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Author Topic: Kashik's Map Pack! (New Map!)  (Read 35300 times)

The polarland is a little SQUARISH near the water.

I notice the duck in PolarLand. Dl'd.

the seabed on collada islands or whatever is grass ...

Polar Land fails on awesome.

The second map looks nice.

Well... I like the idea of making the top map's banks square, but there seems to be a lank of effort, maybe in the textures. But I still downloaded this and I suppose it's alright

I think I just hurled. Why did you bump this starfish.

The first made me laugh my head off. It was SOOOO bad... Really, that was the worst map I've evar seen. BUT the second wasn't too horrible. The first seriously though ABSOLUTELY FAILED.  (Why do I keep coming back too that you ask? CUZ I WANT TO, RETARD.)      :cookieMonster:

"ColladaIslands" Pic is a picture of "Planet Earth" map.

You sir, fail.

I've seen criticism, but this is far beyond that.  I know the maps may not be great, but that doesn't mean you insult hims so many times.

Second map is ok, but the first map is, eww

Why the continued bumps?!