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Off Topic / Re: Why is no one posting?
« Last post by Unimproved on Today at 04:40:30 AM »
i made a new thread but its not even on the first page anymore
Creativity / Re: Inktober 2021
« Last post by Pompmaker2 on Today at 03:22:50 AM »
Creativity / Re: Inktober 2021
« Last post by Pompmaker2 on Today at 01:17:29 AM »
legit question: does it feel bad to be known as The Feet Guy? it happens even on reddit

I don't mind it at all, it's not like it's inaccurate
It's been so long so I can't fully remember everyone's names. I'm pretty sure I had a squad? I remember Nano, Minority, and I think a guy named Slicksilver. Mmm.. Cat123, and.. Darkknight, mmm.. Hanna.

I wish I could remember more, but there was a lot of them. I had to stop playing because I couldn't afford to get myself a computer after my old macbook broke down. Began to live my life, then got caught up with so much stuff.

I eventually got one, but Blockland had already died. It's good to see activity in the forums at least.
Uh, whoa. Holy stuff. I think I remember you, but you definitely won't remember me. I know for sure I remember Darkknight and some of those names you listed are familiar. Was kinda hoping I'd bump into him and see if the dude's even alive, but I never did. I lost contact with him after the charging port on my laptop broke. I didn't get another PC for a couple years. One of my last memories from that time was with me meeting someone called "Light" who had a connection to him, but I never saw them again either. Until now, I guess. Hello!

I went by a different name at the time (Flame) and was a cringy-ass kid, so I highly doubt you'll even know who I am. But for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I recognize you!

I always wondered what happened to him. He was the reason I got so involved in the community as a kid and I'm still floating around on the fringes to this day as a result.
Off Topic / halloween costume megathread
« Last post by King Tøny on Today at 12:43:25 AM »
post pics of your halloween costume this year

you getting candy?
Off Topic / Re: reptile thread
« Last post by King Tøny on Today at 12:42:49 AM »
i agree tony you should change avatar to something that isnt a problem sleuth reference

post reptiles
Creativity / Re: i made a pumpkin aret
« Last post by King Tøny on Today at 12:34:43 AM »
good but i like it when they have the lamps in them

Off Topic / Re: Why is no one posting?
« Last post by King Tøny on Today at 12:32:20 AM »
think about it real hard and then come back with the answer

eXPLAin please
Off Topic / Re: need a certain siivagunner type-beat
« Last post by speeddog73 on Yesterday at 11:58:24 PM »

King tony sauce me irl
I know u got that godpower jujitsu headass
Off Topic / Re: why is no one posting?
« Last post by Black and White on Yesterday at 10:47:00 PM »
actually can someone steal mine instead
Steal mine if I'm your favorite.

Oh shhh it's not black and white what have I done?! I can't use a color ava!

It's ok now
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