did you miss? Simply pick it back up and go!
      • POINT VALUE:
        • STABBING: +80
          THROW: Points are determined on
          how far you get the kill from! X 3

                        Credits to Yndaaa for the model!
             Just like your favorite
              cigarette - Only faster.

        • Poison has a 10 second delay upon contact.
        • If both hunter and target are poisoned, it becomes a showdown
          and the person who clicked first will survive.
        • Poison does NOT work on innocent people.
        • POINT VALUE: +120

              RIFLES [BETA] 
               Players now have a 1/12 chance
                to gain one of the many rifles in the
                Hells&Khain Pack!

          • FAD, MP5SD, FN FAL, M4A1, M16,
          • POINT VALUE: Points are determined on
            how far you get the kill from! X 1.5

          We are taking suggestions for weapons to include in this server! Please be specific when suggesting!


          Destroyed Town by Drunk Driver,
           Siba, Bokeh, Flamecannon,
           and Armageddon

          Mini-Ville by Pliny

          Legotown DM by Morgellons

          Bricktown by Brickman

          Builds rotate each round! - Your build could be here!
          We are also looking for more builds to put into rotation! the less custom bricks the better!

          SERVER STATUS!


          Add-Ons / Armageddon's Delete Launcher [UPDATE: 8/24/14] [NEW VIDEO!]
          « on: August 23, 2014, 01:04:38 PM »
          Ever been in the situation where you're hammering a brick that won't budge? This is because the brick you are trying to hammer has bricks connected to them that can't stand on their own. Why waste time hammering all that when you can just click and replace! Introducing the quick and simple solution...

          Code: (Changelog) [Select]
          8/24/14: Ctrl+z now checks to see if that brick is supporting anything. If so, it deletes the brick rather than killing it.
          Re-did the 'Undo' keybind that would 'delete' your last planted brick without causing a chain kill of all the bricks it supports.


            • Deletes those stubborn supporting bricks with ease
            • Simple to use, /Del command for convenience
            • Just point, aim, and shoot!
            • Enough range to delete bricks all the way from the slopes!*
            • UNDO safe! Floating brick support!
            • Perfect for tasks such as:
              • Fixing those marginal brick errors
              • Repairing complicated wall design
              • Reconstructing those 1x1 towers
              • Replacing baseplates
              • Making things float!
              • Etc.
            • Keeps those mitts nice and toasty!
            • Checks for full trust!


              • This building tool checks for full trust,
                so be responsible when using around your friends builds!
              • NO. You cannot delete other players. Silly gooses.
                Not very useful in DM's

              AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE

              Special thanks to Filipe for featuring the tool on the first returning showcase!!
              CHECK OUT: CHANNEL | TOPIC

              >>UPDATED DOWNLOAD<<

              CREDITS: Armageddon: Model and Scripting. Bokeh: Icon. - *Results may vary

              Gallery / [VIDEO] Bricks
              « on: June 30, 2014, 06:52:57 PM »
              1x1 NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD

              because everything is better in slo-mo!  Song: Flower Duet - Excuse the small skips

              Help / Shaders look weird?
              « on: June 19, 2014, 01:22:58 PM »
              This probably was answered awhile ago and I just didn't know what to look up. Could it be because I don't have a strong enough graphics card? Why does it run like this?

              Running on an Early 2014 iMac
              Processor  2.9 GHz Intel Core i5
              Memory  8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
              Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB

              Modification Help / Light Trail for a weapon?
              « on: June 13, 2014, 02:08:30 AM »
              We're trying to create a light trail emitter for a spear like projectile however we want just a continuous light trail

              any thoughts about doing so?

              here's our emitter pic


              We are currently: Creating a proper set-up for VIP! - Big thanks to ottosparks for the server!

