Do you like pie?

ogm yes i lik pie
136 (49.5%)
Not that much.
13 (4.7%)
I do also like this port.
33 (12%)
I only like the port..
13 (4.7%)
Noone, you get out.
15 (5.5%)
how did i got here.
65 (23.6%)

Total Members Voted: 275

Author Topic: PORT: Pirate Bay  (Read 26361 times)

Where are the torrents?

the water texture is terrible

Ha! My first poll was "Do you like pie?" :D

Ahhhh... Memories. :cookieMonster:

The textures seem really low quality, or is that just your settings?

There is now. I used mission editor cut the dock off of the map Creek and put it on here :P. But I not release it, not that hard to learn how to use ME.

Isn't hard at all, time N practice goes a long way.

Arrr 'tis epic.

X marks the port!

piracy... where are the torrents?
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Oh screw that. I want a pack not just one keygen!

I noticed the white dot on the picture, its a printer that is always there.

your posting some good maps, keep it up 9/10  :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: