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Off Topic / Re: Hiring dev(s) for a Blockland-inspired game engine
« Last post by Rendergoi on Yesterday at 03:58:24 PM »
my brother what is this minecraft clone stuff
Add-Ons / Re: [Script] JVS Door Fix
« Last post by soldier101@ on Yesterday at 03:38:26 PM »
Took ducking long enough.
Many, many thanks
And Obama, don't forget the countless innocent civilians carelessly killed in his drone war
most of the drone strikes armies authorize do not have reported civilians at the time of authorization. most drone collateral is caused by bad/incomplete communication between recon teams, drone operators, ordinance operators and the people above them in rank that authorize the attack.

leaders are in a unique position where they have the power to change the world but must also take responsibility for how it changes. however, presidents aren't the only people in an army with that power. even someone like putin, who most of the world hates right now, isn't directly responsible for the artillery strikes that killed civilians. the direct responsibility falls on the ground and air crews that misidentified civilians as military targets. someone like him is indirectly responsible for authorizing and publicizing the war, but war is war and once it's started it goes sideways fast. ground units get hit by accurate fire, call artillery assistance on the position they think they're taking fire from. these positions range over several km until they narrow their targets and score an accurate hit. civilians hiding in their homes, operating vehicles or carrying long items that can be misidentified as weapons tend to be killed before anyone even realizes they are civilians. these tough decisions become even tougher during asymmetrical warfare, as anyone driving a car or even walking could carry an IED or report your position to enemies.

obama authorized the use of thousands of hellfire missiles during the waning days of the war on terror. most of these quarter million dollar missiles were good hits on enemy armor and infantry. a few of them were bad hits on civilians, and at least three were friendly fire hits on US ground vehicles. he can't be directly responsible for the mistakes of ground crew with hundreds of ranks of separation between them, nor the gunner who launched the missile on bad information reported over their comms. however, these kinds of mistakes should be planned for and targets properly investigated before the strikes. leaving ground units to take fire and report incorrect coordinates under this intense fire is very irresponsible.
why is everyone mad at DT getting raided who the forget cares
Because the venn diagram for people that think Donald Annoying Orange won the election and the people angry at this is just a circle.
Drama / Re: Has Tony had a single drop to drink since January 2022?
« Last post by PhantOS on Yesterday at 02:32:20 PM »
Drama / Re: Plastiware was arrested for child research
« Last post by PhantOS on Yesterday at 02:30:33 PM »
rykuta likes vore that cant be forgiven
you are what you eat
Off Topic / Re: geese thread
« Last post by Soukuw on Yesterday at 02:26:53 PM »
Those are ducks but itís okay
if you don't stop being mean to me I'm going to make a drama topic
General Discussion / Re: v21 was ten years ago
« Last post by Aide33 on Yesterday at 02:18:59 PM »
I remember finding out this stuff didn't work on my laptop and being mad as hell. and on the one PC we had in the house it did run on, it ran at 5 fps on low.
badspot bricked like over 50% of the games install base so he could advertise it better on steam lmfaoo

theres no kid in 2012 that was running blockland on a good computer, im sure if he had polled the hardware capacity he would've known like 8 people could run it

that and the fact that blockland is so dogstuff optimized that it run poorly on new computers as well
why is everyone mad at DT getting raided who the forget cares
Off Topic / Re: Hiring dev(s) for a Blockland-inspired game engine
« Last post by PhantOS on Yesterday at 01:55:38 PM »
several questions. answer at your own discretion, if you are unable/unwilling to i understand and can inquire further in personal messages. many of these are questions that publishers, backers and investors prefer to hear answers to. if you haven't asked yourself or answered any of these questions yet during your development, it wouldn't hurt to. please answer truthfully and realistically, nobody likes to work with someone who overestimates their abilities and overpromises, or underestimates themselves.

1) what programming language(s) are brown bricks written in? have you, are you currently, or do you plan on moving brown bricks to a different language or game engine?

2) how is your content pipeline laid out? what filetypes are used to make content for brown bricks (ie audio: wav vs ogg, mesh: dae vs obj)? do you plan on making your own filetypes or custom content pipeline? is all the content hardcoded/baked into the release or do you have/plan on making a mod api or interface? if you don't have a content pipeline yet, what is your plan for how your team's content creators will add new content to the game nondestructively? does your pipeline support runtime data changes, or is it compilation only?

3) will brown bricks' engine use any sort of reflection /delegates/assembly manipulation? if not, how do you plan to allow mod creators to overwrite/hook/callback brown bricks' engine functionality? if so, how do you plan on handling security and controlling how much mod creators can change (ie backdoor viruses, malicious code in mods)

4) how do you plan to target low-spec operating systems? what is your plan for rendering millions of meshes? are you working with serialized objects, or a shader/compute shader? if working with serialized objects (ie gameobjects or other assets that cannot be rendered in large quantities) how do you plan on culling unseen objects or rendering distant objects that do not require high detail or cpu/gpu usage?

5) do you have any roadmaps/graphical charts/research and development or tech showcases? how do you, as the lead developer, clarify and convey design plans to your team?

6) outside of blockland's community, who is your demographic and how do you plan on reaching them and giving them a game they can enjoy? what planned or current features, mechanics or ethos sets brown bricks apart from competitors? what features are similar to competitors and immediately recognizable to your demographic so they won't have to relearn new and potentially confusing mechanics? (ie pickaxe for mining, right click to plant blocks, etc)

7) what are some design challenges and limitations that you and your team are excited to tackle and solve? what limitations have you and your team been unable to bypass thus far? do you plan on working within these limitations or exceeding them?

8) what is your target revenue for brown bricks on launch month? what is your target price for the sale of a copy of brown bricks? do you feel like your projected/targeted sales are too ambitious or not ambitious enough? are you considering outsourcing some of the development to third-party companies such as publishers, art firms, localization teams or advertising agencies? if not, how do you plan on funding or distributing income to brown bricks and it's development team pre and post-launch?
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