              UPDATES: JUNE 22ND, 2014
              6/22/14 - Updates with a possible fix on server issues!!
              the server shouldn't have any problems with 'crashing' or not wanting to work properly anymore

              6/20/14 - A now more stable server courtesy of ottosparks!
              6/13/14 - Pill Gun added, Gives points when you heal! / Damage Level is now purchasable
              6/13/14 - Minor changes, Project officially being finalized!!
              6/10/14 - You can now resurrect your fellow teammates!!
              6/10/14 - Minor Changes, Separate Damage level!
              6/10/14 - Second Test! Still positive reviews all around!
              6/9/14 - Development of VIP
              6/8/14 - Finalizing everything, Currently looking for a reliable hosting service!
              6/8/14 - You can now detonate those pesky zombies on your turrets!
              6/8/14 - Zombie Death Count and Titles!
              6/7/14 - Leveling System
              6/7/14 - First Alpha Testing! Positive reviews all around!
              6/7/14 - Weapon and Price Changes, Sniper Towers added on Mountain
              6/6/14 - Howitzer replaced with cannons
              6/5/14 - Weapons now load upon spawn!
              6/5/14 - Minor Changes, Item Saves clear upon new round
              6/5/14 - Item Saver System
              6/4/14 - Countdown Spawn Command
              6/4/14 - You can now share points!
              6/4/14 - Implements New Spawn System / Development of a Spawn Counter
              6/1/14 - Project Started

              "Upon spawning, players are greeted by an abandoned coal mine lit by the orange ambient light of the torches. With various weapons stapled across the walls, players must choose their own arsenal to fight against
               the relentless waves of zombies. As you enter the battle field one may find themselves on a mountainside surrounded by deadly water overlooking a small forest swallowed by fog and... zombies.
              Stick close together as that may be your best bet to survive.

              We attempt to preserve the experience of Endless Zombies in a quality server. Countless hours of progress have gone into this project and we hope you enjoy it half as much as we did creating it."

              Check out this small test teaser!:

              /Help- To repeat commands on the battlefield!
              /Spawn or Ctrl+K - Teleports back to spawn after a 5 second countdown, do this often!
              /Give [Player] [#points] - Sharing is caring!
              /Zc - Shows how many zombies are left in the round and current wave you're in!
              /Stats- Check statistics such as your leveling progress or KD!
              /Getinfo [Player]- Check statistics of your allies!
              /Clearstats - Embarrassed of dying too much? No one will be the wiser!
               /Res [Player] [#points] - Starts a donation pool of 125 points to resurrect your fellow teammate!

              Countdown Timer!
              Countdown feature displays when a person is recalling
              Live Zombie Death Count!
              Neat little Zombie Death Count!          
              Snorted or injected!
              & so much more!!

              Neat Wallpaper! 1600 x 900

              Armageddon - [BL-ID: 5784]
              Bokeh - [BL-ID: 5203]
              p0th3ad - [BL-ID: 117]
              ottosparks - [BL-ID: 10293]
              Flamecannon - [BL-ID: 6169]
              Legend - [BL-ID: 6725]
              Nickel - [BL-ID: 3098]

              VIP list
              Focus - [BL-ID: 39626]

              Morgellons - [BL-ID: 116]

              please note that we are accepting absolutely NO applications for admins or moderators.
              we do not feel the need for a blacklist, but please do not make us change our minds.

              Q: Why should I donate my money, which I worked so hard to get, to you guys?
              A: It's optional. However, how long the server stays up is partly up to the players. All donations go to funding our server provider. Plus it gives insight to what people want.

              Q: How much will it cost me?
              A: You can donate as much as you want. Your generosity is much appreciated. However, all benefits come at a minimum of $3.00 USD.

              Q: Hmm. I'll donate, but what are the benefits?
              A: Benefits include
              • A lovey title just for you!
              • Access to exclusive spawn room!
                • Access to exclusive testing!
                  Access to exclusive weapons and player types!
                  More Inventory space to hold all your goodies!

              Q: Seems awesome, lets do it! ...but how?
              A: All donations can simply be sent via Paypal to our server provider's email:
              or simply click the picture below.

              If you're interested into making the donation, please contact administration before hand so you may be added to the list. Any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a personal message or contact any of the server admins via steam:

              Coding for All the Essentials: Armageddon
              Spawn Build: Bokeh
              Mod-Ter Battlefield: Armageddon & xXSkunkLordXx
              Trees: p0th3ad
              Endless Zombies Mod: Gravity Cat
              Weapon Pack: Bushido
              Item Purchase Sytem: Ottosparks
              VIP Room: Flamecannon, Dwaif, and Bokeh
              Title Ideas: Flamecannon

              Currently in development!

