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Games / Re: [HYPE] Cube World releasing 30th
« Last post by Blockhead31735 on Today at 09:52:49 AM »
Wow is it disappointing.

  • They scrapped the level and skill system. You now start with your abilities and an ultimate ability instead of working up to them. There's also no way to improve them that I can see outside of having better gear.
  • Your gear is either region locked (becomes less effective outside of the small biome you're in) or kingdom locked (bit larger range than region locked, but still the same stupid gameplay idea). You essentially start at square one every time you enter a new biome.
  • They somehow made the early game even worse than it was in the alpha. I've got seagulls and alpacas less than 100 ft from my spawn that take a third of my health in one hit whereas I do decimal damage with my mage attacks (not counting the ultimate which has a cooldown and kills them in 2-3 hits). I've encountered enemies with a thousand+ health right outside towns (which aren't marked on the map either, have to zoom in and see something that may look like a town), have seen other people with enemies in the five digits for health.
  • Enemies are incredibly stupid. So many of my fights I've won simply because the enemy gets stuck in a circle loop around me
  • A lot of the new structures are really basic and don't form well with the terrain. You can make out basic geometric shapes like a rectangle, cone, cylinder very easily and they look awkward in the otherwise very nice environment.
  • Game has a ton of issues. Took me a solid 20 minutes and I've already broken my map, crashed, and just had simple performance problems.

Haven't seen any of the quest or lore stuff yet because the game is just difficult to play and enjoy so can't speak to it.

Have been reading and watching what other people are doing in case I had the wrong idea but no, so many other people are confused about all these changes and how the game now works. It doesn't help that they've got so many things that are hidden and unexplained, but continue to be of little help on their twitter / steam discussions by choice.

I really didn't think it could be worse than the Alpha judging from all the photos and videos over the years but they've succeeded if that was their goal.

Off Topic / [NEWS] The Heavy is Dead (video)
« Last post by cblock360 on Today at 09:51:08 AM »
is he /ourleaf/?
worst case scenario: your gpu could be loving up
« Last post by Drydess on Today at 07:00:40 AM »

this guys pfp looks like a ben garrison drawing ngl
Games / Re: [HYPE] Cube World releasing 30th
« Last post by sleep on Today at 06:43:00 AM »
someone make a party up discord for this or im gonna make one when i get off work
Off Topic / Re: need help with pc screen resolution problems
« Last post by Metalliku on Today at 06:32:08 AM »
Did you change up aspect ratios?
nope, i dont even know how to do that

also, forgot to mention, sometimes when i turn the pc on after being in sleep mode, the screen doesn't detect that its on, and i have to force it to turn off and turn on again in order to work
Off Topic / Re: need help with pc screen resolution problems
« Last post by YouKnowWhoAgain on Today at 06:16:00 AM »
Did you change up aspect ratios?
Games / Re: [HEY] remember cube world? It's releasing next month maybe
« Last post by sleep on Today at 06:15:43 AM »
wait did you get an email from them? i checked my email i have old messages from but i never got a personalized message about anything like this
i c you found it, but this was a password reset email
Games / Re: [HYPE] Cube World releasing 30th
« Last post by Blockhead31735 on Today at 05:41:31 AM »
Only was able to play for a little bit but game looks good aesthetically. Canít say what Iíve read about the new progression system makes me excited, though.
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