              Off Topic / United States Postal Service: Crappy?
              « on: July 08, 2013, 01:16:16 PM »
              My story:
              Okay so I've dealt with them a bunch of times in the past, shipping things out and purchasing things. I've recently started ordering things online and noticed USPS has been really lazy lately. I had this package I ordered a week ago and it had finally said to be out for delivery. However, the package never came and sooner or later it said 'Delivery Status Not Updated'. This was really odd considering I've never had an issue like this before. I searched up this status and it came up with a whole bunch of stories and articles about how if the package (Priority Mail) is lost, there's nothing you could do about it. (It wasn't a big package but none-the-less I still paid for it.) So I just waited it out a day or two before calling my local P.O.

              Turns out, the package was mis-routed...
              Still had me dead nervous though.

              personal note:
              I've read that over 2k+ members of the usps had retired on 1/31 and that may be the case of them being lax. I'm now trying my best to stay away from USPS and use UPS or FedEx.

              Has anyone had bad experiences?

              Suggestions & Requests / Skybox: Grand Canyon
              « on: June 27, 2013, 05:05:06 PM »
              I took a trip to Grand Canyon recently (beautiful sight if i may add) and looking farther out, I loved how the farther canyons and hills made a beautiful backdrop for the cliffs.

              So I was wondering if anyone could make a Grand Canyon Skybox and see how it turns out?
              If easy to make, could someone PM me the details?

              Here's a picture I took

              Thanks in advance!

              Off Topic / The BIG LEGO® House Reveal - ooo
              « on: June 06, 2013, 12:56:13 PM »
              The BIG LEGO® House Reveal
              click picture for original article

              Quote from:  Karissa Rosenfield
              Located in the heart of The Lego Group’s birthplace and home town of Billund, Denmark, the 7,600 square-meter building resembles “gigantic LEGO® bricks” that are “combined and stacked in a creative way to create an imaginative experience both outside and inside.”...

              ...True to form, the 30 meter-tall structure will feature several exterior and multi-level access points that will remain open year-long to its estimated 250,000 annual visitors.

              ...Construction of the building is expected to begin in early 2014 and the LEGO® House will be inaugurated in 2016.


              This all seems pretty cool, I love the simplicity of the building and how well it fits together. All the while holding the complete style of a few lego bricks. Feed back? What do you guys think?

              Off Topic / Gizoogle - Website Translator
              « on: April 14, 2013, 03:04:50 AM »
              I may be late, just wanna see what things you guys find.
              What is Gizoogle? Gizoogle lets you translate pretty much anything on the internet into gangsta slang.

              That being said, I searched up MLK's speech. Here are the first few lines:
              Code: [Select]
              I be aiiight ta join wit you todizzle up in what tha forget will go down up in history as tha top billin demonstration fo' freedom up in tha history of our nation.

              Five score muthaforgetin years ago, a entrepreneur ed out Gangsta, up in whose symbolic shadow we stand signed tha Emancipation Proclamation. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. This momentous decree came as a entrepreneur ed out beacon light of hope ta millionz of Negro slaves whoz ass had been seared up in tha flamez of witherin injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak ta end tha long night of captivity...

              Gallery / Japanese-esk Arch - [scenario build]
              « on: March 27, 2013, 12:06:41 AM »

              I've always been fascinated by Japanese architecture, the shapes and subtle atmosphere. I've always wanted to start out trying to make these buildings, but never had the time. So I recreated this small build as a start up.  This is also the first time i've ever attempted at building a tree. Let alone a cherry blossom... I'm posting this as a quick check-up on wether to keep going or not. Again, this is my first time trying to recreate these types of buildings, so dont be afraid to give some constructive criticism on what I need to improve on. Cheers! c:

              Please note: If you couldn't read for whatever reason, this is an EXTERIOR only build. Hopefully, with enough review, i'll be able to build a bigger full scale project. Also, my stone-age computer is sooooooo fast that I cannot produce shadows or the greatest quality of pictures so bare with me. 

              "what are you doing?"
              Overall build
              Cherry Blossom! :D
              Gate banner with 1x1 to draw!
              vignette overload

              This build uses ONLY default bricks and Trueno's colorset. Feel free to rate x/10

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